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Author’s note: Okay, I lied. Three parts for chapter 5. 5c will be up soon. This is 5b. Oh, and Macalania nuts = Macadamia nuts ;)


Tidus rolled onto his side, reaching for Yuna.

He was jolted to wakefulness when his palm came up empty, grasping only the sheet. Where was she? After a quick scan of the room and into the bathroom, he decided to check downstairs. This was really weird; Yuna slept like a rock.

Tidus sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He guessed she was downstairs watching the S.V. or something. He walked across the room and pulled a tank top out of the drawer to wear. Looking down at himself, he quickly decided to wear some shorts in case Lulu was awake too.

He yawned sleepily, and rubbed his eyes as he made his way out of the room and down the stairs. Once he got to the bottom of the steps, a frown crossed his face. ‘Where is she?’ he thought, looking around the dark room. As his vision crossed the doorway, he noticed that her shoes were missing. He sighed, feeling a modicum of relief. He was pretty sure he knew where she was.

A light flicked on behind him in the kitchen. He wheeled around and saw a pajama-clad Lulu there, looking in the fridge. Smiling, he crossed the room toward her and leaned against the counter behind her on one arm. This was going to be funny. “Midnight snack, much?” he chuckled.

Lulu turned, obviously startled. “Sneak up on me again, and you’ll regret it.” She said. Her face was serious, but there was mirth in her eyes.

Tidus grinned wider, lifting his hands in surrender. “’You’d do best to remember that.’” He said, in a perfect mimic of her voice.

Lulu gave a small smile and continued her hunt in the fridge. “What are you doing up?” she asked, beginning to rummage.

“Looking for Yuna.” He replied, leaning back against the cabinet. “But I think she’s at the beach.”

“She is, or she’s taking a walk.” Lulu stated, straightening and pulling out a cookie the size of a large sand dollar.

Tidus’ eyes widened as his stomach growled. There were cookies in there? Giant cookies? He leaned over Lulu’s shoulder to see where she’d been hiding something so big, but she blocked his view by turning around to face him. “They’re mine,” she said in a low voice that Tidus had come to associate with PregnantLulu. When he unconsciously cowered a bit, she smiled. “But I suppose you can have one.”

“Thanks!” he smiled, reaching into the paper bag she was holding to grab one. Mmmm. Chocolate-chocolate chip with real Macalania nuts. Lulu probably ordered them straight from the shops in Macalania. Or she just plain ordered Wakka to get her some, Tidus thought with a smile.

He took a bite of the chewy cookie, and tracked Lulu’s walk across the kitchen to sit down at the table. Her mouth was already full of half of that poor cookie before she sat down. He grinned a chocolatey smile at her amazing eating habits, and she surprised him by giving him one back. Laughing, she patted the seat next to her and he walked over and sat, sharing the laughter.

Lulu swallowed, and said, “Since I shared my cookie stash, you share.”

Tidus frowned quizzically. “Share what?” he asked.

Suddenly, Lulu stood up from her seat and walked back across the room. “You know what.” She said, reaching into the cupboard and pulling out two glasses. She opened the fridge and pulled out the Shoopuf milk jug. Tidus had gotten used to drinking milk from those giant creatures, but he still couldn’t grasp why the plastic jugs were purple, of all colors. It was just wrong.

“Whatever it is that has her walking around at night again and you up looking for her.” Lulu continued, breaking his thoughts.

Another bewildered frown. “Again?” he asked.

Lulu nodded, pouring the milk into the glasses. “Yes, again.” She replied, walking back to the table and sliding him a glass. She sat back down in her seat and took a drink. Then, “She used to do it all the time, after you had gone.”

Tidus looked down, his appetite suddenly diminishing. Just thinking about how sad she was made him sick. Hearing about it was even worse. “Where did she go?” he found himself asking.

Lulu sighed, breaking her cookie in half. “Oh, I don’t know for sure. The one time Wakka and I went looking for her, she was sitting on the docks….whistling for you.”

Tidus sucked in a breath, closing his eyes. “After that,” she continued, “we just let her be. I started just waiting up for her to get back instead of going after her.”

He hadn’t known Yuna had felt so bad. Well he knew she had missed him horribly, but they never really talked about what she had done to cope. Hearing it….just sucked.

“So tell me what happened.”

Tidus looked up at Lulu’s request to him. “Nothing happened,” he said, still frowning. “I just woke up and she was gone. She’s never done this before...”

She nodded, dipping the half of her cookie in the milk glass and taking a bite. “I mean,” he continued, shaking his head, “I don’t think I did anything to make her mad. We didn’t have a fight or anything.”

They sat in silence for a minute, Tidus racking his brain and Lulu finishing off her cookie and starting a second one. What had he done? He really couldn’t think of anything. All they had done was talked and joked, and he had literally teased her body into sleep. A sudden swell of pride ballooned in his chest at the thought of how he had satisfied her. But why would she just up and take off? It made so sense.

“Was it the lovemaking?”

Tidus’ eyes widened, and he felt a flush burn his cheeks. “Wha…uh…no…Lulu!” he cried, grimacing. Had she heard them? How fucking embarrassing.

