The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 27

Holy FUCKING mother Gia! Duprey dodged as he activated Titan’s collar for what seemed like the hundredth time. The huge beast crashed to the floor, writhing and twitching. The man had figured that this Troop male would be the easiest to condition. Shadow (who was crouched obediently in his assigned place, quietly watching as his brother was tortured) was infinitely more intelligent than the huge creature that lay prostrate and panting at his feet. The scientist knew from the odd…calculating…. look that occasionally passed through THAT brother’s steady gold eyes, that he would always have to keep an eye on the cunning animal’s activities. Titan though…he operated more on the beast level. The great male reacted more out of instinct than intelligence and Bernard had taken that into account when he designed the slave system. The simple concepts of punishment and reward… SHOULD be all he needed to bring the bruiser into line.
The doctor warily watched as the black creature again pulled himself back up to all fours. The Were just stood for a moment panting, globs of foam splattering out from between the straps of his muzzle. Titan’s slightly glazed gaze shifted, alternating between his silent brother, who had made no move to help or hinder him, and the Whitecoat who brought him down every time he tried to attack. Something glimmered in those lurid yellow eyes and then the great male settled back on his rump, and folded his long toes. The black sucked in his mane, flattened his ears and gave an odd roll of his head, exposing his soft, bloodied, collar clad throat instead of trying to launch himself in another attack. FINALLY…the scientist took a deep satisfied breath and ran his hand over that heavy wedge shaped head. Titan shuddered but held his position. Taking a risk the Scientist unbuckled the heavy leather and steel muzzle and carefully slid it off of the long narrow jaw. He was very careful to avoid the sticky saliva that drooled from the creature’s overheated mouth.
The black flattened his ears and rolled his head again, allowing the man to scratch at his neck where those massive jaws hinged. One yellow eyes inner eyelid flicked half closed in tentative pleasure. GOOD….Now, if the beast followed orders and completed a few simple tasks with no problems, Duprey would be sure to encourage the desired behavior by offering a reward that the great beast would truly appreciate. The man intended to be sure that Titan witnessed him… as this Troops' Alpha… fucking the blonde, then the big black would be the only Troop male that the scientist would allow to mount her also. The reward of slaking his lust in the sweet heat of a female would serve to reinforce Titan as Duprey’s Second. This in turn, would guarantee that the huge black would stand with his human Alpha against his brother if ever Shadow needed to be put in his place. A few lessons along these lines and Bernard would have a deadly team of killers at his beck and call!
Whisper watched, more than a little apprehensive, as Reno took a couple of minutes to gather up a few items he felt they would need. The redhead placed a tube of lubricant and a couple of clear plastic sample cups on the dresser beside the bed. When the man slipped into the bathroom, the White succumbed to his curiosity and squeezed a little out of the container onto his fingers. The Were wasn't absolutely sure what this clear…silky feeling… gel was for…but OH…it did feel…interesting! A shiver of anticipation mixed with more than a little fear, made the fur on his body lift and then settle. Whisper had no clue as to how Reno was going to…attain…the samples they needed. Hell…the Were was nervous enough that he just knew that he was going to have problems… Changing… into his human form. The beast ALWAYS dominated in times of stress!
The White, like all of his brothers, had felt the stirring of sexual desire when he came of age. (although it was not alluring females that triggered HIS libido!) While in the labs…none had been allowed to breed except for the incident with Shadow’s unfortunate mate. Whisper had not participated in that rough and bloody gang mating so, other than in the vagueness of his dreams, he had never actually experienced the act. (the PROCEDURE to procure a sperm sample…certainly didn't count!) Any attempt at self gratification in captivity had been met with broken fingers.
What Reno had done with him so far had been VERY pleasant, but the young male was not sure about taking the experience all of the way. Until he had seen what Chaos had done to Ice, Whisper had been under the impression that in most instances, the individual getting bred experienced terrible pain. (Shadow’s poor love had died a broken and screaming thing, and Titan had most certainly experienced a lot of pain the time that Steel, with the help of his dominant team, had forcibly pounded his dominance into the largest brother by driving into the lower ranked, PINNED males' sensitive anal passage.) OR… as in the female Troop members case, sex was just something to be tolerated. The Alpha’s grind was a fact of life that they had no choice except to lift their soft parts to him and accept. It LOOKED as if the dominant truly enjoyed the act.…but Whisper knew that HE was not the dominant here.
Reno reappeared with a couple of towels in hand. The Turk stopped and solemnly studied the expression on the Albino’s long face as the male surreptitiously rubbed his broad thumb in slow circles over his slicked fingers. The beast looked up, and swallowed against a suddenly dry mouth. His thumb stopped mid-stroke as he saw his Alpha’s pale eyes sensually hood themselves and become shadowed.
