The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 36

Tseng savagely stepped on the desire to rip his hair out by the roots. As he read the reports on the out of commission and deceased, he did give into the impulse enough to rasp his fingers through it instead, making a mess of his usually neat and tidy style. He had just KNOWN that the elderly Dr. Destinie was more than she let on. You could not be in this business for as long as he had and NOT develop an instinct about such things. That bitch and her friggin home made cookies! Angelique (angel my ASS!) had systematically poisoned everyone that she had been kindly feeding her cookies to. They had dead and dying people all the way from the research and security staff, up to and including casualties amongst the Turk rookies. Damn it! They should KNOW better…his already decimated ranks could not handle any more losses at this time.
Mother Gia! They were down to a skeletal staff! He did not NEED to hear that Reno was out of action and that Rude was trapped somewhere in Neibelhiem by the weather. Valentine, of all people, had called and given him a remarkably concise report on the attack at the mansion. The demon ridden man had been with Reno at the time and was concerned as to the extent of the downed man's spinal injury, this was secondary to the fact that Reno had been badly bitten by a Troop male. He had assured Tseng that he would have the injured Turk update when he was able.
The man at the desk did not miss the undercurrent that ran through the ex-Turk's soft voice. Valentine was not sure that the bitten man WOULD be able to report. What wasn't said was almost as important as what was….Vincent would take care of it, if the red head's "condition" went south.
That had been over twenty four hours ago and Tseng had heard NOTHING since. Rude was evidently in an area with no service and Valentine was not answering his phone! The quiet man carefully stacked his papers, he had a tactical meeting with Rufus. He really had nothing but bad news to report. The storm prevented any type of travel to or from Neibelhiem, they would not be able to begin search and rescue operations there until they got a window in the weather that permitted them to fly.
Shadow listened to the young woman's ordeal from his cell. The male had been given his orders and they did not rest easy with him. Oh, it was not the fact that he was expected to "take" an unwilling female…the black had seen the captive woman perform surgery on Ice and he had the heard the little one's soft squeak as it was terminated by Angel. It did not matter that the woman was now an unwilling specimen….she was also a whitecoat. This made her fair game as far as the beast was concerned.
The crack of the whip quit for a few minutes and then after some soft sobbing, the woman started to plead with her torturers. There was a moments quiet and then Duprey's rumbling groans of pleasure mixed with a rising keen. The renewed snap of the whip was just about drowned out by the female's wrenching screams of horror and pure agony.
Shadow’s thin lips lifted in a savage grin as the captive scientist was broken. He had witnessed the two males working together before and he could picture exactly what Duprey and Titan were doing. He KNEW what rape was when it came to humans, and USUALLY he would have no interest in slaking his appetites as Duprey and Titan did. He would have NO problem making an exception in this case!
No, mounting a female…Doctor…would not bother him. It was the "stipulations" as to HOW he was to breed the female that had him pacing nervously with his mane ruffed out in pent up aggression. As his cell opened and he prowled towards the lab, the male boomed his displeasure…he had no choice…Duprey's threat of castration would insure his obedience in this case where the pain of the slave collar would not.
The sweet coppery smell of blood was the first thing that Shadow noticed when he stalked into the lab. His nostrils twitched, taking in the subtle nuances of pain, fear and sex that swirled through the air. Wound into this heady mix was a spicy scent that ignited his brain and set fire to his maleness. So intoxicating was the rich miasma that the male did not even notice the bound woman's screams. His massive wedge shaped head DID turn as Dr. Destinie walked past him…she carried a whiff of that intoxicating scent with her…then his cold golden eyes returned to the struggling form of the captive researcher strapped to the exam table…THAT is where that…delicious… attractant was strongest.
The woman choked on her screams, then became oddly silent as Shadow reached her. Moving with a grace and speed which belied his size, the male jumped up onto the re-enforced table. Powerful hands and feet straddled the small, white body as his sensitive nose ghosted over soft ,blood streaked skin. That skin had been savagely whip scored. The use of a Cure had closed all of the open wounds, but red lines and welts still caused it to shiver and twitch as the tip of his hot tongue flicked out occasionally, tasting fear and the residual pain as the scientist's sweat mixed with sweet crimson. There. There…and oh YES…. THERE..! The long muzzle pushed between those wide spread, pinioned legs. It was ALL Shadow could do to NOT bury his tongue in those sweet lips. (Getting a taste was NOT worth loosing his balls over!) The female smelled as if she were in full heat!
