FF7 Wonderland Story Or Reno Goes down the Rabbit

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters in this story. I am using FF cast in a story based off Alice in Wonderland.

FF7 Wonderland Story Or Reno Goes down the Rabbit Hole
By Sailor Poison

Chapter 1: Leaping after the Cloud Bunny

Reno was tired of sitting in the meeting with his fellow Turks and listening to Rufus go on and on about how great he is going to make ShinRa. Why should Reno care? He just wanted to get paid so he can get drunk and maybe even laid. If that meant listening to Rufus’s egotistical rants then so be it.

Before he knew it, the meeting was over. Did I sleep through it all? The others seem to linger about chatting. Not that Reno cared. He just wanted to get to his apartment and get out of his monkey suit.

As he walked along the street he spotted a mutt sniffing among some trash cans for food. The mutt was a reddish color in fur, Normally he would have care less what the dog did. But for a moment he can’t help but reflect on how the dog reminded him of himself.

Reno, “My friend, how I wish I could go to a world where people were not so damn stuck up. Where all dogs can lay in fancy beds as people. You would like that wouldn’t ya, boy?”

As he pets the mutt briefly, he looks up and thinks he spots Cloud in the alley. Yet, it was not Cloud as he remembers. From his blond hair, two white rabbit ears stood proud. On the curve of his ass, a fluffy rabbit’s tail set. It even twitches much like a real tail. Wait, it was real! Reno can’t help but follow this Cloud Bunny into the deeper reaches of the alley, past there the light shines down.

The last he sees of Cloud Bunny is him diving into a rather dark corner. The Turk was not about to lose this trail, also dives into the darkness to find himself falling into a rather long tunnel. Was it very long? His descent was hardly the normal one as it was both gentle and slow. This gave him time to ponder the wisdom of following the Cloud Bunny in the first place.

The tunnel started out rather dark but light was coming from below him. Soon Reno could see things along the sides. Cupboards and paintingTablTables that seem to defy gravity.

Reno, “... This is boring. At least a fall down some stairs would have something. Pain would even be a pleasant break from the boredom. Shit, I wonder if anyone will ever believe me when I get back.”

Down, down, down he fell into who knew what. Reno spent the time trying to figure out how far he did fall. There was no way to tell and this agitated him. He began to think he shall fall right out the other side of the planet itself!

Reno began to wonder if any of his fellow Turks would miss him. Maybe Rude, as they were close enough for Turks. Elena hardly would though. Her eyes only saw Tseng. Tseng might after some time begin to wonder where his fellow Turk went but Reno wasn’t going to hold his breath. Maybe Rude might be there to feed his cat. The cat was Reno’s only family. Not anything special as it was a standard tom cat. But the cat always welcomed him at the door. Rub on the leg to show how he missed the Turk. Better then any dog, as cats choose whom to give affection.

The fall was so long and boring, Reno fell asleep. His sleep was soon disturbed as he fell onto a plush chair very gently. Now be him him was another long passage. the floors were a pink and blue tile. Ahead of him was the Cloud Bunny. Cloud Bunny looking at an old pocket watch and muttering about being late. Reno quickly got to his feet and rushed down to hall after Cloud Bunny.

Just when Reno thought he is getting e, he, he rounded the corner to find no Cloud Bunny. He was in a hall of Doors. Each door on both sides were locked. This brought some fresh cuss words to his lips. Plus, the fact Cloud Bunny was only one who knew where they were! Had to capture him. He came to a round room. Inside was a three legged table, chair, and and the end of the room, was a door. On the table was a small key, smaller then what would be needed with the other doors.

Reno tests out the door at the end. It was unlocked but he finds a smaller door behind it. Pulls that open to find an even smaller door. This goes till he finds a small door that is both locked and too small for even his slender frame to pass through. This was almost too much!

Reno, “ How the fuck am I suppose to get through that doorway?!”

Reno looked at the table to see a small bottle upon it. He could have sworn he never seen it there before. The bottle had a label that says ‘ Drink me” on it. No further print.

Reno pondered the safety of drinking from a strange bottle. Even though he was a lush by nature, he always at least took note what passed through his lips. Yet it seemed someone wanted to drink this. Reno took the bottle to his lips and drank the contents. The flavor was hard for him to pinpoint. The flavors of lemon tart, apple pie, carmel apple, and even cotton candy cross his mind.ch wch without mixing undesirably.

Before the Turk could blink, the world seemed to grow larger. No, he was grown shorter! He was now the size to fit the door. But as he tried to open the door, he recalls the key were still on top of the table. Reno slapped himself in the forehead for forgetting something so basic!

Reno tried to climb up the leg of the table. When that failed, tried to climb into chair. He was just too short. Reno got into such a foul mood that he kicked the leg of the table.

Reno, “ How the hell am I suppose to open the damn door?!”

That is when his eyes came upon a small crystal box that sat under a table. The Turks wandered over to open the box and look inside. The box held a small cake with the words ‘Eat me’ on top. Reno felt there was no harm to eat the cake at this point. Either he will get larger or shrink enough to slip under the door. Reno doesn’t just take a nibbling, he eats the own thing a few bites. This proves to be maybe unwise thing as he truly began to grow.


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