Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 5.

Vincent was still sat, staring at the floor, his arms firmly around Sephiroth. He knew the man was crying slightly. However, it did not surprise him. He would be devastated if his father turned out to be someone he didn’t at all know.

Unfortunately, he was feeling rather awkward, trying to comfort him. He shifted in the man’s arms, pulling his arms from around him, and then settling down against his chest.

“What’s Shin-Ra like in your time?” Vincent desperately wanted to get back to some form of normality. He could feel Sephiroth taking deep breaths.

“Strict. I guess… I do like it though. I have got friends in there, like Zack. He’s really weird, but he cheers me up. It can be hard to differentiate between my personal life and work sometimes, as I live in the dorms. Did you guys have dorms?”

“When I was in SOLDIER? Yes.” Vincent frowned slightly. “They weren’t very good though. I was the youngest one in them. My father made me joined when I was 12, and the next youngest was 14. It wasn’t fun, plus the rules about what happened in the dorms were very lax. So, I didn’t get much sleep. Still, at least I only got 3 other people in mine.”

“4 in a dorm? That’s cos you will have been a lower rank. I get my own.”

“I got my own when the Turks selected me, when I got to 14. I had to go into training, so I was separated. Then when I was 16, I became a proper Turk.”

Vincent grinned, he was feeling much better. Looking up, he could see Sephiroth had cheered up too.

“ I wish I knew how my friends are… and I miss my dad. We usually go out for a meal, or play board games, or watch a film on a Monday. But here I am, with you instead.”

Vincent smiled, sleepily.

“Mondays I spend by myself. Same as Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Thursdays I go out with my sister’s, as they don’t seem to think I can feed myself. Fridays, I go out drinking with my friends. And I do very little at weekends. And I see my father at work. We have lunch, if we’re free at the same time and he doesn’t forget.”

Sephiroth laughed.

“My dad is very forgetful. He has lists of stuff he needs to remember everywhere!”

“Must be a scientist thing.” Vincent grinned. He still couldn’t quite believe the weedy little guy he found wandering around lost just a week ago became such an important guy, or that the same man was the father of a very confident Sephiroth. You never could guess the future.

“Your Dad is a scientist? That’s weird. What work did he do?” Sephiroth laid his head against Vincent’s. He was only slightly curious, but he really liked to hear Vincent’s voice. Especially as he didn’t really talk when there were other people around.

“Umm… I’m not too sure. Something to do with the lifestream. He said that a few weeks before my sister and me were born; he found a really interesting document in the older section of the Shin-Ra library and records. I can’t quite remember who it was by, one of Shin-Ra’s ancestors, and it’s all about this idea that there is an energy stored up somewhere in the planet. And eventually it will escape, or something. I can’t really think right now.”

Sephiroth was now thinking. That idea sounded very much like what was going on now, with the proposition to extract the Planet’s lifestream to power Midgar. He wanted to tell Vincent, but figured he shouldn’t tell him more than he had to about the future, as they had no idea whether or not they would remember this when the mistake was corrected.

Sephiroth hoped he would. He didn’t want to forget Vincent. Nor Yuffie and Tifa.

“Do you think we’ll remember this?” He wanted to know.

However, Sephiroth’s only reply was soft, even breathing. Vincent had fallen asleep. He carefully slipped out from under the man, and slowly moved him to get him under the blankets. Sephiroth went to clean his teeth and get ready to sleep.

As he wandered into the inn room’s small bathroom, he smiled, realising that there was another 6 days left before they would be going to Northern Crater. They had to get some training in, so they were easily better than Cloud, Cid and Tifa. Not that he was competitive.


There, all done. I know they didn’t do much, and I know it's short, but I hope it wasn’t too boring! Again, please review. I do appreciate it.

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