The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus Ch. 11

Yuffie sat on the edge of the bed staring at the closed door. She was silently willing it to open and praying for Vincent to glide through with his wonderfully graceful stride. The ninja pressed the back of her hand to her mouth. If the gunslinger didn't come through, she did not know what she was going to do. She wanted…..She needed….DAMN!
The young woman got up and paced to the door. Yuffie hadn't known what her suddenly aroused body was demanding until Chaos and Ice had shown her. Sure…. she had always had romantic fantasies about her first time, (usually involving tall, pale and broody) but they had been TAME compared to what the demon and the Were had engaged in. That had seemed rough, even painful, but it had also been sensual and erotic and….. If Vincent didn't come through that door soon, she was going to go and jump RENO!
OH MY GODS! Turning around, the girl ran back to the bed and threw her body across it. What was wrong with her? She was a normal person, she got horny at times but knowing her responsibility as the only heir to the Wuttian throne, she had always taken care of it herself. She instinctively knew that this time… flying solo wouldn't work. This overwhelming want/need was slowly eroding any control she might have.
Yuffie scooted back against the head board, drew her knee's up, crossed her arms on top, and rested her flushed and heated face against them. What was WRONG with her? She could hear the door open and someone approached the bed with a firm steady tread. Yuffie didn't dare look up. If this was Reno or, Gods forbid, even Whisper, she would not be able to control herself and she would take him right there on the floor. A quick vision of herself straddling a pair of slender hips ran through her mind. At this point, it didn't matter whose hips they were, she just wanted to be riding…..CRAP! Tears of frustration and panic started to leak out of the corners of her eyes.
That one gentle, deep toned word was a soft caress as Vincent's warm masculinity slid into the bed next to her. He settled against the headboard and wrapped his good arm behind her. Those long, strong fingers kneaded the muscles of her neck as the man gently eased her over until she was resting against his chest. Yuffie could not control her soft sob of relief.
"Gods Vinny…I am sorry."
Yuffie didn't care that her words were muffled, especially considering that her lips were moving against his ….naked….hard muscled, soft skinned chest.
"I don't know what is happening to……. With this…argh…you know…"
The girl couldn't help herself, her tongue flicked out and traced a quick trail around one dusky nipple adding a musky/sweet taste dimension to his layered warm skin, gunpowder, and hot spice scent. Vincent twitched, sucked in a breath and, by the Gods, if that nipple didn't suddenly stand at attention.
When Vincent slipped quietly through the door, it was with more than a little trepidation. With everything that the Were's had told him about what was happening inside his friend's altered body. And… taking into consideration that the "normally" very excitable and impressionable young woman had evidently witnessed Chaos's taking of Ice, her agitation and very evident state of mind had him worried that Yuffie was going to jump his frame the minute he entered the room. The gunman was NOT prepared for the sight of her curled into a ball against the bed's headboard, or for the swirling miasma of panic, lust, and the sweet scent of tears that permeated the still air of the room.
The gunslinger had almost convinced himself that he was going to do this because it had to be done, but a sudden realization had his heart dropping down to the vicinity of his toes. GODS! Vincent sagged a little. He had watched Yuffie change over the years and it had only recently registered that she was no longer the immature girl who had bullied and badgered him out of the dark existence that he thought he deserved. Yuffie had become a shining beacon that the gunman unconsciously turned to when the darkness in his soul threatened to drag him back into a self created hell. His heart had stopped in the dark minute that he had found her crumpled, bleeding body and feared her dead. It had thundered back to life in rhythm with the soft flutter of the pulse he had found when he rested his fingers on her pale throat that night, and he had been trying to bury the fact that he had feelings for this bright, vivacious, sometimes stunningly annoying young woman every since.
Vincent covered the distance to the bed in a couple of long, determined strides. He slid in next to Yuffie's huddled form, and using his human arm, he shifted her over so she was cradled against his chest. Using strong fingers, he massaged the tense muscles in her neck as she murmured a soft bewildered apology against his chest and Vincent could not control his jerk of surprise as her warm tongue twirled around his bare nipple. The shock of pleasure that coursed through him from that simple intimate touch, brought the NEED to possess, to dominate, and to claim this one as HIS very own, roaring to the surface.
"IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!" Chaos's harsh rumble was underscored by soft applause from the Galian beast.
SHIT! How could he have forgotten about his resident demonic birth control!? Yuffie looked up at his face in concern when she felt his body tense up. The gunman could not control the panic that chilled through him at just the thought of Chaos getting loose…AGAIN…and the damage the demon could do to Yuffie.
Ours….? One of the three voyeuristic witnesses down here was going to HAVE to describe to him exactly what had gone on between his most powerful demon and Ice. Vincent dragged his attention back to the demon's words.
Valentine hesitated…he knew better than to trust the demon.
"I want your word that Ice won't be forced into anything that she doesn't want and that you won't hurt her."
Yuffie pulled back from him a little, and Vincent could not control the reflex that had his hand tightening under her soft brown hair.
"Agreed…." was all he breathed as he drew her soft, sweet, unresisting mouth down against his.
Yuffie had been kissed before. But those innocent fumbling attempts had been nothing compared to what Vincent was doing. Cupping her cheek lightly with his warm human hand, the man made love to her mouth in a silent promise of what was later to come. His lips were strong but supple as he nibbled and sucked lightly on her lower lip. Then… when she thought she couldn't stand it another minute, he turned his attention to the upper. The young woman could not stop the soft moan that escaped her throat, and an answering growl rumbled back when she twined her arms around his neck and buried her fingers in that long, soft, raven black hair to pull his head in closer to hers, deepening the kiss. She wanted to taste him in the same way he was tasting her.
Yuffie almost drew back, when in response to her running her tongue along the line of his slightly parted lips, he opened his mouth, tilting his head down a little, actually encouraging her to sample the inside. Just a smidgeon shy….Yuffie hesitantly slid her tongue in, lightly brushing it along the underside of his upper lip. Then, with his soft groan to give her some courage, she glided in along his tongue, curving hers up to brush the roof of his mouth. OH GODS! He tasted like one of those fiery sweet alcoholic drinks that Tifa liked to make up. The ones that tasted so good you did not mind their bite because of the sweet fire they ignited in your mouth and throat as they passed.
The young woman was so immersed in that taste and the incredibly sensation of his lips on hers that she was caught by surprise when the hand left her face and moved to the junction of her neck and shoulders. The other cool, deadly, metallic hand tickled down her ribcage to rest, spread fingered across her buttock as Vincent pulled her bottom tight into his lap and tilted her back to give himself better access. His hot mouth left hers and traveled over her face and neck, feathering them with soft kisses, sharp nips and slow languid swipes of that talented tongue. Then he returned his attention to her mouth and when his tongue slid between her lips, she opened for him, happy to have ANY part of him buried inside of her.
Where had he learned to do this? Without being demanding or overbearing the man managed to explore every inch of the inside of her mouth with that wonderfully adept appendage. Yuffie was practically whimpering by the time he disengaged. She could not understand why what he was doing with her mouth and lips was translating into a warm tingle down where he hadn't even touched her yet. She realized as she felt the length of him stir under her that MAYBE she wasn't the only one feeling warm tingles. She couldn't help it, she squirmed herself down against him only to have his strong hand stop her and raise her up.
"Oh… I DON’T think so…."
Yuffie's closed eyelids flew open to find herself staring into Valentine's eyes. Their color had deepened to the darkest ruby.
"I seem to remember someone mentioning…no demanding…. that she get as good as what Ice got."
The man had the audacity to smile, with a slow, wicked show of white, even teeth. One elegant eyebrow arched up.
"I am…. Curious…. Has that happened yet?"
Yuffie swallowed against a suddenly very dry mouth and not trusting her voice, slowly shook her head.
"Well then…."
That dark head dipped down and Yuffie had to bite her tongue to stifle the sudden urge to scream as his wicked mouth slid down to plant soft nuzzling kisses all around her suddenly very sensitive breasts. He nibbled, catching their soft flesh between his teeth and lightly licking, then sucking, working his way slowly around both of them until he finally caught the bud of a nipple in gentle teeth, sucked on it lightly to bring it fully erect and then flicked it hard with the tip of a suddenly demanding tongue. Yuffie's whole body jerked at the bolt of exquisite pleasure/pain that shot through her.
