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Sorry for the slow update. I just got a new job and it blows. But hopefully this will tie you over for a bit. Thanks for the wonderful reviews -- I’m so glad everyone likes this story! This chapter has some naughty bits, but nothing too graphic. So make sure you’re tall enough to ride this ride, kiddos. ;) That being said, I am splitting this chapter into two parts. This is chapter 5a. 5b is half done. Oh, and for everyone who likes the Tidus/Wakka feigned assgrabbing, there will be no more. (Evrae) Well maybe a lil bit. lol


Yuna was hovering on the plane between sleep and wakefulness when she heard Tidus tiptoeing into the moonlit bedroom.

“Tidus?” she whispered, her voice husky with sleep.

He stopped in his tracks, looking much like a child with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. “Heeeeey.” He whispered back, walking toward her. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“It’s okay,” she smiled. He was so sweet. “So,” she said, rolling to completely face him. “How did it go?”

He beamed. “It was so awesome, Yuna. We won!” he yipped, throwing his hands in the air.

“Shhhhh…” she giggled, lifting a finger to his lips. He was going to wake everyone up in the house. But she did love how he could be so very boyish at times. “Congratulations, but quieter, okay?” she whispered, still smiling.

He chuckled, grabbing her hand and intertwining it with his. “Sorry.” He said, back to whispering. “It was just so cool.”

Yuna sat up in the bed, sitting cross-legged and listened to Tidus’ giddiness. He walked around the room, giving her a very animated (but thankfully quiet this time) recount of the whole tournament. It was wonderful news; the Junior Aurochs had never won a tournament, and now the Junior Cup was going to be in Besaid for all to see and take pride in. She knew those boys and girls had worked so hard, and so did Wakka and Tidus. It made Yuna happy to know that all their work had paid off. “So when does the season start?” she asked.

“Next week,” he replied, taking off his shirt. “We play the Youth Guado on Monday and then I have a game against Kilika on Tuesday.”

Yuna nodded, though she didn’t hear a word he said. She loved watching him undress before bed. He had such a gorgeous body. His handsomely angled face and blue eyes were enough to make just about any woman fall for him, but his body was incredible. The toned, tanned arms and legs…and that washboard stomach…

“Earth to Yuna….”

She looked up at his face. His knowing grin was all she needed to blush furiously. Why was she blushing anyway? He’d seen her naked before. What was there to be embarrassed about? She would have to find a way to get over her shyness.

“I asked you a question….” he continued, locking his eyes onto hers and pushing his shorts down his legs. He stood facing her in only his boxers and that stupid smile.

“I’m sorry,” she replied, her voice surprisingly calm. It was hot all of a sudden. Did Lulu have the heater on? “What did you ask me?”

He tossed his clothes into the hamper, then walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. “I asked if you were coming with us next week.” He laughed, turning on the water and beginning to brush his teeth. “Or aw u gunnah be buhzee?”

“Oh no, no. I’ll be there.” She said, squinting as her eyes adjusted to the light. Once they did, she just admired the way his muscles flexed as he brushed.

He nodded, continuing his pre-bed ritual.

Butterflies suddenly filled Yuna’s stomach. She really wanted to talk to him about the “no-touching” thing. But what was she going to say? She released a sigh, falling onto her back. It was going to have to be tonight; she had absolutely promised herself. No more avoiding the issue. She nodded sharply to herself. ‘Right’, she thought. As soon as he came out of the bathroom, they would talk. It was going to be tough to spit it out, but at least she would finally know why…and what to do next.

He flicked the light off, walking out of the bathroom and making his way toward the bed. They shared a smile as he lifted a corner of the blanket and scooted next to her. He propped himself up on an elbow and began to study her face. A few moments passed, and Yuna was beginning to squirm under his scrutiny when he broke the silence. “I missed you a lot today,” he said, a corner of his mouth lifting into a half-smile.

She looked down, almost embarrassed by his declaration. “Me too.”

“You missed you?” he joked, eyebrows going skyward. “You’re so self-centered Yuna.”

She giggled and slapped his arm. “I am not!”

“Shhhh.” He mimicked her from earlier, but lifted his whole hand to cover her mouth and press her head back into the pillow. “Be quiet or you’ll wake the pregnant mage!” he hissed.

Yuna was glad his hand was covering her mouth, because she let out a belly laugh. Tidus was so funny.

