The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 17

Vincent was not surprised when Cloud and Highwind met them just inside the airship's hatch. And, he had expected to see the large, dark form of Rude, after all…Reno was with them. BUT….what had Ice suddenly trying to claw her way out of his arms, and had Whisper backing towards the closing door, lips peeled back in a terrified snarl, was the sight of a stranger dressed in a white lab coat. To make matters worse, the woman…upon seeing the bloodied, panicked form of the injured Were in the gunman's arms, pulled a syringe out of her pocket and started forwards. Ice turned into a clawing, spitting, snapping hellcat, and Vincent hissed as the effort to hold her tore the healing wounds on his back open. Whisper reversed directions at the warm smell of blood, head down, mouth gaped as he moved to protect his sister and his Alpha. Reno swore and took a double wrap of the white's tail (still in a death hold around his wrist) and hauled back, trying to slow the Albino down.
Cid dropped his cigarette, SHIT! Cloud had given him a run down on Ice. The chocobo BUTT had said NOTHING about the bloody eyed, dagger fanged, ghost coated, monkey from HELL.. That was advancing on them. That THING looked frickin dangerous!
The Captain let loose!
"Holy fucking mother of Gia…Valentine….What kind of GODS be DAMNED monster's are ya bringing aboard my flipping ship!"
Cloud stepped forwards drawing his massive sword. Yuffie jumped, placing herself between him and Whisper. Valentine turned, putting his back (an action that just made his SKIN crawl) between the white coat and his struggling armful.
His deep voice cracked out,
The gunman was thankful when Chaos backed him by overlaying the rumbling thunder of his own voice over the gunman's usually quiet tone…. It worked… Although the Doctor did take one more furtive step in their direction. Ice peeked over Valentine's shoulder, and he felt more than heard the vibrations of a tiny whimper force its way out of her throat.
Hot crimson eyes slashed a glimmering look at the white coat and the man hissed….
"Don't…you…touch…. her!"
The strange woman stopped, pocketed the hypodermic, lifted her hands, and slowly backed up.
A quick glance confirmed that Reno had Whisper stopped and was kneeling beside the Were, one arm thrown over the beast's broad shoulders. A hard glare at Cloud and the swordsman sheathed his weapon, one hand sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.
"Um….maybe you ought to get everyone settled in and then we need to talk."
Vincent had a sudden sinking feeling when the younger man would NOT look him in the eye.
"Whisper…." Vincent crooked a finger at the White…"Come get your sister….Yuffie can show you were you will be staying."
The Albino shot a quick glance at Reno, then lifted up to his full height so that Vincent could carefully deposit Ice into his strong arms. The female gave the ex-Turk a pathetic, betrayed look, then burrowed her face and arms into Whisper's creamy mane. The male looked at Yuffie, then followed, as the young woman turned to lead them to the crew quarters that Cid always had set aside for them.
The Captain lit another cigarette as they passed,
"I sure as shittin hope that damn thing is fucken house broken."
Whisper stopped, and Vincent held his breath as the big male shifted to where he was standing face to face with the sky Captain. No one missed out on the fact that Cid had to look UP to meet that angry crimson gaze.
"I will have you know…that I was House broken…as you put it… before I was six months old! Can you say the same?"
Cid snorted, and his cerulean blue eyes slid off of the blood red ones to give Reno, who was still leashed to the White by a long, strong tail, a hard stare. One blond eyebrow twitched up and the Captain's lips twisted in a smile around his smoke.
"Who the fuck said I was talkin bout you?"
Reno jerked upright with an outraged, "YO…." But did not get any farther as Whisper answered the smaller blonde's smile with a not so nice one of his own, showing all of his considerable hardware. Vincent took a quick stride forwards,
"Whisper….Highwind is Alpha on this ship….this is HIS territory!"
The Albino raked the smaller man with a critical once over and then gave Vincent a classic "you have got to be fucking kidding me" look. The ex-Turk had to squelch a smile as it was Cid's turn to jerk out of his customary slouch with an indignant…
Whisper snorted softly, then turned to stalk after Yuffie.
