Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 10.

The room was filled with gentle breathing. Two green eyes sparked as they gazed at pale face of the young man.

The 22-year-old colonel sighed softly. His mind was filled with the activities they would be doing later on. Starting with feeding their chocobo, and giving enough feed to handler to look after him till they got back. They would also be training some more.

He pressed a kiss to Vincent’s cheek before getting up and showering. There was a strong voice in his mind now. She was pressing herself against his mental barriers; wearing them down. He realised now, that using her power the day before had been a mistake. Although it allowed them to locate Vincent quicker, she had now got a foot in, as it were. This Jenova was now aware of his strengths, his weaknesses. All morning, he’d listened to her trying to explain why he should help her.

However, his conscience was louder. He did want to be with Vincent. He did want to run away, to leave Cloud, and Tifa, and Yuffie. He wanted to remain with Vincent. But he knew he couldn’t. He missed his friends, his family. The young colonel was fairly certain Vincent missed his too. And then there were the people they were meant to be now. Those with all the experiences that had occurred during the 8-year gap. It felt unfair for them to be here, out of sync with time. Where were the other versions of them? Were they merely in the back of their minds? Were they in the past, reliving old times? Or did they simply cease to exist? This alien woman promised him answers.

Sephiroth wrapped a towel around his waist and began to dry his hair. He was also curious as to how well he could trust their companions. Yuffie had not explained things very well, and everyone was very uncomfortable around them. True, he was apparently going to become a murderer, who was bent on world destruction. However, he didn’t want to believe it. It was possible something else was going on.

The young man pulled on clean clothes, before coming to a decision. He’d have a look, but only a brief one. He’d just clear these doubts he was having and get out.

He lay down on the other bed, away from Vincent, who hadn’t moved. Sephiroth shut his eyes and focussed on Jenova, commanding her to answer his questions. He felt the shock from her, at the force of his demand.

He sighed and opened his eyes. Maybe there was an easier way of doing this. Sephiroth then frowned… At least, he mentally frowned. His features didn’t follow suit. Instead, he was getting up, not from a bed but a chair. Zack was beside him, and they were chatting away.

Apparently, he’d gotten his wish. He wasn’t sure where he was though.

“Sorry, Cloud. I’ve no idea where the general is.”

“But the President wants to speak with him… The lieutenant colonel keeps asking everyone. He’s getting kind of annoyed.”

“And we wouldn’t want him pissed. Come on, let’s ask some of the civilians.”

Sephiroth mentally frowned again. This was Cloud? The logical explanation would be he was in a different time period… if there was a logical explanation for all this. Zack looked older though, but only slightly. It was probably about 5 years ahead. He felt himself asking about his own whereabouts. A teenage Tifa was talking to them now, about Shinra mansion. He realised they must be in the little town of Nibelhiem.

In the basement, he watched himself rambling on about his mother, monsters, and a lot of nonsense. He was desperately curious now. Jenova then pulled him back, and claimed that she was his mother. This clearly didn’t have the impact she wanted, as he had to stop himself laughing. He often wondered who his mother was, and if he had reached a rather hysterical point over it, as once in the past he had (Rather embarrassingly) he may have believed her. However, he knew that she was who they were going to fight tomorrow. He realised that he did trust AVALANCHE, at least to a certain extent. He believed they were honest about Jenova, and then he grinned. Jenova had actually given him some answers. Though they were not the ones she wanted him to have, and he felt very relieved.


Vincent let out a shaky breath. Sephiroth was acting very strange. In fact, he was acting incredibly strange. The man was holding his short sword in his hands, and trying to stab him. Vincent’s hands were curled around his wrists. The man had an oddly blank look in his eyes though.

The dark haired man took a deep breath; the last dregs of sleep were drying up. Vincent quickly swiped his legs, and got the man on his stomach. The sword clattered to the ground as Vincent got Sephiroth in a tight lock.

This was definitely not the way to wake up on a morning. But he was awake now, and there was no way someone who was merely in the army could beat him. Not in hand to hand.

For a while, he kept the man tight. But after a while, he heard him whimpering. Vincent couldn’t resist looking at his face. He flipped the colonel over, carefully placing his legs, so the other couldn’t use his own as leverage.

Sephiroth was pulling a face, as though he were in great pain. Vincent called out to him, as a sinking feeling filled him. This must have been from Jenova. He wasn’t too sure what it was she could do, but she obviously had a certain power over Sephiroth.

Fortunately, the colonel was responding to his name. He looked around and frowned, before spurting out apologies. Though, these were quickly followed by questions. Vincent softly explained what had happened, and Sephiroth looked horribly guilty and gave a very sincere apology.

Sephiroth leaned down, and placed a kiss on the other’s lips. Vincent sighed in relief, and wrapped his arms around the colonel’s neck. He whispered into his ear, that worrying over things out of their control was pointless, then and proceeded to kiss him firmly.

Sephiroth smirked. He slipped his hands down the man’s back.

It wouldn’t matter if they were late for training. They were, after all, the highest in their fields, and there were more pressing matters that had Sephiroth’s attention.


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