Droplets of time passed

BY : Dalie
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Chapter 12.

The air was cold, and the wind was biting. That was all Sephiroth could think as he stepped out into the cold dawn. The 2 men had hurried for nearly an hour, scrambling and climbing to find a way out of the crumbling caves, thankfully unbothered by escaping fiends.

He shivered. It was freezing. Inside the crater, they had removed their jackets. Sephiroth still had his, but Vincent’s had been lost. The 19-year-old wore only a t-shirt. Although it was quite thick, and had been enough in the heat of battle, with adrenaline rushing through their veins, they were now stood facing icy wasteland.

Vincent didn’t seem to notice. He was turned away from Sephiroth, staring blankly across the frozen land they needed to cross, seeing nothing.

The colonel frowned. ‘I can handle the cold,’ he thought, stubbornly, ‘but Vincent..’

“What do you think will happen now?” Vincent’s soft voice was hard to hear over the howling wind. “Do you think we can go back?”

Sephiroth slowly looked up. He stared at the back of Vincent’s head.

“You want to go back?”

“I don’t belong here.” Vincent turned around tears streaming down his face. “I miss my father, and my friends, and my half sister. And, if I stay here, I won’t see them again. I’ll lose everything. It’ll be as though they have all died at once… I can’t make sense of this place. The technology is… too strange… I want to talk to my Dad. He’s so logical. ‘Cos, if I go back with the information I now know, I can maybe make a difference. Staying may be selfish, as I love you. I suppose leaving is too, but I don’t belong here. We can never get jobs here. I do not look 57. I don’t think you could pass as 30 either.”

He sighed, and wiped at his eyes, though his tears were still falling. Sephiroth walked over and tightly held him. How could he complain when he so badly wanted to see his own father, and Zack, and his few friends? He was a colonel in SOLDIER. He wasn’t afraid of the unknown as such. But facing it alone did make him a little tense.

“I wonder if they stopped meteor.”

Vincent’s voice was again, so small it was difficult to hear.

“We saw Holy! I’m sure the planet will be fine. Especially now that Jenova is gone too.”

He felt Vincent grin into his neck

“Is she gone for you too?”

Sephiroth held still, concentrating. He quickly decided that in his 22 years, he had never truly appreciated silence. The large grin pulling at his lips couldn’t be suppressed. Vincent stepped back and smiled softly.

“Good, now get your jacket on. We have quite a way to go to get to our chocobo.” He gave the man a quick, chaste kiss.

Sephiroth had his jacket zipped up when he stopped and frowned. He looked at Vincent, contemplatively.

“Are you not cold?”

“Not really. Chaos says that even without reaching my limit break, he makes a difference in my body. I can feel it’s cold, but I’m alright.”


“And I haven’t broken any bones, even though I’ve been thrown about quite a bit.” He continued, as he began to walk. “I have brittle bones. I used to break them all the time when I was little. I often just read books instead.” He grinned.

“And watched a lot of TV?”

“Never had a TV.” He was walking at a decent speed now, and completely ignored Sephiroth’s gaping. “ I sometimes took the gun my Dad kept hidden in the top draw of his desk and practised shooting. He was furious with me when he found out.” Vincent’s grin widened.

Sephiroth laughed slightly, not entirely sure why Vincent found breaking his bones and angering his father so amusing.

“It’s not so bad now. Though, I do still bruise easily. Well… not right now. Apparently Chaos stopped that too. I always got stuck on stealth missions, or playing bodyguard.”

They laughed, and carried on exchanging anecdotes as they hurried along, though they quickly slipped into silence.

Vincent thought about his family, his sick stepmother, his hopeless, but lovable father, and Lulu, his sweet but frustratingly stubborn half sister. His mother had died when he was 7, but he was glad his Father had remarried. It gave him someone else to worry over. He wanted to be with them though. He wanted to see how the 3-year-old would grow. He wanted to talk to his father many more times, and to help Elle in different things. They were his family, and he was totally attached to them.

Sephiroth thought about Vincent as a child. Trying to imagine the beautiful man in a different time, with no TV.


Nearly 90 minutes later, there was a flash, and the snow seemed to glow and eerie green colour. Vincent could feel his ears popping. He swallowed hard and turned.

‘Lifestream.’ Murmured Chaos.

“Lifestream.” Echoed Vincent, aloud.

He looked into Sephiroth’s confused eyes, before the spirit of the lifestream pulsed through him and he fell to the ground.

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