Droplets of time passed

BY : Dalie
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Chapter 3.

Vincent stirred, his head pounding. He instinctively curled against the warmth beside him. He could hear a door opening, and opened his eyes slightly.

Before him stood Tifa, and the nightmare of the previous day came flooding back. As he sat up, the colonel stirred. The brunette put a tray down and smiled at them both.

“Breakfast. And then later on, we’ll talk about… stuff.”

Sephiroth sat up and stretched. Vincent lay back down and buried his face in the pillow. The silver haired man grinned and lay down next to him.

“Hey? What do you think of this place?”

Vincent responded with a grumble, but Sephiroth didn’t even bother trying to work out what he said. He lay on his back and excitedly spoke away to Vincent. After a few minutes he turned back to his new friend.

“Sorry, I have just been talking off your ears! But most people don’t listen to me, so I don’t bother talking to them. It’s nice to tell someone stuff, and have them remember it later on… and I really do want to know what you think of this place.”

Vincent turned his head to look at Sephiroth and he smiled softly.

“ I hate it. I hate the idea of being in the air. Humans aren’t made to fly. I won’t take any form of air travel normally, and now I’m in a giant flying box.”

Sephiroth smiled, he could kind of understand. The idea of falling from these heights was terrifying. The 2 young men got up, dressed and showered (separately) before they went up to the bridge.

Once there, a large man came over and in a controlled voice, introduced himself as Barret. Once Sephiroth introduced himself and Vincent, the man went over to the other side and look their way again.

Tifa came up with a young woman, who instantly introduced herself as Yuffie.

The girl was from Wutai, and was incredibly friendly. Sephiroth noticed she even managed to make Vincent relax slightly. By the time Cloud came up, Yuffie and Sephiroth were quite happily chatting and Vincent was determinedly staring at a wall.

“Sephiroth? Vincent? Can I speak with you?” Cloud fidgeted nervously. He didn’t know how to tell them exactly what had happened. The 2 men came over, Yuffie trailed after them, but cloud sent her away again.

Once Yuffie had gone to sulk, he began to explain.

“Right… no easy way of telling you this, so I’ll just say it. It’s 1997, and there was an accident. It was in a mako cave but we can’t return there because it won’t support human weight. So… we haven’t a clue how to get you guys back to normal.”

Sephiroth stood there with his mouth wide open. 8 years? He’d missed 8 years?

It was unreal. He looked to his side, and noticed Vincent was a horrible colour.

He took a step forward, wrapped an arm around the man, as he was now swaying slightly on the spot and took him back to their room. Cloud let them go without saying anything.


Sephiroth sat Vincent down.

“You okay? Vincent?”

“ 38 years…” he gasped, now shaking. “I’m 38 years in the future… this is… this is… I think I’m going to be sick…”

He helped the man to the bathroom, and they sat on the floor, Vincent curled up in Sephiroth’s arms, tears falling down his face. Sephiroth was very quiet as well. He wanted to object loudly to being in the future as well, but it didn’t feel as bad now he knew he wasn’t as out of sync as Vincent.

“ I’m not 19… I’m 57… no, I’m still 19… right?”

“Umm… I don’t know. I’m going to stick with being 22. I don’t look 30. You definitely don’t look old either.”

Sephiroth smiled at the young man next to him.

“I’m older than you really, then.” Vincent gave the man a watery grin.

“No, physically, I’m older. So you have to listen to me.” He gave Vincent’s side a jab, making him yelp slightly. But Vincent chose to fight back, attacking the other’s sides mercilessly.

2 hours later, when Nanaki and Cait Sith returned to their room, to see how their new friends were, they found them asleep on the floor. Vincent was flopped on top of Sephiroth, their limbs out at odd angles, as though they had collapsed. However, the both were smiling. Nanaki went to tell Cloud they were fine, as Cait got a blanket, and some pillows, to make the more comfortable.


Short, I know. But hopefully, it’s all right. I know it seemed a bit odd for Vincent to be so upset, but if you think of the implications of being that far in the future. Nothing will be the same as it was before. 40 years is a lot of time for change. So yeah… please review and tell me what you thought. I really like it when you do = )

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