A softly moaned "Oh Gods…no!" jerked the massive head up and gleaming golden eyes narrowed as the male tilted it to look between his arms, down the length of the body he straddled. He had turned in order to nuzzle into that small thatch of curled hair, and the woman was confronted with the sight of his fully engorged (lets face it…the captive Doctor smelled wonderful!) sex. In this form….even Ghost…the omega male of the Troop was much better…endowed… than a human male. An evil smile twisted Shadow’s lips as the whitecoat jerked at her restraints, bruising her wrists and ankles all the more. GOOD…let the bitch wallow in pain and fear like the Troop had for decades! The big male turned and seated his hot rump across the woman's hips effectively pinning her down with his great weight. She whimpered a little as he did this, he could imagine that the internal injuries caused by Duprey's brutal sodomy...although relatively healed…. were probably still very painful. The black straightened up, giving her a good solid view of a dominant male in his full glory (let her IMAGINE what that would feel like inside her!) and then opened his mouth in a threatening gape as he let his weight settle a little. The woman gasped and tried to shift under him…
Shadow leaned forwards, resting a large hand on either side of her weakly thrashing head. Massive jaws dipped and with powerful fingers immobilizing her face, the male delicately licked where Angel's hand had been on the soft cheek. Ummmmm, whatever the twisted researcher had put on this female TASTED as good as it smelled. He nuzzled the odd rounded ear,
"Please…don't…. WHAT? Hurt you? Like pleading EVER worked with you whitecoats!"
The captive jerked under him,
Her untruth was stopped by his enraged boom.
"Do NOT lie…I KNOW what you did to Ice…!"
Shadow's angry gaze was inches from hers’ and his hot golden eyes flew wide as the Doctor's face crumpled. There was no cruelty, satisfaction or even fear reflected out of those rather attractive green and gold eyes. No, as the woman tried to turn her face away from him, all he saw was a deep sorrow and soul crushing guilt. The pure misery and self loathing that laced her next whispered words had the beast's delicate ears flattening and his mane sucking in.
"Yes….I did…..I…didn't WANT….ah hell," The body under him shook with soft… defeated… sobs. "This is exactly what I deserve!"
Shadow lifted some of his weight off of her trembling form. He did not allow the female to turn away, he wanted to see her expression when/if she answered.
Tears slipped down her cheeks, wetting his rough fingers.
"I was afraid….Dr. Destinie w-w-w-would have attempted it with or without my h-h-help and would have purposely hurt Ice all the more."
The little woman gave a pathetic snort of sarcastic laughter as she tried to shift under his weight again.
"Angel p-p-romised if I did as they asked they wouldn't give me to T….Titan! I d-d-idn't ….Poor k-k-it…." The scientist was quietly crying as she closed her eyes tight. "Go ahead….d-d-do it! I might as well be as much a m-m- onster on the outs-s-side as I feel on the in."
Shadow blinked in confusion…this was NOT what he had expected! The male eased his weight up, wincing a little at the woman's quiet moan. The arousing scent still swirled around her and it was keeping his body pumped up and primed to breed. Still… without the anger to fuel him, the beast found he did not WANT to hurt the whitecoat. SHE was not the one responsible for the painful past. Gold eyes flicked to the glass window of the lab…sure enough, they were being watched. One finger reached out and carefully stroked across one of the long raised welts that marred the soft skin. He had no choice in this, it was better that the female be bred by him rather than his cruel brother. Shadow leaned forwards and his strong tongue cleaned the tears from her eyes. Her lashes fluttered as his warm breath tickled them.
"Little whitecoat…look at me."
Her odd colored eyes flashed open and Shadow hummed softly at the panic he saw there. The least he could do for her was ease her fears a little.
Holding her attention, the beast triggered his Change.
Marion kept her eyes firmly shut as the great beast eased his weight off of her. She could not completely stifle her moan as her bruised insides protested. GODS…the male was huge…Sharp teeth bit into already abused soft lips as the woman tried to keep from screaming in anticipation of the agony she knew was to come. The researcher had seen dominant male primates mount a female. They were not known to be gentle. Marion knew that this was going to be as bad as Duprey in its’ own way and in this form, Shadow would be her death! There was no hope that the beast would not be able to carry out his task. The fact that he had become erect the minute he smelled and tasted her told the scientist all that she needed to know. Angelique had mixed some kind of pheromones in that lubricant. Shadow was reacting as if she were in dead heat. At least it would all be over for her in a few hours. The Vet was pretty sure that the monstrous changelings had no awareness of what they once were. Of course, knowing this did not help her state of mind, here and now.
