The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus 10

Reno had been drifting back to sleep when a savage roar from the other room jerked him out of the bed. He snatched up his E.M.R. and his gun and ran for the door as there was a loud thump from the living area and he distinctly heard Yuffie scream. The redhead stopped when he reached the door. He had not survived as a Turk for so long by being careless. Cracking it open, and peeking through, Reno immediately had to revamp his assessment as to what was happening out there. Chaos had Ice up against the wall, and he was…..Oh CRAP! The Turk did not want to die, but by the Gods if he was going to stand by and watch while…..The man did not finish the thought, he screwed up his courage and prepared to KICK some demon ass.
Just before he slammed the door open, the dark winged form stilled. Reno came to the almost belated realization that Ice had made no move to protest her position. As a matter of fact, the female shifted her weight in a way that could only be viewed as a provocative motion. Reno's legs suddenly felt weak as he realized that he had almost barreled out and ATTACKED Vincent's most powerful demon while the ancient being was getting some rare, very rough, but evidently consensual sex. SHIT! The man slowly closed the door and slid down it as his legs betrayed him and gave out. Then….just because he WAS Reno, he cracked it back open to watch. Who knows, maybe he could pick up a new trick or two.
With his lips just barely touching the soft velvety fur along the side of Ice's straight nose, Chaos transferred the attention of his mouth off of the female's closed eyes. This was done a little reluctantly, as true to his nature the demon had found her tears to be a rare and tasty treat. He let himself linger a moment, mouth softly brushing and tongue lightly licking her upper lip before he shifted to travel along her jaw line until his lips found that soft sensitive spot just under her ear. The demon nipped at it gently, then flicked the same spot with a strong, warm tongue. Ice's pale blue eyes flew open, as she sucked in a surprised breath. Chaos couldn't help but to chuckle at the total bewilderment he could see there. She must have felt the vibration against the thin shell like edge of her ear because he could feel the delicate pointed thing twitch against his mouth as she shifted her hips. The deep chuckle turned to a soft growl as the female’s inner walls pressed around his hardness, sliding in a delicious way along that ultra sensitive skin. He would have to rectify that if he expected to last any time at all, the dark one had not been lying to the Galian beast about it having been a VERY long time. Chaos was going to need all of the help the beast demon could give if he was going to bring his lover to satisfaction before slaking his own needs. For that matter…he wasn't sure if…..?
"Um…I am pretty sure that Ice is close enough to her human form to react like a human female."
The Galian beast sounded a little unsure of himself.
Oh well…. all The eldest one could do was experiment and find out if the beast was right.
Easing back, the demon slid his arms around, one hand steadying the slim waist, the other cupping a firm, hot butt cheek. He felt the slight shiver that ran through Ice as his warm breath caressed her ear.
It was the demon’s turn to shudder as strong arms slid around his rib cage and firm breasts pressed against his chest. The female’s long fingers idly kneaded into the soft mane and firm muscle at the junction of shoulder and wings, unconsciously stroking an erogenous zone that she had NO way of knowing was there. DAMN….that wasn't fair.
The Galian beast stirred and a soft murmur whispered through the demon's mind.,
“Try the base of her tail…”
REALLY? Chaos slid the hand on her rump over and curled his fingers so that his claws scratched and skittered over the top of the thick base where her tail connected to her spine. The demon was completely unprepared when Ice arched her back in reaction. Long legs locked around his narrow hips, and her pelvis ground hard against his, driving his flesh even deeper into her tight heat. A soft uhn uhn uhn escaped the female’s damaged throat as her inner eyelids flicked closed, glazing those silver eyes to slate. Chaos rocked his hips slightly, making the most out of the vise like grip of her muscles suddenly clenching around him. WELL…. That was…nice! The sudden need to pound into that soft/firm glove almost overwhelmed him, but something shifted in his mind, and the demon was able to control the impulse….for now.
Supporting Ice's weight, Chaos eased them over to the couch. It would be a little narrow but with some originality he could make it work. The demon lifted her up so that he could…regretfully…. pull out. Ice made that odd huffing sound and tightened her legs trying to prevent it.