Vincent shifted his hips and eased Yuffie's warm weight off of his lap. (Not without some reluctance on HIS part) She had felt somehow "right" while being held there. But….he really needed to have his hands free to wander and explore over every inch of her warm skin. The gunman settled himself next to her, eyes drinking in all of the little details that had been covered by clothes or that he had just refused to see in the years that he had been this young woman's friend. The ninja had always been slender and petite, but somehow, without him noticing, she had developed a woman's softly flared hips, narrow flat, tightly muscled waist, and lovely high, firm breasts.
These just begged to be touched and his fingers glided over their firm surface, gladly taking the place of his lips and tongue. As he stroked soft finger tips around her chocolate aureoles, occasionally thumbing or better yet, rolling the proudly erect nipples between gentle fingers, his crimson gaze watched her innocent and unfeigned reaction to the stimulation with true pleasure. All Turks were trained in the bedroom arts. After all, sex was as much a weapon of war or interrogation as the gun and the blade. And….he had used those skills without thought as the weapon they were intended to be.
This though…THIS was different. The only response he was EXPECTING to get from Yuffie were her unrestrained moans (Hnnn…just like the one that escaped those sweet lips as he kissed where his fingers were and then blew a warm breath across) and oh yes….he was just egotistical enough that he was hoping to hear her scream his name at least once as he enjoyed what her very willing body had to give.
The man slowly stroked his hand down, feathering a light touch across her ribs. His mouth and tongue followed and he smiled against her silky skin as her stomach jumped when he swirled that hot, strong muscle around her sweet little navel and dipped it in just to hear her gasp. Yuffie shifted against him and he realized that the sneaky girl was using her thigh to feel out the length and hardness that was exquisitely trapped between them. (OH GODS!) When she moved, the sensation of her smooth skin sliding over him was almost unbearable. He could not stop the softly growled… "Yuffie"… that escaped his busy mouth. Vincent lifted his head to look into that lovely face and froze when he caught the quick flash of apprehension/fear that passed swiftly over it.
Oh…now that wouldn't do at all. Valentine was very aware that the only two sexual acts Yuffie had been witness to were… one… a horrendous bestial rape with lethal consequences, and two, whatever had occurred between Chaos and Ice. Knowing his most powerful demon very well, Vincent was pretty sure that had to have at least SEEMED very rough. It was understandable if Yuffie was a little afraid.
The gunslinger slid gentle hands up (giving a little tweak as he passed those irresistible breasts) and caught her slim wrists in his gauntleted hand. The ex-Turk rolled, positioning her with the other hand until she was on top of him. Then, with his gaze never leaving her face, he put her hands on his chest, using his own to guide them over the tracery of silvered scars until they rested flat against his own firm stomach. He kept his expression calm and unthreatening as he released her and leaned back supporting his weight on his elbows, silently encouraging the inexperienced woman to do a little exploration on her own.
Yuffie was practically beside herself as Vincent's fine hand's and incredible mouth played across her body leaving a trail of unquenched fire in their wake. The heat of his hardening manhood pressed against her, drawing her curiosity, and she surreptitiously rolled her thigh to rub against its silky length. The girl was startled when it twitched and she felt a slight moistness against her skin. Vincent's soft growling of her name jerked her attention to his face and before she could stop it, the bloody vision of her friend writhing, moaning in pain under that great black beast flashed to the front of her mind. Yuffie managed to squelch the thought…THIS…was most definitely not the same, but knew when she felt the man next to her freeze that Valentine had caught her lapse. The young woman was getting ready to apologize….she did NOT want him to stop, when Vincent stroked his hands up her body (AND GODS! Didn't she just LOVE when he did that to her nipples) and gently holding her wrists in that gleaming claw he lithely rolled, deftly positioning her so that she was kneeling astraddle his narrow hips. Then, to her complete amazement, the man who always went through great pains to hide his awesome scarring and who HATED to be touched, guided her hands over that lacework of old damage to rest softly on his wonderfully hard stomach. Vincent leaned back, giving her his silent permission to satisfy whatever curiosity she might have. Yuffie felt the sharp prickle of tears behind her eyes. She knew how much THIS man would have to trust and care for her, to even think about allowing this.
