The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Ch. 6 Whisper watched intently as the group of humans split up. He had been moving silently through the Troop's territory when the winged nightmare had rocketed through. The male had watched in astonishment and approval as Ice vacated her position on the creature’s back and slid by, practically under his nose. She was so close that he could smell her blood. The male winced as the female ended up facing off with a truly pissed off monster. The entertainment factor went up ten notches when the machine dropped out of the sky, allowing his rogue sister a chance to escape. The male’s pink tongue lolled out as he stifled his laugh, he really needed to come UP more often, no matter the danger, it was just TOO much fun. Blood colored eyes narrowing, Whisper sank lower as the small group of three made their way off of the roof, following the female's blood trail. He had to be careful, as his lack of natural coloring made it hard for him to blend into the shadows. He watched the tall cloaked man with particular interest. He wondered how Steel would react to an outside Alpha male blatantly invading his territory? Whisper could not help himself. Moving as silently as his namesake, he followed along. When he caught the human female's scent, he was totally hooked. She was a first generation Changeling. HOW had that happened? Just what had his independent little sister gotten herself into? The young male hesitated, if Steel, Shadow or Titan (he shuddered) caught him in their territory, he was totally screwed. BUT… that little female was UNRELATED, and only protected by two HUMAN males. Whisper kept close tabs on the rest of his siblings, he had to for his own safety. He knew what was going on with their failed attempts at young. Alpha or not... If ANY of the troop found these three, the males were dead, and the female's fate was sealed. Whisper decided it was worth the risk. He would continue to track them, and see what the hell was going on. Heaven knows, being alone, he had nothing else to do. ********************************************************************

Yuffie followed Vincent, and Reno took rear guard. The girl snickered a little hysterically, yeah like anyone would let the perverted red head guard their rears. They were moving slowly down through the twisted, burnt out remains of old Midgar's high class sector. Yuffie moved as carefully as possible, she did not have the gunman's night vision. Vincent was hesitant to use any artificial light for fear of attracting unwanted attention. The moon illuminated the shadows just enough that the young ninja knew she didn't want to slip and fall. As if even thinking about falling jinxed her, her foot slipped on the beam and she staggered only to have a strong arm slip around her waist from behind. Reno's lips brushed her ear, "Careful, princess. It's a long ways down." The Turk stepped back before she could protest the closeness and his hand lingered for a second on her hip. Vincent had turned as she slipped and he gave the redhead a hard look out of glimmering crimson eyes. Reno arrogantly lifted his hands up, trying and failing miserably to look innocent. Reaching back, Valentine casually snagged the ninja's wrist and eased the girl up to where she could walk closer to him. Yuffie's heart skipped a beat when the warm hand guided hers under his cloak to hold on to the gun belt that strapped Cerberus to the man's lean hips. His deep voice was just a rumbling whisper and she wondered if he was aware that his thumb was making slow soothing circles on the back of her hand. "Keep close Yuffie," The young woman was glad when he released her arm, because she was sure her goose bumps were the size of small mountains. It was all the girl could do to keep her concentration on her footing as the muscles of the ex-Turk’s strong back and waist slipped and slid under her hand, easily felt through the thin silky shirt he wore. DAMN, this close she could not ignore the musky mix of warm skin, sweat, gunpowder, yes, and even the slight coppery tang of blood that swirled around him. One of these days she would have to ask him what cologne he used as it was an intoxicating smell.


Reno eased back, not trying to hide his amusement. GODS... you would think that Valentine thought he was trying to horn in on the man's action. The red head was horny but NOT stupid. The brat would kick his ass if he tried to put a move on her. Although, GETTING his ass kicked by her might be...Reno shook his head, he was lucky that Vincent could not see the way he was ogling the slender woman's behind. He wondered for a moment if he should tell the ex-Turk that when his lips had brushed her ear she had felt awfully warm to him. NAW... there was no WAY he was telling the demon ridden man that his lips had been on ANY part of Yuffie's body. He was a lot of things, but suicidal wasn't one of them.