Settling one knee on the couch, the winged one eased that amazing body down so that the female lay prone under him, her hip nestled tight against one inner thigh.
Ice was completely confused. This male had started out truly hurting her, something that was not wholly unexpected. She was prepared to endure the pain and let him breed her, the first goal being that his rage at her insubordination and his earlier humiliation be appeased. And secondly, to show her willingness to accept him as her Alpha. When her sister had done this with Steel, her brother had just mounted and pounded into the subservient female until he was done.
The unexpected action of this male licking the tears off of her eyes was not totally out of the norm. But when his lips, suddenly soft and warm, had traveled over her face and ended up ministering to her very sensitive ear…the sensation that radiated from there to that warm center that was currently filled with HIM was like nothing she had ever dealt with before. It went a long ways towards soothing some of that pressure/pain and replaced it with a sudden….NEED….that she had no idea how to deal with.
When the demon’s rough voice ordered her to hold on, Ice's hands developed a will of their own. They slipped around that wide ribcage and luxuriated in the feel of his soft mane overlaid on hard muscles. When one large hand shifted from her ass and tickled across the base of her tail, Ice lost any control she might have had. Her body convulsed against him, instinctively driving itself down on his sex. A rolling wave of pleasure started around that hard shaft and rippled out through her body. AH HA….so THAT was how you dealt with that need. Before she could do it again though, the male settled them on the couch and did something that she had never seen Steel do before he was satisfied. The winged one withdrew from her, leaving her suddenly, achingly… empty.
Silvery blue eyes widened as the female got her first look at the winged male’s erect penis. If Ice had seen the long black length that arced up in sudden contrast against that dusky flat belly before hand, she might not have had the courage to initiate this. Overwhelmingly curious, the female reached for it with one tentative hand, and the male shifted his hips forwards a little giving her better access. Sensitive fingers slipped over the hard shaft, marveling at how something that felt so velvety soft could cause such pain. The satin skin was coated in slick fluid and yes, a small amount of her blood. The female circled it with her fingers and ran her hand up his hard shaft to cup the engorged head in her hot palm, thumb stroking over the end and catching a small drop of pearly fluid that had collected at the tip. The male hissed softly and his entire length twitched like a live thing. Ice jerked her hand back fearing she had overstepped herself, but when she looked up into golden eyes, they smoldered with something other than anger.
Without thinking, Ice brought her hand up, first attentively smelling the spicy, musky scent that was HIM, then, deciding that she rather liked it, swirling her tongue over her fingers to capture his taste. The winged one froze, his eyes flared bright, and with a snarling groan, his head dipped down to hers.
What started out as a quiet whimper of desire/fear changed to a soft ungh as the male leaned over her, pressing his lips firmly, but gently against hers. Not wanting a repeat of the earlier invasion, Ice tightened her mouth closed. This time he did not force the issue. Soft lips moved softly over hers, and a hot tongue flicked out, lightly brushing against them. He nibbled and sucked at her bottom lip until the remarkable sensation ALMOST made her want to let him in. One large hand left her waist, traveled lightly over her ribs, and then cupped her breast, fingers stroking around and over the suddenly very wide awake nipple. The warm mouth shifted, sliding that persistent, and suddenly not so unpleasant, strong tongue to dip into the corner of her mouth. He shifted again, giving the other corner of her mouth the same attention. and damned if his hand didn't follow suite, fingers giving the secondary nipples a little stroke and tweak as they passed. Ice couldn't help herself, she arched her ribcage up and lifted her chin, giving his hand and mouth better access. So entranced was she by the dual affect of hand and mouth that she didn't feel his other hand slide between her legs, until it was caressing her soft inner thigh.
Before Ice could even think to tense up, the Alpha folded his fingers so as not to cut her with sharp claws and slid a knuckle between her… other…velvet lips. It hurt her throat, but Ice didn't care as a hoarse moan escaped its damaged confines. Those lips on hers opened, and his hot mouth drank the sound in. The female didn’t even realize she was rocking her sex against his hand as a hard knuckle found her entrance and pressed firmly against it. The male's thumb stroked through soft moist curls, and Ice's whole body lifted and jerked as it found the little hooded nub it was looking for.
