The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 30

Marion stared, totally fascinated by the sample in her micron-scope. The first sample she had looked at had been packed full of the unique virus that the Were’s carried. Having intercourse with a male in beast form would be a literal death sentence if there were ANY type of tearing involved. The second sample though, it was very interesting to say the least. There was still virus present but at a much lesser density. Also…it had been altered by Whisper’s Change. This elegant form was bonded to the outside surface of the highly active sperm. It looked like nothing more than a killed or inactive virus one would find in a vaccine. Something even more interesting was the amount of antibodies packed into the pre-seminal fluid that was included in the sample. Rather than killing the mutated virus…the antibodies attached themselves and became dormant.
Just for curiosities sake…the Vet added a drop of her blood to the mix. She was disappointed when the virus mutated back to its highly virulent form the instant that it came into contact with her red cells. A part of her had hoped that a vaccine could be made for Yuffie using the Changed virus but evidently such wasn't the case. Marion sat back with a sigh and a rueful smile. Of course it wouldn't be THAT simple…surely the Shinra labs had access to a Changed sperm sample before. They had held the males of the Troop for YEARS.
"So…is Reno’s health being compromised by Whisper?"
The quiet male voice had the scientist practically jumping out of her chair…she did manage to choke the scream that tried to escape, off into a startled squeak.
"Mother Gia…Rude !"
HOW the big man could move so quietly boggled the woman’s mind. There was no telling how long the Turk had been standing behind…watching her before he revealed his presence. Marion turned in her chair and gave the man the best dirty look she could muster.
"Do you HAVE to sneak up on people like that?"
Rude’s shades gleamed back at her…and he gave a slight shrug as if to say…Well it is in the JOB description. Then the man settled back into his usual, uncannily still pose, and waited for her response. The Doctor rubbed slightly strained eyes…carefully formulating her answer.
"Tell Reno to be VERY sure there is no body fluid exchange when he is dealing with Whisper’s beast form. If that happens, well lets just say your partner will be screwed without the benefit! Even if they listen to what I said about um…positions…and follow basic safe sex precautions, there is still SOME risk to Reno with Whisper in his Changed form. They need to be extra vigilante against sperm to blood contact."
The big man gave a slight nod…then tilted his head as the intercom crackled to life letting the crew know they would be docking in twenty minutes. Marion stood up and stretched, her stiff back cracking and popping in protest. She brushed by the Turk, and was happy that her skin had stopped crawling every time she got near one of the Shinra assassins.
"If you will excuse me….I have to make sure my equipment is packed properly for transport."
Rude watched the little Vet leave with hidden eyes and then silently departed to make sure his partner was up and ready for duty. The big man would not admit it…but he was worried. Reno was not KNOWN for his common sense when it came to sex and his partner’s sharp eyes had seen no sign earlier of the condom that the redhead SHOULD have been using with Whisper!
Left alone on the table…no one was there to see one of the dormant antibodies surge to life on the slide as a white cell of Marion’s touched it. The antibody penetrated down to the hunter/killer’s nucleus. For a moment nothing happened, then the white cell’s DNA heliotrope untwisted and reassembled itself as the hunter cell… Changed. A moment later the altered cell split, creating an exact replica of its new form.
Valentine was making his way towards the command center when the ship wide intercom crackled to life.
"We'll be docking in twenty minutes people….get yer asses in gear!" Before the device clicked off he also heard…. "Just a shitten minute…Ice. DAMN…Where in the HELL are ya fricken coming up with these?"
The gunslinger stepped through the heavy door and ground to a halt…crimson eyes widening. Cid was at his usual post, hands on the helm, legs braced as he automatically made adjustments to their course. Every spare surface of the big ship’s wooden wheel was festooned with yellow post-it notes. Ice was sitting at the pilot’s feet, slightly turned towards him, as she watched Cid’s tired face with avid interest. Her long tail was coiled up one of the man’s legs. Gold glimmered in red as the demon ridden man noticed one of the Captain’s broad hands drop down to absently adjust the flicking tip away from his ass. Evidently Yuffie had NOT been exaggerating when she complained about the dexterous appendages having a mind of their own!
Vincent started walking only to trip over nothing as Highwind’s soft, rough voice reached him.
"….and that's why women only have two fricken boobs."