Yuffie dropped her head before he could see the shimmer in her eyes. Wiggling herself a little tighter against him she was secretly pleased when Vincent, the uber controlled man of steel, hissed softly and she felt his hips rise little under her. She had to admit, the firm length of him felt remarkable as it pressed hard between her naked butt cheeks. Her lips twisted up in a sinful smile and she rocked forewords and scooted back a little until that hard shaft was sandwiched lengthwise between her moist, warm folds. Vincent's eye's flew wide and he totally lost the calm complacent mask that had been on his face as she leaned forwards and taking a page from his book, she feathered those sculpted collarbones with soft kisses interspersed with sharp nips. Working her way down, she imitated what he had done to her nipples and was rewarded by a soft, slightly strangled…"YUFFIE!"…She teased a deep groan out of him as she shifted her hips from side to side rolling the nestled length of him in its soft bed and pressing its firm head against the ridge of her pelvic bone. The ninja straightened back up so that she could watch, totally mesmerized by the mushroom shaped smooth/hard almost purple cap that peaked out from their combined, chocolate mixed with black, silky curls. She rocked her hips again, this time trapping that thick rod just behind it's fleshy flare, squeezing him against her mound which responded by sending a flash of pleasure right through to her core. Her soft, surprised uhnn blended eerily with his much deeper one and his hands suddenly clenched, one balling up the sheet, one slicing right through it. Yuffie studied his beautiful pale face and decided that she wanted to make that …sultry, deep burgundy eye's half lidded, pink lips slightly parted… look, cross the man's face more often. It was HOT.
The young woman slowly slid off, allowing the cool air of the room to replace her soft warmth. Vincent's half articulated protest was cut off when she leaned down to kiss his dusky, now beautifully erect penis right were it intersected with his soft skinned sack. She ran her tongue up its length, tickled that odd fold underneath were it flared and finished with a kiss at the tip, flicking the opening with her tongue in much the same way Vincent had tormented her nipple. The woman couldn't help but chuckle against it, as her lover's hips arched up, the smooth muscles in his stomach and thigh's tightening as the twitched.
Vincent was not prepared for the spasm that rocked through him when Yuffie's tongue traced an electric path up his erection and the ex-Turk could NOT stop his hips from bucking when his vision flashed with white pleasure as she tongued the ultra sensitive skin around his slit and then the vibration of her chuckle shivered down the whole shaft. HOLY SHIT! Where had she learned to do THAT?
He just barely managed to control the impulse that had him wanting to thrust up into that tight, sweet mouth. GODS... if he had known it was that talented… he would have stuffed it full of SOMETHING years ago in one of the many times everyone had wanted her to shut up! With a savage growl the gunman caught that slender waist, pulled her down on top of him and rolled, pinning her to the bed with his full weight. The little vixen had the nerve to start giggling. Well….two could play that game.
Vincent rumbled in satisfaction when her giggle strangled itself off in a shuddering…"VINCENT!"… as he eased down her body licking and nipping until he could nuzzle the inside of her thigh. It wasn't quite the scream he was looking for, but it was a good start. He held her hips down as he ran his mouth up and lightly kissed the soft skin at the junction of thigh and pelvis and grinned at her smothered curse when he wouldn't let her move as he ran a hot tongue over the very edge of those silken lips.
Vincent softly lipped at the little hood that protected her soft pink button and slipped his tongue in and out in a slow rhythm between those first folded lips. Yuffie sucked in a breath, and it took all of his enhanced strength to keep her hips down as she tried to arch up. He could feel the muscles in her thighs starting to shiver as she unconsciously spread her legs , giving him better access. Taking advantage of this, he drew back a little and blew a stream of hot breath across that hardening nub. This time he let her hips buck up a little and as they did, he dipped his tongue between the second pair of soft folds finding her warm center. Sliding his hand down he lightly thumbed her, while licking around and just inside her entrance, adding a swirling roll to that dexterous appendage’s dance.