A corner of Lulu’s mouth lifted, and again, her eyes were dancing. Since he had been back, Tidus noticed how she had changed. Maybe it was because of Wakka and the baby. Maybe it was because she no longer had to see people she loved die because of Sin. Maybe one day they could talk about it. But whatever the reason, he liked the new Lulu. Even if she did embarrass the crap out of him.

“Tidus.” She said, wiping her mouth with her napkin. “It’s okay. We are all adults. I’m just trying to find out the source of the problem. I don’t want any problems between you two, that’s all.”

Tidus looked down and decided to eat his cookie. This conversation was weird, but it then again, it wasn’t. Maybe it was just because he and Lulu had never talked like this before. Not about sex, anyway. He took a gulp of his milk, and then decided to tell her.

Scratching the back of his head, he said, “Lulu we haven’t…you know….yet.” At her raised eyebrow, he continued. “So that’s not it. Why we’re fighting I mean. But there’s something I wanna tell you though.”

She dipped her head at him, nodding for him to continue. “I um…I wanna ask Yuna to marry me.” He said quietly, looking back down at his glass of milk.

Lulu smiled a full grin at him, and reached out to touch his hand on the tabletop. “That is wonderful news,” she said. “It makes me happy to know that she will be marry for love this time. And for herself, instead of the world.”

Tidus raised his head and smiled widely. He finally understood what she meant the day she told him that cryptic statement about Yuna marrying for love. “Me too,” he said. Then looked down again. “if she wants to marry me.”

Why had she left? That sinking feeling was back in his stomach. Maybe she wanted someone else who was stronger and more deserving of her. He loved her so much, and her love was what tied him to Spira still. But maybe he wasn’t enough. Maybe she wanted someone who knew how to be a good father to her children. Shit knows he hadn’t had the best example in his old man. As a father or a husband to his mother.

“She loves you.” Lulu said, breaking into his morose train of thought. “She will say yes. Just like I did when someone gave me some advice.”

The two locked eyes and shared a knowing smile. “Go ahead,” Lulu prodded, shooing him with her hands. “Go get her and talk to her. I’ll clean this up.”

Tidus stood with raised eyebrows. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I’ll help you.”

Lulu chuckled. “Tidus, dishes will wait to be cleaned. Cleaning up your love doesn’t wait forever. You’d do well to remember that.”

“Thanks Lulu.” He said, grinning. Giddily, Tidus nodded and leaned down and kissed Lulu’s cheek. At her embarrassed chuckle and threat to tell Wakka, he ran out the door and down the porch to the beach. The night was gorgeous as always on Besaid Island. It was silent, except for the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore and the breeze blowing through the palm trees. As he flew down the beach barefoot, the crystal clear water lapped at his ankles. The stars reflected off the sea, creating a dazzling glitter effect. A beautiful night to sit and talk with Yuna.

Even if it was like, three in the morning.

“Whooo!” he yelled, raising a fist to the air and scaring the sleeping birds out of the trees.

As he ran toward the Aurochs practice waters, he spotted a gorgeous brown-haired girl sitting in the sand. Her legs were folded under her, and she was looking up at the moon with her hands planted in her lap. Yuna had always been the closet dreamer, and now that she wasn’t forced to be so serious, her wistful side came out more often. Another thing he loved about her. He wondered what she was thinking.

Better yet, he wondered why she had left.

Tidus slowed down to a walk, and approached her slowly. He was suddenly nervous; what if she was mad at him? But what had he done? He sighed inwardly. Whatever it was, Lulu was right. They would work through it together.

Once he was within three feet of her, he spoke. “Is there room for two out here?” he asked, shoving his hands into the pockets of his beach shorts. Why was he so shy around Yuna all of a sudden?

She turned, a surprised look on her face. Tidus smiled. He was two-for-two on the night in the scare category.

Yuna’s surprised look slowly dissolved into a warm smile and Tidus felt himself falling in love with her all over again. He’d heard that cliché so many times: They danced and fell in love all over again. She hugged him and fell in love all over again. Blah blah, blah. He never understood it until he had felt it. As he looked into her beautiful green and blue eyes and felt her sweet smile chase his worries away, love was all he really could feel.

“Of course,” she said warmly, still gazing up at him.

Tidus caught his mouth hanging agape, and closed it quickly and sat down beside her. When had he turned into such a sap? Actually, that was easy to answer: When the most beautiful girl in the world walked out of a Fayth Chamber and shook her brown tresses at him. Okay, so not really at him. But that was the second he felt something beyond lust brewing for her. And yeah, of course he was biased, but Yuna was beautiful to everyone. He was no different.

Stretching his legs out in front of him, he leaned back on his hands and placed one behind her. He turned to face her and caught a whiff of her scent: shampoo, the ocean and flowers or something. The two sat in silence for a while, just taking in the scenery. Tidus loved being with Yuna like this; enjoying life and her company all at once. She really made him whole.

“Can I ask you something?” Yuna whispered, breaking the silence.

At her tone, the sinking feeling was back in his stomach again. He turned to look at her serious face. Shit, this was not going to be good.

To be continued…..

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