Droplets of time passed

BY : Dalie
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Chapter 9

He could see his breath in front of him. Around him, the wind was howling. To the side of him, Tifa crouched down to avoid a swipe from another ice golem. They had been near the caves again, and Yuffie had fallen over, making a loud noise as she fell. Unfortunately, this had awoken a rather large number of sleeping fiends.

Sephiroth stood strongly, covering Vincent, who couldnít really shoot in such a small area. He couldnít carefully aim with everything jumping around him, and really didnít want to risk shooting one of his 3 friends. Therefore, he was mostly just taking blows, and shooting things right against him.

Vincent stumbled back and leaned heavily against the wall, his breath coming in short, sharp gasps. His blood was pounding in his ears. He had a distinctly separated feeling. Vincent blinked hard, trying to make his eyes work properly, but somewhere, he could hear a growling laugh. He was feeling distant, as though he wasnít quite there.

Then his body burst into pain. He hadnít expected it, and dropped to his knees in shock. The teenagerís body shook as he fought back tears. He thought he could hear people talking in the background, along with the sound of blows being struck. This however, was not his main concern. That was for the feeling of his skin burning he was currently experiencing.

With his eyes shut, he felt himself retreating. It was strange; he could almost see a figure coming forward. A dark, tall and commanding figure, but an oddly terrifying one. He was powerless to stop anything as he felt it move in front of him. As he watched himself strike out viciously at the golems in front of them, fear flooded his veins. Then he was rising, the wish to be away from his friends taking over any other feelings. Somewhere in his head, he knew this was Chaos, the demonic fiend which he was received in Nibelhiem. Unfortunately, his knowledge about it was limited. Avalanche had only told him that it was a part of him that was released when his limit level reached full. However, it didnít attack them and relinquished itís possession of his body after danger passed so Cloud believed that he had some level of control over it.

Right now though, Vincent wanted to be elsewhere. A place he could be, that looked familiar. Somewhere that hadnít changed too noticeably. He missed his home, his friends, and his family. The idea that he could go anywhere he liked, but couldnít get there was quite upsetting. A thought struck and he made his choice. Desperately trying to relay it to the thing that was moving his body.


Tifa sighed and pulled out her phone. Vincent had flown away, and on foot they really couldnít follow. She looked to the side, and noticed Sephiroth had barely moved. As she spoke to Cid, quietly explaining what had happened, she placed a hand on his arm.

Sephiroth turned to look at the young woman. He had seen many things, throughout his life. However, he had never experienced anything like that. It had been a strange feeling. Not fear, he hadnít been afraid. It certainty hadnít been amusing either. He was torn between laughing and simply trembling though. He was worried though. In those eyes, confusion had shone. Maybe even a little bit of fear. However, Vincent had been in pain. If it hadnít been for Yuffie holding him back, he would have taken the shaking man into his arms.


Sephiroth stood on the deck, staring out the window. Behind him, he could hear the workers talking; Tifa was talking to Cid, they were trying to decide where Vincent / Chaos will have gone.

There was an echoing in the back of his mind, someone whispering, calling. It knew where to find Vincent. If only he could hear it properly. Sephiroth was vaguely aware he should try. He had spent a long time blocking it out, determinedly ignoring it; he should stick to what he had been doing. However, his worry for Vincent was stronger than his interest in doing what he had been told to do, by strangers heíd met about a week ago. He pressed his forehead against the cool glass, and shut his eyes. Many ideas flew through his head, but as he focused more, he kept getting visions of Wutai, though not through his own eyes. The womanís voice informed him, quite coldly that he could see through he eyes of any of her subjects. He simply had to accept her. A feeling of power filled him, and he told Yuffie, who had come over to check he was all right, that he believed Vincent was in Wutai.

Though he really wanted to carry on looking, to discover just what he could see by using her, this Jenova, he resisted. Guilt began to seep into his mind as he remembered his promise to his young Turk. Letting out a long sigh, the silver-haired colonel turned away from the glass and stared at the metal floor. He wished he knew how Vincent was. The transformation had looked awful, and the idea that he had no control over his body was scary.

He glanced off to the side. As he watched the rapidly moving scenery, he couldnít quite deny the fear and curiosity he held over what happened to his body when he looked through other peoplesí.


Sephiroth was the first off the airship. He was closely followed by Cid and Tifa. Yuffie had claimed she might not leave she went back now, so had remained with the crew. Sephiroth had wondered what she meant, but decided to ask later. Finding Vincent was his main interest. They had landed near the cityís outskirts. Around them, there were a large number of fiend carcasses. Some had other fiends feeding off them. The young man pulled a slight face a he watched. Tifa pulled him along and together they entered the capital. It was odd, just walking in. He wanted to grip his shirt sword and hold it in front of him. There was no one objecting to their presence. It was most peaceful. The exact opposite of what Sephiroth had expected. He had been told it was a place of manipulators; where no one other than the leaders had free will. He had been told that everyone, regardless of age and gender would fight strangers. He realised that it had been propaganda. Maybe there were strict on rules, but it was clear these people were not being controlled. There were too happy. He looked around. The sun was setting and it cast a fiery orange glow to everything. On top of a high building, Sephiroth saw a dark figure. He tugged at Tifa, and pointed it out.

She shouted Cid, and they hade their way over. Chaos stared down at the people, watching the mill about. The man could feel its curiosity. He couldnít help but wonder if Vincent had been told the same lies, or exaggerated truths as he. Or, if simply Vincent was observing the differences between times.

Tifa called up, and the demon looked at them. It flew down, and shut its eyes. A moment later, and it was changing, shrinking. Another moment, and Vincent was in front of them. He looked exhausted, upset but somewhat relieved.


On the airship, in their separate room, Sephiroth secured his arms around Vincent.

The colonel lay down on the bed, his mind completely blank. Vincent leaned over, and softly kissed him, before settling down as well. Sephiroth fell asleep in minutes, but the young man beside him lay awake. He was very hungry, and refused to sleep till they had got back to the inn. He shuffled around, so he had his face pressed into the manís neck.

He had mixed feelings about tomorrow. It was the last free day they had. Then they would go and fight this terrible calamity, or whatever. The real concern was after that. Avalanche would begin to look for a way to send him back. As much as he wanted to stay with this man, he missed his life. Here he did not have to be a Turk, but realistically, there was not a lot else he could do, especially here, out of his time. He had no proof of who he was, as his real identity didnít fit him, a 57-year-old man. He very much liked spending time here, but was reluctant to call his feelings for Sephiroth Ďloveí as he had only known the man a week, and he didnít believe in love at first sight.

He sighed. There was a lot to think about, but he figured that was going to happen would happen, regardless of them interfering for one way or the other.

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