Valentine followed as Cloud led the way into one of the larger conference rooms. Cid trailed along, and the White coat slipped quietly in before the door closed.
The Doctor saw the darkening of the fabric on Vincent's shirt and realizing that his back was bleeding, started towards him, only to be stopped by his darkly growled,
The woman's lips tightened, but again… she stepped back.
Highwind settled himself into a chair and shrugged when the gunman gave him a questioning look.
"HA…don't fucking look at me… I am just here for the damned entertainment factor."
The gunman folded his arms and waited patiently for the blonde swordsman to say what he had to say.
Cloud nervously cleared his throat, and again ran his hand through the tumble of spikes on his head. Valentine had ALWAYS been intimidating…but Strife had never really been afraid of him. Looking at the older, taller man across the table from him, and realizing that the demon ridden man was NOT going to be pleased, the ex-SOLDIER realized that maybe he should be…just a little afraid. Cloud nervously cleared his throat…HELL…this was ridiculous, after all he had beaten SEPHIROTH in physical combat more than once. Vincent just arched an eyebrow at the younger man.
"Well…..Dr. Destinie…she is the head of Rufus's research team… well… she thought that since Ice had such an aversion to being in a regular lab….."
The swordsman shut his eye's and the rest of his words came out in a tumbled rush.
Cloud didn't even see the man move, there was just a blur of black and Vincent was over the table. He buried fingers and claws into the swordsman's muscled shoulders, bodily picked him up off of his feet and slammed the smaller man back into the wall with enough force that Cloud's vision was filled with white spots. Vincent pulled him back and slammed him… again! GODS the man was STRONG. Cloud eyes cleared and his heart leaped up to hug his tonsils as he caught sight of his "friend's" gleaming red/gold eyes and the slightly elongated canine teeth exposed by an angry snarl. Vincent shook him as if he were a rag…and Cloud managed to get his hands around the man's wrists, trying to relieve that punishing grip. It was like trying to move stone! Vincent's deep voice reverberated with the thunder of a storm in Hell.
Again the gunman thumped the swordsman back into the wall, hard. Cloud swore he heard his ribs creak and pop under the pressure. Or maybe that was just the sound of his sword breaking. GODS… he hoped so!
Cid had been expecting SOME fireworks….BUT… he was woefully unaware of the weariness, pain, and stress that Valentine had been operating under. When the man snapped…the sheer violence of the reaction caught the sky Captain flatfooted. The gunman seemed to levitate across the table and Cloud was stunned, pinned and BLEEDING before Cid could suck in a breath. As he was shooting out of his chair, the blonde saw the young Vet start towards the struggling men…HOLY FUCK! He could just see a blood bath coming….
The young woman froze at the vehemence of the order.
The pilot managed to get an arm hooked around Vincent's gauntleted hand, joining Cloud in trying to pry it out of the swordsman's flesh.
"GODS…VINCE let go!….Cloud's a dumb ass but he was just trying to HELP….WE (oh HELL he couldn't BELIEVE he was going to shift some of the shittin blame off of Cloud.) thought Ice might deal with things better if she could stay in a HOME and not be a prisoner in some fucking sterile, test tube filled, chemical stinking lab full of GODS be DAMNED white coat wearing fricken SCIENTISTS."
This last word was almost screamed.
Vincent didn't let go…. as a matter of fact…OH SHITINAHANDBASKET they were soooo screwed…red and black mist started to swirl around the three men.
Chaos knew that his host was…let us say…sensitive about labs, scientists, and the horror house that the Shinra mansion had been. But even the Demon Lord was surprised at the gunman's violent reaction. Actually, what the boy and the sky rider were saying made perfect sense to him. He remembered the upper floors of that accursed building as being dilapidated, but grand in an old fashioned kind of way.
The ancient being did make an effort to bring Vincent back into some semblance of control, but when he couldn't break through the roiling mix of anger, pain, hate and fear, Chaos enlisted the Galian's help and together they pushed their host's consciousness down. The demon needed to take over, before the man did something he would truly regret.