Reno had been formulating a plan of action as he gathered together a few items he wanted to have right on hand. The redhead did not want to be interrupted once he had started this dance. It was very important to the man that Whisper be totally enthralled with him by the day’s end. The Turk was sexually attracted to a lot of people….his reputation was one that was earned. He NEVER got emotionally involved with those he bedded though. Love them and leave them, that was the prescribed Turk way.
Somehow though, this big, innocent, not quite human, young male had managed to work himself right under the Turk’s notoriously thick skin. (HELL…if Reno was being honest with himself…which he wasn't…he would have acknowledged that the White had penetrated clear down through to his iron clad heart!) The man knew that sooner or later the naïve Troop male would find out exactly what being employed as a Turk entailed. The creature would then know that Reno was more a monster than Whisper could ever be.
The small part of the hardened Turk that wanted someone to love him and NEEDED a lifeline out of the sea of blood that his ruined soul was drowning in, clung to the desperate hope that the Were would become totally enraptured with him. By the time the extent of the monstrosities the man had committed in Shinra’s name were revealed, MAYBE, Whisper would be able to still love the empty, bloody handed husk that Reno knew he had become.
LOVE….Reno looked at his pale sharp features in the bathroom mirror…Long slender fingers balled into fists. What the HELL was he doing? The Turk had been subconsciously trying to figure out a way to bed the white Were since that innocent, erotic kiss down in Deepground. He had come close the first morning on the ship. Ice's misadventure with the peanut butter had probably saved him a huge dressing down from Tseng. Turks were not allowed to get personal with any subject they were assigned to guard. All one had to do was look at Valentine to see where THAT could lead.
The Second had always been a total professional when it came to the responsibilities of his job. Fine, pale hands started to shake as Reno rested his weight on the sink, looking deep into the pale green eyes staring back from the mirror. They narrowed and then flashed vivid blue as his emotional turmoil triggered a mako storm. To HELL with it! He had given everything he was to being a Turk….all he received in return was his paycheck and a partner whom he loved and respected. Even this was tainted though, Reno knew that Rude would kill him if the order was ever given. It was what HE would do if the roles were reversed. Such was the reward for being a Turk.
Thin lips parted in a rather nasty smile as the man had a sudden epiphany. Dr. Beckett had unknowingly given him a godsend. Shinra labs desperately needed these samples… so… TECHNIQUELY he was just doing his JOB! Tseng could find no fault with that! Reno snatched up a couple of towels and slipped back into the bedroom where Whisper was patiently sitting on the bed with his dexterous toes folded and his long tail restlessly slithering around.
The Turk had deduced that Whisper was probably very inexperienced with sex….he expected to see anticipation, even nervousness on the White male’s long face when he approached the bed. What he hadn't counted on, was the look of true fear in those jewel like ruby eyes as the male watched him advance. It brought the man up short with surprise, disappointment and a little bit of anger coiling in his belly. Fear was something Reno had incorporated into sex many times…it could be a true aphrodisiac. BUT… he had no intention of going down that road with this lover. The White flinched, inner eyelids flicking in reaction as the Turk’s voice was unintentionally harsh with suppressed emotion.
"YO…Whisper… are you afraid of me?"
The White gave an almost imperceptible nod.
Reno was confused and getting upset.
The confusion gave way to disbelief as the young male haltingly filled the experienced man in on his rather limited knowledge of sex. Reno sank down to sit on the edge of the bed. His confusion flashed to anger as Whisper described the forced gang mating of Shadow’s love and the fact that from what he had witnessed, sex seemed to be a rather painful affair for the partner on the…receiving…end.
Reno just stared at the adult Were seated next to him. ALL males had needs, this was something the redhead knew for a fact. He found it hard to believe that this healthy young male had NEVER experienced any type of sexual pleasure.
A pink tongue slipped out to wet dry lips then Reno made himself ask.
"Haven't you ever…you know…taken care of things yourself?"
At the lifting of feathery, cream brows, Reno brushed his fingers gently over the bulge in his own pants.
"YO…you know… flown solo?"
Scarlet eyes widened and Whisper jerked his hands up. That long, broad tongue licked his fingers in remembered pain even as soft lips wrinkled at the taste of the residual lubricant still there.
"NO…the white coats would break our fingers if they caught us doing that!"
The Turk shut his eyes and had to swallow three times before he trusted his mouth to not scream when he opened it.