Two pairs of blue eyes turned towards him as he recovered. The arctic blue ones widened a little in apprehension. The one’s that matched the sky narrowed and sparked. Highwind seemed even more ill than he had been that morning. His face was very drawn and pale, and the shadows under his eyes were darker. There was a major difference though. When he had seen the Captain in the galley, the man would NOT look him in the eye …NOW…Cid was positively glaring at him! Vincent cringed a little on the inside. Everybody seemed to be upset with him this day. The Turks were avoiding him like the plague, Cloud had made himself practically invisible and Yuffie had not said one word to him since breakfast. That in itself had to be a record of some kind! Still….Valentine steeled himself….ANYTHING was better than the apathy that he had witnessed from Cid in the galley. This man most certainly had the right to be pissed at him after last night’s experience with Chaos! Vincent had no problem taking whatever his friend decided to dish out.…he deserved it.
The gunman watched as Highwind carefully disengaged that long tail from around his leg.
"Hey…why doncha go and make sure the damned brat doesn't need some help packing?"
The prehensile tip coiled lightly around Cid's wrist as Ice slowly stood up, glanced at Vincent and then peered closely at the Captain’s wane face. The hand strayed out and ruffled Ice’s cinnamon mane.
"Ah hell…I'm fine…Vince can keep me awake till we dock. You go on ahead and git yer pretty self ready ta leave."
Again Valentine found himself the object of a wintry glance and then the Were was standing by him, one hand on the rail.
Cid’s voice cracked out.
"HEY…. don't need a flippin heart attack…use the fricken STAIRS…!"
Ice stifled a smile and trotted lightly down the steps.
The ex-Turk watched her for a moment, then turned back to his friend, one elegant brow lifting as he saw the man pluck the little notes off of his helm. Cid had a bemused smile on his face as he carefully stacked the pieces of paper, and then slipped them into his breast pocket to rest next to his pack of smokes. The smile disappeared the minute that Ice was off of the deck. Cid did not look his way…the pilot ran his blunt fingers through his hair and Vincent did not miss the slight grimace as that hand ended up rubbing the back of his neck.
Vincent closed his eyes….GODS he wished he could just crawl back into his coffin…
"Cid…I know what happened last night was my fault…it was monstrous…and…"
The same hand shook slightly as it removed the smoke from between tight lips as the pilot sighed.
"Valentine…I fricken realize that your life has been one gods be damned, long, cluster fuck…ya got the right to be angry at the fricken Gods, Shinra, Chaos, Hojo…CRAP, the whole shitten universe. I don't blame ya fer trying ta bury yourself last night. SHIT…ya have the right ta hate what was done to ya, even to hate what ya are!"
Both of Cid’s hands were back on the helm but this did not stop him from looking at the ex-Turk out of slightly haunted blue eyes.
"No matter what ya shitten think, I DON'T see a fricken monster when I look at ya and I didn't see any monsters last night. HELL…that bat winged bastard was just doing what he fricken thought had to be done! If Chaos WAS the total monster you think he is….He would not have settled for playing with my damned mind…he'd of shitten raped me an left my bleeding, DYING body ta fricken greet ya when ya came outta hiding!"
The blonde head dipped down, the blue releasing the crimson as the pilot tiredly rubbed his cheek against a tense shoulder. Strong hands gripped the helm hard enough that the wood gave a complaining creak. Vincent watched, frozen in total fascination as the tight muscles in the Captain’s broad back rolled under his thin shirt.
"Still…I'm not here ta try and convince ya of that. No…If ya want ta believe yer a fucking monster…well that's yer right too! BUT….!"
One hand snapped down on the controls that set the aircraft to hover and Valentine suddenly found his personal space being violated by a totally pissed off blonde.
"If I EVER see Ice that flippin upset again by something YOU let outta your Gods be DAMNED unthinking mouth…!"
The demon’s anger rumbling to life in his head did NOTHING for the gunman’s mental balance as he tried to figure out just exactly what he had done. The fact that the words were underscored by the Galian’s deep growl did not bode well.
The Captain's flushed face was inches from Vincent’s. A work hardened finger stabbed the gunman in the chest as the man totally disregarded the gold that had flared to life in the demon ridden man’s red eyes as he continued without taking a breath.