Marion's mind was spinning, as she watched the man in black savagely pin Cloud. She had been shocked when she had gotten her first glimpse of Ice and that great White beast. And when…what had Valentine called it…ah yes…Whisper… had risen and walked and talked like a man …well…. Holy crap! These were NOT lab monkeys! She had been a little pissed when Vincent had refused to let her treat the female. And her feelings had been hurt when she was rudely rebuffed when she only wanted to give the man some medical aid. When Cid swore at her…she took it in stride, she knew she would be of no help until they could get the enraged gunman calmed down. The woman thought her blood would freeze with fear when the tall man's form dissolved in red and black and was replaced by the grey, black and scarlet of a winged demon from…OH MY GODS! That was the bat winged fucker from hell that Highwind had warned her about! OH SHIT!
Both men froze, and what little color was left in the pinned swordsman's face paled to dead white. Cid…bless his soul, did not release his death grip on the one heavily muscled grey arm….his throat worked….
"Ah FUCK….Vince….?"
I am so dead! Was the one thought running through Cloud's mind as Chaos rumbled absentmindedly at Cid.
The swordsman could only stare in shock into those hot golden eyes as the demon carefully lowered him to the floor, and held him up until he could get his shaky legs under him.
The dark being flexed his powerful hands, gently removing the talons that were embedded painfully in Strife's shoulder and he gave said shoulder a little pat.
Glimmering gold flicked Cid's way…the man looked as if he had swallowed his ever present smoke.
Okay…Cloud knew his mouth was hanging open…but he just didn't care. The demon stepped back and Cid had to steady the blonde as his legs wobbled. One talon-ed finger came up and the demon frowned as he closed Cloud's mouth with an audible click. Amusement flashed across the dusky face,
All three male's heads turned as the Doctor, upon seeing Cloud's bloody shoulder, started towards them. Strife could not control the unease that flashed through him, and as one, all three male's growled out..
Anger replaced the fear that was on the young woman's face and she threw her hands into the air.
The Vet stalked to the door. When she reached it, the petite little woman turned around, she stabbed a finger at the two men and one startled demon.
"It is my professional opinion that you people DON'T need a fucking Doctor!"
She met Chaos's gold gaze with a hard, angry glare of her own.
"What you need is a Gods be damned EXCORCIST!"
Three sets of wide eyes blinked as she slammed the door.
"Well…I'll be damned! The Doc's been hiding a set of balls under that fricken lab coat."
Cid had put a cigarette between his lips and was looking for his lighter. Blue eyes widened as a lick of flame appeared, centered over the demon's index finger. Well Hell…no one could say that Cidney Highwind didn't have balls the size of grapefruits…he casually lit his smoke on the offered flame.
Cloud slid into the nearest chair, feeling as if every bone in his back and ribcage were bruised. Chaos's attention flicked back to him and the ex-SOLDIER'S heart about stopped when a snarl lifted those dark lips. One long finger poked at his bleeding shoulder.
At the two men's raised eyebrows the demon sighed.
Chaos casually turned and strolled out of the door. This time it was Cid who shut Cloud's open mouth.
Ice curled up, as best she could with her aching body, on the bed where Whisper had deposited her. The White male had gone with Reno. Yuffie had explained that he would "bunk with the men." Then the girl had made a beeline for the bathroom with a softly moaned, "GODS…. I hate flying," and Ice's sensitive nose picked up on the fact that she probably wouldn't be coming out anytime soon. A soft whimper worked it's way out of the golden female's tight throat. She needed to shut down, rest and heal…BUT the overwhelming fear of actually SEEING a White Coat, of being in this strange place injured, and stuck in this vulnerable form kept her fighting that need.