Gentle hands caught the broad talon-ed ones and eased them down to rest in Whisper’s lap. The great male froze. Strong fingers carefully opened the Were's pants and drifted down to rest lightly on soft, shell pink flesh.
"First thing Whisper, I will NOT hurt you. If you become uncomfortable with ANYTHING that I do…YO… you tell me and I WILL stop! Second,…this…" one long finger delicately stroked and pale eyes held the panic filled red.
"This… is YOURS! To do with what you want in the privacy of our room. That includes rubbing, stroking, squeezing, and I dare say in this beast form…even licking if you so desire. NOBODY here has the right to deny you the pleasure of you own body!"
That errant finger traveled down and made slow sensual circles through pale silken curls only to shift and lightly brush over the hot velveteen skin of Whisper’s sack. The Were’s Changed body might be that of a beast right at the moment but what he was packing between his muscled thighs was very human in shape and substance.
ALTHOUGH….red brows flared up….. What his hand was lightly stroking over, one manicured nail tracing the length of a thick vein, was quite a bit longer and thicker than that of an average man. Reno’s voice thickened as a shudder passed over the White, causing the creamy mane to lift and then fall.
"You do find this… pleasant….Yo?"
That teasing hand stopped and started to withdraw, fingers lightly dancing over shell pink skin that was rapidly deepening to rose..
Whisper made a soft sound deep in his chest and the man’s stormy gaze flicked up as a strong grip closed over his wrist holding his pleasure giving hand in place. The odd expression on the other male’s face startled a genuine laugh out of the redhead…something he very rarely did. The fear was fading from those bloody eyes. As a matter of fact, pleasure had them half lidded. The very end of Whisper’s broad tongue had slipped out from between his closed lips. It QUIVERED as Reno encircled the thick base under his palm and gave a it light squeeze. The hand slid over and tickled the sensitive spot on the inside of a velvet thigh, surprising a small chuckle out of the White. This modulated into a moan as one finger trailed down to stroke the soft spot nestled between the heavy sack and that pink sweet spot. Reno was known to be a little evil. At that soft sound he froze….
"YO….I am not hurting you am I?" The magic hand pulled back. "If ya want me to stop, just say so!"
The wide eyed look that the White threw him was almost… frantic.
Cid startled awake, the spinning wheel cracking into his shoulder as the great ship caught an errant wind and heeled hard over to port.
He was having real difficulties staying awake! It took the man a moment of wrestling the wheel to bring the big girl back on course. Once he had the spirited ship again under his steady control, the blonde rolled his very stiff neck (evidently the muscle crushing grip that Chaos had used there had been a part of his nightmare experience that was very REAL) and stifled a yawn. The blonde sheepishly gave his helm a little apologetic pat for the name calling. After all, it wasn't the airships' fault that HE was having a rough time of it.
Flying the Neibelhiem mountains was tough on a good day. The fact that he was operating with no pillow time in the last thirty some odd hours AND the weather was being its usual squirrelly self as they eased over the peaks, was making this run very unpleasant. The Captain had several crew members that he trusted to pilot his ship on regular runs but none of them had the experience necessary to fly safely through the dangerous wind currents this area was known for. He was just going to have to cowboy up and tough the rest of this day out.
Cid’s Cerulean gaze settled on the relaxed back of his navigator, and his expressive mouth twisted a little. Damn it….the man should have noticed the ship was wandering and alerted him to it. Hell, there was NO reason HE had to be the only person on the command deck having a bad day.
The Captain grinned as that relaxed body jerked to attention with its' back ramrod straight.
"Why doncha make your fricken useless self indispensable? (yea I can use shitten big words too!) Chart us a damn course that avoids some of this fuckin turbulence! THEN…shag yer ass down to the damned galley and make me a pot of tea, preferably one with a gods be damned kick to it!"
As the man's fingers flew over his console, a bright reflective light flickered from one of the forested slopes the big ship was sailing over. Cid leaned forwards, sharp eyes trying to discern detail, but in an instant it was gone. What the hell was that? The gleam had almost looked like the flash of sunlight on a rifle scope. Cid knew this wild section of mountains was uninhabited. One broad hand ran through his hair to rub absent mindedly at the sore muscles in his abused neck. Hmph…probably was just a friggin hunter or something. Still…more ut of habit than anything…the man automatically logged the anomaly.
