Droplets of time passed

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Chapter 8.

Vincent yawned, and stretched. He then snuggled back up in the blankets. If there was one thing he liked, it was not having to get up for work at ridiculous hours in the morning. He knew he would have to get up at some point to feed Sweep, their beautiful black chocobo. However, the idea of another 5 minutes was almost too tempting.

Vincent lay there, listening to Sephiroth wandering around in the bathroom. Then realised, if he got up and showered now, there would be no hot water: a perfect reason to have another little sleep.


The 19 year old stirred. He could hear the snow pelting the windows, and the wind was howling through the trees. The curtains were open, though the dull day didn’t let too much light fill the room. By the window, a newspaper spread out over his knees, sat Sephiroth.

Vincent moved, shuffling to the edge of his bed. He noticed a clean, folded towel over the end of it, and grinned. He stood up, and wrapped it around his body. It was time for a shower. Thankfully, Sephiroth had tidied their clothes up, and his were now in a pile beside his bed.

Vincent grabbed his wash bag and went to the little room to sort himself out.


Sephiroth smiled. He was interpreting the news, when Vincent had gone for a shower. The man was just too cute, though he knew people high up in the ranks didn’t like to be phrased as such. However, he had been sat there, his hair flicking out at odd angles with an adorable expression on his face.

Sephiroth resisted his urge to hug him endlessly. He wasn’t too sure how to act. Though he knew that getting other breakfast, as he’d slept straight though it was probably a good thing. The headache tablets and hot tea to help the hangover were a nice thought too. Though it was a shame Sephiroth had just finished all the coffee, Vincent might not like it, but the colonel sure did.

He’d bought some greens for Vincent, who was very fond of their chocobo. He leaned back in the musty old chair and sighed. He really hoped Vincent wouldn’t be too upset with him.


When Vincent came out, he saw a rather large pile of toast on the table, along with a pot of tea and come chocobo greens. But Sephiroth was absent. The man had scribbled a note, saying Tifa had called. Once he’d finished eating and feeding Sweep, he was to come to the pub. They were meeting up to get some training done.

Taking a deep breath, Vincent sat down and poured some tea. He shoved toast down his throat and gulped the tablets. When he could eat no more, he dressed very warmly, grabbed his weapons and left.

Sweep was bouncing around the stable. He was very sweet, with large eyes and soft feathers. He pushed his beak into Vincent’s shoulder when he came over. The young man laughed happily, and pulled out the first green. He fed little bits at a time to it, as the old man had instructed. He then found a couple of nuts in his pocket, and fed Sweep them. He played with him, rubbing the bird’s fluffy feathers and pretending to wriggle when Sweep picked him up with his beak.

After a while, Vincent remembered about the note, and rubbed his bird’s nose. He said goodbye to it, and ran off.

Through the thickly falling snow, he could see Tifa and Sephiroth waiting for him. He hurried over.

“There you are!” Laughed Tifa, “I was beginning to think something had eaten you!”

He grinned and apologised. She quickly explained that Cloud and the others were already at the plains. They were in groups. Nanaki, Cloud and Cid formed the main melee group. There would fight in front, but depend heavily on the back group for healing and support. This was made up of Yuffie, Barret and Cait Sith. They would stand considerably further away, and use magic and potions. Of course, they had weapons for if there was no support needed. Tifa, Vincent and Sephiroth were more of a sneak group. While the others held a fiend’s (mainly planned for Jenova’s) attention, this group would find a weak point and hit it. This would be found with scanning materia, pot shots from Vincent, slashes from Sephiroth and hits from Tifa. With different materia attached, they could check for its weaknesses, both elementally and physically.

Overall, it was a good plan. However, this group work would need a lot of time and effort to get it right. Which was why they were in a field, with lots of enemy lure materia attached.


That evening, Vincent and Sephiroth collapsed in their room. That had been exhausting. Sephiroth couldn’t help feeling sorry for the 2 stuck in Yuffie’s group, as much as he liked her, that girl could shout.

He looked over at Vincent, who lay beside him, and took the man’s hand. Vincent grinned and rolled over, so he was pressed against the colonel’s chest. Sephiroth shifted so he was completely on his bed, and then pulled Vincent up next to him.

Sephiroth kissed the man’s lips, and settled down to sleep.


There. Hope you liked it. Written because I don’t like snow, so I’m not going out today XP

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