Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 2.

A contented sigh drifted across the bridge. Cid was leaning against the wheel, the usual pilot stood nearby.

The airship was floating just above a rather unstable, very small island. A rope ladder hung from its deck, to a small outcrop where Cloud, Tifa and Vincent had disappeared some time ago.

As the sun sunk below the horizon, Cait Sith let out a cry. He was by the window, and could see the place shaking, bits of rock falling into the sea below. Cid straightened up as concern flooded into his mind. He handed the wheel back to the pilot as he quickly hurried over to look out, cursing under his breath.

Yuffie stormed in, airsickness momentarily forgotten while their friends were in danger. She pressed her face against the glass, trying to look for them.

It seemed like much longer than it was till they saw a small figure appear. He squinted out at it, and decided it was probably Tifa. A few moments later, his phone was ringing.

Unable to remove his gaze from the rocky island, Cid pressed 'accept' and placed the phone against his ear.


There was a crackling noise, before he heard Tifa’s voice on the other end.

“Hey, Cid? We haven’t actually managed to get any samples of the mako, I’m afraid.”

He smirked. “That’s alright Teef. Just so long as you guys are fine.”

“Umm… yeah. We’re … alive… Umm, just so you know. There has been an accident. You see, we ran into Sephiroth and … don’t interrupt … and he was attacking Vincent when there was a bit of an earthquake.”

Cid couldn’t help but feel nervous. He took a deep breath, looked at Yuffie, who was now staring curiously at him and then he turned around.

“An accident?” He replied, keeping his voice down.

“Yeah, well, to cut it short. Vincent and Sephiroth are now much younger than they were? Not like, babies or anything, but I’d guess about my age. I don’t … really going on, but they seem all right, just very confused.”

“ You gonna bring them on board then?” He asked, still being quiet. “Just cos, I don’t like the idea of you and Cloud staying down there.”

“ You don’t mind if….” The static was getting worse, Cid pulled the phone away from his ear, and realised he was nearly out of battery. He went back to listening to Tifa.

“I don’t think they’ll … problem. But, can you keep everyone on bridge? Don’t want…. Crowding them.”

“Not a problem Teef, you get them up here.”

He hung up and turned around. Yuffie was still staring, and Cait Sith was as well. He reassured them that everyone was alive, and sent the young woman from navigation to find Barret and Nanaki quickly.

Cid sat down in her vacated seat and took deep breaths. This seemed almost unreal.


“We’re going up there?” Vincent was speaking softly to Sephiroth. It was evident from the look on his face that the last place he wanted to go was a large metal ship that flew through the air.

“Well, yeah. I never realised that they were this developed, but I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.” Sephiroth grinned at him. “Come on…”

Tifa and Cloud were all ready half way up the ladder. Vincent placed his foot on a rung, before turning back to the soldier.

“Perfectly safe?”


Vincent slowly began to climb. Below, Sephiroth grinned and followed him. He couldn’t believe his luck. Not only was he now missing a very boring meeting with the heads of the departments to decide if he should be demoted for taking unnecessary risks, he was getting to go in an airship. It was a shame Vincent didn’t share his enthusiasm. He’d not met many young Turks. Actually, he’d not met any, just seen them, looking very smart, but tense. This young man actually seemed very pleasant. He did hope they wouldn’t get split up.

When Tifa reached the top, she turned to Cloud. They had agreed it was best to take the 2 young men to Vincent’s room. He shared it with Nanaki and Cait Sith, and they were both very rational. Hopefully, Sephiroth and Vincent would not be too uncomfortable with them.

Now at the top, the 2 stood with the arms folded, perfectly silent. The adorned very different expressions though. Vincent was clearly hiding his discomfort, though a frown still marred his face. Sephiroth couldn’t keep a smile off his. Tifa grinned at him. His whole posture looked like a kid who had been picked to go somewhere, but was trying to appear calm.

Cloud began to explain who everyone was to them, as he led them down the stairs, to the dorms. He showed them where they would be staying, and explained that there was only one spare bed, but he would find blankets and pillows and other soft things for whoever got stuck on the floor.

With that all said, Tifa and Cloud turned and made their way towards the bridge. Behind them, Vincent and Sephiroth settled down.


Nanaki was curled up next to the door; he was waiting for Cloud, Vincent and Tifa to return. He was not as comfortable as he could be, there was a different scent on board, and he didn’t quite recognise it.

He could hear Cloud and Tifa just outside the door, so he went to speak with them.


“Oh!” Tifa jumped. “I didn’t notice you. Look, we have something to tell you…”

Nanaki felt cold as he listened to her. This seemed like a cruel trick of fate. However, they were lucky in a way that they were taken back to a part of their past where they would be willing to listen, and not fight everything. Which was evident by the fact that they had followed Tifa and Cloud quietly.

Promising to be nice, Nanaki went along to his room. He froze at what he saw. Sephiroth’s clothing looked like Cloud’s, minus the boots, which were in the corner and he didn’t have any armour on.

Vincent simply wore blue trousers and a white shirt. Beside Sephiroth’s boots, he could see Vincent’s shoes, jacket, tie and a holster, with a gun in it.

The two were lay side by side on Vincent’s bed, fast asleep. His worries left as he noticed the relaxed look on Sephiroth’s face, who opened his eyes slightly, smiled at him, he carefully turned over.

Elsewhere, Nanaki could hear Barret shouting. He guessed they had told everyone now.


That’s another one done. I realise it wasn’t very interesting, but I was trying to get everyone to the same point in their knowledge. Next chapter will have more of Vincent and Sephy, so please review.

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