Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 11.

It had taken them over 2 days to get through the ‘crater’, which was actually a cave. The journey had not been a pleasant one. The path itself did not truly exist, and the fiends had adapted to the unstable surface.

‘Or perhaps’ Vincent though moodily ‘All the others have died. It is a little odd the vast majority of what we have come across can either fly, or burrow.’

He sighed. He missed the sun. He missed the grass, and the sky. Most of all, though, Vincent Valentine missed the fresh air. This musty, fetid smell was getting to him. It strongly reminded him of Shin’ Ra’s Mansion, in Nibelhiem.

He shuddered slightly. Nibelhiem had not been his favourite place to go. His boss, Tamara had sent him there last year. She had probably done so because he had just finished a very violent mission, and figured playing bodyguard would be easy. It probably would have been if the man hadn’t brought his 11-year-old brat of a child along.

Jack Shin-Ra… Vincent didn’t know anyone who got on his nerves more than that spoilt heir. He pitied the people in the future who would have to deal with him. As a turk, he’d probably be dead before Jack got to power.

Pressing two fingers to his forehead, he realised that Jack Shin-Ra was dead in this… reality. He couldn’t wait for some form of normality to return. His head was starting to hurt. Jack’s son, Rufus was now in control. He’d heard that the turks had more to do with his up bringing, so hopefully he was more bearable.

Vincent shifted slightly, he was on night watch. They were resting before going to fight Jenova. He was up with Yuffie who was drawing in the mud. His life seemed to go from one nightmare to another. But Vincent seriously hoped this was not one. There were certain bits that made it more than bearable.

His mind drifted back to when they started this whole thing; in that small cave, then straight onto that horrific flying machine. It seemed a lifetime ago, not just nearly a fortnight.

Though, coming on this particular journey, he and Sephiroth had been given a choice. Cid had come up to see them the morning they were leaving, told them where and when, and then left. About half an hour later, Tifa had knocked on their door. She’d told them that this wasn’t really their fight, so they didn’t have to come if they didn’t feel like it. Vincent and Sephiroth could be picked up at a later time, if they decided not to fight.

However, Vincent knew that Sephiroth would want to be there. It was his fight, really. Jenova was always there, tugging at his doubts and amplifying his fears. To sit out when she so frequently invaded his thoughts would go against his training as a soldier. Anything that bothered Sephiroth bothered Vincent, so he refused to sit out as well.

Therefore, they had met Cid, and AVALANCHE, entered the cave and stuck with the group, albeit at the back. Yuffie and Tifa had joined them after a few hours. Together, they fought fiends, though there were many. The four remained together when they reached a split in the road.

There was a strange noise behind him, and Vincent twisted around, but it was a tiny bug fiend trying to eat another little bug. He shifted back to his comfortable position. Staring blankly at the cavern walls. He could remember Yuffie calling it creepy, how their shadows distorted to become almost impossible to recognise. Tifa thought it was fascinating, the idea that these caverns could go on for miles and miles and miles. That it was a whole other world under the surface. Vincent found it beautiful. The cave ceiling had moisture on it, ground water from the rain above. A section of the water cycle that one did not often see. Though, he agreed strongly with Sephiroth. It was odd that it was so cold down here. The geothermal energy should have seriously heated it, considering how far down they were.

He’d remembered Barret had come from a mining town, and so had enquired as to the heat in their mines; Hotter than in here, apparently. Yet, here they were further down. It was unnerving. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked up. Tifa gave him a soft smile and indicated for him to lie down. He moved, lay his head down on his bag and dozed off almost immediately.

The next day, as they were preparing to fight, checking their materia and armour, they could hear a mass of fiends stirring.

“Jenova is waking many fiends that have slept for almost 2 millennia.” A warm breath touched his ear. “Apparently they were forced in here by the Cetra and sealed away.”

Vincent turned to face him. “Really? They must be angry.” He stepped closer to the other man. “Why, though?”

Sephiroth pulled Vincent into his arms, sparing a brief glance at the rest of the group. No one was paying much attention to them. He rested his head on the other’s and shut his eyes. Jenova was screaming in his head.

“They were unlucky, really. Jenova’s body was here, so they sealed it away. These fiends merely got caught in the wrong place and the wrong time.”

“Jenova? But I thought Cloud said that scientist found her body near that Cetran Capital?”

“Umm, bits of her... really. It wasn’t so much Jenova, as essence of Jenova. If that makes any sense. Her solid, physical body was sealed, but her being entered organisms in the mud around her, and they merged. As she absorbs more stuff, she grows. I can see what happened… sort of… but I don’t really know how to explain it.”

