Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 13

Vincent groaned softly. His head felt sore and the scent of disinfectant was a little overwhelming.

“Vincent? Are you awake?”

The young man squeezed his eyes shut. He didn’t want to wake up. That dream had been wonderful; haunting and terrifying, but wonderful. He’d been held secure in the arms of a man who truly understood him.

“Vincent?” A cool hand pressed to his forehead. Vincent heard his father let out a gentle sigh. “Thank goodness. I was really worried.”

Vincent lifted a heavy hand to rub his dry eyes. All his eyelashes were stuck together, and it was uncomfortable.

“Father… What…? How…? Eh?”

He didn’t understand what was happening, but Grimoire Valentine smiled down at his only son.

“You fainted… I mean blacked out.” Fainting wasn’t manly. “You have been here for nearly 4 hours. Your meeting will be about finished now. I’m sure you’ll be devastated to learn.”

Vincent lowered his eyes to the bedspread. He was in the medical bay. There was a desk in the corner, which was filled with files. His Dad must have brought his work down with him.

“I … collapsed?”

“In the corridor. We have no idea what happened.”

“I had an odd dream… but I can’t remember what it was.”

“Oh, Vincent.” His father pulled the teenager into a tight hug, as Vincent realised his eyes were no longer dry.

Vincent cried softly, for what he had lost, though he could not remember what it was. He cried for what he had found, even though his father had clearly been here all along. His tears were founded in a confusing mixture of emotions.

“Oh, is Vincent having a moment?” A brunette in a crisp, dark blue suit stood by the door, a smirk on her lips.

“Tamara?” Vincent smiled, but he didn’t moved. Things were starting to feel normal again.


It was so quiet. She was gone. Completely. It was nice to know.

It was quiet, but it was cold. He was lying face down in the snow. He rolled over, sat up and frowned.

Beside him lay 2 sets of clothing, bags and boots included, and a beautiful, but unconscious man. For a moment, he tried to remember. It felt strangely like he had been drunk the night before, except he was out doors, and his head was amazingly clear.

Sephiroth shifted, and began to tidy up the clothing. He figured it would get wet, lying on the snow like that. He remembered Sweep, their chocobo first. The worry he’d felt in the events leading up to that. Vincent’s eyes focusing on him, trusting. He looked over at the ex-Turk. It felt like a dream, almost. Except, he hadn’t awoken in bed. Though, he had. In the medical wing, in Shin-Ra HQ. He’d been alone, except for the nurse. She’s paged his father, who had then come up to see him.

He felt confusion swarm through the clarity he had been enjoying.

“It wasn’t a dream…” Sephiroth jumped. Vincent was slowly sitting up. “It makes sense now.”

“How?” Sephiroth couldn’t help it, the question slipped out.

“The mako. It pulled us out of our time. The lifestream must have corrected us. They are the same thing, after all. I remember waking up, having had an incredible dream, which I couldn’t remember. But it wasn’t a dream…”

“Do you…” Sephiroth ran his fingers through his long hair. He wasn’t sure how to ask this. His head told him to forget it, but another part of him couldn’t deny its importance.

Vincent leaned over and kissed him. Just a chaste kiss, but it answered Sephiroth perfectly.

“Do you think we can get our chocobo back? We look so different.” Vincent asked gently.

Sephiroth frowned slightly. “If we wore the right clothes, and cut our hair, maybe it would work…”

“I don’t think I’ll fit them any more. I didn’t have much in the way of muscles back then…”

“Same… maybe you could wear my clothes. And if we cut your hair, you would look the same.”

Vincent couldn’t help but grin. It felt a little immature, but it was like being a Turk again. Dressing up had always been fun. Though, he wasn’t too fond of a hair cut.


It was a cold morning in Bone Village. The diggers were having a rest. Their 2 new helpers worked much harder than everyone else. Seph with choppy, shoulder length silver hair. Vince with short back hair. They were both very pleasant. Their black chocobo was dead friendly and incredibly useful. They wrote a lot of letters, and quite often left to visit their friends in northern continent. If only they could be a little quieter on a night.


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