Ice slid tiredly through the last narrow spot in the tunnel leading to the entrance of where Sergeant stayed. She hesitated for a moment in the doorway, looking for her Alpha's large bulk in the dimly lit cavern. There he was. The female moved into his territory cautiously. On his good days, the beast who once was a man enjoyed her visits. The female always tried to bring him canned food and the occasional E.M.R. The ready made military meals were stock piled in what had been known as Deep ground, and since Sergeant could not get out to hunt, she tried to keep him well supplied. His bad days were the reason she had trapped him, at his request, in this large natural cavern. The massive head turned towards her as he caught her scent, his nose was now much better at distinguishing things than his eyes. A rumble echoed like thunder off of the walls. "Iccce?" A good day then. The massive form was lying on its belly, hind legs tucked under, chin resting on thickly muscled forearms. Even laying down the wide, heavily muscled, humped shoulders arched over her head. Sergeant spent a lot of time in a state of self induced hibernation. It was a natural function of the creature who's DNA was mixed up in the mess that Shinra's labs had made out of the once competent man. Ice limped forward so that he could see her with his near sighted eyes. Those seemingly sleepy yellow brown orbs widened as they took in her injured arm and did not miss the fact that she was weaponless. Shinra might have taken his humanity from him but their experiments had NOT lessened the keen intelligence that lurked behind those eyes one iota. On his good days, Sergeants mind was as sharp as it had ever been. "Iccce...what...?" One set of scythe like claws flexed in a come hither gesture. With a soft huff the female scooted a little closer. HE was going to be SO angry at her. The chagrined female told him the last few days events starting with finding the injured girl and ending with almost landing back in Shinra's labs. His glowing eyes did narrow in anger but Sergeant took pity on her sorrowful, sick state. He rumbled a soft sigh. "Iccce... " Then he lifted one large forearm in invitation, making a space for her to climb in almost under his chin, press tight against his warm, secure mass and lay down. With Sergeant's huge might hovering protectively over her, much as it had (in other ways) most of her life, Ice let herself slide into a restful, much needed, healing sleep.


The beast who had once been a man, gazed down at his ward as she wiggled in tight against him and lost no time falling asleep. A soft growl echoed in his cavernous chest but he stopped it before it could exit his throat. Ice had truly and royally screwed up. She should have just put the human girl down like she had done the male. Now...she had made the girl HER responsibility. With a grumble, Sergeant bent his head down and over, studying the creature that he had made HIS responsibility so many years ago. The man could understand why she had tried to save the female. Ice never complained, but she was a creature who craved, no, NEEDED social contact, being forced to live in almost total isolation. The beast was very aware that she was terribly lonely. He had failed her miserably. She should be living in freedom some where. Not stuck down in this dark hole, riding herd on her dangerous siblings and taking care of a monster who was slowly going insane. Humming low in his throat, the beast who had once been a man slowly ran his large soothing tongue over the nasty slash in the sleeping female's arm, cleansing the blood off and pressing the edges carefully together. It had a sharp, hot, metallic taste that was not a part of her. He wondered if this was why it was healing so much slower than it should have? Sergeant grumbled softly to himself again and settled his chin lightly on the curve of her hip. Then sadly, the beast who had once been a man, spent the next two hours trying to figure out how he was going to tell a being he thought of as his daughter that she would have to make the choice of, one, finishing the job of euthanasia on the young girl she had tried to save. Or, two, she must willingly turn herself over to the very people that had caused her such pain, then tried to kill her so many years ago, so that a cure for the virus could possibly be found. If she did that, she would probably spend the rest of her very long life as a specimen in Shinra's labs. The man for whom ethics did not exist until almost too late and whose sudden discovery of them, had both saved and caused him to lose his humanity, moaned low and deep. For the life of him, he just did not know what choice he should push Ice to make. *********************************************************************

Titan headed out into the human's city slowly mulling Steel's orders over in his slow mind. His Alpha knew that the subordinate male had been force breeding human females, then finishing the kill when he was sated. Sometimes that wasn't even needed as the humans were terribly weak and fragile. Troop females could trigger themselves into heat when the Alpha males felt the need, they were primed by nature to sexually accept any male stronger than them. In their world, there was no such thing as rape. Titan had seen no such ability in the human females he had bred. They ALL fought him, (at least those who were aware it was happening) Silly females, as if they could win. Steel wanted to know if a human woman could survive a "careful" breeding and actually kindle. Titan grinned a wide, gape mouthed grin. The massive male wasn't sure what a "CAREFUL" breeding would entail, maybe not killing and eating the female, but HE was sure as hell not going to complain. When an Alpha male gave you an order, you obeyed, whether you liked it (here his wide pink tongue ran out in a hoarse, coughing laugh) or not

. ************************************************************************

Finally, they made it down onto level ground. Vincent had been very concerned about Yuffie and Reno's ability to make it through the treacherous wreckage of the skyscrapers, safely, in the dark. As it was, they had slowed him down to an almost crawling pace. He would have been much better off if they would have just let him track the female alone. Yuffie let go of her death grip on his belt and slipped up to stand more beside him then behind. The gunman glanced down at her and caught her looking slyly at him out of the corner of her eyes. He noticed that even in the dark he could see the light blush rise on her cheeks. Damn he was positive, the couple of times the young woman had stumbled and caught herself with her free hand planted on one of his ass cheeks weren't accidental. The sneaky ninja had been taking advantage of the situation and GROPING him. His crimson gaze brushed past her and studied the long, lanky form of Reno as he examined the almost dry blood trail for a moment and then returned to his position of rear guard. Valentine sighed, the gunman guessed he should count himself lucky, if he had had to attach the amoral red head to his belt, Vincent knew he would have been lucky to make it down with his clothes still on! Reno gave him a cocky wink as if he could read the ex-Turk's mind. GODS! What had he gotten himself into?


