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Chapter 10a is up baby, yeah! I’m almost done with Chapter 10b, so hopefully it will be up quickly too. I had to split this chapter up into two bites because it was so long. Anyway, enjoy, and thanks for the great reviews, I appreciate every single one! :D

It had been a whole two days, and Yuna still wasn’t talking to him.

Everyone else was being pretty cool; basically leaving his and Yuna’s problems to him and Yuna, but Rikku was still pretty upset with him. After the craziness in Bevelle, Cid had dropped him, Wakka, Kimahri and Lulu off in Besaid. Yuna had gone on back to the Al Bhed Home with her cousin and friend, without a word to him. It hurt, and he missed her, but Tidus thought it may do her some good to get away from him and cool off. He still couldn’t understand why she was this angry about him getting into a fight.

The episode at the market did make it onto the sphere, but thank goodness it showed Bickson and Abus as the instigators. He hoped Yuna saw it, but she didn’t watch much s.v. anyway, and he doubted she was doing so at the Al Bhed home.

“Ey Tidus!”

Tidus refocused, scooping up his blitzball and tossing it to Wakka. He waded his way closer to his friend. “You thinkin bout Yuna again, ya?” he asked, tucking the ball under his arm and making his way out of the water onto the shore.

“Yeah,” Tidus answered solemnly, following.

The water sloshed around his knees, then down to his shins and over his feet as he made his way onto the sandy beach. Tidus curhis his toes in the sand, then straightened and pushed his wet hair out of his face. Too bad Paine had kicked his ass before he got his haircut, he thought with a bit of chagrin. He never knew a woman could hit that hard. Actually, he would’ve been really embarrassed if it were anyone but Paine.

He watched as Wakka began gathering the balls and scooping them into the mesh ball bag. Practice had been over for almost half an hour, and all the guys had already left. He and Wakka were supposed to be gathering the balls and goals. Supposed to be, but he couldn’t get his mind off Yuna. Tidus let himself go on autopilot as he helped.

This really sucked. Besides the fact that she was royally upset with him and he didn’t know if she even wanted to be with him anymore, Tidus missed Yuna. He missed her smile, the way she always smacked his arm when he made fun of her, he missed kissing her, he missed hugging her, but most of all, he missed them. Together. He missed the security that she gave him, and he missed being able to tell her he loved her and to hear it back. But even more than those things, he hated sleeping in her bed, surrounded by her scent, but alone.

Thinking back to the previous day, Tidus remembered how horribly he had played in their first scrimmage of the summer league. The Djose Devastators had come down to play an exhibition game, and Tidus had been too preoccupied to play. After missing tackles, unsuccessfully executing his abilities, and missing shots on goal, he had pulled himself out of the game. Thank goodness the boys had picked it up and came out of the game 5-4, thanks to a clutch goal by Letty. There wasn’t a time he could remember playing that bad in a game. It was insane; he couldn’t help but think about her and how she wasn’t there to see him play. It had sucked royally. Not to mention the commentators had a field day with him all day, and then on the Sphere that night.

Tidus groaned to himself, allowing his shoulders to slump. What was he going to do? How could he make things right? He felt that Yuna was overreacting, but nonetheless she was still upset with him. He thought she was just mad, but when she cried on the ship, he knew it was more than that. Even though he’d tried once, he just wished for a chance to explain. To make her see that he knew fighting wasn’t right, and having a half-cocked, brawling boyfriend was definitely not cool, but also that fights do happen. He was defending her honor for pete’s sake!

“Gwah!” he yelled, punting his ball far out into the sea.

“Ey!” Wakka shouted, walking over to him dragging the ballbag through the sand.

Tidus released a slow breath, trying to release some of his frustration with it. He just wanted Yuna to come home.

Wakka laid his palm on Tidus’ shoulder, and pushed down with force. “Hey!” he cried, plopping down into the sand on his bottom.

His friend sat down beside him. “Man, you gotta tell me what’s goin’ on. You guys gonna be alright?” he checked, raising one knee to rest a massive arm on.

Tidus threw himself onto his back in the sand. The sun was beating down on his face, and he squeezed his eyes shut in spite of the painful black eye he had. His left one was almost healed, but the one Paine had hit him in was still pretty tender. “I don’t know, man,” he mumbled.

