Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 6.

A cold wind raced across the frozen land. The 2 men carried on, still searching for something to fight. In the distance, there were tall mountains, covered in icy blankets.

Vincent stopped. He waited for Sephiroth to turn to him, before he spoke. His voice loud to be heard above the wind.

“ We should head over to those caves, by the foot of that mountain. We won’t find anything to spar with here!”

Sephiroth simply nodded his head, and they carried on.

Once in the shelter of the caves, Sephiroth felt considerably warmer, probably due to being out of the harsh wind. He rubbed his hands together and looked around. There was a lot of ice in here as well. He glanced over at his friend, and decided to choose a way to go.

Vincent began to follow, but paused to pull a dagger out his boot. He quickly carved something deep into the ice, before standing back and coming over.

“So we know where we are.”

“Hmm… good idea.” Sephiroth smiled, though it couldn’t really be seen under his scarf. “Shame we aren’t any good at attracting fiends straight off! Yuffie is strangely good at it, but I’m not willing to try. Don’t much like the idea of having loads of them after us!”

Vincent smirked, but said nothing. He wandered on, content to have company he trusted.

A jumping ran into them. His numb fingers fumbled slightly as he grasped his gun. Sephiroth was already trying to get it with his short sword. However, this fiend was faster than they initially expected.

As the silver haired man blocked its escape, Vincent fired a shot, but only got its ear. This slowed it down considerably. As it quivered, Sephiroth brought his weapon down.

Sephiroth grinned and held his hand up to Vincent. The young man frowned and reluctantly clapped their hands together. He tucked his gun away and pulled out his dagger. He nicked another mark into the icy wall and they moved on.

They came across a good number more of jumpings, as well as a few ice golems. Vincent had gotten a horrible cut across one of his legs, as he covered Sephiroth, who was fighting away a golem. This was from a bandersnatch, which had snuck up behind them. However, it was not too deep, and he hadn’t acquired too much of a limp.

Overall, the two were very happy with how well they had got on. They had increased their stats by a considerable amount, and worked very well together.

Eventually, they could see a way out of the caves. Across the plains, a house was visible.

Sephiroth smiled, he was getting hungry and hopefully they could convince the occupant to feed them.

He turned just in time to see Vincent slip. The young man had began to move, and slipped on the ice. He fell by down the small gap in the rock, to the snowy fields below.

Sephiroth froze, but only for a moment. He turned, and began to carefully make his way down.

His mind was filled with panic. He couldn’t see exactly where Vincent had landed, but desperately hoped he wasn’t on the jagged rocks that had risen in places out of the fluffy cover.

Vincent lifted himself up slightly. The cut he had on his leg felt far worse. He looked up, and could see Sephiroth making his way down the path. He took some deep breaths and waited for his friend.

“Are you all right? Vincent?!”

“You still have that materia? Yuffie said it was the green one, which had a green glow to it that was the cure one, right?”

“Umm… yeah. I think. Or was it yellow?”

Vincent frowned. He would be fine if his leg was healed up, but the idea of casting thunder on it wasn’t exactly appealing. Or was it fire that was yellow, and poison that had a green glow.

Sephiroth had his arms around Vincent again, slowly helping him to his feet. He wrapped an arm around him, and they began to make their way towards the house. Vincent wasn’t willing to have his leg tested on to find the right materia, just because Yuffie had not paused for breath when telling them the differences.


The old man sighed happily. He gazed at the two newborn chicks. One a beautiful green, the other was a striking black colour. The mother of the green one had died in the birth, but the other chick’s mother had seemingly adopted the other as hers as well.

Chocobos were curious creatures. The large innocent eyes of these 2 babies had already captured his heart. Many times, people had called him a crazy old man for refusing to breed these animals nearer to cities. However, animals there were skittish, wary of humans; completely different to these animals, these trusted everything, as they had no reason to be cautious. Their parents had been trusting, for the same reasons, as had their parents. Chocobos that trusted their owners were far more loyal than those you found in other areas. These would not run away.

He sat down and gazed at them again. However, a knock came upon his door. After a moment, he tore his eyes away from these babies to go and see who was there.

In front of him, there were 2 young men. One leaning heavily on the other. He quickly let them in.

“Are you two okay?” he whispered softly?

The black haired one didn’t answer. His face was a horrible colour.

“I’m Sephiroth, this is Vincent. I’m afraid we had a bit of an accident.”

The man with beautiful silver hair responded. His face filled with concern. The old man pulled himself up, and went to the back of the stall of his only golden chocobo.

He pulled out a little bag, filled with materia.

“Materia… it’s a wonderful thing. Shame it takes a while to get used to. The idea of mako fountains was little more than myth when I was little, yet here we are. My lovely Jenny protects mine for me.”

He grinned and pulled out some cure materia.

“Jenny? Is that cure? It has a green glow…”

“My golden chocobo. And yes, it is. Hold your Vincent still for me?”


2 hours later, Vincent was nicely cured, and they had both been well fed. The old man seemed to enjoy some company, especially as they had been interested in his chocobos.

He had insisted they take one, so they could get back quicker. As they sun was now setting and Vincent was nearly asleep.

Which led them to their current position. Sephiroth had his arms around Vincent’s waist, who was leaning against him and trying very hard not to fall asleep. They were upon a black chocobo, who was very young, but very strong. The old man had happily insisted they name it.

Sephiroth was very happy though. His only worry was what time the chocobo stable in Icicle shut.


There, all done. And hopefully kind of interesting… I’m not all too sure… I lost my notes for what was going to be in this chapter, so I made it up while I was typing…

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