They followed the trail through the dark as it steadily dropped into Midgar's ugly underbelly. They had to stop when it doubled back and disappeared into what looked like a natural cave. There was evidence that the entrance had been purposefully collapsed until only someone slender and flexible could enter. Reno watched as Vincent experimentally tried moving some of the rubble that partially obscured the opening. It was too heavy even for his formidable strength. The red head could tell that the gunman was a little large to even think about entering that dark hole. Yuffie peeked into the darkness and cleared her throat nervously, "I can fit through, no problem." Reno grinned when Valentine turned with blinding speed trapping her shoulder in his hand. "I... don't... think... so, I can smell something big in there..." The tall man eyed the hole warily and his pale lips tightened, "And...I am pretty sure Ice is not going to be happy to see ANY of us. Reno grimaced, it is not like he had a choice. Tseng would be VERY unhappy if he let the creature get away. "Well...guess that just leaves lucky ole me." He crouched, double checking the dimensions, while he removed his jacket and tie. The Turk got teased a lot about his tall, wiry almost feminine build, but it looked like it was going to come in handy this time. He slipped his feet into the dark and with a little wiggling managed to get through. The tunnel widened out a couple of feet in, which was a good thing. The red head wouldn't admit it but he truly hated small, confining spaces. He was surprised when, as he got his shoulders through, Valentine's gleaming claw on his wrist stopped him. Looking up, Reno couldn't stop his flare of surprise when the gunslinger drew one of Ice's silver laced knives and handed it through to him. Vincent crouched to where the Turk could see his face. "I am sure the silver on these isn't there for ornamental reasons." Reno just nodded and started to get himself turned around, he stopped as fear crawled over his skin "YO...", He looked straight into the crimson eyes, "DON'T ya dare leave me if I get fucking stuck." The gunman's elegant brows flew up, the golden claw squeezed his wrist lightly, "We will make sure we are here when you come out. Just... BE CAREFUL" Reno managed to complete his turn, as he moved away from the opening, the other could hear him mutter sarcastically, Yeah that's me...CAREFUL is my middle name." ******************************************************************

Ice woke to Sergeant's drooling and snoring against her hip. She lay and watched in amusement as his lips blew out with each exhale. A silent giggle vibrated her, it was so bad it was actually blowing her mane around. Carefully, she pulled herself out from under his huge arm and stiffly made her way over to the small spring that bubbled through the cave. She was terribly thirsty, but only drank a very small amount. ALL of the ground water down here was Mako contaminated. Sergeant had been Mako enhanced before they Changed him, so he suffered no ill effects from it. Ice on the other hand, drank from a large store of bottled water that was stock piled at HOME. She only drank elsewhere down here when under duress. A snort from the sleeping mountain's direction drew her attention. She watched as Sergeant blinked and irritably shook his head. The yellow brown eyes had a slight glaze over them, she would have to leave soon. "Iccce..." Sergeant sat up and crooked massive claws at her. Ice cautiously came forwards, and obediently sat and listened to what he had to say. By the time he was finished, she was backing slowly up, desperately shaking her head. She could not BELIEVE what her Alpha was asking, no, ordering her to do. He was deadly serious, and he followed her, insisting that she promise something that she was entirely unwilling to commit to, one way or the other. Sergeant moaned softly at her distress and reached to comfort her with those curved scythe like claws. Ice was giving up and stepping into her beloved Sergeants shaggy embrace when the red headed male (RENO... the asshole! she was SURE that was one of his other names) popped out of the small entrance into the cavern

. ************************************************************************

Reno had just barely controlled his fear as he made his way through the passage. Most of the tunnel's short distance was relatively open, allowing him to walk normally with plenty of room to spare. But in several spots, it had been purposely narrowed to restrict access. These were the spots that caused the Turk tremendous fear as he wiggled and twisted to get through them. The final one was right before the opening into a large natural cavern. The Turk was already keyed up by the time he slipped through the doorway, so he reacted predictably to the sight that met his eyes. Ice was backed up against the cavern's side wall and she was definitely looking distressed. A HUGE, hump shouldered monster was reaching for her with massive, wicked looking claws. Reno reacted instinctively, drawing his gun and firing two shots into the monster. The beast shuddered and screamed at the double impact. Other than making it angry, the two bullets didn't seem to have any affect at all. It reared onto thick hind legs, dropping its heavy head to clear the cavern's ceiling. Its wide mouth opened to roar at him, long strings of saliva dripping from the jagged teeth that were exposed. "HOLY SHIT!" was all the man could think, as swinging deadly claws, the monster shambled towards him.


