FF7 Wonderland Story Or Reno Goes down the Rabbit

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Chapter 11 A Tart Thief?

The King and Queen are seated rather fancy chairs, no one else sitting down till they did so. All different sorts of Bird were also present. Also in the room was a pack of cards, Scarlet the Knave held in chains. Near Queen Zack is Cloud Bunny with Bugle in one hand and a scroll in the other.

What attracts Reno’s attention is the very delicious looking the plate of tarts that sat on the table in center of the room. The smell alone is making his mouth water. Though it did puzzle him to why they set food out.

Reno has seen his share of trials and some of them he was the defendant. That was before his career as a Turk. He can see where the Jury sat. Unsure who plays the role of Judge, though it looks as if Queen Zack might be it. She is wearing robes of a judge. The Queen didn’t seem to happy to be playing this part. The Jury consisted of 12 of creatures, odd because they were different creatures and not all of then a recognizable species.

Reno, “ A jury is still a jury.”

Reno also spots the jury is writing down something on slabs. Not that he has any faith in the justice system but to be declaring verdict now?

Reno, “ What are they doing?”

Nanphony, “ They sometimes forget their own names so they are writing them down.”

Reno, “ That's bloody stupid!”

Nanphony, “ You never seen a trial here before.”

Cloud Bunny yells out, “ Silence in the court!”

A hush falls over the entire room. No one wants to speak out of turn least they become the next victim on the chopping block. The only sound is that of the jury writing. One racks his chalk across the little board in a ear piercing manner. Reno has to put a finger into his ear to stand it. Then Reno realizes one of the jurist is Johnny.

Queen Zack, “ Bring in the accused!”

Cloud Bunny blows his bugle and the reads the scroll, “ The King of Hearts has lost some tarts for the Knave has stole them away. But alas her guilt was found as crumbs did lead to us the way!”

Queen Zack, “ Please bring in the first witness.” She says gravely.

Cloud Bunny toots on his bugle, “ First Witness!”

First witness is the Mad Pilot who walks over to the witness stand with his teacup and teapot.

Mad Pilot, “ Outta my way!” He stands and gives a slight bow, “ Pardon me, for I was still in middle of my tea.”

Queen Zack, “ Well, that is no excuse. When did you begin anyway?”

Mad pilot puases and seems to calculate what today was then comparing it to when he did start. This just gets him rather confused so he decides to just give a simple answer, “ I think it was March the fourteenth. Was it?”

Mad Pilot has his allies next to him. Hare Gunman seems to be hovering protectiveext ext to him. The Hare Gunman is carrying the Cait Sith thing called Puss.

Hare Gunman, “It was the fifteenth.”

Puss, “ Sixteenth.”

Queen Zack, “ Make note of the dates.”

The Jury come to life as they eagerly write the dates down and begin to compute how that would be in Gils. While waiting the Mad Pilot begins to smoke. Only sign the Hare Gunman is nervous was the nervous twitching in his long lopsided ears.

Queen Zack, “ Please don’t smoke here.”

Mad Pilot, “ Oh, these are not my smokes.”

Queen zack, “ You stole them!”

This creates a new buzz in the jury as they chatter and makes notes upon this.

Mad Pilot, “ Hell no! I borrowed them from Hare.”

Hare gunman mutely nods to this. The Pilot begins to fidget nervously as the King Sephiroth is now polishing his sword with a silk handkerchief.

Queen gently speaks, “ Present your evidence!”

King chimes in, “ Or I shall behead you!”

This hardly reassures the pilot who begina to chain smoke and take a large gulp of his tea. Reno almost pities the pilot.. almost. Even the Hare Gunman is tense.

Puss, “Please don’t squeeze me too hard, I am not a plushie.”

Reno is curious to see if the pilot and allies will get beheaded. That is when he starts to feel rather strange. He is growing again? That left the problem of staying or going. He decides that as long as it was going slowly then he can stay a bit longer.

Puss comes over to Reno, “ I don’t suggest you grow here. Didn’t you read the sign?”

Reno looks to the wall and spots the ‘ No growing’ sign that is under the ‘ no smoking ‘ sign.

Reno, “ He can smoking! I should well be allowed to fucking grow!”

Puss, “ Do it in a less obvious manner.” With that went to sit next to Gunman.

All this time the King has been staring at the Mad Pilot and waiting for an answer but decides that some action might get him speaking.

Queen, “ Bring in the list!”

This causes the pilot to begin to sweat.

King sephiroth, “ Now give us your evidence or you shall be killed on the spot!”

Mad pilot, “ You see, my king, I have just begun to enjoy my tea w when I noted that the butter was running thin and my tea lost its twinkle.”

Queen, “ Twinkling?”

Mad Pilot, “ Any good Twinking worth a damn begins with the tea!”

Queen rubs the bridge of her nose, “ Fine fine.. please continue the story.”

Mad Pilot, “ It was running low and the Hare Gunman said... “

Hare Gunman, “ I don’t talk.”

Mad Pilot, “ You do so speak!

Hare Gunman, “ I don’t ever talk!”

Mad Pilot, “ You are speaking now!”

Queen Zack blurts out, “ I deny any fault!” for no real reason.

Mad Pilot, “ The Puss said.. “ looks around not sure if he should go into that, “ and I had some more tea.”

Johnny, “ But what did the Puss say?”

Mad Pilot, “ I can’t fucking recall.... “

Queen zack, “ But you Must remember something!”

Milotilot shrugs, “ My apologies, ya majesty.”

One of the Guingepigs starts to laugh but gets a dark look from a Card with a nasty looking pike and hushes up. Reno thinks he can understand how the creature felt as he would hate to have that thing used on him. Not that the card would survive long enough to use it.

Queen Zack, “ Thank you, now please go away.”

Mad Pilot smiles big, “ Happy to oblige!” as he and his allies go and sit down in the audience, relief the shared feeling of the trio.

Queen Zack, “ Next Witness!”

But before the Cloud Bunny could, Mad Pilot comes back to the witness stand to reclaim his teapot. The King gives him a glare.

Mad Pilot, “ I can’t forgot my best tea pot can, can I?”

King Sephiroth has enough of the pilot and bellows, “ Get hell out of the court room!”

Which the Mad Pilot, Hare Gunman, and the Puss depart rapidly. Finally Cloud Bunny brings in next Witness who is the Palmer looking Cook. The cook still has his pepper shaker in hand. Sound of people sneezing foretell who was coming down the aisle long before Reno actually sees him.

Queen Zack, “ Give us your evidence.”

Cook, “ I can’t, ma’am... “

Cloud bunny whispers something to the Queen who in turn whispers something to the King.

Queen Zack, “ What are the tarts made of?”

Cook, “ Why Pepper sir! I always put pepper in everything!”

Cheshire Cat speaks behind Reno, “ No wonder it tasted like dog shit!”

King Sephiroth, “ Grab whoever said that and behead them now!”

This created vast confusion in the courtroom as they could not find the speaker who sahat.hat. After a while they gave up and resumed the hearing, But by then the cook was gone also.

Queen zack rubs back of her neck, “ Lets just move on with this. Next Witness!”

The Cloud Bunny began to fumble with his scroll as he looks to see who is next. Reno smirks as he can’t believe how little evidence they have against the Scarlet Kna Not Not that he cared either way about the knave who looks like a whole back in headquarters. But he does not expect to hear what Cloud Bunny screams next,

Cloud Bunny, “ Reno of turks!”


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