"…I promise I will shove my foot so far up yer ASS that CHAOS will be tasting fucking boot leather for a shitten week!"
Totally clueless as to how he had upset Ice, Vincent stepped back trying to put some distance between himself and the angry man.
Highwind’s hand fisted into his shirt and yanked him closer.
"Oh no you don't… ain't fucking going NOWHERE until I'm fricken finished with ya!"
The pilot froze but did NOT let go when it was Chaos' rough voice that pushed out of Vincent’s mouth.
Cid gave the ex-Turk’s stiff body a little shake…then released his hold to run a hand over his tired face.
"You ain't no fucking better than he is… ya prick. I expect this kinda shit from Vamp here. But YOU….What with ALL of yer shitten power ya couldn't stop dumb fuck here from making an ass outta the both of you!"
Vincent silently cheered at the flyer’s returned spunk when the man did not back down from hotly glowing gold eyes and a snarl that exposed elongated canines. He did put the brakes on one very outraged demon as he pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers and took a page out of the Captain’s book.
"Damn it Chief!…It would fucking help if we knew just what the HELL we did!"
Cid drew himself up to his full height (which still put his eyes considerably lower than Vincent‘s) as two fingers dipped into his pocket to pull out three post-it notes.
"Mother fucking Gia…Vincent ya gotta be more shittin careful what ya say around Ice. The sweetling doesn't flippin THINK the same way we do AND she is fucking hormonal to boot!"
Vincent just frowned as he studied the little notes about monsters. He did not understand why this would upset the pregnant female to the point of setting the Captain off. A soft sigh drew his attention back to Cid who lit a cigarette and handed him one last little note. The gunner hissed softly as what Highwind was trying to get across sank in.
"Vince…the poor little thing came in here totally convinced you were gonna kill her fricken babes before they even drew their first breath!"
"What….?" The ex-Turk felt like he had been kicked in the guts.
"Hell Cid…I was worried about not hurting Yuffie’s feelings…I didn't even think…"
"Yeah…that's just it… ya didn't fucking th…" The Captain stopped mid sentence and an odd expression crossed his mobile face.
"AH NO…. Vince…don't shitten tell me that ya made that flippin crack about monsters in front of the damned brat? Ya poor dumb bastard!"
Vincent sagged…
"Oh gods…Chaos… we are so screwed."
Duprey aimed the rifle at the shrieking, snapping, foaming at the mouth… THING ….that had been the buxom blond. A stroke of the trigger embedded a dart loaded with silver nitrate into its’ neck. It screamed…reared up onto its crooked hind legs and was dead before its shuddering body hit the floor. As the scientist watched the monster twitch its last, he breathed a silent thanks that he had NOT given into the desire to strap Shadow’s beast form down to an exam table for the purpose of rape. Evidently the virus COULD transmit through mucus membranes when the were-beasts engaged in sex.
Titan had followed his orders to the letter as the scientist led a quick raid on an isolated farm. The great black beast had earned the reward of an obedient Second. Bernard had slathered the lube on thick and been damn sure that Titan had not torn the screaming bitch (oh yes…the blonde had still been able to scream quite nicely when she had felt the huge black settle over her back!)when he mounted, then thrust himself inside her immobilized body. Duprey had found himself with an almost painful erection as he watched and imagined himself abusing Titan’s smaller black brother in much the same way. Being ever cautious, the man had made himself wait. Much to his disappointment, the specimen had gone through a second generation Change just hours after the beast finished with her. He would not have the pleasure of breaking Shadow in this way.
None of the men that they had snatched in last night’s farm raid had the strength of will that made breaking a male so exquisite…he would just have to pick another cunt out of the group for his nightly entertainment. The scientist was NOT interested in men unless it was brutal rape that was involved. He had not realized how incredible the taking of a strong, helpless man was until he had first …experimented ( a dry chuckle here at the use of that word!) on some of Hojo’s "specimens." Bernard had discovered that unwilling males responded with GREAT vigor to the humiliation and pain of an unwanted penetration. Something about hearing a strong man scream and beg while he drove himself into their tight passage was even more satisfying then when he abused a female. Plus…. there was the added bonus that if he wanted to…he could make the unwilling male’s body enjoy the painful intrusion whether it wanted to or not!