A whisper of movement drew Highwind’s tired gaze. Ice was hesitating in the entrance to his deck, and at Cid’s congenial nod, she slowly entered, her pale gaze fixated on the panoramic view that the glass and steel dome provided. The blond frowned as he took in the golden female’s slouched posture and flattened ears. Hell…the pretty little thing looked down right depressed. The Were tilted her head, studying the framework that supported the glass observation dome. Then…Cid’s heart leaped up in his throat and stuck there as with quick hands, feet, and a tail the female propelled herself UP…until she could settle her rump on a cross beam and lean against the thick glass to look out. All the man could see of her was the outline of her heavy mane and the thick tail that dropped to twist and curve lazily in the open air. As the female watched the forested slopes pass under them, that expressive tail slowly stopped moving and just drooped. Cid remembered that when the creature sucked her mane in, and it was most definitely tightened flat now, it meant that she was distressed.
Highwind’s rough voice stopped the crew member as he headed down to obey his Captain’s last order.
"Be damned sure to make that a big pot. I am sure Ice will want some too!"
Cid tried to hide the warm fuzzy feeling that rolled through him as the female moved slightly, lowering her head so that a sliver of light caught the gleam of pale silvery blue as she glanced his way out of the corner of one tilted eye. Ice’s silken lips lifted a little in an almost smile. That was better….there was NO reason any one other than him on the command deck had to be having a bad day.
Rude stood outside the closed door to his room. The quiet Turk had been Reno’s partner for a very long time. He was comfortable with the fact that his red headed boss was a randy thing. The man ALWAYS seemed to have a bit of tail lined up (although this was the first time that the term tail… was literal!) and it didn't really matter if it was male or female. They had been roommates almost from the beginning, so the dark man was used to seeing the different faces that Reno took into his bed. The younger man was a bit of an exhibitionist and there was little that was secret between the two partners. HELL, the big man had a standing invitation from his rather perverted partner to observe anytime he chose. AND… he had chosen to watch and even participate on more than a few occasions. There was a little bit of a voyeur in Rude. Just the act of WATCHING what his boss could do to a lover was an incredible turn on. Reno had elevated the bedroom skills that all Turks were taught into a true, rarified art form. When on assignment, if this was the type of torture he chose with a person that they had to "question," the victim almost always talked…well more like, screamed, moaned, writhed…BEGGED, you get the picture!
Still, Rude just stood at the closed door with his head cocked and the eyes behind his shades half lidded. Reno very rarely took a lover for more than one night. Rude was as close as he got to having a life partner. Attachments were dangerous in their profession, to them and to anyone they chose to get close to. Reno was the consummate professional in that his co-workers were off limits, (even with all of the innuendo and teasing the red head never followed through) and he did NOT develop emotional bonds with the subjects they were assigned to kill, or protect. (ALL you had to do was look at Valentine to see where THAT could lead!) At least, that had been the case until now.
A soft sigh escaped full lips as Rude rested his forehead against the solid door for a moment and then took a step back. He could just hear the quiet murmur of Reno’s distinct voice through the heavy wood. Damn it….what was going on with the white Were was something no one could have predicted. Rude had made a study out of reading other people…this was one of the reasons he was so quiet. It was easier to get a true read on a individual if he was not contributing to the subject’s behavior. He had NEVER seen Reno allow his true self out like he was doing with this male. His boss kept his vulnerable heart (or what was left of it) behind walls of steel.
Reno had been the one personally responsible for dropping the sector seven plate and, where as he made no comment of it, Rude knew the man was human. Guilt created by the thousands of deaths he had directly and indirectly caused in his career’s considerable span was eating at his partner ALL of the time. The common Turk prescriptions of alcohol, adrenaline, drugs, and meaningless sex was how the redhead coped with the grievous soul wound that being a Turk created. Rude was very aware that Reno was well on his way, sliding down the tortuous slope that made many a Turk eventually willingly eat a bullet. Maybe Whisper, whose survival with all of his wonderful naïve innocence intact… PROVED… he had a tremendous strength of will, could provide the redheaded man the life line that he needed. A smile twitched the corners of Rude’s sensual mouth up as he heard the redhead release a genuine soft laugh. This rare sound was followed by a light tenor chuckle that rapidly disintegrated into a low moan. This time Rude had no inclination to enter that room and watch his boss work his magic. The big man instinctively knew that what Reno was developing with Whisper had became something very special to the world weary Turk.
Rude pulled his shoulders back, turned and then slipped off down the hallway. To hell with it. If his…friend….could just this once find some healing and comfort in opening himself to care and be cared for by someone, even if that someone wasn't quite human, then who was he to stand in the way. This odd, burgeoning relationship was more than likely going to come back and bite Rude in the butt when he least expected it….but for a partner that he had grown to love and respect, this was a risk the quiet Turk was willing to take. He would deal with that bite when the time came.

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