Ice launched forwards, placing herself between Sergeant and the red head. Her hopes of being able to stop him were dashed when his enraged gaze pinned her. A good day for Sergeant had turned to a BAD one for everybody in the sudden thunder of gun fire. There was nothing of the man left in the beast's yellow, glowing eyes. "HOLY SHT!" she thought as she ducked the first raking swipe of those sharp talons. Spinning, she plowed into Reno, her weight physically shoving him back into the cavern's entrance tunnel. She could hear his breath leave him in a whoosh as she caught him midriff, knocking him off of his feet. For a second they lay belly to belly. She could feel the tunnel shudder as the monster that was Sergeant dug at the exit's sides, widening the hole. As the panicked female scrambled over the man, and through the first narrowing, she dropped her muzzle, her lips brushing his ear. For the first time in years, Ice forced four hissed, choked words past her tortured larynx, "You... should... be... RUNNING!" **********************************************************************

Reno wasn't entirely sure how he ended up on his back. But, the thought DID cross his mind as he fought to catch his wind, that her warm, firm belly pressed tight against his, (did he feel FOUR breasts hidden in that cinnamon mane...? WOW!!!) the thigh pressed between his legs and the muscles rolling and shifting against him felt remarkably good. The erotic element of it jumped up when soft thin lips brushed his ear and a hissed breath whispered across into it. That is... until the entire tunnel shuddered, and he recognized the hoarsely whispered words contained in that breath. "You... should... be...RUNNING!" The female scrambled desperately over him and through the first narrowing of the tunnel, almost gelding him with sharp back claws that dug into his thigh as she pushed herself off of his prone body. Reno rolled and shoved himself through, as the cavern beast's massive head and shoulders pushed its way into the enlarged entrance. He was right on Ice's long tailed ASS as they ran to get out of there. The Turk was wiggling through the last narrow spot before the exit, when the tunnel walls shuddered again. The opening he was halfway through suddenly collapsed pinning his hips between the broken wooden ceiling support beam and the floor. To make matters worse his flashlight skittered away leaving him in total darkness. CRAP! Reno twisted and turned but could not get any purchase with his hands to help pull him out. The redhead swore he could feel the raving beast's breath on the other side, sizing up what a great snack his feet would make. Panic was slowly over taking him when he felt the warm mass of Ice's body move back over him. The female huffed softly in his face, then worked down his body until she was straddling his waist. The Turk could feel her back feet working their way in until they were almost under his trapped hips. She sat on his stomach for a moment, her weight a bit of a surprise. Reno was panicked enough that he didn't have ANY erotic thoughts this time as she wiggled her butt down, getting her body as close to the pinning beam as she could. The man felt sharp talons and blunt fingers work between the wood and his flesh, then for a moment Ice was almost still, although he could feel her making slight adjustments to where her feet and hands were placed. Then, with a soft groan, using her whole body, she strained up against the collapsed ceiling and to the Turk’s amazement her warm ass left his stomach and the weight across his hips shifted. Reno wasted no time scooting his butt back and using his arms to pull himself out of the rubble the rest of the way. His hand brushed the lost light and he flashed it on. It illuminated Ice's broad, maned back, and the musculature standing out in rump, thighs and arms as she held the weight to make sure he was clear then snatched her hands and feet back letting the beam fall. Turning, the female raised a hand to shield her eyes and with a lip curling smile she shot past him, making for the exit.


Yuffie sat with her back against the wall and watched as Vincent worked at making the entrance way a little larger. She had to admit it was a very pleasant way to spend the time. The young woman smiled, Reno had seemed VERY unhappy entering the confines of that narrow tunnel. Although... she really couldn't blame him. The ninja wondered just what the gunman had smelled that bothered him so badly that he wouldn't let HER follow after Ice. After all, it wasn't as if she had to worry about getting bit again. Well... this just SUCKED, she was TOTALLY able to defend herself. Yuffie frowned at the man's cloaked back as he visibly winced while trying to move a particularly large rock. "HEY, you had BETTER not open up that bite again... Vinny!" Yuffie grinned as he turned and glared at her from half lidded crimson eyes. They glinted in the slight illumination from the light that the ex-Turk had set up. "Here, why don't ya let me help you?" Yuffie got up and slid in next to the man, she was pretty sure that there had to be a way that she could accidentally rub up against him while they...DAMN what was wrong with her? It seemed that she just could NOT keep her mind out of the gutter. She rubbed tiredly at her face hoping that it hid the sudden blush that she knew burned across her cheeks. Vincent laid a gentle hand on her shoulder, his deep voice gave no hint as to whether he was aware of the heat wave this caused in her very turned on body. "Why don't you just take the time to rest, Yuffie?" The gunman gave her a slight push back towards where she had been sitting. The muffled sound of two gunshots rang out of the tunnel's entrance followed by a skin crawling, guttural scream of rage. HOLY SHIT! Yuffie was pretty sure that WASN'T Ice.


