Droplets of time passed

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Disclaimer: I don't own FF7, sadly, otherwise things would be very different. I'm not making any money from writing it.

Hey. This is a story about Vincent and Sephiroth getting turned into younger versions of themselves. I will try to keep them in character to a certain extent, but this is yaoi, and this is before they have loads of bad stuff happening to them. So, overall, they will have slightly different attitudes. If there are any major things I’ve missed out, feel free to tell me. (Such a shame I don’t own FF7, things would have been very different)

If anyone wants to beta for me, then please say, or message me or something. It would be much appreciated.


Chapter 1

A cold wind whistled past the cave entrance. Slow dripping could be heard from the naturally occurring mako fountain, the light making it glisten in a beautiful droplet as it fell through the semi darkness to the vicious mako that seemed to burn slowly through the cavern floor.

Emerald eyes glinted as they followed this motion. From the shadows, Sephiroth stepped forward. A sinister grin forming on his face. However, for the most part he remained motionless.

Cloud frowned. His sword seemed to weigh a ton more than normal, as he kept the former general firmly in his sight. Behind him, Tifa shifted. She tightened her gloves, ready to support when a confrontation began. In the deep shadows with her, a crimson-eyed gunman watched, his weapon loaded.

The four of them were alone. The location was not secure and it was often victim to earthquakes, and on rare occasions, volcanic eruptions. The ruined rocky caverns held witness to that. However, they were not there by accident. The mako fountain behind the general was the source of their purpose.

They had noticed an unusually high mako content in the region, while they had been near the small island in the submarine. With a large amount of help from Reeve, they realised that this was the site of a rare mako fountain. One found by administrative research a long time ago, but had never been investigated due to the unstable surroundings. It had been then Vincent spoke up. He could remember looking at the paper work for this a few months before he went on his fateful trip to Nibelhiem. He had deemed it unsafe for any of his Turks, and too skilled a job for most in SOLDIER, so it had been put to one side and forgotten about.

Bad luck seemed to haunt them that day, as Sephiroth had chosen to make the same trip that day. Though, he had merely been passing when Jenova sensed the pure mako.

All of which led to their current situation. As the sun set, Sephiroth was stood by the fountain. Vincent and Tifa remained in the shadows, prepared to cover cloud in his decisions. Cloud himself stood in front of Sephiroth, he did not want to fight for fear of the place crumbling. However, he did not want to just leave and allow the man unhindered access to a fountain of mako. Especially when he didn’t know what particular power it would grant him.

Against his leg, he could feel his phone vibrating. They had been here a while, and the others were probably curious. Taking a deep breath, Cloud raised his sword and took a step forward. Sephiroth grinned widely and tightened his grip on Masamune. However, instead of going for cloud, the man moved to the shadows with great speed. With a whirl, he slashed down at Tifa, she ducked low, and Vincent blocked it with his claw. Sephiroth frowned, and turned his attention to him. Cloud helped Tifa up, who had turned on her ankle, and was now limping slightly.

Just as Cloud began to raise his weapon, a tremor shook the area. He quickly wrapped his arms around the young woman and pulled her close. Turning his head, he could see Vincent and Sephiroth fall. Thankfully, it did not last longer than 20 seconds, but it was enough to cause the whole area to begin to crumble away.

Slowly, he released Tifa and together, they made their way over to where the two men last were.

“Vincent?” Called out Tifa softly. “Are you all right?”

They carefully made their way past the mako fountain, which had spilt bits of its small contents. Nearby, they spotted 2 men. They were not the same as earlier. A young man with shoulder-length silver hair and an outfit very similar to Cloud’s coughed and he clambered to his feet. Beside him, a younger looking man with very dark hair struggled to sit up. He wore a dark blue suit, and accepted the hand of the other, who helped him to his feet. They whispered to each other for a few moments, before turning to Tifa and Cloud.

“Hey, there.” The young man with silver haired smiled slightly at them, though he looked most confused. “You wouldn’t happen to know where we are, would you?”

The man and woman gaped, momentarily speechless. Cloud then proceeded to take a few deep breathes, before giving his reply. He handed his phone to Tifa, quietly telling her to phone the others and say what had happened.

“There’s just been a slight earthquake. Umm… but, if you come over here, we can get away on our airship.” Internally, Cloud felt rather pleased, his voice had barely quivered at all, regardless of the fact that his felt completely numb all over.

“ Sure… You’re in SOLDIER, right? I’m a colonel in it. My name’s Sephiroth.”

“ A colonel…” Whispered Cloud, and exhaled slowly. “Okay. Who’s your friend?”

“Vincent.” The deep voice of the other male filled Cloud with a strange feeling. He had a horrible hunch about what might have happened. He definitely didn’t want to ask about Vincent’s occupation. Instead he smiled, though it was rather shakily, and informed them of his own name, and Tifa’s.

Slowly, the two made their way over to him. Closer up, Cloud noticed that the two were indeed, the same people that they had lost, just much younger looking. Vincent’s hair only just reached his chin, and he had a tan. Something Cloud never really associated with Vincent.

Sephiroth’s eyes lacked the amount of glow they previously possessed, though they were still brighter than any normal humans. They also lacked the dark secrets and heavy burdens they had been deepened by.

Overall, he mused, as the two made their way towards the opening where Tifa was waiting by a rope ladder, they seemed more human than he thought was possible.


There. First chapter up. Let me know what you though of it. It was actually a rather long chapter for me. If people review, I promise to try and get an update done soon. (I intend to do more than one a week, but I need motivation quite badly.)

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