The Vet flinched when instead of the painful intrusion she was expecting, a warm, rough tongue swiped over her closed eyes. She opened them when Shadow demanded it not out of obedience but with a spark of anger.
Whitecoat!…Ice and Whisper had called her that at one time! Here… she was just specimen M. Damn it… she HAD a name! Marion opened her mouth to protest and froze as the body straddling her…. Changed.
Whisper drifted in a world of pain and sorrow. ALL of his insides burned as his body tried to heal and was impeded by silver poisoning. Each breath that was forced down his throat, sent a bolt of agony through his shattered chest. The helpless male was aware enough to know that a machine was doing his breathing for him. This created real panic in his mind. The only place he could be was a med lab. With the situation being what it was when he had blacked out, that meant he was in Duprey and THAT woman's hands. (oh yes…he REMEMBERED those two!) If left to his own devices, the white would have just quit pulling in life giving air…it wasn't worth it! Whisper made a supreme effort and dragged himself towards that world of fear and pain. Blunt fingers twitched, as he tried to demand that they reach up and pull out the damned tube that was irritating his throat…oh yes…. and keeping him alive. He could not lift his hands…he was being restrained…even his tail was immobilized. There was movement and the male could feel several people moving around where he lay. He cringed as hands touched him. Whisper pulled weakly at his bonds, fear and pain making his heart rate skyrocket, the beats becoming more erratic as he thrashed. GODS….he prayed that Shadow had killed Reno…because if the man were here…Whisper could not help him!
Long, thick, sooty lashes obscured deep amber as Shadow blinked. Marion just stared in shock. Mother Gia…if she had passed this man on the street, the woman knew she probably would have broken her neck trying to get a second look. The Vet had not seen Ice in her completely human form and Whisper seemed unable to push his transformation to totally human. This male, did NOT have this problem. The face that gazed intently back at her looked completely human right down to the ears that were well shaped with just a slight point. Thick, slightly wavy black hair, framed a face graced with a sculpted bone structure. Where Whisper had an almost delicate eldritch beauty, this male was very masculine. Broad high cheeks dropped in a straight plane to a wide, strong jaw. Thick black brows slanted up over those intense eyes which were wide spaced over a straight, slightly broad nose.
Shadow shifted slightly, drawing the scientist's attention unwillingly down that chiseled body. Powerful arms supported broad shoulders and a wide heavy chest, no fur there… but a glorious amount of curly black hair glistened across it in the light. That soft matt created a trail down tight abs and nestled between muscular thighs…Oh Gods….even as a man… THAT was intimidating! Oh …Oh… Oh…this SUCKED! Marion would have been VERY attracted to the male under different circumstances, but knowing he was going to force her, all she felt was a sickening anticipation of pain mixed with fear. The woman could not stop herself, she sucked in a frightened breath as Shadow shifted a strong thigh between shaking legs and settled back over her, easing himself to the side so that his weight wasn't resting directly on her sore midsection. Marion did NOT miss out on the fact that this gave the male open access to explore her trapped body, and also to squeeze his erection between her hip and his flat. hard belly. Shadow rumbled softly as he gave an odd roll of his hips evidently enjoying the friction. The were's heat enveloped her as he ran one large hand down her ribcage and the other cupped behind the back of her neck, immobilizing her head as teeth and tongue mapped out her ear.
A shudder ran over the Vet's petite frame at her body's reaction as those soft lips worked over her defenseless throat only to settle on her mouth, alternately nibbling and then licking with a warm, slightly rough tongue. Marion jerked at her restraints, mortified as at the same time, gentle fingers stroked across a breast coaxing a nipple into eager hardness.
"No… No… No….!"
Marion could not stop herself from begging….After what had just happened with Duprey… this just wasn't fair. …The Vet had made a study of primates and human anatomy had been a part of it.…she knew all about the nervous systems automatic responses to stimulation. Still, it felt like the ultimate betrayal to have her body warming up to something that her mind found abhorrent. The woman felt Shadow sigh against her mouth as she tightened her jaw and fought the restraints hard enough to draw blood. Bright gold dimmed as his inner eyelids flicked and the were pulled away a little. The hand stroking her breast traveled down to flatten lightly on her lower belly. He pressed carefully in a couple of places drawing a hiss from her as her bruised insides protested. That unwanted hand traveled lower still, causing the Vet to tense up as finger tips brushed through her curls and delicately touched the junction of her spread legs. Those full lips tightened into a thin line as Shadow released her neck and traced the path of a tear with one blunt finger.