Vincent spent some time getting a light set up, making sure Yuffie drank and ate a little of the emergency supplies that Turks always seemed to have on board their aircraft. Kind of made you wonder if they EXPECTED Reno to wreck the birds on a regular basis. Then he worked at trying to clear the entrance hole a little. He had been a little surprised at the fear he had smelled on the redheaded Turk as he slid into the entrance. It seemed that Reno had a bit of claustrophobia wrapped up in his odd personality. The gunman winced a little as the bite on his right shoulder twinged when he moved a particularly stubborn rock and almost could not control the flash of anger at Yuffie's use of the dreaded...Vinny... nickname. He did subdue it though when the girl brushed up against him, he could feel the fever radiating off of her slender body along with a very interesting and intoxicating scent. The Galian beast stirred a little and muttered something about heat. He pushed the beast back, of course she was HOT... she was running a pretty high temp. Valentine gently shooed her away, he did NOT need the distraction right at the moment. Both of them turned and watched the tunnel entrance in dread at the sound of gunshots and the following scream. Vincent drew Cerberus as something in the tunnel rumbled and rock dust billowed out. He thought he heard Reno yell and he was moving towards the entrance when Ice came shooting out of the dark hole. She breezed by the ex-Turk and ran right over Yuffie. For a hair raising second the creature froze face to face with the girl, then she sprang off and headed out into the dark. "CRAP! " That panicked exclamation had Vincent turning as Reno worked at getting through the now partially collapsed entrance. At the look of fear on the man's pale face the gunslinger closed the distance, grabbed Reno's shoulders and physically pulled him out as the tunnel trembled and more rock slid down over the entrance. Reno stood for a moment bent over at the waist, wheezing. Then he flashed a pale eyed look at the ex-Turk and choked out "RUN!"


Ice could not BELIEVE that she had gone back to pull Reno out of the collapsed tunnel. What was she thinking? She owed the male NOTHING, as a matter of fact, she should have just let Sergeant EAT him. SHE most definitely did not want to be in here if the monster that had been Sergeant managed to break free. Without hesitation the female barreled out of the entrance, screaming by the crimson male. (Vincent her mind gently reminded her) Unexpectedly…she plowed right into the Changeling. For a second, Ice froze, forgetting the males behind her. She was being presented with the opportunity to finish this right now. Sergeant had made it clear that it was okay to euthanize this one. Silvery blue stared into the young female’s startled, frightened brown eyes and Ice realized there was really only one choice. The female sprang off of Yuffie and headed into the dark. She made herself stop out of their sight and wait for them to pull themselves together. She would lead them HOME. Maybe Sergeant’s files and notes would be enough and she would not have to go with them to the labs.


Titan dropped the man whose neck he had broken and spun to block the remaining female’s escape. One hard blow from him stopped the human woman's screams and put her on the ground. The black male was proud of the fact that he controlled his strength enough that she remained conscious. He watched with curiosity as she tried to drag herself away from him. Following... The beast straddled her and covering her mouth with one hand, he heaved the weakly struggling body up, and awkwardly drug her towards the ruins. If he were going to be "Careful" he wanted to be where there was no chance of getting interrupted. This might take a little more time than his usual quick act of release.