Chaos was stunned into stillness as Ice explored him with careful, curious fingers. He could not suppress his soft groan as the female then licked and sucked each finger avidly, evidently enjoying her first taste of HIM. The demon almost exploded as the vivid image rolled through his mind of those soft lips engulfing him, while that strong, dexterous tongue swirled around…..OH MY GODS! He was going to have to try that some other time… when he was sure he trusted the female not to bite that particular portion of his anatomy clean off!
The demon swooped down, trapping that torturing mouth with his. He did not press this time, contenting himself with the slight taste of HER that lingered on her soft lips. As his hand explored the soft folds between her legs, he nibbled and licked along her neck. It was a surprise when she tensed up more having his mouth on her throat then she did having his finger swirling around the rim of her entrance. Of course, as his tongue explored the ridges of scar tissue on that damaged throat, he could understand why. Giving her a reprieve, he dropped his head, running a light tongue over suddenly erect nipples. It was an unusual experience to say the least to have four of them to alternate between.
Chaos felt her become moist as his thumb made slow languid circles around that soft mound occasionally dipping to stroke the little, soft button that was rapidly swelling and getting firm. The demon returned his attention to her mouth as he unfolded a long finger and carefully eased it forward until the tip was just inside of her tight entrance. Ice's hips rolled under him and her locked jaw relaxed. Drawing that finger out and not stopping his thumb's slow circles, he pushed the now moistened digit in a little further. The demon stopped as he felt the slight shudder when his rough skin rode over the torn and abraded area that he had caused earlier. Ice’s scent did not flash with pain, so evidently her healing factor was dealing with the damage. Chaos held there for a short while, gently rocking and circling his finger, giving her body a little more time to heal and letting her get use to a sensation other than pain from being penetrated. The demon kept this up until Ice was rocking herself against his hand and soft whimpers where vibrating against his lips. Lifting his head so that he could watch her face the demon’s golden eyes started to glow as he slid that long digit all the way into her now very hot and wet passage. Ice’s hips snapped up, her pelvic bones catching his penis and grinding it between their soft velvet furred bellies. The sensation of pleasure mixed with a slight amount of pain was exquisite and all of a sudden Chaos NEEDED to be inside her.
Drawing back a little, the demon slid his finger out of her, smiling a little as those hips lifted, trying to follow it. Lifting one long leg so it was over his hip, the winged one positioned himself so that his weeping tip nestled itself into that warm, soft heat. Chaos leaned over and held for a moment, his golden eyes intently studying the expression on Ice’s face. The Were's head was tipped back. Her tilted eyes were wide, the pale blue was pleasure glazed to a gleaming silver. The demon slid a small portion of himself inside her and his hand returned to lightly stroke between them. The female's back arched and he rocked into her, sliding his whole length inside in one slow, smooth, easy stroke. Ice's hips bucked under his and he had to press down hard, controlling their motion with his weight. His mouth returned to hers and this time when he lightly flicked her lips with his tongue those soft, sweet things parted, allowing his tongue to dip in and taste her.
Ice had no clue what to do with herself. This male's stealthy hands and clever mouth had her body singing with NEED. This time, when his hardness filled her, there was no pain, just a sweet, aching wave that caused her to buck up against him in an effort to try and achieve….what? The panting female had no clue, but she hoped that it included more of those surging waves of pleasure as he drew back and thrust into her in a slow, powerful rhythm. Warm lips closed over her mouth again and this time she opened, unconsciously encouraging the penetration, as it mirrored what was going on between her legs. A pressure began to build in the center of her groin as his tongue languidly swept the roof of her mouth then coiled along her own tongue. The male tasted spicy, and hot. Her own tongue darted past his to sample along those sharp fangs and she moaned into his mouth as he added an odd rolling twist of his slender hips to his cadence. A soft... uhhnnn... escaped Ice as that engorged head caught against…something… inside of her with each stroke. She had once disregarded Sergeants advice and curiously stuck her tongue in an electrical outlet. The shock that rolled through every time the demon surged into her was similar, but much more enjoyable. The male shifted his mouth to her ear and his words hissed over its sensitive edge.