This room was large and the Were had not heard the door lock, BUT she knew this little bit of freedom was a short interlude….Soon her freedom would be gone and she (Oh GODS…and her kits) would be back in a cage. After all, that is were…monsters…were kept. The female knew that the sky Captain's opinion of them was one that most humans shared. The Were tried to believe that Vincent would keep his promise. Silvery eyes flicked to the bathroom, she knew that the man's heart belonged to Yuffie He would do what ever needed to be done for the girl and humans had no problem telling untruths. With a supreme effort, Ice forced herself up on her forearms and wiggled around to where she could slide off of the bed. She could feel the deep vibrations of the giant aircraft's engines through the floor. It reminded her a little of the constant hum of HOME'S self contained power systems. It only took a few seconds for the distressed female to work herself under the bed. She curled up against the wall at the head of it, feeling slightly soothed by the dark, rumbling enclosed space. She was still fighting her shutdown reflex, but at least here…she FELT a little safer.
Rude did not say a word as he led Reno to the room that Cid had assigned the Turks. His observant eye's did not miss the tail still wrapped around his partner's wrist. Or the fact that every now and then, the usually callous red head would run that hand over the creamy, blood streaked, white mane, or absently pat the heavy muscled shoulder of the nervous beast as they walked. The big man held the door as Reno entered their small but well furnished quarters and gave the creature a slight nod as the male hesitated to follow, bloody eye's flicking up as it tried to see past his shades.
Reno…being Reno…stripped his jacket off and flopped onto one of the two beds in the room. Rude just arched an eyebrow at the black tank top.
"neh…gave my shirt to Valentine…that man is hell on clothes!"
Reno had his holster unbuckled, looped over a bedpost and was wiggling out of the tee before he finished explaining. Both of Rude's eyebrows flared up at the many multicolored bruises adorning the red head's pale torso.
Reno stretched and hissed as the movement pulled sore muscles
"Things got a little rough down there…"
"Hmph…well… I figured as much, being as how your…friend…is bleeding all over carpet."
Rude lifted his shades and studied the great white beast with concerned chocolate eyes. Whisper twitched, and rolled his head, exposing his throat as he gave the big man a nervous smile, just a slight lifting of thin velvet lips.
Reno jerked up, long fingers parting Whisper's mane to take a good look at the deep slashing punctures that Shadow's fangs had caused. Between those and the slashes and gouges all up the Whites sides and across his soft stomach, the Were looked a little like he had lost an argument with a meat grinder.
"Ah crap… Whisper…ya sure as hell ain't sleeping in my bed looking like that!"
Reno dragged himself out of the bed and gave a light tug on one of the Albino's long ears.
"Come on….get those spit glands working and I'll give ya a hand with the ones your tongue can't reach."
Rude just stared as the pair disappeared into the bathroom, then Reno's head popped back out…
"YO…I sure hope ya got some decent food and some smokes in this dump?"
Dark lips twitched up in a small smile…and the big man shook his head. By the time he heard the shower running, the Turk had several warmed up cartons of Wuttain take out set on the table, along with a package of cigarettes and a pair of soft pants draped over the chair. The bathroom door cracked open letting steam roll into the room air, and Reno slipped out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He slid into the pants and to Rude's surprise, went to the closet, rummaged around and brought out another pair that he took back into the bathroom. When he came back out, the red head seated himself at the table, lit a smoke and gave his partner a penetrating look.
"Okay pard…what gives? Why are we hitching a ride in this slow flying, sky cow?"
In as few a words as possible, the big man gave his partner a briefing on Rufus having agreed with Dr. Angelique and Cloud on the Shinra mansion refit. Reno helped himself to a carton of spicy noodles as he listened. Anyone who did not KNOW the hyper red head would have thought that he was not paying close attention, but Rude was well aware that the man's quick mind did not miss a lick. Licking a dribble of the spicy sauce off of his chop sticks, the Turk groaned.
"Ah…man…bet we MISSED that conversation…I wonder if spiky is still alive?"
Rude would not have been willing to lay any wager on how Valentine had reacted to the news. His attention strayed off of his partner as the bathroom door opened and the "Changed" form of Whisper stepped out. Taking in the male's exotic, almost human form…the Turk sighed, that explained a lot. Reno had a real weakness for physical beauty, it really didn't matter if it was male or female. AND… that weakness had gotten him into trouble more than once.