Yuffie was scrambling to her feet as an enraged roar echoed out of the almost blocked tunnel entrance and huge scythe like claws appeared, digging at the rock sides. She had been caught off guard when Ice had run her down, and something in the creature's face as she loomed over the ninja had really frightened the girl for a minute. Yuffie had been groping along her side trying to reach one of the silver laced throwing knives that Vincent had given her, when something shifted in that long muzzled face and Ice had surged off of her into the dark. Vincent drew Cerberus but Reno grabbed him and shook his head. "Bullets DON'T work!" The Turk managed to gasp out. Both men backed up until they were even with Yuffie, then together they turned and followed Ice into the dark. All three came to a sliding stop when they pounded around a corner and Reno's light illuminated the red and gold female as she rose from where she had been sitting, evidently waiting for them. She backed as they approached her, keeping enough distance between them that they could not make a grab for her. Her hands flowed, spelling out one word. "Follow." Then she turned and moved away from them at a fast paced trot. Titan dropped his weakly squirming burden when he was far enough into the ruins to feel safe. Again he watched in amusement as the female staggered up and tried to get away from him. A quick dart forwards and the male trapped a fragile ankle in one strong hand, yanking the woman off of her feet and back to the ground. A quick twist of the hand and the crack of bone, accompanied by a piercing scream guaranteed that he wasn't going to have to waste energy chasing her. It did not matter if she were slightly damaged by the time he was done. This one was just ...experimental... (thin lips curled at the delicious irony of it. ALL of the Troop had been the subjects of MANY humiliating and painful...experiments.) The female would not need to walk again. Even if she did kindle, Steel would not allow kits from a third rank male to survive. The top Alpha would finish the kill, then find his own female and impregnate her if this worked. The narrow muzzle dipped as Titan sniffed with single minded interest at her shapely (albeit tailless) rump. The female rolled over, kicked at his face and pushed herself with her one good leg and her hands backwards. The black beast followed until his prey was pressed back against a wall. His fang filled mouth opened, eliciting a scream from the woman and the beast took the opportunity to hook a talon over her bottom teeth. A deft tongue slipped onto her opened mouth. The woman’s voice was muffled as that strong muscle slid in deep, sampling every surface that the male could reach with its considerable length. She struggled against his hold, then froze as four inch fangs pressed into her cheeks on either side of her face. Titan only withdrew when his ministrations triggered a fit of gagging on her part. The male hummed with pleasure licking every bit of the sweet taste of her fear and pain off of his lips. Yellow eyes blinked as Titan straightened up, one of his powerful hands pinning the woman against the ground. First things first, all of the cloth she wore would just get in the way. Titan casually hooked his claws into her shirt and with a negligent swipe, ripped through the fabric. It parted easily, no match for his sharp talons. Surprise, surprise, she wore more cloth underneath, binding the soft mounds of her breasts. (Only two, how odd...Did this mean that human females were not capable of having a full litter?) His mind got distracted away from the thought as he cut the binding, allowing her to spill free. The soft flesh brushed against his blunt fingers. Unfortunately, her skin was fragile and it parted as it slid along his claws. The sweet scent of blood flowed into the cool night air. He pulled the resisting woman back towards himself, moving her away from the wall a little. Then the beast straddled her body as his long muzzle hovered over the shallow gashes. Titan waited for the blood to trickle away from the wounds then delicately lapped it up, being sure to get no saliva in the open gashes. The female's breathless whimper, actually increased the desire he was starting to feel for this tempting little tidbit. Taking his time, Titan cleaned every bit of the sweet coppery nectar that spilled away from the wounds, off of the soft skin of her breasts and heaving stomach. As his muzzle neared her groin, the savory scent of her sex wafted up from her waistband. The male rumbled softly. Hooking his claws, he sliced through the slightly tougher fabric at the waist and lifting her hips bodily off of the ground, he peeled the pants off of her long, pale legs. Other than a soft moan or two, the woman had been relatively quiet up until now, most likely in shock. When the beast eagerly pressed his broad nostrils against the light fabric that covered between those legs and tongued it softly, his victim came to life with astonishing swiftness. Screaming... as if she just now realized his intentions, the female managed to roll beneath him and get to her hands and knees. Titan surged up with her, one large, blunt fingered hand spreading across her upper back and pushing her upper torso down, the other digging claws tight into the curve of her hip. Moaning, the woman pushed back against him, trying to get away from that burning pain. This made it easy for him to grab that light fabric in strong flexible lips and rip it off of her. She tried to reverse directions, her breath leaving her in a rush as he prodded at those soft pink lips with a rough tongue, checking to see if she was in heat. Tucking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, and curling his lips, the male determined that, no, this female had not triggered a heat cycle to accommodate him. Why didn't human females do this? It would make being mounted much less traumatizing on them. The woman was shaking and she jerked against his hold, protesting her ass in the air, probably uncomfortable position. The male clasped her hips tightly with the one hand and the other stroked the soft skin of her back where her tail SHOULD be. Blunt fingers parted her firm cheeks and then teased her sex's petal like lips apart until he found her center. The woman groaned as he slid his strong, long tongue over her folds and then roughly pushed it up inside her. Her screams became a high pitched keen and those pinned hips bucked as she tried to get away from the wet, rough appendage that was forcing its way into her. Titan wasn’t particularly gentle…it wasn’t in his nature. The beast realized after a couple of long hard licks that if he made it hurt a little, she produced more of that wonderful taste. He purposely spread her trembling legs as far apart as he could get them and spent several long minutes licking slowly in and out, digging his sensitive tongue as far into her as it would go. Not only did it taste good, but the gyrations of her hips as she tried to pull away from him, caused her to press her soft sex up against his lips and her intoxicating scent of pain and …oh yes… reluctant arousal …overwhelmed his nose. It wasn’t HEAT but between the musky taste of her, and that sweet smell of her fear and her sex combined, his organ swelled into an erection that demanded some attention. Titan rose, pulling her rump into him and catching her around the waist with both hands. Her renewed struggles meant nothing to the great male’s strength as he shifted narrow hips until the head of his penis pressed hard in between those velvet lips. Her begging fell on deaf ears. A deep growl rumbled through the beast as he pushed into her a little just to see what the reaction would be. His victim sucked in shocked breath, jerking her hips forwards, dislodging him as she tried to get away from the pain as even just this little bit of penetration stretched her. Yes… the third ranked male KNEW he was supposed to be careful, but when he roughly shifted the female back and repositioned himself, he lost all control. The powerful male forced himself into that tight, hot passage in one hard, unstoppable thrust. For a moment Titan froze as the female's back arched, and her head snapped back in a soundless scream. The male could feel the release of liquid heat as his long, thick penis tore something inside of her. He absent mindedly ticked off one problem they would have to deal with. There evidently was a major difference in size when it came to human and Troop males. Thin lips pulled back to expose massive fangs as the beast pulled back a little and then thrust in again, pushing in until his belly was pressed tight against that warm firm behind. Incredible pleasure rocked through him as his victim’s inner muscles clenched the already tight passage hard around his engorged penis in response to the invasion and the pain. Titan hummed as he rocked his hips against her for a moment…shell like ears flicking back and forth as he listened to the different sounds of pain this forced from her panting mouth. Experimenting, the beast released his grip a little allowing his victim to pull herself almost off of him, then he slowly thrust forwards , using his powerful arms to pull her back until he was again buried in her soft heat as far as he could go. Again Titan held for a moment, reveling in the exquisite pleasure as her hot, bleeding flesh clamped down in spasms while her body writhed and bucked against him as she tried to pull herself off of the burning impalement. As Titan ground himself inside her, the male’s need finally overcame his intelligence, (which wasn't the strongest in the Troop anyways) and the massive black male forgot his leader's orders to be careful. Lifting those hips for easier access, Titan steadied into a powerful thrusting rhythm. The female still screamed but her struggles were becoming weaker. Taking advantage of her weakening state, the male eased the woman up until her back was against his broad chest. Strong hands spread across her breasts as he roughly pulled the woman down onto him every time he thrust up. This rung one last scream out of her as the different angle and her own weight forced him a little further into her insides. The male buried his nose in her hair, inhaling her fear and pain. Titan’s tongue swiped the sweet sweat off of her neck and shoulders as the black wallowed in the feeling of dominance that a lower ranking male rarely got to enjoy. He took his time, lifting the unresisting body and pulling it down whilst slamming his hips up to grind his hardness into her. His victim’s head soon lolled back to rest on his shoulder and Titan’s low, rumbling growls of pleasure at each bloody stroke created an odd counterpoint to the soft moans the woman had been reduced to making. Titan was amazed that the female survived the mating all the way through his rough, pounding climax. She wasn't conscious when he finished, but she HAD survived. He settled back against the wall holding her limp, bloody body in his lap. It would be a few minutes before his swelling would relent enough for them to separate. Temporarily forgetting his rank and the female's guaranteed fate at Steel's hands, Titan hummed softly in his throat , carefully cleaning the tears and sweat from his mate's face with his broad tongue, and then gently working his blunt fingers and talons through her tangled sweaty hair. ALL females LOVED to be groomed and fussed over after a bout of sex. Maybe... if she did not kindle, and if he was attentive enough, NEXT time, she would trigger her heat cycle for him and then she would enjoy the mating too.


