FF7 Wonderland Story Or Reno Goes down the Rabbit

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Chapter 8 The King’s Croquet Game

Reno stands before one particular rose-tree. The thing that makes this rose-tree different from the rest, the is flowers upon it are white. All the other roses are the most perfect shade of red. The gardeners franticly go about the bush painting the roses red. The three look familiar but vague to Reno as he hardly knew the three are counter parts to Wedge, Jessie, and Biggs. Their clothes is that of cards so each has a number. Plus, each of them have a spade marking. Reno finds himself watching the three work.

Seven, “ Watch where you’re waving that thing!”

Five, in a sulky way, “Someone bumped my elbow.”

Seven, “ Always blaming everyone for your screw ups! Things like this are why the King wants to beheaded you!”

Two,hy why would he behead F”

Seven, “ Shut up! It is not your business. Get back to painting.”

Five, “ If you wanna know, I accidenlty gave the cook some tulips when she asked for onions.

Seven, “ Will you two get serious about this work! I don’t want to die before my time!”

This is when they notice Reno standing there and listening to them talk. The three check themselves out and then give Reno a bow.

Reno smirks at this, “ Why, may I ask, are you painting some flowers?”

Five and Seven look at each other. Neither are sure if they should speak. It falls Two to explain what they are trying to do.

Two, “ You see, sir, the king only allows red flowers to grow within his garden. This bush was suppose to bear red roses. Alas, we planted a white rose tree by mistake. If the king ever saw this, we would surly be killed! “

Reno, “ Won’t the paint kill the flowers?”

Five, “ Better then plant then us!”

Then a cry comes across the garden. Simple words that seem to bring terror into the hearts of the three servants.

“The King is coming! The King is coming!”

The three run around in circles, crashing onto each other, before them come into line and throw themselves face down on the ground. The first ten soldiers have card clothes similar to the three gardeners. They come in bearing spears. The next ten are courtiers. They have diamond markings upon their cards. Each walk, two by two.

Then the royal children come running along. They are marked by hearts and also walk in pairs. They come jumping and playing. Reno has to fight back any warm fuzzy that threatens to invade his Turk heart.

Next come the visiting Kings and Queens. Among them is Cloud Bunny. Reno is not too surprised to see the bunny here. Seems rather fitting at the moment. He almost expects Cheshire cat to appear any moment.

Finally comes the King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts. The king reminds him of Seoth.oth. This king has a regal air about him. The queen takes Reno by surprise. He heard of the soldier named Zack who went MIA on same mission Sephiroth was reportedly killed on. If that same Zack was a woman, then that is what the queen looks like. Yet, the queen still has a quality of beauty upon her kind face. The king’s face was opposite, for his is cold. By their side is what looks like Scarlet but she has been ranked as a royal knave. This Reno finds very fitting,

King comes to a stop and eyes Reno, “Who is this young man?”

Reno gives a proper bow, “ Reno of the Turks.” Tries not to smirk. He haoublouble visualizing any danger from a pack of cards.

King looks past reno to see the three cards and the rose-tree, “ What is this nonsense?”

Reno, “ Whatever it is, it’s none of my damn business.”

King puts his hand on his sword, “ I should cut thee head off where you stand!”

Queen puts her hand on his shoulder, “ Dear, calm yourself. Too many beheadings before afternoon tea gives you indigestion.”

King nods to his wife looks at the cards, “Turn over.”

The cards turn over as smoothing as a deal would turn cards on a table.

King glares down upon them and moves to see the tree. Easy to see the flowers are still wet with paint.

Five, “ Forgive us, sir.. but we were... “

King cuts him off, “ Cut their heads off!” And King moves off leaving the three quivering on the ground in fear.

Reno feels a moment of sympathy. They might be stupid but their crime hardly warrants an execution. So he quickly hides them inside some large empty flower pots. The guards arrive and look around for the three soon to be condemned cards.

Guard, “ Where are they?”

Reno, “ They were so distraught, they cut their own heads off.”

Guards look at each other and look at reno, “ Really?”

Reno just smiles, “ Would I lie?” Of course he would but they didn’t knhis.his.

King calls out, “ Are they dead yet?!”

Guard responds, “ Yes, your majesty!”

King, “ Of course they are!” and then asks, “ Do you play croquet?”

Reno wonders whom the king was asking and realizes it is him, “ No, not really.”

King smirks, “ Perfect. Come with us!”

Reno finds himself next to Cloud Bunny in the progression of people.

Cloud Bunny, “What a lovely day to play. Don’t you say?”

Reno, after all this chaos, is actually relived to be able to speak to Cloud Bunny. Cloud Bunny might look like his enemy but is easiest to talk to at the moment. Reno thinks about that some. Is Cloud his enemy? He has no real gripe against Cloud aside the fact the blond gets in their way. The fact the Blond soldier manages to defeat the best of all ShinRa, himself, has impressed the Turk somewhat. He has no ill feelings to any of the current members of Avalanche. He only chases them because that was his job. The job gets him money for booze and women. The promise of booze and women alone gives Reno cause to shoot anyone. But this is not really Cloud with him. Just someone who looks like Cloud.