At this last snarled word, Ice felt the male slide his hand down her back and lock his fingers around the base of her tail. His talons shivered underneath it, lightly scratching that OTHER virgin entrance and then he tightened his fingers into a fist digging hard into the sensitive nerves all around the heavy base. That delicious pressure that had been building, coalesced around the hard shaft that was now pounding into her and Ice arched up, hips slamming into his. The wave that fired out from his now steel hard shaft engulfed Ice in a blinding white sheet of pleasure and as the demon shifted his rhythm, softening the thrust, accentuating the twist and keeping to a steady pace it was repeated over and over again. Ice thought her heart was going to burst as they started to abate, then the male lifted her hips and rammed hard into her sending a couple more of those intense surges rolling through. As all of her muscles locked up and convulsed she felt as the male’s control broke and he lost that smooth flow as he thrust hard into her three or four more times. She could feel the length of him pulse and a heat spread through her as he found his release.
Chaos knew he was pushing it when he claimed the female. The fire in his groin had built to an unbearable almost painful pressure when he locked his hand around the base of her tail. As his fingers pushed against that other sweet tight bud, Ice's back curved up in a bend that almost knocked the demon off of the couch. Her tail curled around his thigh, slid between his butt cheeks and coiled around his drawn up testicles. The mute female’s sweet mouth opened, fangs bared in a soundless scream as she convulsed against him in orgasm. The demon shifted his rhythm, holding out as long as he could while he immersed himself in the feel of her muscles clamping and rippling over his entire hard length. Half way through, she broke his concentration, her tail tightened, and pressed up hard, right over his sex's hidden root. The demon's talons shredded the couch as the savage pleasure of his climax erased all ability to reason from Chaos's mind. The Galian beast had been expecting this and he had surged forwards just in time jerk Chaos's hands off of the soft body that writhed with passion’s pleasure under him. He was not able to prevent the demon from locking his fangs across Ice's soft throat, but he did manage to keep the dominant male from biting down hard enough to do more that just break the skin.
The warm, sweet taste of blood in his mouth brought Chaos back to reality. Ice was passive under him, he could feel her harsh tearing breaths against his teeth and tongue. Very slowly, the female shifted under him and just as slowly, she turned her head, unreservedly submitting and giving him her whole, very vulnerable, throat. Chaos growled against the soft skin and felt her vibrate a little as she growled softly back. Chuckling darkly, the demon DID prefer that his females have a little spunk, Chaos released her, languidly sweeping a soft tongue over the bleeding pin pricks his fangs had created. As he straightened up, he silently thanked the now quiet Galian beast as he saw the ruin his talons had made of the couch. Of course there had been no one to apply the brakes for Ice and the way his back was smarting made him think that it probably mirrored the furniture's condition. Ice watched him with almost closed pale eyes, and as he slid out of and off of her, her hands flowed through a short dance. As the demon tiredly stood up, he snarled over his shoulder.
There was a double thump as two bedroom doors were slammed shut.
That drew a snicker from the Galian beast.
Knowing that he only had a few more seconds before Valentine pushed forwards, the demon's golden gaze returned to the quiescent female. Her hands danced again and it took Chaos a couple of precious moments to translate the question in his head. As the black and red mist of his transformation began to form, he answered her.
Yuffie leaned against the closed door. The young woman’s heart was hammering and that annoying itch that she couldn't scratch had turned into a full blown burn. Her glazed eyes settled on Whispers white form. There was PLENTY of visual evidence that the male Were was as aroused and turned on as she was. Whisper caught her eye and his crimson one's flew wide. The male started to back up, shaking his heavy head vigorously.
