Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 7

“…So, then my Dad was like ‘grr! How dare you!’ and he threw them out! He then tried to get back to work, but I think having his 8 year old son jumping around telling him how cool he was didn’t help.”

Sephiroth paused his anecdote. He smirked, and stabbed a bit at his salad.

“I always thought he was cool, though he didn’t much like it, I don’t think. But now, I can’t help thinking that a scientist isn’t the coolest thing ever. At least, not the type he was. Maybe if he actually went places, you know, exploring! But he was happy to sit there with his books and stuff. No wonder I never got a step mum!”

Vincent was sat beside Sephiroth. They were in the inn’s restaurant, having a late lunch. Though the 2 men had been fighting fiends most the morning (With Yuffie, who had now gone to hang out with Nanaki) Vincent’s leg had begun to ache a little, so they decided to stop. They were stronger than nearly everyone else anyway.

Sephiroth was telling Vincent all about his past; about his life, his father, how weird his father had been recently, and anything else that came to mind.

Vincent leaned back over the chair, clicking his back loudly. It was a warm day, when out of the wind, and there were a quite a few people wandering about. He was perfectly happy to sit and listen to Sephiroth’s soft voice, as he spoke about people Vincent occasionally recognised. The older man didn’t necessarily give quite the details about people Vincent wanted, but he didn’t say anything, as he didn’t want Sephiroth get paranoid about telling him the future again.

“My father likes to explore.”

“Huh?” Vincent had interrupted Sephiroth half way through another story.

“You said you wanted your Dad to do more exploring. That’s what my father does. I only ever got to join him a few times, when I was little. He always has a Turk with him, even though he can defend himself. Still, Tamara won’t let me go with him. But I think she just doesn’t want me to go and be dead comfortable in case I relax and don’t keep a proper look out.”

“That’s so cool!”

Vincent grinned, no one had ever called his father cool before.

“ I guess you could see it as that. He met Elle when out on one of those trips, my step mum. My real mum died when Katie and me were 8. We have 2 younger sisters too. Then father married Elle, and I’ve got another younger sister, and she’s pregnant again. I really want a brother this time…”

“That is cool! He was an exploring guy, like I wanted my Dad to be, and got a wife. I want my dad to find someone else! I don’t know anything about my mum, he never talks about her.”

Vincent smiled, and nodded. He pushed his plate away, and they stood up. Sephiroth was pressing a button for the lift, when he caught up, having stopped to thank the waiter.

Sephiroth checked his watch. It was now late, nearly 4 o clock. He wanted to have a sleep before doing anything. They’d gotten up early because the wind had been so loud that Vincent couldn’t sleep through it, and refused to get up alone.


There was a buzzing noise. It was annoying and consistent. Sephiroth buried his face into his pillow and tried to ignore it. It stopped.

Just as he was dozing off again, it started. He realised it was the phone Yuffie had given them, and his hand scrambled around for it.

“Hello?” his voice was pretty groggy.

“Yo! It’s Cid. We’re going for a drink in about an hour. The Frozen Blades, that pub not too far from the ski slopes. You gonna be there?”

“Wha-? Oh, sure.”

“Bring Vincent too. Sure he likes to drink.”

Then Cid hung up. Sephiroth dropped his face back into his pillow, still not too willing to get up. Slowly, he hauled himself out. He grabbed a towel and some clean clothes, and went for a shower.


Vincent sat and stared blankly at the table. He was still tired, having been up most the night. Beside him, Sephiroth was in a drinking competition with Barret and Cid. Cloud wasn’t joining in, as he apparently couldn’t keep much alcohol down. (Yuffie had happily told him so.)

Sephiroth had recently been taking up all his thoughts. Just having the man close made him breathe faster. He knew this was weird, but he knew why it was happening. He knew that he was supposed to be unaware of the idea of men loving each other, or even taking an interest. But he had seen it in many different places, though they were usually in the lower places that he had to visit to get information. He couldn’t deny he was attracted to men, and in particular Sephiroth. But his father would kill him, as would his sisters. He didn’t want to be so attracted to someone who he couldn’t be with. It wasn’t nice. When Cloud and the others figured out how to send them back, he’d not see Sephiroth anymore. Or if he would, he’d be old. Too old. 27 years too old.

He drank deeply, as he desperately wished he knew what to do.

Over an hour later, it was becoming obvious that they’d have to head back soon. Sephiroth had only lost to Barret. Cid was now sleeping off the alcohol he’d drank, and Sephiroth would need to do the same.

The main problem with this idea was it was a good 5-minute walk back to the inn, and Vincent was pretty drunk as well.

They wandered out, and made their way down the icy street. Sephiroth wasn’t too bad, having already been sick in the toilets. But Vincent was hungry. He vaguely wondered if there was food anywhere; then remembered he had some in his bag, in their room.

When they got back, Sephiroth smiled. He’d sobered up quite a bit, as the walk had taken longer than 5 minutes, and the cold air had really helped.

“Thanks for the help.”

Vincent smiled at him and nodded his head. Sephiroth pulled him close.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you…”

And he kissed Vincent, who froze up, then melted against him.

Sephiroth slipped his cold hands over Vincent’s back. The silver haired man was more than slightly happy to be doing so. He moved one hand to the front, and began to unfasten the buttons on the younger man’s shirt.

Vincent had his hands under Sephiroth white tee shirt. He kissed the man as hard as he could, enjoying the taste of his mouth. Underneath his fingers, he could feel the firm muscles. He jumped slightly, when his shirt came off completely, and Sephiroth moved his kisses to his neck.

Vincent moaned gently, and wrapped his arms around the other. His legs beginning to give way. The silver haired man noticed this problem, and carried him over to his bed.


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