Maybe , if things were different, Reno might have been willing to share a beer with Cloud. Kick back and gripe about how ShinRa is screwing them both over. Maybe, if they were not on opposite sides, Reno would ogle women while listening to the blond’s opinion in what he likes. But, that was not to be. Thoughts like this Reno keeps secret.

This is probably one of the many reason Reno later down the road helps Cloud’s group saving Elena and Yuffie. But that has yet to happen and was a world away from where Reno currently is.

Reno, “I suppose today is lovely, “ Wishing he had his shades. “ I thought the Duchess would be here?”

Cloud Bunny speaks in a low voice, “ Duchess has been taken away to be beheaded.”

Reno, “How did that happen?”

Cloud Bunny, “She took a swing at the King. “ Reno starts to laugh, “ Hush now! That goodness she missed or all who witnessed the hit would have joined her. You see, she was late and the King asked.. “ King’s voice thunders across the gathering and making Cloud Bunny go quiet.

King, “ Take your places!”

This sends people running around and for a moment it looks very chaotic. Then it settles as everyone was there they should be. The playing field is rather a curious site even to Reno. Hedges and furrows were shaped for the balls to pass through. The balls are living hedgehogs. The mallets are living flamingos of very pink and very blue quality. The Soldiers bent over and act as archways.

First problem Reno comes across are the flamingos. His will not stiffen like the King’s did. Each time he tries, it twists around and has such a puzzled expression. At first Reno scowls. The more this happens, the more he wants to chuckle, as it is rather funny. At last, it goes stiff all proper like. But then Reno has to deal with the hedgehog. The hedgehog keeps uncurling from the tight little ball it should be in. runsruns off to avoid being hit by the flamingo mallet. By now all the guard are laughing. Even Reno has trouble not laughing along.

The king is not finding this funny. His green eyes scan all the people laughing and stop on the source of the amusement. “ Who else wants to lose their head?” Threat is very clear. This causes everyone to clam down quickly and the hedgehog curls up in fright. No one wanted to be the next victim to lose their head. At last, Reno is able to hit his ball. Soon the game progresses and with each hit there comes much complaining.

While the other guest take their turns, Reno looks for a way to sneak off. His eyes fall upon the familiarale ale face of the Yuffie like Cheshire cat. Well, only her head is there.

Cheshire Cat, “ How are you doing?”

Reno told the cat what has happened at the game, “They bitch so much, the game is more of tedious then it should be. I can’t even hear myself think! Not like anyfollfollows the damn rules anyway. Why bitch about something you are going to break yourself?”

Cheshire cat asks in a low voice, “Whatcha think about the king?”

Reno, “ The king is a great.... “ and realizes the king is behind him, “... sport. I admire the way he conducts all things.” thankful he just saved himself from serious and possibly deadly error.

King, “ My my my.. who is your friend, Reno?”

Reno, “ This is a Cheshire Cat.”

King eyes the cat, “ Scoundrel and sluttish if I do say so. But it can lick my hand if it so wants.” as if extending a great favor.

Cheshire Cat, “ I’ll pass. I can smell it from here and fear where it has been last.”

The King sniffs his hand and Queen not far behind blushes, “My hand doesn’t smell.” and then gets in cat’s face, “ Don’t give me that look!”

Reno, “Shit, King asshole, you can’t control how people stare at you. You’re not a god.”

King, “ That can be changed!” and then demands, “Someone execute this cat!”

Queen, “ Dear, you want to kill the cat?”

King, “... Did I ask your opinion? No. Now fetch me my sword!”

Queen sighs and goes to do as she is told. Reno just shrugs and goes back to the croquet game. He can still hear the king screaming about something. Two of the players in the game have already been executed to death. One was killed outright on the field. Reno is finding himself becoming more sickened by all this killing, He, a Turk, getting sickening by killing? Reno is left dazed by that realization. This place is really messing with his mind,

Reno goes and tries to recaptures his flamingo. The bird got into a tree, forcing the Turk to climb up after it. Then Reno has to make it go stiff again. Plus, his hedgehog didn’t stay put. Reno is forced to give chase to it. While he does, his flamingo escapes again. Reno gives up and goes back to see of cheshire cat has escaped death.

Finds a large crowd around the cat, King,Queen, and executioner. The king and the executioner are debating on how to go about beheading a cat. The Queen is arguing in favor of letting the cat live. The problem is, only thing visible part the cat is her head. Executioner is trying to explain a creature needs a body to be beheaded. The king believes anything can have it’s head cut off for all it needs is a head. Cheshire Cat clearly as one.

King then suddenly declares, “ If this is not solved soon, then I shall kill the whole lot of you!”

Reno, “ Well, you should ask the Duchess about it. The cat does belong to her.”

King, “I want that fat bitch to be brought to me!”

The King and executioner hurry off to get the Duchess. While they are away, Cheshire cat’s head begins to disappear. The creature is gone by the time they return. This brings about new chaos among the guard, for the king demanded that the cat be brought back to him at once. Only the guards are really looking for the odd cat. The guests go back to the game as if this was an everyday occurrence.


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