The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 15

Sergeant had been turned into a beast, but he still retained ALL of the intelligence that was his human legacy. Even in the throes of madness he was a terrible, cunning, creation. Nothing in his massive body moved as he surreptitiously studied the small group. He knew that the Shinra Turk's were the best of the best and even with his augmented advantages of speed, strength, and indestructibility, he needed to have a perfect plan of attack in place before he struck. A soft breeze sighed past him, one of the reason's he had chosen this as his ambush site. He knew that they would have to come into this bottle neck in order to safely reach the surface. The collapsed doorway with its concealing pile of rubble and its steady breath of air moving away from the group guaranteed his invisibility until HE chose to reveal himself. When that happened it would be too late for the humans AND the Changeling. The fact that a Lurker had taken up residence in the only passage UP was just icing on the proverbial cake. With luck, he could drive at least one Turk into its lethal arms. Of course… he had to make sure that Ice did not see the damned thing before she realized she was free, else she might just panic and run right into the accursed thing too!
Yellow glazed eyes narrowed as a stray thought tried to push its way through his insanity. Why was Whisper with the Turks? There was no way that just two Turks could overpower an adult male Were unless they just flat out killed him. And the little group's formation had raised more questions in the beast’s aching mind the minute he had set eyes on them. It almost looked as if Ice was WILLINGLY leading them up and out. This just did not make sense. Why hadn't the cinnamon female just euthanized the Changeling and been done with it? There was no way she would voluntarily return to Shinra's labs.
Sergeant stifled the urge to shake his buzzing head and just pushed those thoughts into a far corner where they would not confuse him. He was here to take out the Turks, kill the Changeling, and free Ice from whatever obligation he had forced on her. That was it, plain and simple. Hopefully, the Turks would cause enough damage to his failing body that he could crawl away and die, thus removing THAT particular danger from Ice's life also.
Mighty muscles tensed when Ice nailed her brother, but the beast held…waiting for a better moment. When the red headed Turk had an armful of Changed Ice (and how had the man forced her to Change into THAT vulnerable form?) and as the crimson cloaked killer staggered back, very much distracted and seemingly stunned. The beast who had once been a man struck!
Moving with an uncanny silence for a creature so massive, Sergeant surged out of his hiding place and hit Vincent from behind. The man was quick, but the events taking place inside his head blunted his reaction time. Valentine just managed to start turning when the five massive, curving claws at the end of the beast's thickly muscled arm drove down, grooving through cloak, skin, muscle and bone, from the man's shoulder, slantwise, clear down to his opposite hip. The gunslinger was instantly overwhelmed with pain and shock and did not feel as his body was cast aside like a limp rag. As this happened, Sergeant's powerful jaws closed over Yuffie's back, spanning her ribcage, biting deep, then flinging her with a twist of powerful neck muscles into the near wall.

Chaos roared to consciousness, scrambling frantically as he tried to deal with his host's potentially lethal wounds.
The Galian beast could see the huge ursine looking monster bearing down on them. Ice and Whisper closed ranks in front of the fallen gunslinger, shoulder to shoulder, taking a defensive posture. Reno was gliding sideways trying to flank the beast…. but the demon knew that the three wouldn't be able to stop the creature for long.
The dark lord was having real difficulties keeping Vincent alive. That monster was Were based and the GODS be cursed virus that its claws were impregnated with was interfering terribly with his immortality gene. He hissed back at the other demon!
Ice was shaking off the pain and cramping caused by her sudden Change when she felt Reno stiffen beside her. Following his gaze she saw the huge bulk of Sergeant explode out from under the rubble that obscured the collapsed doorway. The beast who had once been a man was endowed with incredible speed for something his size and by the time the two were up and moving, Vincent was down, and Yuffie had slammed into the wall and was lying at its base in a crumpled heap. As fast as their old Alpha was, Whisper and Ice managed to get between him and their fallen Troop members before the creature had covered half of the distance to finish the job. Sergeant slid to a halt and rose to his full intimidating sixteen foot height. Thick drooling lips pulled back to expose yellow jagged teeth and the massive humped shoulders bowed up as the beast slashed the air in front of the Weres with eight inch talons. The walls trembled at his deep, earth shattering roar…
Ice met those almost completely yellow orbs and knew there would be no reasoning with the monster. The man she had grown up to love and respect was buried too far down in insanity to be brought back up to the surface. The air shook again as Whisper came to the same conclusion and lifted to his full height. He dropped his ruffed out head, gaped his mouth wide with lips pulled back to expose his weapons to the root and engaged his throat sacks to create a thumping BOOM. Her brother was in a full dominance/threat display. Ice could not Change to her more intimidating beast form, BUT… she could match her sib in display. She flared out her mane, flattened her ears and dropped into a fighting stance. The cinnamon Were also bared elongated canines, but what caused a slight flicker in those insane yellow orbs, was her drawing the two beautiful silver daggers from their wrist sheaths with a flourish that Sergeant himself had taught her.