"I am sorry. I know that your mind is unwilling, BUT…I must ask you to try and relax."
The male winced as Marion pinned him with a narrow eyed, venomous, indignant glare. Shadow lightly brushed a strong thumb over her soft, tightly closed lips, fingertips lingering for a moment where Duprey had bruised them.
"Hmmm…it is not my intent to seem insensitive to your situation. It is just a fact that I… like you… have no choice in this. It will hurt you a lot less if at the least, I can coax your… body… into accepting me.
A hard finger came up and tapped lightly on Marion's forehead.
"You human's think to much….close your eyes, and let your intellect go…elsewhere. Set your inner beast free and allow it to react instinctively to what I am doing. This is what coming into heat does for Troop females."
The woman found herself held captive by the…man's…amber gaze. She could not find the cold intelligence mixed with hot animal lust that had been there just moments ago. Desire still heated the gold (Angel's…application… had seen to that!) but when his other hand lightly brushed the Healed, but still painful area…between…that had been torn and bruised by Duprey's brutality, there was also compassion. Which… was overridden by pain as Shadow's body jerked, his soft whine muffled by tightly clamped lips. Green materia flashed in the ornate collar that was embedded in the flesh around his muscular neck, and Marion suddenly realized how Duprey was controlling the powerful male. An intercom crackled to life.
"Get a move on Shadow…I haven't got all day!"
Marion could not help but jump, just the sound of Duprey's voice made her want to crawl away to a dark corner! She turned her head to look at the lab's glass window. Ah…it stood to reason that the sick bastard (and bitch!) would be watching! Shadow growled softly bringing her attention back to him.
"Forget them! There is just you and me here…"
Marion could see the apology in Shadow's eyes as that handsome face dipped. His hot mouth again brushed her ear and there were words mixed into the rumble.
"Do not worry about becoming a monster…I am doing for you what Whisper did for the fiery one."
RENO!…he was talking about Reno….maybe….? His mouth closed over hers before she could say anything, but his lips moved in a smile as she forced herself to relax and allowed him to coax her lips apart. The woman worked very hard at keeping her mind blank as he thoroughly explored the inside of her mouth with that very strong tongue. Well… at least she tried to! (Damn it…she was a scientist…she could do this!) …. The totally inappropriate thought of… OH MY GODS, someone has taught this boy the fine art of kissing… kept pushing its way to the forefront. The usually calm, cool, and collected scientist found that she was breathless by the time Shadow was satisfied with his tasting of her.
Marion refused to close her eyes. She continued to watch as he shifted his attention to her body. The hot mouth worked along her collarbones and her body instinctively arched as lips nibbled and teeth lightly scraped along skin made hyper sensitive by the whipping it had received. Hers’ was not the only skin that carried the marks of abuse. Contrasting thin lines of creamy mocha crisscrossed Shadow's ebony, creating a rather stunning pattern. The researcher in Marion recognized the similarities to the silvery scars that Valentine carried. Gods…. What she was enduring paled in comparison to what this male had survived. Like HELL if she were going to give Angel and Duprey any more pleasure from her fear and pain or from forcing the male to do something he found…distasteful!
The scientist did not even try to suppress the soft moan that worked its’ way out of her as gentle fingers stroked along the juncture of her inner thigh. Marion got some satisfaction as those golden eyes flicked up, widened a little at her slight nod…. And …uh oh…soft amber was suddenly lit by flame. Something that had been tight and pained…relaxed in the beautiful visage, and something entirely different took its’ place. Oh SHIT….Shadow's lips lifted in a rather wicked smile and his head dropped, tracing a fiery path down her suddenly tense stomach. Marion sucked in a startled breath as that incredible tongue replaced the fingers. It was the last full breath she took for quite some time!
Vincent awoke to the concerned grey gaze of Abraham and his eldest demon quite literally sitting on his psyche. It took the ex-Turk a couple of seconds to orientate himself. He remembered losing his mental balance and starting that terrifying slide towards insanity, then nothing but a series of odd dreams. He had a feeling that Chaos had been stirring things around in his head, but did not complain as it seemed to have helped him regain his equilibrium. The gunman grumbled at his demon to back off, he was fine…. and tried to sit up. Only to be stopped by his other caretaker…crimson blinked as the Patriarch's mercurial eye's took on a slight glow.
"We are needed down in the lab…are you up to it?"
