Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 4.

Yuffie skidded to a halt, just outside of Nanaki and Vincent’s room. Tifa had suggested taking them down to Icicle, and letting them, wander around freely for a while. And Cid had suggested somewhere quiet, that did not have a lot of technology, so they wouldn’t feel too behind.

She was now here to tell them. She knocked on the door, and waited until someone invited her in.

Vincent was sat with a book in his lap, quietly reading. He didn’t even look up at her. Sephiroth was in front of her, grinning. She found it rather hard to get over now nice he was. Cloud always spoke about him as though he was cold, and heartless. But the guy here was lovely. Okay, he didn’t tell her everything she wanted him to, and she could tell after a while he found her a little annoying. But she didn’t mind.

As she explained what they were going to do, she glanced over at Vincent again. He looked pretty normal, and very handsome. However, the idea that he was a Turk sent shudders down her spine. The whole being a Turk thing was probably the main reason he wasn’t all too talkative. Turks weren’t meant to sit at ramble on endlessly; at least, that’s what she thought.

Yuffie couldn’t help wondering about their normal lives; where they lived, what their families where like, even, what they did for fun! She’d never spoken to Sephiroth before, and Vincent always gave the impression that his social life may or may not have even existed! However, seeing them like this filled her with a new curiosity.

“So basically, we get to go out. Have free time, as it were.” Summarised Vincent from the corner. Yuffie jumped, she hadn’t realised he was listening.

“Yeah, that about sums it up. Tifa said we get a week off, to doing some training on our own, make peace with ourselves, you know… whatever we need to do before we go and kick Jenova’s ass!” She grinned and floated happily out the door.

“Be sure to wrap up warm!!” she sang back at them.


The moment Vincent’s feet touched solid earth, he smiled. This was far better. He turned to look at Sephiroth, and found his friend was sulking. Probably missing the airship.

He sighed shook his head to try and rid himself of the voices that were echoing around the back of his head again and began to look around. Last time he was here, there had been far fewer things. It had literally been a place to stop for those who were mountain climbing around here.

However, there were more important things to do now. That mainly counted as finding warm clothes for himself, as Turks only got thin jackets, and for Sephiroth, who was clearly wishing the SOLDIER uniform had sleeves.

“This way.” He said, going northeast. He didn’t know why for sure, but figured it was as good a choice as any. A few minutes later, he decided it was better than any other, as they had come straight into a shop. A clothes shop, to be precise. Cloud had given him some money, so he set about finding something warm.

After a while, he settled for a pair of black jeans, which were made pretty thick, a couple of warm shirts, as he refused to wear the same shirt everyday. These were black and dark blue; he had one white tee shirt as well. Vincent also found a good coat. This was a light blue, but it was fleece lined and it was a windbreaker type outside, so it wasn’t really thick. The picked up a few other things and then looked for Sephiroth.

The silver haired man had grabbed pretty much the same stuff, he’d got a black coat instead though. And he had tee shirts, instead of shirts. And his were different colours.

The men changed in the store, and stepped back outside.

“ I think I need a weapon as well. I haven’t got my sword with me.” Sephiroth grumbled, as he pulled on a pair of gloves.

Vincent simply nodded his head. He had his standard gun, but Cloud had lent him one or two spare guns they had in their room. He also kept a dagger in his jacket, though this had now gone inside the boots he’d just got.

The men headed off in silence to the weapons store, which they could make out through the falling snow.

“If this is what life in the future is like, I can’t wait. I do hate having to o everything my boss tells me. He’s a total idiot.”

Vincent looked up and smiled at him. “My boss doesn’t like me.” He walked inside, as Sephiroth held the door for him. “She’s always making me do the worst jobs. Sadly, that usually counts as playing bodyguard for Shin-Ra. She knows I can’t stand him!”

Sephiroth opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted before he could even start.

“Who’s she?” It was Yuffie. She smirked and explained she guessed they’d be coming here, due to poor Sephiroth being defenceless. She had also gone for a change of clothing, as shirts and a small shirt weren’t ideal in this temperature.

“Tamara, my boss.”

“Your boss is a woman? But I thought…”

“Anyone who is good enough to get into the Turks has a chance, regardless of gender. It’s a shame though. I want to do some proper research. I’ve only ever gather stuff twice. And I’ve been in the Turks for about 3 years now!”

Yuffie and Sephiroth tried their best to give him a sympathetic look. Though, it wasn’t totally believable. They gave up, and helped Sephiroth look for a weapon. He tried virtually every single one in the shop, before settling for a short sword.

Yuffie flung her arms over their shoulders as they left the shop. It was nice to have friends, even if one was a future ex general and murderer, and the other was a future ex Turk.

As they went to the fields outside the town, Yuffie couldn’t help feeling a bit like Dorothy, travelling down the yellow brick road with 2 new friends, who were actually people she knew normally.


When they got back to the inn, Yuffie went and booked 2 rooms. As they went up to their rooms, the teenage girl made a phone call to Tifa, for advice. While out, Vincent had clearly reached his limit break, and was struggling to control his demons. She knew she was going to have to tell him about them, but really didn’t know how to do it.

Sephiroth had also made some comments about how he constantly had someone screaming in his ear to do what she said. That probably needed explaining as well.


“Hey, Teef … I need some help…”


Vincent was staring blankly at the wall. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Sephiroth knew he should say something. But the idea that the man had been experimented on, and given four demons to contend with was a shock to them both. Guilt was beginning to seep in as well; Yuffie had mentioned the one who probably did it was Professor Hojo, the man who was his father. However, she hadn’t been able to explain too much. Apparently the future Vincent wasn’t much of a talker either.

She had also had something to say to him too. Jenova… Sephiroth couldn’t help wondering if this was something in the shots his father gave him all the time. The idea was quite scary. He always told himself the man loved him, and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise his health, but this didn’t seem true anymore. He couldn’t quite believe that the man would do something that would make him lose his mind.

He put his head in his hands and tried very hard not to cry. He was one of the most feared colonels in Shin-Ra. He wouldn’t cry just because his father wasn’t perfect. He just wouldn’t.

He felt 2 strong arms warp around him. A chin rested on his shoulder, as Vincent pressed his face into Sephiroth’s neck. The silver haired man raised his head then turned and pulled the teenager close to him. He did have to remember he was older. Even if it was only just. He was meant to be more mature. However, that thought quickly left as he looked down at Vincent’s head.

As the guilt exploded, he felt half compelled to listen to the voice in his head. For a moment, he wanted to fight against everything that might ever cause them harm.

But when Vincent raised his crimson eyes to meet Sephiroth emerald ones, he realised he didn’t want to move. Then, Vincent removed all ideas of harming people with one simple, and pretty unusual sentence.

“I’ll ignore the voices in my head, as long as you ignore those which are in yours.”


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