This was a vice that he lovingly accredited to Hojo. He would never have known the joy of slamming into a writhing, screaming, bleeding male piece of meat if the head of research had not actively encouraged it with Sergeant and ultimately, Project V. Hojo had perfected his ability to torture and rape at the same time, to an art form with the doomed Turk. When the scientist had tired during those protracted sessions he would allow the mako enhanced Bernard to step in so that the strapped down, shuddering specimen had no reprieve. The twisted Doctor had taught his willing apprentice every trick in the book required to wrest screams from an unwilling throat.
Just for a moment the man indulged himself while he replayed his greatest conquest over in his mind. Granted…the winged one had never screamed or begged… it had snarled and cursed in a language that had been dead for millennium…the rapist had not needed a translator to figure out that he was just so much bleeding meat if the creature EVER got out of its chains.! Still…. Fear and the ego rush of mounting such a being had made it the ride of his life!….Duprey idly wondered if Angelique knew the formula of the mix that Hojo had used to immobilize Vincent’s powerful Chaos form.
DAMN…these thoughts were not helping the situation in his pants any at all! The scientist directed Shadow to bag the monster’s body and take it to the freezers. He knew he had better go pick a woman from the new specimens when he found himself watching that powerful, tailed ass, and wondering how many condoms it would take to keep his humanity (such as it was) safe.
It was a stunned and quiet group that stood in front of the old Shinra mansion bathed in the late afternoon sun. Reno grinned with anticipation as he nudged his silent partner in the ribs. The Turks were not surprised…they knew what Rufus Shinra could accomplish when he threw his diminished but still considerable influence, power, and MONEY into a Project that he wanted done! The two Were’s were silent mainly from apprehension. Ice in particular was having a hard time trusting that there weren't steel and leather restraints, pain, and inescapable cells in that huge building. The rest were just amazed at the dilapidated building’s sudden transformation. The usually undemonstrative Cloud whistled softly, running his hand through his spikes as he tilted his head up to take in the fresh paint, new windows, rebuilt walls and roof all decorated by elegant cornices and trim. The grounds had been cleaned up, and manicured to the point that they looked like a luxury park clear back into the forest. Even the high wrought iron security fence that covered the acres of the estate had been stripped of rust and freshly painted. A large field to the back of the house had been converted into landing pad that could accommodate helicopters and with some careful maneuvering and cursing from her Captain…one large airship. Shinra’s remaining work crew was scuttling back and forth, unloading equipment and supplies before they took their final leave.
"Holy shit!"
Cid had left his crew to finish supervising the unload and joined the little group as they gathered on the marble steps in front of the huge, ornately carved wooden front doors. Vincent frowned a little at the pilot’s exhausted appearance.
"Highwind…don't you think you should be in bed?"
Cid switched his smoke from one side of his mouth to the other and leaned Venus Gospel casually against his shoulder.
"Don't get yer damned tail in a twist."
Vincent had to stifle a smile as Whisper’s head jerked around looking for said tail. Ice just looked smug.
"I'll hit the flippin sack as soon as I'm damned sure there's no fricken Shinra lab bullshit goin on with you and the kids!"
The gunman nodded slightly then reached to open the door…only to step back with his hand on Cerberus as the thick oak swung silently open seemingly on its' own! The svelte older man on the inside of the entryway, glanced down at the impressive gun on his guest’s hip then up at the intimidating form of the ex-Turk with an impassive face. He gave a graceful half bow and one slender hand swept around inviting the group in.
"Welcome to Shinra estates Master Valentine….I am Abraham…your Premier Valet."
The quiet man stepped back allowing the group entry. A petite redheaded woman came forward and gave a little nod as she was introduced as Elizabeth, the estate’s housekeeper and cook. It seemed that Rufus was sparing NO expense when it came to making sure everyone was kept comfortable. Vincent said nothing as he made a note to himself to personally check the backgrounds on the two. He knew that Tseng would have already done this but the head of the Turks ALWAYS had an agenda! Then his crimson eyes flew wide as he took in his surroundings. From its' gleaming hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, sweeping banisters and high crown moldings to the softly glowing wood paneling and rich curtains, the interior of the old mansion had been returned to its original glory. There was a soft chuckle deep in his mind.
His head snapped around as Yuffie growled…
"Hey hands off old man….nobody touches my stuff but ME!"