Sephiroth grimaced. It was a little bit weird. But Vincent didn’t say anything, simply pressed his face into his neck. He could see the others were mostly ready now, so he pulled back, pressed a chaste kiss to the young man’s lips and grasped his hand. They walked over to the others.

It was decided that Cloud, Nanaki and Cid would go first. Vincent, Barret and Yuffie would give them as best cover as they could. Then Tifa, Vincent and Sephiroth would follow. When they near the bottom, Cait Sith, Barret and Yuffie would get moving.

Cloud then chose to give a less than inspiring speech, which Cid quickly corrected. The first group quickly left. Vincent, Barret and Yuffie were already killing fiends. This was not difficult. The ground was not even remotely smooth. One hit and they fell of the edge. Some fell off when the fiend beside them got shot. Vincent was breathtaking. His body firm, his arms raised, the 19-year-old was truly beautiful. His eyes were totally focussed on the scene in front of them.

Sephiroth twitched. He really wanted to hold him. He could nearly feel the image burning in his mind. Then the young man lowered his weapon, and turned to Sephiroth. A ghost of a smile flitted over his lips when he saw the silver haired man’s face.

Tifa stepped forward. Vincent and Sephiroth followed. The fiends that rushed to great them were quickly shot down. Occasionally, Vincent would raise his gun and take a few shots. Soon, Vincent had his gun out constantly. The others had clearly set off. At the bottom, he could see the others fighting an iron giant. Vincent had received a scrape from a small fiend. He’d been shooting as it had jumped down onto him. Thankfully, he was mostly all right. At the bottom, they all gathered. Yuffie had a few scratches; she’d fallen over dodging a fiend that had jumped at her from behind. Nanaki also had been mildly hurt. Over all though, they were fine.

Sephiroth grinned. Vincent’s plan to shoot away the majority of the fiends at the top had been a moment of genius. His heart swelled slightly, and he slipped his hand around Vincent’s, who smiled softly at him.

“I can feel Chaos tugging.” He whispered. “But I don’t think my limit is high enough yet. Are you all right? She is still hurting, isn’t she?”

Sephiroth felt his heart swell; his love for this young man filled him. It momentarily managed to silence Jenova.

“I’ll manage.” He whispered.

And then they began to move. They jumped onto a very large rock, and watched as the alien witch rose. Tifa, Sephiroth and Vincent quickly moved slightly further back. Their earlier training seriously helped. Tifa stood behind Vincent as he shot, Sephiroth ran forward and attacked. The woman cast magic on the others, healing and aided where she could. Then Sephiroth returned and she ran forward, their roles reversed.

Cloud, Cid and Nanaki had already got a tentacle off. Barret, Cait and Yuffie were working on one as well.

Then, there was a problem. With the tentacle that Barret’s small group were attacking, Jenova swiped in front of her. Cloud and his group were out of range, as were Cait, Barret and Yuffie. Tifa was next to Jenova. She flew a short distance, her ribs cracking loudly as she got hit. However, Vincent and Sephiroth got the brunt of it. The middle of her tentacle threw them across the cave, and they both disappeared down, off the edge.


Yuffie watched her friends fall. Then, they too were falling. Or rather, floating. Nanaki had finished off, with Tifa, Jenova. She looked around. Nothing was happening.

Then, she saw a white light. Aerith. Holy. Her mind filled with many thoughts, amongst them, she felt her deep concern for the 2 friends alleviate. They would be fine. A turk, and one of the best SOLDIER had ever had.

Then, they were falling. She hit the hard rock with a yelp. Glancing up, she saw Cloud grab Tifa and leap for the rock. Behind her, Barret asked where Vincent and Sephiroth were. With a hard breath caught in her throat, Yuffie couldn’t reply. Cid simply pointed out they had themselves to worry about at the minute.

As the caverns crumbled, she could see the Highwind hovering. She sighed and struggled to her feet. Time to escape.


Sephiroth struggled up. Beside him, Vincent stirred. They could feel Holy pulsing. He wrapped his arms around the battered raven head. He looked down and kissed Vincent almost desperately on his lips. The man responded. Shifting closer and running his tongue over Sephiroth’s lips. He parted his mouth and began to explore the other’s. Vincent moaned gently then jumped. A rock had landed just beside him.

“I love you, Vincent.” Sephiroth whispered. “And I have no idea what is going to happen after this, but I don’t want to stay here. Let’s go.”


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