“So how was your day today?” he asked, resting that hand on her tummy.

“It was good,” she smiled. “Very relaxing.”

He nodded, returning her smile. “So what did you do? Did you get to see Paine and Rikku?”

She shook her head, sliding her hand up to cover his on her stomach. “They were in Guadosalam with Uncle Cid.” She replied, relaxing back into the pillows. “I spent a lot of time with Lulu today. We went swimming for a while and we also had a really long talk.”

He raised his eyebrows. “About…?”

“It’s secret girl stuff.” Yuna replied, matter-of-factly. “You can’t know.”

Tidus laughed. “I probably don’t wanna know.” He said, enduring another playful slap on the arm. “You dirty girls…”

She giggled at his antics. His sense of humor was one of his best qualities to Yuna. She had always appreciated how he could make her laugh, even through her pilgrimage.

Suddenly, his smile began to fade and his features took on that intense stare. The one he always got right before he...

As he leaned in and touched his lips to hers, Yuna’s eyes slipped shut and she sighed happily. She loved when he kissed her like this. His mouth moved slowly over hers, igniting that now-familiar flame of lust inside her. She really hadn’t known it existed until that fateful night in Macalania. Since then, he’d coaxed it out, made her burn for him. Goodness, what he did to her.

“Yuna,” Tidus whispered, breaking their kiss to move flush against her side.

His mouth moved to her neck, beginning to lick and suck the tender skin there. Her back arched on it’s own accord, and she released his hand to slide hers up his strong back to his shoulder blades. Scorching hot kisses made their way across her throat to the other side of her neck, and she moaned quietly. His hardness was poking against her thigh, and she really wanted to touch, but she wasn’t sure he would let her. Yuna frowned, stiffening a bit and losing concentration on what he was doing to her. They really need to talk.

“Tidus,” she whispered.

He either thought she was just saying his name or ignored her, because he kept going.

“Hey,” she said, moving her hands up to pull his face away from their impeding path down to her chest.

“Huh?” he said, eyes glazed over.

She would’ve laughed at his expression if she weren’t so nervous. “I um…wanted to talk to you about something.” She said, stroking his face.

“I thought we were talking,” he joked, planting a kiss on her neck just above the neckline of her tank top.

“Not that kind of talking, ” she smiled. “I’m serious.”

He nodded, sobering. “Okay, okay. I’m all ears, Yuna.”

Yuna took a deep breath and continued. Here goes nothing. “Well, I wanted to know why…if…” she frowned, looking down. A sudden rush of intense fear gripped her. What if he told her it was because she wasn’t good enough or experienced enough? What if he wanted someone else to make love with who knew how? What if he already had with someone else?

“Hey…” he crooned softly, reaching up to tilt her chin up. “What’s wrong babe?”

Yuna loved this guy beyond reason. There were no secrets between them. So why was this so hard? ‘Just say it Yuna!’ she thought. “I um..I wanted to know…if you wanted to go shopping for Rikku’s birthday with me tomorrow.” Okay, so she was a frightened chocobo. It wasn’t the complete truth, but it was something really did want to know. Besides, she could ask him later, right?

He smiled, and let out a laugh through his nose. “That’s all you wanted?” he asked. At her nod, he continued. “Of course I’ll go with you. I’m glad you said something; I almost forgot about that.”

“Yes, her birthday party is coming fast.” she said, “We need to get things for the party.”

“You wanna go to that new shopping district outside Bevelle?” he asked, running a hand through her hair. It made her want to purr like a kitten.

“Mmm-hmm” she hummed, finally relaxing again and allowing her eyes to slip shut. Yes, she would ask him on the boat to Kilika tomorrow, instead of ruining the mood tonight.

Tidus moved over her, planting a hand on each side of her head. “Tomorrow after I get back from practice then.” He said, leaning down to steal a quick kiss from her. “But tonight Yuna…”

She opened her eyes to look up at him. He bit his lip, grasping the hem of her tank top and pushing it up and over her head. “Just let me make you feel really good.”

Yuna’s head lolled back in pleasure as he lowered his head to begin again. “I love you so much,” he said softly, in warm puffs of hair that bathed her chest.

As his lips began their tender assault, Yuna slid her hands into his hair and decided that yes, talking could definitely wait until tomorrow.

To be continued….

Author’s note: NaughtyLittleTidus will be running rampant this whole story, Yuna-08 . lol

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