“What did ya do?”

He threw a forearm over his eyes. “She’s mad ‘cause I got into that fight with Bickson and Abus the other day.”

“You sure? I don think Yuna would be dis mad bout you fightin.”

He wasn’t the only one. “Me neither, Wakka, but she’s gone and I haven’t talked to her in two days.”

Wakka grunted his response. Tidus reached up to absently scratch his bare chest with his other hand. “She wouldn’t even let me explain what happened,” he said, “I tried to tell her that guys just do dumb stuff like this sometimes to be like, macho. You know, not backing down. Am I right?”

“Yaaaa,” Wakka drawled slowly. “Dat is true. But we both know how Yuna feels bout senseless violence, especially since the pilgrimage.”

Tidus did know. Since he’d returned, he had learned that Yuna could not stand fighting. She had revealed to him that her strong aversion had been stemmed by his sacrifice to defeat Sin and rid Spira of sorrow forever. She hated the fact that people still physically fought each other, when life was so certain for them now. No random attacks on villages, and more senseless death. Obviously, people were still murderers and ves,ves, but there was nothing that could be done about that. Even still, Yuna was Yuna and she wanted everyone to be happy.

“I know, but she didn’t let me tell her the reason I was fighting.”

“What’s dat?”

Tidus sighed. Finally, he could explain to someone. “Well, I walked out the the Café to look for the girls, remember?”


“So I was standing on the porch, and I saw Bickson and Abus.” He explained. “Freaking Bickson was talking about how he wanted to…you know…with Yuna and all this stuff and it just pissed me off.”

“Whaaat?” Wakka exclaimed, the surprise evident in his voice. “Man, I woulda popped him one too, ya?”

Tidus sat up, propping himself up on his hands. “Yeah! See?” he said, squinting through the sun at his friend. Finally someone understood. “But that’s not even where it ends, Wakka. I thought of what Yuna would say to me and how she would be mad, so I walked away.”

A crease appeared between Wakka’s brows. “But if you walked off, how you get into a fight?”

“Well, as I was walking away, Bickson yelled my name, I turned around, and he said to tell Lady Yuna how he’d love to show her his appreciation. Next thing I knew, POW! I socked him a good one.” Tidus smacked his fist into his palm for effect. “Then,” he continued, “Abus sucker punched me and then all of a sudden Kimahri was there, and he tossed Abus into a wall.”

He purposely left out the part that Paine had punched him out. Having Wakka laugh at him was not going to help matters anyway. “I mean, it all just happened at once. I wasn’t thinking straight. I told her I just kind of…acted. Now I wish I would’ve told her the whole story anyway.”

Wakka reclined back onto one elbow, facing Tidus. Not for the first time, Tidus absently wondered how Wakka’s hair stayed straight up like that, even when it was wet. “Brudda, dat is nuts,” the islander commented.

Tidus lowered himself back into the sand on his back. “I know man, but I don’t know what to do.” He folded his arms behind his head, closing his eyes. “I told her I was sorry and everything, but she’s still gone. I want to go see her, but I know she doesn’t want to see me. I’m just confused I think.”

And he was. He was sorry he’d upset Yuna, but he was a little aggravated by her weird lack of reasoning the other day. Overall, he was still madly in love with her, and he wanted to marry her, buey ney needed to work a few things out first. Well, if she would even *talk* to him again, he thought dejectedly.

“You and Yuna are gonna have problems, ya?” Wakka said, waving a hand. “Me and Lu have ‘em all da time.”

Tidus perked up. “Really?” They did?

Wakka laughed. “Of course!” but then he sobered quickly. “Actually, we havin one right now.”


He just sat for a beat, then began. “Well,” he started, “you know I never had a Dad I can remember, ya?”

Tidus nodded.

“It was always just me, Chappu, Lu and Yuna. And Kimahri too.” He explained. “We were always together.”