"Not no….but HELL no! Do I look STUPID!" The Albino male darted past her yanking the door open, "I am NOT fucking you…or him…." his head jerked towards Reno's closed door, "Or, hell, even MYSELF without getting that ONE'S," A blunt finger stabbed out in the direction of a dazed and staggering Vincent, "personal and express permission!"
Angelique moved slowly through the quiet halls of Shinra Labs. At this time of the morning there were very few staffers here, mostly just janitors and the ever present security personnel. She paused for a moment outside of the level five lab, it always took a couple of minutes to process through the extreme security measures that Rufus had in place. The woman sipped at her hot coffee as she waited for the computer to process her retina scan, and could not control her flinch when the DNA scanner nipped off a minute piece of skin to verify she was one of the few scientists who was allowed in.
The woman had hardly been able to sleep that night…not that she had much time for that luxury. It had taken considerable badgering on her part to get Rufus on board with her plan, the man seemed to think that Valentine would seriously object to doing any type of research in the horror house that the old lab used to be.
It was that nice, young, Shinra "specimen" {the scientist chuckled at the irony here) Cloud who had convinced the President that Ice would strenuously object to being in a full fledged lab, and SHE had far less control than Vincent. Hence, the Were beast COULD cause a serious amount of damage. It would be much better, he had argued, if the beast was kept in a situation that seemed less threatening. (The key word here being….seemed, the Doctor thought.) Cloud had eventually convinced Rufus, and the foolish man had given her carte blanch to do whatever she needed to bring the old labs secreted in the mansion's basement up to current standards. It had taken most of the night to organized the teams and get them out to Neibelheim to start getting the Shinra mausoleum cleaned and prepped. The logistics of getting the necessary equipment shipped had her brain feeling totally fried by the time she got to her cot to sleep.
Angelique broke out in a full fledged laugh which she quickly stifled when one of the guards' slanted a startled look her way. She quickly slipped through the now open door. Cloud had called in a friend to pick up and transport the group to the mansion when they finally surfaced. The swordsman ventured that they wouldn't be able to get the Were female OR the Changeling back into a helicopter. The Doctor secretly thought that she would have just tranquilized BOTH of the specimen's. Who cared what THEY thought? But cunning woman that she was, she kept THAT opinion to herself. She went along with Cloud, as the silly boy had made her plans much easier to bring to fruition. Security at the mansion would be lax compared to what was here. She would use Valentine and the Turk's to bring in and control the females. With those two in hand, she would use Rufus's money and technology to get a handle on the Were's unique virus. If she could figure out how to harness it and overcome that pesky silver problem, she would have the makings for superior soldiers who could not be killed by conventional means. Several of her contacts had made it very clear that they would pay big bucks for this research and the live specimen's. PLUS if she could somehow get some samples from that most rare and unique experiment…. Project V….these people would make her a multi-millionaire several times over. It was an offer that the doctor just could not refuse!
Vincent staggered as he returned to himself. His muddled mind vaguely recalled that the two Were beast's and himself had been having a very disturbing conversation about sex and Yuffie and then…..Chaos had forced his way out! OH MY GODS! The gunman sank to his knees as the smells that were swirling through the room assaulted his sensitive nose. There was the scent of pain and fear overlaid with the coppery smell of blood. Much more disturbing, was the fact that this was mixed with the unmistakable musk of sexual arousal and the heavy scent that indicated that that arousal had reached completion.
The man clamped his good hand over his mouth as his blurred gaze swept over the couch. What had Chaos/HE done? His stomach heaved as he realized there was a still female form stretched out limply in front of him and those very distinct smells were originating from her. He could see a splash of blood between those long, slightly parted thighs. The ex-Turk's vision was obscured by a gray haze as his mind refused to process what he was seeing.
"CHAOS!… BASTARD! What the HELL….?"
Vincent's mind spun…OH GODS….his demon had RAPED Yuffie and probably killed her. His hand tightened over his mouth trying to prevent the scream that was threatening to escape. His other more dangerous hand rose as if it had a mind of its own, reaching for his own throat, wicked gleaming talons curved to rend and tear.