Not quite a scream yet, but the soft keening sound Yuffie was making was pure music to the gunman's ears. Sliding his fingers down, Valentine moistened them and then softly pinched that little hood, rolling it lightly between his fingertips while he slid his tongue completely inside of her. He had always had a fondness for honey and butter, but as her unique flavor flooded his mouth, the man decided here and now that she was to become his favorite taste sensation.
Yuffie writhed against the rumpled sheet, totally consumed by the sweet fire Vincent's finger's and mouth were creating. When she managed to look across her own heaving belly at him, all she could see were his glowing red eyes bracketed from above by his curtain of raven locks and from below by her own wetly gleaming, silken curls. His long black eyelashes dropped obscuring that beautiful gaze and he slowly ran his tongue up to swirl around the center that was feeding the flames. Her eyes never left him as he rose between her legs, the light sheen of sweat giving his skin the shimmer of alabaster.
GODS….there was no fear in Yuffie as he steadied her hips in his masterful hands and slowly eased himself into her. OHHHH…she was going to DIE! But… what a way to go! Vincent took his sweet time, shifting forwards and then back giving her virgin tightness time to adjust, but with each forward thrust filling her just a little more. Yuffie couldn't stand it….she wanted…she wanted… CRAP! She didn't know what she wanted, but she WANTED it now! She tried to thrust up but was thwarted by the grip he maintained on her hips. Valentine shifted, and eased his weight down on her. His mouth once more claimed hers and as that amazing tongue demanded entrance, he thrust one more time, burying himself completely, filling her until she thought she would burst.
Yuffie screamed and it was captured by Vincent's hot mouth as he penetrated her lips moving his tongue in and then out in a languid easy rhythm whilst holding that OTHER penetration perfectly still. Yuffie rolled her hips under him, and whimpered, almost begging against his mouth,
"OH GODS… Valentine….move…I can't …stand….DO SOMETHING."
She could have sworn she felt his lips lift against hers in a smile and then those slender hips pulled back, sliding him almost all of the way out only to thrust forwards, driving that hard/soft heat all of the way back in again. With each long, slow stroke the gunman made sure that he was bumping and sliding along her mound, and each time he did, a wave of sweet fire would sweep through her.
It had just about done Vincent in as he worked his full hard length into Yuffie. He had not encountered a barrier, her early hard training and the very physical way she fought having taken care of that particular problem years ago. BUT… that did not change the fact that she was sexually untouched and very, very tight. When he was able to bury himself fully in her constricting heat, he had to stop, not so much to give her time to adjust but because if he moved he was afraid he would totally lose it before he had had the pleasure of hearing her scream. In the meantime…. he tortured her a little by using his tongue to fill her head with the image of what his penis SHOULD be doing. (He didn't NEED any of his perverted reprobates to make her whine and beg against his mouth).
When he finally started to thrust into that tight, hot passage in earnest, he watched his mate with half lidded eye's, drinking in the way her shimmering hair fanned out on the pillow under her head, the flush as the fire of passion touched her pale skin and glazed her gleaming brown eyes to the color of honey and the way her soft pink lips opened as she started to softly keen. Yuffie's strong arms laced their way around his neck, fingers burying themselves into the thickness of his hair, and she started to writhe under him as her hips lifted in rhythm to his quickening pace. Sweet fire liquefied in his belly and the silken vise that slid over and around him fed that flame, making it suddenly overwhelming. It was too much and he felt the sudden thickening, and tightening that preceded climax. Yuffie must have felt the increase in pressure and she wrapped her long coltish legs around his hips, changing his angle of penetration. Vincent felt the shudder pass over his length as he hit that sweet spot inside of her. Yuffie's head snapped back and on the second stroke that passed over that spot, her keen changed to a breathless scream…
She convulsed against him, the shuddering waves that were passing through her, rolling over and around him. Her orgasm pushed him over the edge and Vincent's vision sheeted to white, as he sheathed himself hard into her, his climax pulsing through him, consuming his every sense in the flames of pure, almost painful pleasure.