Wakka folded his legs and began drawing in the sand with a finger. “All my life I wished I had a Dad like da other kids. I always felt like something was missin in me, ya? Den Chappu went off and got killed and me and Lu kinda clung to each other for strength,” he explained. “Since den, I never wanted to let Lu down. I wanted her to be proud of me. I think I wanted to protect her.” He looked up at Tidus. “But brudda, you and me both know Lu don’ need protectin.”

Tidus laughed, and watched as Wakka gazed out into the see wistfully. “So now we together and everything should be going good, ya? But I told her last night that I’m worried bout bein a father.”

This floored Tidus. He peered up at Wakka’s profile, bewildered. “You are?” he asked.

A nod. “Ya.”

“Wow,” Tidus commented. “So what did she say?”

Wakka reached up and scratched his head. “She didn’t say anything,” he answered. “She just went upstairs and went to bed. But I think I let her down.”

Tidus knew how important it was to Wakka to make Lulu happy. They’d never talked about it that much, but he could tell in how hard he tried all the time and how much he was willing to do to for her. But how could he think he wouldn’t be a good dad to his kid?

“But Wakka, you’ll be a great Dad!” he exclaimed. “The Junior Aurochs love you and I think knowing that it you and Lulu’s baby will make it ten times better!” He reached up and patted Wakka’s sandy arm.

A huge grin split Wakka’s face. “You think so?”

Tidus pushed himself into a sitting position. “Well yeah!” he grinned. “As for letting Lulu down, I think maybe she might be kind of nervous too, you know? Maybe it just makes her nervous that you’re nervous.”

“Hmm.” Wakka hummed, grabbing his chin in thought. “May-be. We gonna talk tonight anyway, so it’ll be alright.” He reached over and gave Tidus a rough nuggie, which he found hurt worse with wet hair. “Tanks brudda.”

“Ow! You’re welcome!” Tidus laughed, pushing Wakka’s hand away.

“But you still got your problem with Yuna, ya?”

Tidus’ smile fell. “Yeah,” he sighed, falling back onto his back again. “This has just been a crazy week, man. First I bought Yuna’s ring, which took forever for me to figure out which one to get her. And when I did, it took forever to make a deal to get it and get it made, then some crazy chick just laid one on me at the market the other day, then I got into a fight, and now Yuna won’t talk to me.” He realized he was rambling and stopped.

“Some chick kissed you?” Wakka chuckled. “Who?”

Tidus shrugged. “I dunno. She said she wanted a hug from me, so I gave her one, and when I tried to like, pull away, she grabbed my face and kissed me.”

Wakka laughed. “On da mouth?”

“Yeah, it was nuts. I told her I was taken, but she didn’t care.” He shook his head in vexation at the memory. “Women in Bevelle are just insane, man.”

The two shared a laugh and Tidus relaxed back into the sand. The sun was setting beautifully; a burning red ball melting into the ocean against the backdrop of a kaleidoscope sky. It was purple at the top, and slowly faded into an orange toward the sea. It looked like it was on fire…

His last thought reminded Tidus of the night in Macalania, when he was describing the Zanarkand sunset to Yuna. He groaned, covering his eyes with his hands. If he had one wish at that moment, it would have been simply to be sitting with Yuna, watching that sunset. His stomach felt like it was sinking. How had things gotten so wrong?

He heard Wakka rise to his feet and pick up the ballbag. “You gonna stay out here?” he asked.

“Um, yeah. I’ll be home in a few.”

“Alright brudda. Don think too hard. Everything gonna work out. You’ll see.”

Tidus moved a hand from his good eyd ped peered up at Wakka. “Thanks, Wakka.” He replied.

Wakka nodded at him, then turned and walked away. Tidus watched his friend began dragging the giant ballbag down the beach, leaving a trail in his wake. He turned his head to look back at the sun setting, and the sky falling into dusk. It had been a pretty long day and tough practice, and Tidus didn’t realize how sleepy he was until he relaxed. His vision blurred a bit, and he allowed his eyes to slip shut…

“Ow!” The sound of his own voice woke him up. Something had poked his side.

Rolling over and grabbing his side, Tidus found his eyes level with a pair of black leather stiletto boots. He looked up slowly and saw Paine staring down at him, her arms folded, with her head cocked to one side and looking very impassive.

Shit. Not again…

To be continued…

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