FF7 Wonderland Story Or Reno Goes down the Rabbit

BY : SailorPoison
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Chapter 4 Cloud Bunny’s Request

The was not the Mouse that Reno spies along the path but Cloud Bunny. Cloud Bunny seemed to be searching around as if he Lost someg. g.

Cloud Bunny, “ Damn it all. The king shall behead me for sure! Where in the world did I leave my cake?”

Reno had to snicker as he recalls swallowing down that rather delightful cake. Not that he cared if Cloud Bunny would pay. But whole expression on the creature’s face made it hard not to keep a snicker from coming up. Cloud Bunny spotted Reno.

Cloud Bunny in an annoyed manner, “ Johnny? You should be at the house, tending the garden! Go there now and fetch me another fresh cake for the king!” Pointing the way in an exasperated manner.

Reno found himself heading down path to the house before he could think about what he was really doing. Obvious Cloud Bunny mistaken him for a servant.

Reno, “ I suppose I should get this cake. Maybe I can see who the hell this King is. If nothing else he might help get me back home.”

The house was a rather pleasant white house. On the front door was a brass plate with the words ‘ C Bunny ‘ engraved. The Turk helped himself in, not caring that he was truly not the servant.

Reno, “I am being too damn nice by getting anything for that little bastard. Next thing I know, I shall be hailing my cat as king.” Thoughts of this bring forth a smile as he looks around for the cake, “ I can see the little puss now. Fetch my tinkle mouse. More treats! I might have to muzzled the little shit, if it did begin to order me like that.”

Reno didn’t find the cake in the kitchen. Instead he found it in a very white bedroom. He wondered who would store a cake in their bedroom, aside Palmer who was a pig. Beside the cake was another bottle with the words ‘Drink me’ on the side.

Now Reno was very thirsty and hasn’t yet to found an alcoholic drink. Knew this bottle might have an odd side affect but his thirst hit him like a brick wall. Without really considering his actions, Reno takes the bottle to his lips and drinks.

That was when his head smacks once again into the ceiling. There was no room for hiowinowing form to move. He tried to curl up but his body kept growing. Only way to move was to put an arm out a window and a foot into the fireplace.

Reno, “ God damn it! How the hell am I going to get out now?” The good news, he was not going to grow any bigger. The bad news, he was very uncomfortably cramped inside the house.

Reno, “This place wouldn’t be such a hell hole if my size would stayed a constant. Why the hell did I chase that damn blond bunny in t plt place? I could be sitting snugly in a bar booth drinking myself into a stupor. Yet, I wonder what willpen pen next to me? All this is straight from some fairy tale a parent woulll all a child to put the brat into an unconscious stupor. Maybe this might become a story. Me, of all people, the hero? God, now I am thinking stupid. I am not some knight in shiny armor. Nor do I want to be. “ The he sighed, “ Maybe someday I shall write this down just for hell of it.”

Reno, “ Maybe being this big could be a bonus? I can step on all those little asshole who get in my way. Kick that fat greasy pig, Palmer, to the moon if he loves the sad pathetic excuse of a space program that much. They can use the money on more important things, like me!”

Reno had a rather pleasant conversation with himself, thinking of all the ups and downs of being a giant. His private ranting was soon disturbed by a familiar voice of Cloud Bunny.

Cloud Bunny, “ Johnny? Johnny! Come out with that cake!” as he came looking for his gardener.

Reno thought ruefully the silly creature would surly die of a heart attack upon seeing him like this. That would not do him good as Reno wanted out of the cramped space. Cloud bunny gave the door a shove. It was pressing into Reno’s hip thus doesn’t open.

Cloud Bunny, “ I shall just climb through a window!”

Reno, “ I think not, rodent.” he mutters under his breath. For his arm took up spacspace of the window.

Just when Reno thought he hard the Bunny, his hand went to snatch. All he got was a shriek and empty air. Cloud Bunny has alluded his hand. Reno had no way to see exactly where Cloud Bunny was except for his voice gave some hint.

Cloud Bunny, “ Tifa? Tifa, where are you?”

Tifa Bunny, “I am picking Carrots from the tree before they spoil!”

Cloud Bunny, “Come to the window, quick!”

Tifa Bunny, “ What in the world is that?!”

Cloud Bunny, “That is an arm, silly bunny!”

Tifa Bunny, “ What manner of beast has an arm that huge?!”

Reno, mutters with a smirk, “ You should seethe size of my penis, dear Miss.”

Cloud Bunny, which Reno could swear he hears shrug, “I just want it out of our house.”

Reno tries to listen in as the two start to whispers.

Tifa Bunny, “ But isn’t that extreme?”

Cloud Bunny, “ A monster is a ter.ter. Besides we can rebuild the house.”

Reno had enough of that and tries to grab the Bunnies and, once again, all he gets is empty air and shrieks.

Tifa, “ Lets see if we can pull it out first. I hate to lose all my fine china.”

Cloud Bunny, “ There is Johnny! Lad, use a ladder and try to climb inside through the chimney.”

There was sound of a man climbing up a ladder. His feet across the roof shingles. Then some sounds of someone coming down the chimney.

Reno chuckled, “I would hate to see Johnny get stuck.” in a fake concern as he got his foot ready. Then gave a kick coming in contact with something. His ears rewarded by the scream of a flying Johnny who was launched from the Chimney with ease.

Cloud Bunny, “ There goes Johnny. His head was always in the clouds. Kinda fits the rest of him joined it.”

There was sound of people helping Johnny for he landed rather roughly.

Tifa Bunny, “ Have some of this Brandy, dear friend. That's a boy. What did you see?”

Johnny, “ Dudes and dudettes, I saw not much. I was climbing down and a huge foot kicked me out like a bottle rocket!”

Cloud Bunny, “ Then we must burn the house down.”

Reno yells out, “ Burn a single shingle and I’ll fucking pull your spines out through your mouths!” That brought about a period of dead silence. “ God what stupid notions are going through their minds now?! “

Cloud Bunny, “ We only need a barrow full.”

Reno, “ A what?! If that is what I think it is, I am going to kill them, I swear it!”

As he tried to look outside, some rocks comes flying into what little space there was for a window. Upon further inspection, Reno realized they were cakes.

Reno, “Cake? Might help me shrink.”

Reno tossed down a cake. Thankfully he began to shrink. Thom bom became less and less cramped. Reno found that he grew smaller then he wished but he was able to get out of the house without being spotted.

Reno, “ First thing to do is get the right proper size. Like hell I’m gonna go back this short. They will never let me live it down. Second, I must find a way home. This place is just too damn crazy.”

A rather huge puppy comes towards Reno. Reno saw the puppy as potential ride away from the house. Even used a stick to entice the puppy to him. This excited the puppy who thought Reno wanted to play fetch. The puppy came running towards Reno making him dodge being trampled. Reno appears on the other sof sof some fern and once again the puppy almost tramples him. This time the puppy tumbles head over feet into some plants. But before Reno could scramble over to climb ontop, the puppy was called back by his owner.

Reno, “ Damn. I almost got a free ride. Probably for the best. I hate to have that beast to shit ontop of me by accident. But anywhoo... I need to find something to make me bigger.”

Reno looked around himself to see he was now entering a vast field of flowers. Yet, nothing to drink or eat. Maybe he just needed to keep walking. But before he could ponder anything else, he came upon a large mushroom. Sitting upon it was a very large Caterpillar who resembled Hojo in the face. Hair was black and stringy around his shoulders. Small mustache upon his lip as he smoked from a long Hookah. The Hojo Caterpillar didn’t seem to notice anything as he staoff off in azed zed manner.


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