This was a very polite way for the old man to ask if he was still playing with a full deck. Not wanting to get arbitrarily shoved back into the depths of sleep…the ex-Turk relaxed and just nodded. Then was totally insulted when Abraham went over his head.
Vincent almost fought as the demon took temporary control…but stopped himself realizing he had no chance against his two mother hens.
This last was directed at Vincent alone.
The gunman watched as the molten look faded to grey. The old man nodded in satisfaction.
"Good…" One hand gestured eloquently towards a change of clothes that was laid on the chair. Damn….the gunman had to step down hard on the impulse to jump and obey. Then he changed his mind and did hurry to sit up at the Were's next words.
"Haste is needed, Reno is approaching saturation."
The gunman didn't have time to get apprehensive when they walked into the lab. Medical alarms filled the air with their strident beeps and Griffin was working with controlled haste, trying to calm a thrashing, delirious Whisper. The bartender looked up with almost panic in his dark eyes.
"Mother Gia.. Abraham… if he doesn't stop, he is going to tear up everything we put back together."
Vincent started forwards intending on giving them a hand holding the injured were down. Evidently the little trick the Patriarch had pulled on him could not be used on the young male. A hissing desperate voice stopped him in his tracks.
"YO…Val…get me OVER there!"
Reno's voice was hoarse and his red tattoos stood starkly out against his white, sweating skin. The Turk pulled hard against his own wrist restraints.
Griffin's attention jerked away from his struggling patient.
"NO…you have to keep still! To much movement and you take the risk that your spine will never heal."
Fever bright green glared at the ex-Turk as he froze in indecision.
"Gods be damned, Vince…once a Turk ALWAYS a Turk, I am asking as a brother, GET ME OVER THERE!"
The green flared to bright blue as Reno's Mako kicked in. The man was now twisting against his bonds with enough strength to break bones. The alarms reached a new level, Whisper's racing heartbeat becoming erratic and thready. The gunman could hear Griffin softly chanting
"...shit, shit, shit…NO Abraham…that'll kill him for sure!"
Chaos was leaving the decision to him, but the gunman could feel the ancient being's concern.
"FUCK…Please Vincent…"
Reno sagged helpless in his bed…
"If you have EVER in your screwed up life loved someone…please…!"
Memories flashed through the ex-Turk's mind, he HAD loved and the feeling of helplessness as she died while he lay trapped and helpless under Hojo's control would NEVER leave him. He didn't even think as gold flashed and the restraints were cut.
Valentine did try to jostle the redhead as little as possible as he cradled the lanky body and knelt so that Reno could reach the failing white.
Reno buried his hand in that creamy mane and pulled against Vincent until the man moved him close enough that his lips brushed one shell like ear.
"YO…big guy…ya gotta calm down. Shhhhh…. be still…everything's okay!"
The Turk's soft voice caught as the were continued to struggle, his movements becoming markedly weaker.
"Whisper, we are safe…these guys aren't whitecoats. One's a fricken bartender. The other…he's FAMILY!"
Vincent knew they were in trouble when Reno stiffened and then jerked in his arms.
Was all the Turk managed to choke out as the virus in his blood reached its’ saturation point….
The sound of the cell door opening pulled Yuffie out of a feverish nap. Honey eyes blinked as Shadow carried Marion in. She held totally still until the great beast set the woman down on shaky legs and then quietly left. The ninja got a great deal of satisfaction as her leap caught the little Vet by surprise and the woman hissed in pain as she was slammed down to the floor.
"You BITCH! I thought you liked Ice…How could you!"
Yuffie had been shaking the scientist but she made herself stop as Marion's glazed eyes rolled back. The simple shift that the woman was wearing opened a little and Yuffie jerked her hands back as she saw the welts and angry red marks that were only barely healed. As soon as she was released Marion curled herself into a little ball. The Vet did not make a sound but tears streamed in a constant flow down her pale face.
"Mother Gia….Marion…what happened?"
Careful hands lifted the thin cloth as the girl noted the blood, and other…things….that had streaked down Marion's back and more importantly…her legs. Surprisingly, the woman's front and between her legs had been scrupulously cleaned. Yuffie pulled back as there was a rustle of movement and Ice appeared next to her. Soft hands stroked the Vet and Yuffie was amazed at the gentleness in the golden female's touch as she examined between the woman's legs and carefully spread her buttocks to hiss in anger at the horrible bruising there. Marion flinched and wearily opened her eyes.
"She lied… Angel gave you to Titan anyways…didn't she?"