The girl ignored the startled look on the man servant’s face as she snatched her bag and ran up the wide stairs.
“WOW…I'm gonna pick us the BEST room…."
The group could hear the girl’s squeals of delight along with a lot of door slamming and banging. The ex-Turk had to admit that Rufus had picked one of the best when Abraham…his quiet face already schooled back into a serene expression, cleared his throat and insisted that the rest of the group go up and pick their rooms. He would bring their bags up later.
Cid followed Ice up the stairs…not because he needed to find a room (he would sleep on the ship) but because the silent female had wrapped her tail around his wrist in insecurity and the Captain had no problem giving her some moral support. They checked out a couple of very nicely furnished rooms but the pilot kept her looking until they found a small room very high up towards the attics. It was simply furnished, the man could see that it had a private bath, but what made Ice’s tail release him, was a tall window nook that opened out to a balcony. The view from here took in the estates' gardens, and the open fields leading to Neibelhiem’s deep forest.
Highwind settled down on the bed as the female explored the little room with evident pleasure. There was one tense moment when Ice opened the bathroom and saw the large whirlpool tub. The Captain had to make a quick jump and grab as the female bolted for the door. It took him a few minutes to convince the shaking female that the tub was NOT a submersion tank but was for the pleasure of a relaxing soak. He left her in there happily playing with the knobs and turning on the hot and cold water as he lay back on the bed. DAMN… Rufus had spared no expense…this was SOOO comf….
The breeze coming in the window was cool and the night sky ablaze with stars when the blonde jerked out of a sound sleep. SHIT…he had crashed and burned! Ice must have just let him sleep rather than insist upon claiming her bed. HELL…the man dragged himself upright. He needed to find the golden Were and get her settled into bed. She needed her rest!
The mansion was very quiet as Cid wandered the halls looking for the female. The soft sound of music finally led him to the refurbished ballroom. Ice was standing by one of the tall windows looking out as she swayed slightly to the rhythm of the old time waltz. She smiled when she saw the blonde and her hands danced. Then she shrugged as he caught them in his own work roughened hands.
"Sorry doll…still don't speak fricken hand!" The Captain turned her and slid one hand down to span her narrow waist. "Hey…I'm not the shitten best at it, but would ya like ta fricken dance?" At her confused look he grinned…."Just relax and follow along with me!"
It took the flyer a couple of times around the floor before he remembered all of the steps to the simple waltz. The female easily followed his lead and by the time the first song ended and the second began, her lips had quirked up and her arctic eyes were shining. The Captain’s sixth sense went off at the same time as his ears picked up a sound that was imprinted into his soul…the gentle rustling of leathery wings being folded. There was a hard tap on his shoulder.
"Ah HELL Ice…that bat winged bastard is behind me…isn't he?"
The female gave him a sweet smile and nodded as she came to a stop.
Chaos' talon-ed hand came into view and Cid found himself spun around.
The pilot hastily removed his hand from Ice’s slim waist.
"Be my guest…."
To the blonde’s utter amazement, the demon slipped a hand around HIS waist and whisked him across the dance floor. The pilot staggered the first few steps (after all…he was used to leading) but the Dark One’s strength steadied him until he found the rhythm.
Cid’s heart sped up not in fear but, much to his consternation, in anticipation as the elegant head dipped and warm breath brushed his ear.
Strong arms tucked him in closer as they glided along the floor and Highwind remembered the heat and pleasure that the graceful body pressed against his had given. Ah Hell….
"Damn it Chaos…I am not fricken gay!"
Gold eyes flared with amusement.
Cid was going to flat deny that he had LIKED any of what the demon had done (NOT done) but a quick dip, the brush of hot lips against his mouth and a soft nudge as a velvet wing stroked across his front had the words dying in his throat. He frantically grabbed at straws…
"Ah fuck….Chaos… Isn't Ice yer mate?"
A chuckle rumbled in the deep chest…
OKAY…Cid knew his mouth was hanging open but he just didn't care. The demon snickered and disengaged as Ice reached up with a soft hand to gently close his mouth before her mate whisked her away across the dimly lit floor. When the Captain did get his mind working again it was only to notice how beautiful the pair was as the ancient winged being led the graceful female through the intricate steps of a dance that had fallen into shadows many millennium ago.

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