Vincent could smell blood on Reno but did not realize that his injuries were anything but minor until Yuffie's sudden shout of warning. The gunslinger turned just as the Turk staggered. Vincent watched in horror as the man righted himself , and then slipped off of the girder that they had been slowly negotiating as they followed Ice down into the dark, seemingly bottomless hole that was a part of Deep Ground. The twisted girders and beams they were using to climb down dropped into a man made canyon. Rusting pipes and old cables crisscrossed and dangled over the abyss. He thought that Ice was making for a narrow bridge that joined some of the cables in spanning the gap. At the very far bottom there was a glimmer of green. Valentine remembered that the lifestream surged to the surface here in a type of river. Any one who might survive the fall would not survive immersion in that deadly torrent. As fast as the gunman was, by the time he reversed his course enough to reach the dangling man, Reno's long, pale fingers lost their grip on the edge of the beam. Yuffie had flattened out on the narrow surface and had hold of the Turks wrist. She could not hold his weight and keep herself on the beam, and the girl cried out in anguish as she had to let go. Valentine swooped in and just missed his grab as the redhead started the long fall into the abyss.


Reno had misjudged his own strength. He could feel the gashes that Ice's claws had accidentally ripped into his thighs bleeding, but he ignored it. He was a Turk and although they did not have the Mako exposure and lightening fast healing that a SOLDIER first or even second class had, they still were modified enough that any small wound healed pretty quickly. He figured that since they really didn't hurt all that bad , they were probably just flesh wounds. The Turk was more concerned with the hip that had been half way crushed under the collapsing tunnel's ceiling, IT kept trying to lock up on him. The combination of blood loss, and that hip giving out was what had him staggering, then slipping off of the narrow girder they were traversing. A quick grab saved him from the initial deadly plummet. Reno felt Yuffie grab his wrist but he also felt her slip as his weight pulled her closer to the edge. "YO...let go!" His pale eyes held her brown ones for a second, surprised at the distress he saw there. The sudden weak dizziness, and tunneling of his vision was all the warning he got before his strength gave out and his fingers lost their grip. The redhead was just conscious enough to be aware of the fact that he was falling.