Yuffie came back to reality when she felt Vincent easing her back down onto the bed. When that first wave had past through her, she had driven herself up, planting his hard length as far into her as she could, and even after those waves of screaming fire had had their way with her, she did not want to unlock her muscles enough to let him slide out. She was very happy when all he did was shift their weight around without withdrawing, so they could rest easy, limbs haphazardly entwined. She watched as the normally implacable man drew a long shuddering breath, and was entranced when his thick eyelashes fluttered open revealing a deep ,warm crimson gaze that was filled with something she had never thought to see reflected there. Happiness, contentment…and maybe just a touch of bewilderment. Yuffie could have laid there all night and contemplated that lovely pale face, but a flash of concern crossed it and Vincent all of a sudden made a move to get up.
Yuffie tightened the leg that was still thrown over his hip.
"Hey Vinny….not so fast."
Vincent froze and a wicked smile curved his mouth.
"VINNY..? There is no one here who answers to that name. As I recall the name that was being screamed out a few minutes ago was….most definitely…Vincent…Hmmmm?"
One elegant eyebrow arched up and Yuffie just KNEW that her face was bright red.
Vincent took pity on her and swooped down to lightly kiss her flaming cheeks.
"It is getting close to the time Ice said you would need more antibodies, I was just going to get the shot so it would be here when you need it."
Yuffie nuzzled into his neck for a minute,
"Vincent…I was thinking, Ice made a good point when she said that being down here in her human form would be a lethal mistake. Maybe I should hold off on using those last two shots until we get back to the surface? It would be a lot easier to travel the girders with four hands and a tail."
She kept her face hidden, not wanting him to see the shame reflected there for even considering staying in her beast form, even for a little while. A warm hand under her chin forced her head up so that he could meet her eyes. His ruby gaze solemnly studied her for a long moment, then he gave a slight nod.
"Actually…. That would probably be a very good idea. I like the fact that I would not have to worry as much about you getting injured. The Were's healing factor does come in handy. Now…" he settled back down and patted the space beside him, "lets see if we can get a little rest before it is time to go."
Ice had fallen into a sated restful sleep after listening to the moans and screams that had emanated from the lover's room. A different kind of moan jerked her awake a couple of hours later as her sharp ears picked up the sound of Yuffie Changing. The Were went to roll off of the couch only to find her legs pinned by the bulk of a sleeping Whisper. It seemed that the White had not wanted to sleep alone and he had snuck up so he could curl his bulk around her. With a soft huff the female untangled herself from his grip and slipped into the kitchen. The girl would need her shot.
Yuffie gasped as the pain of Change slowly faded. She could feel Vincent's hand making slow soothing circles on her back, but after a few minutes this changed, and she could feel those same fingers tracing the pattern of her stripes.
"What the HELL are you doing…Vincent?" Those fingers stopped for a moment, and the gunman's deep, sleepy voice drifted up in the darkened room.
"I just realized that these wonderful stripes REALLY accentuate what a nice ass you have, Yuffie."
Yuffie just about swallowed her tongue when his fingers ghosted down and tickled around the heavy base of her tail, the sudden wave of pleasure had her arching her back, slamming her butt back into the curve of the hot body behind her.
There was a husky chuckle as Vincent snuggled her ass tight into himself and wrapped his arm back around her.
"Oh yes….." he whispered. " It is …. a very nice ass….indeed."
Ice had stopped outside of the door, syringe in hand. As the whispered words reached her twitching ears she grinned, quietly turned around and returned it to the fridge. She caught a flash of crimson from the couch and she could see that Whisper was silently snickering also. It seemed... that their Alpha had whole heartedly embraced his responsibilities. The white scooted back, lifting an arm in invitation… Ice hesitated for a minute, then slid onto the couch beside him. He was not the only one who was tired of sleeping alone. It did not take long before the only sound that whispered through Ice's sanctuary, was the softly blended, peaceful breathing of the Troop that slept there.

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