The Galian beast rose and put a lock on his hosts muscles,
"Chaos…. I know you think this is amusing….but if you don't clear this up, we are ALL going to end up trapped in a padded room. Having to wear a funny coat with tied sleeves for eternity will make thirty years in a coffin seem like a cakewalk."
Chaos grumbled,
Vincent froze as his muscle's locked up. At that same moment small, but strong hands grabbed the gauntleted wrist. The gunman blinked sluggishly, Yuffie was kneeling in front of him and she was trying to force that deadly hand down. Valentine jerked back in shock…YUFFIE! His surge of relief was short lived…..if not Yuffie… than who? The ex-Turk moaned softly as he realized it had to be Ice and Chaos had most definitely had a grudge against the female Were. Powerful arms wrapped around him from the back, and their incredible strength helped Yuffie push the hand down. The man sagged weakly, and found himself held up from behind against a wide, heavily muscled chest.
Whisper's muzzle rested on Vincent's bare shoulder and the big male was chanting softly,
"It's okay, it's okay, no harm is done, it is okay!"
Valentine unburied his teeth from his hand,
"It is most definitely NOT okay….Ice…."
Chaos had the gall to sound smug.
The gunman stared in bewilderment into Yuffie's shimmering brown eyes and what she was saying finally penetrated.
"Vincent…. Snap out of it! Ice is okay! What happened between her and Chaos was…,”
The girl swallowed thickly and it wasn't fear he was seeing in her eyes.
"Ice was willing, and I am pretty sure if Chaos wanted to go another round (Chaos rumbled here in hopeful agreement ) Ice would be more than willing!"
The gunman looked around Yuffie and almost dropped his eyes in shame when he met Ice's direct, pale gaze. She had rolled on her side and was watching him with concern. He opened his mouth to apologize and just left it hanging open when what she was saying with those dexterous fingers registered.
"Oh yes…..PLEASE….will you let HIM out again? I would very much like that."
The lustful look on her lovely face could only be described as….greedy.
Yuffie turned and her soft lips lifted in a blunt toothed snarl,
"Back off….monkey girl, it's my turn!"
Ice smiled a full gape mouth grin, and yawned, making sure the girl got a full view of her elongated canines. Then she crossed her arms, settled her chin on her wrists, and closed her eyes, making it very clear that she didn't care WHAT Yuffie did. Yuffie's head snapped around and she turned bright red at the look on Valentine's face. Whisper's deep chest vibrated against the gunman's back as the Albino chuckled and a broad white hand released its hold on his arm and traveled up to shut the man's open mouth with enough force to make his teeth click together.
Yuffie's brown eye's practically glowed with irritation. She stood up, not seeming to be at all phased by the fact that she was stark naked in front of the two males. She stabbed a finger at Whisper..
"What are YOU laughing about…? It seems to me that YOU are the only one in this room who won't be getting any tonight!"
Then she pointed at Vincent
"And YOU had better be joining me…in there. You DON'T want me to be coming back out here after you!"
The ninja stormed over to the door, turning for one more parting shot before she exited the room.
"Oh yes…..and you had better bring ALL of the perverted reprobates you have locked in your head with you….I want as good as Ice got!"
The bedroom door slammed shut on a tantalizing view of Yuffie's very shapely ass.
Whisper released his hold and stepped back a little. Vincent was more than a little thankful when the Albino offered his shoulder for the gunman to lean against when he shakily stood up.
The white male would not quite meet his eyes and there was suppressed laughter under the softly muttered,
"AND now you know WHY I swing the other way."
Vincent shook himself a little, gathered up what was left of his tattered dignity, (after all, that was ALL he had to wrap himself in) and he headed for Yuffie's room. A soft cough stopped him before he opened the door and he couldn't help but wince when he saw Ice's eye's gleaming wickedly as her hands danced.
"Good luck with her." The female Were smiled and licked her lips. "Sex with MY...perverted reprobate...was mind blowingly incredible!"
Vincent thumped his forehead lightly against the door. After this, life with Chaos was going to be insufferable.

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