Ice stopped when she heard Yuffie shout. The female was starting back towards the group when she saw Reno fall. One sharp sweeping glance was all she had time for as the female launched herself out and up, rolling so that when she intercepted the male they were face to face. Wrapping one strong arm around him and locking her tail around his leg, Ice continued her roll. Momentum carried them out and down towards one of the thin cables that spanned across to the other side. Ice made her catch as they hurtled past it, with her free hand and a foot. Unfortunately, the rusted steel could not handle the sudden as their combined weight hit it and it snapped with a crack like a gunshot. As steel whipped down in a whistling arc, Ice's grip slid off and they were catapulted up and out into the dark. ****************************************************************

Whisper had moved ahead of the odd group as they traveled. He knew where his little sister was leading the humans. He was more that a little surprised that she was giving up the location of her sanctuary, BUT... Ice had always been one who was hard to predict. Her quick intelligence, steadiness, and sly sense of humor was what had made her so much fun when they were young kits. Whisper had been crushed when Sergeant had told them she had been put down. The male's joy at finding her still alive after the humans had all vacated Deep Ground was tempered by the fact that she would never trust a Troop male again after her betrayal by Steel, their Alpha brother. The rogue brother had contented himself with staying hidden and keeping an eye on her when he was able. Whisper had crossed the bridge well in advance of the small group, in order to remain hidden and was watching from a high vantage point opposite them when he saw the red phase male slip and fall. The white loner froze in astonishment when his sibling spun and as he watched her head swivel, then her body tense, the male knew what she was planning on doing. Whisper almost screamed at her as Ice made her leap. The only cable she was going to be able to catch was not strong enough to withstand the stress. Swearing gutturally at her, the white leaped out aiming for one of the chains that dangled loosely over the abyss. Using his considerable weight and momentum, he arched his thick body, getting the impromptu trapeze swinging in a fast and hard trajectory. Whisper reached the top of the swing as the two interlocked bodies hurtled down past him. He reached out and SNATCHED. With more luck than anything, the male managed to get a handful of tail, right close to its thick base. He caught a flash of wide, shocked silver eyes as his sister looked at him from her upside down position while they hurtled down. Using the pendulum effect on the chain, Whisper held on with all of his awesome strength as they shot down through the chain's wicked swing then he released his hold on her, timing it as they whipped through the bottom arc. It added momentum, and gave him the opportunity to aim the pair at the bridge. He rode the chain to the top of the swing again and let go, letting speed and momentum whip him back into the ruins where he had started the wild ride. He caught himself and watched as Ice managed to grab a bridge cable with one hind foot as she shot by the narrow construct. The sudden stop had her snatching as she lost her secure grip on the male and she ended up upside down, both hands and a foot locked under and around his shoulders, holding on for dear life with four slender, strong toes.


Vincent almost let Chaos out...but he remembered the demon's screaming rage at the female in the last moment and changed his mind. He had a brief glimpse of hope when Ice made her catch on the cable. That hope was lost at the gunshot crack of it breaking, and her slide off of the end. He was still wrestling to suppress Chaos as Yuffie screamed, then cheered when a blur of white rocketed out of the ruins on the other side, made a spectacular swing and catch, then hurled Ice and Reno towards the bridge. The ex-Turk hesitated when he passed the ninja as they scrambled to get down the girders. She hissed at him, "Get MOVING Valentine!...I can get down by myself." With a quick nod, the gunman utilized all of his enhanced speed and agility in the race to get to the dangling pair before Ice's precarious grip was lost.


Reno realized fuzzily that Ice had him in a painful three point grip, arms curled under his armpits then locked across his chest and a foot wrapped around one bicep. Her head was draped over the other shoulder, long muzzle actually turned and buried down tight under his jaw, taking some of the stress off of her arms. He could feel those shaking with the strain of holding on. The man managed to look up and realized how perilous their position really was when he saw that it was just the toes on her other foot holding them. Granted, she had wrapped her tail around her ankle and over the toes to reinforce them but he doubted if/when the toes slipped, she would be able to hold their combined weight with just that prehensile tip. "Shit...Ice just let me go." The golden female jerked a little, startled by his voice. An odd moan vibrated against his throat as she hissed. The hoarse whisper that she ground out of her damaged throat was simple and to the point.. " Shut up Reno...and be very still." Looking down, he decided to take her advice.


Ice had been taken totally by surprise when she had been caught by the tail. The shock and strain of the following jerk and swing pulled and cracked every vertebrate up her spine. She got a flashing glimpse of a snow white mane and blood red eyes, then she was whipped towards the bridge. Making her catch, she had a couple of hair raising seconds as Reno's limp body was jerked out of her grip by the sudden stop. It was only by scrambling with both hands and one foot that she managed to regain her grip on him. The female just hung there, totally at a loss for what to do next. She could not twist them up, he was too heavy and her grip, even with the addition of her tail, was too shaky to even try. She felt the minute Reno awoke and she moaned softly in warning as he shifted, causing her grip on the cable to slip a little. She swallowed and managed to force a few words out warning the male to BE STILL! Vibrations rolling down the bridge made the cable jump and caused more slippage, she was holding on now with mostly the curve of her talons. Ice could not control her body's twitch when a warm hand and a cold one wrapped around her ankle and tail. That twitch was all it took for her claws to slip off. The female heard a grunt and soft hiss as the hands slipped, then tightened and held their weight. Untwisting her head, the female looked up into the flashing crimson eyes of Vincent Valentine. The Alpha’s lips were pulled tight at the strain, showing his even white teeth as he slowly managed to pull them both up to the safety of the bridge.

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