Reno's sharp eyes followed his look, and he made a come hither gesture to the Were with his chopsticks.
"Yo…Rude meet Whisper…he saved my ass a couple of times down there…"
he gave his partner a deadly serious look as the man rose gracefully to his feet. Even in this less bestial form, the male Were was intimidating.
The Turk nodded slightly in Rude's direction.
"Whisper, this is my partner Rude…if he tells you to do something…I don't want to hear that you refused."
The Were's blood red eyes blinked as he studied the dark man, then, he made that odd rolling motion with his head, chin lifting a little to expose his throat.
One of the Albino's long ears twitched and the metal tag at the tip gleamed as it caught the light. He lifted a powerful looking hand and Rude had to ruthlessly squelch the instinct that made him want to flinch as one strong finger stroked his hoop earring with a surprisingly delicate touch.
"You have two tags … they are much nicer than mine….," the crimson look turned a little wistful. "Do you think I can have some like these?"
Reno made on odd choking sound into his food carton as Rude's eyebrows did an "Oh My Gods!" dance. The laughter cut off when Whisper’s red eyes dulled as his inner eyelids flicked closed and the big male swayed. Without hesitation, Rude wrapped a long arm around the slender waist (silently marveling at the velvety texture of damp, silky fur) to steady the other male. Reno straightened up, and pushed a carton in the Were's direction.
"Whoa…maybe you should eat something?"
Whisper shook his head slightly,
"Hmmm, not hungry. I really just need to shut down for a while."
The Were's expressive ears flattened, as his gaze steadied on Reno's face with a frightening intensity. The Turk….studied the white male for a quiet moment…his trained eye taking in the small signs of fear, weariness, pain, and stress that Whisper was trying to hide. Then he rose smoothly from his chair and slipped his arm over Rude's to bracket Whisper between them.
"Come on…big guy."
The two Turk's eased their companion over to Reno's bed, and the red head pushed the Were down into it.
"Go ahead and get some rest. You are safe here… Me and Rude,…we got your back."
Chaos moved quietly through the corridors. Even if he hadn't had Vincent's memories of where Yuffie's quarters were, the slight trail of blood that Whisper had left was enough to lead the way. The demon ran into few crew members, as it was getting late. Those that saw his dark form stalking through the hallways, hastily made themselves scarce. The dark being didn't knock when he reached the unlocked door. He did draw up short when that door opened up into an empty room. A quick glance verified that the trail DID lead through this door, and he could smell that Ice HAD been in here. A soft moan from the bathroom explained where the airsick Yuffie was, but of the Were female, there was no sign.
A soft growl rumbled out of the ancient being's chest as he strode into the room, wings fanning out slightly as he looked for any threat. Then…on seeing a slight movement under the edge of the bed, those expressive appendages folded with a rustling sigh as the demon knelt, lifted the edge of the bedspread and located the tail of his missing mate. Chaos had to tilt his head at a very awkward angle, but when he did he could see the curled up shadow that the tail was attached to.
Dominant male that he was, Chaos expected to be obeyed. He was disgruntled to say the least when the shadow moved and twin gleaming silver orbs opened to look at him, but all the female did was curl up into a tighter ball.
Galian stirred…. "Uhmm…ever heard that saying about catching more flies with honey?"
The eldest one did his best to soften the rumble of his voice.
He could feel the Were try to pull her tail away when he settled his fingers over it. The slow healing wounds across its base prevented her from that goal and the glimmer of teeth joined the gleaming eyes as her lips lifted in a silent snarl.
The demon felt the Galian beast stir again and he ruthlessly stepped on him.
The demon allowed his own golden eyes to flare as he lifted his lips in an answering growl and gave a light but firm tug on that tail.
For a second, Chaos thought he was going to have to bodily pull the reluctant female out by her sore tail, but after an initial stiffening, those silver eyes blinked to slate and Ice stretched an arm out so that he could grip her hand. He did try to be careful, but still had to deal with waves of silent disapproval from the Galian, when the female hissed softly as her leg was jarred. When he plopped his armful of stiff, sulking Were on the bed, she refused to look at him. He was getting ready to growl at her again, when the subordinate demon in the back of his mind gave him a proverbial slap upside the head.