Marion bit her lips and shook her head.
Ice lifted her hand and delicately sniffed…a slight frown marred her fine features as she also sniffed at the gore on the woman's legs. Her lips pulled back in a nasty snarl and an almost silent growl shook her. Marion gave a quiet cry and tried to curl into a tighter ball as those long fingered hands pressed lightly on her belly.
"Duprey hurt you….and THEN gave you to Shadow?"
Marion was sobbing softly as she brokenly described what Duprey and Angel had done to her. Ice shook her head, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth as the woman hysterically insisted that she deserved it for hurting Ice and killing her baby. Yuffie had both hands around her muzzle as she stared at the abused scientist with wide, frightened eyes…Mother Gia! She was thanking the GODS that she was an infectious Changeling right at the moment. Ice hummed softly and shifted that little ball of Marion so that the woman was carefully cradled against her swollen belly. The remaining kits kicked and squirmed at the unfamiliar pressure. Ice's expressive hands effectively shut the scientist up.
"Do you feel that, Marion? These three are still alive because of YOU! I am sorry! It is selfish... but I am thankful that you are here with me. You did NOT deserve this and I am terribly sorry that my brother hurt you…"
The female laid down…not releasing her hold on the little Vet…one hand gestured for Yuffie to join them. As the Changeling folded herself around to envelope the scientist in a warm ball of Were, she caught an odd look of shame that flitted across the woman's tear streaked face.
Marion was already drifting into unconsciousness and may not have been aware as she softly murmured…"Beautiful….Shadow….ummm…s'not fair…. hurt…Oh Gods… good…!"
Vincent gritted his teeth as the body he held twisted and a muffled scream worked its’ way past Reno's clamped lips. The gunman flinched at the appalling sensation of the man's bones and muscles shifting. The Turk's very shape was warping in his arms. Both Galian and Chaos helped to steady and strengthen him as the gunman held firm, doing his best to keep Reno from thrashing around as he Changed. The Turk's spine needed to be as still as possible to give his newly activated healing factor a chance at fusing it back together.
It did not take long but seemed forever before the metamorphosis was complete. The Troop male that Valentine ended up holding was wiry, and tall. Reno's red tattoos had morphed into a mask that, along with the feathery slanted russet brows, gave the long wedge shaped head a raffish look. His soft golden fur was patterned with large, red rosettes and the heavy mane was the color of living flame.
Vincent was aware that Abraham had come over to this side of the bed and that the albino were's form was ominously still, the ruby eyes glazed and partially open.
Green eyes flashed open…then blinked…Reno evidently remembered Yuffie's change because he spoke carefully.
This last was a startled exclamation as a red and gold patterned tail snaked up over the edge of the bed and nestled itself into the curved fingers of a limp, white hand. Reno's muzzle gaped in a huge, fang showing grin as those fingers slowly closed over the end. The monitors shrill alarms started to abate. The Turk sought out Vincent's impassive face.
"So…YO…what do I look like!"
Valentine knew it was mean but he couldn't help himself.
"You have freckles….all over your body"
The body in his arms jerked as Reno tried to get a good look at himself. Vincent felt a tug at his hip and twisted to see five long prehensile toes get a grip on his holster.
"FRECKLES!…Oh man….that SUCKS!"
There was a slight movement from the bed and both men turned to catch a flash of ruby as Whisper opened his inner eyelids. The white managed a pained, wistful smile around his breathing tube. The hand that wasn't full of tail moved through a hesitant dance.
"Freckles….oh…I love freckles…."
Then the white relaxed and slipped back into a more restful sleep.
The toes released Vincent's holster and then were held up as their owner wiggled them.
"Hey…I can feel my feet!"
Abraham smiled and lightly laid his hand on the Changeling's shoulder.
"So you can….now…I think you have had enough excitement for the time being. You need to follow Whisper's example and get some rest."
"Yo…."Reno tried to wiggle out of the gunslinger's arms, alarm in his wide eyes…"I feel great…don't need to…ah man…don't!"
The Patriarch's powerful fingers dug into the pressure points he had been looking for.…and dominance rumbled in his quiet voice. "Sleep…."
Both of Vincent's brows arched as the Turk sagged into unconsciousness almost instantly. Reno was going to LOVE that! The old man met his astonished crimson gaze as he guided the two back over so that the redhead could be deposited back on his bed. Abraham's smile was almost wicked as he tucked the blankets around the Changeling's sleeping form.
"Welcome… to The Family, son."

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