"Chaos…Ice is NOT sulking She needs to shut down and is too afraid and insecure to do it. Open up your eye's and really look at her!"
The ancient demon swallowed his growl, and half lidded golden eyes took in the sucked in mane, and flattened ears. He blinked, anger dissolving as he registered the fact that Ice had NOT cleaned off any of the drying, tacky blood that matted the velvet fur on her arm and injured leg. The Galian hummed unhappily in the back of his mind at the sick, frightened, tense air that swirled around their mate as she curled back into a ball on top of the covers.
Leaning forwards, Chaos tapped the quiet female on the nose. He was rewarded by the startled flash of pale eyes.
Yuffie was dry heaving into the toilette when the bathroom door was yanked open….the look she gave the ancient demon was one that said…oh GREAT…kill me….please! As Chaos filled a basin with warm water he silently watched the sick girl. When she finished this round of retching she looked up to fearlessly meet his golden gaze. The ninja looked so pathetic kneeling there wrapped in Vincent's crimson cloak that the demon gave her a slight smile.
Yuffie blinked, then her face twisted as she gave a snort of laughter.
"Ha…it figures that Vince's demons would have a better sense of humor than he does!"
With a groan she dropped her head to rest on her crossed arms.
Ice had not moved when Chaos returned. She did not resist when the demon carefully straightened her leg out and gently started working the stiff blood out of her fur with a wet cloth. By the time he had the worst of it cleaned off, the female was mostly uncurled and she was watching him with a tired but clear gaze. He sternly pointed at her, and went to dump the bloodied water out.
The sight of the girl curled up, half asleep at the base of the toilette jerked a soft rumble out of the winged male, and without warning he swooped down, scooping the girl up. She woke up with a strangled cry and thrashed.
The ninja elbowed him in the ribs…hard.
"I am NOT a child!"
The demon was gliding over to the bed. He had no problem hearing the young woman mutter…
"Older than dirt."
He didn't stop until he had pulled the blankets back and deposited her small form next to Ice…intimacy with Valentine made it possible for him to flip the cloak off of her before she hit the bed.
The demon tucked the basin against the young woman's stomach and did not bother to hide his satisfied smile when Ice instinctively curled herself around the ninja's warm back. His smile faltered a little when the girl snarled bitterly,
"FINE…rub it in, compared to you….compared to Vincent…Yes… I'm a child!"
Chaos crouched beside the bed, tilting his head so he could catch Yuffie's chocolate gaze. His golden eyes narrowed at the tears he saw there.
Yuffie just blinked, then jerked her basin up. The demon wisely jumped back then waggled a finger at her sudden grin. THEN…grinned himself at her widening eyes as he unbuckled several buckles She yelped as the bed dipped when he slid into it behind Ice. Before the ninja could scramble out, one strong, surprisingly soft skinned arm curled around Ice and tightened across the ninja's waist pulling her in against the Were's warm body. Ice pushed her rump back into the curve of Chaos's body and he felt her slowly relax as she finally gave in to her shut down reflex.
With a whispering rustle, one warm dark wing stretched across the two female bodies. The dark one heard Yuffie's mumbled,
"Yeah…like I could SLEEP with a naked, perverted demon sharing the same bed.
Slender fingers traced along the sensitive underside of the wing, then the girl grabbed the leading edge of it and tucked it under her chin. Chaos hid the slight wince as the supple flight surface was crumpled when she burrowed her face into it, sighed and her breathing gradually evened out.
A little while later…Chaos was quietly wondering just HOW the world's scariest demon had somehow become the world's strangest teddy bear, when the bedroom door slowly cracked open. The slight wave of tobacco smoke made it very evident that the Captain was checking up on Vincent's blood thirsty demon. There was absolute silence for a second and then what sounded suspiciously like a snicker. This was instantly smothered when golden eyes flared open and then narrowed as a sharp talon-ed finger flicked in the sound's general direction.
Was all that was said.

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