Brother and sister moved apart as the beast advanced, each knowing their place in this mortal dance. They got some much needed help. As Sergeant plowed into them, Reno flowed in on the monster's flank, silver blade flashing down in one hand and his trusty E.M.R sparking and buzzing as it came into play. Ice twisted to the side, blades flashing in a complex pattern as they slashed muzzle, neck and shoulder. Again the air was rattled by an ear splitting roar as the beast turned with her, huge claws splayed out as he tried to rend and tear. They connected with nothing but the wind of her passing. Ice was well trained and knew that her job was to harass and distract, not to close with a monster of Sergeant’s girth and strength. That was her brother's job. Whisper spun to the off side and with an impossible running leap he was mounted on that broad rolling back. He buried his foot claws in, and flexing his wrists, he drove six inches of sharp, silver laced steel into the heavy muscling along his old Alpha's spine. Sergeant screamed and reared to tower over all of them. He gave a huge rolling twist of mighty shoulders and the Albino was thrown to slide across the floor. Ice just barely avoided being eviscerated by swinging talons as she changed course and literally slid between the beast's tree like hind legs. Reno stepped over her sliding body and smacked the broad, slavering muzzle hard with his Rod as jagged teeth reached for the female. He saved her from a nasty bite but was wasn't able to avoid the swat that drove him into the floor.
When the Galian's head cleared of the mist of Change, he saw Reno's death towering over him preparing to power down and grind the Turk into so much human jelly. Acting on instinct, the demon generated power in a heart beat and directed two balls of flame towards the shaggy, bleeding back. Usually the Were preferred a good physical fight, but he could feel the burn all down HIS back and the soft whisper of blood running as he moved. Vincent's injury had carried through the transfer, Chaos must TRULY be at his limits in dealing with this.
Still the Galian beast hissed at the more powerful demon.
"Chaos….we are DEAD of you can't do better than this!"
There was a savage snarl in the Galian's head and he felt the soft pattering of blood slow.
"Yeah right…." echoed through the lesser demon's head as he watched the giant beast absorb and then shrug off any affect his fire balls had. That massive body swung around with lethal grace and Sergeant charged at him with a blood curdling scream.
The Galian crouched and braced as he prepared to meet the charge, he saw Reno roll and gain his feet. At least he had prevented that annoying one's immediate demise. The beast knew he had miscalculated terribly when Sergeant crashed into him, SHIT! This massive twisted, bear like, Shinra creation was nothing but dense muscle, rolling fat, and heavy bone. He managed to get his own long jaw locked over the ursine creature's muzzle, preventing a crushing bite but as he was borne backwards, slashing claws connected with his flank and thigh. There was a blur of cinnamon and Ice vaulted over the writhing fighters, blades slashing down towards Sergeant's vulnerable eyes. The massive head twisted out of the Galian's grip and a wide gash opened on the heavy furrowed brow. Galian caught the disconcerting flash as those lethal blades passed close to HIS eyes, but her strike did cause the monster to rear back up off of him as a mighty arm swatted at the female. Ice was unable to twist away this time and was scooped out of the air like a fluttering moth. The Were didn't flutter at all as she was tossed across the avenue and ended up rolling almost to the archways entrance. White silk coated the gold as she struggled to get up.
The Galian managed to straighten up as he met Sergeant's next charge. Hot pain stabbed his side and the injured leg buckled as he arched to the side to avoid totally closing with the beast. A guttural, very nasty, ancient curse roiled through his head.
The big purple Were was occupied, with both arms locked around a thickly muscled, shuddering neck so he only had the attention and time for a short and terse..
For a moment, the demon thought he was gaining headway when Sergeant's front end suddenly dropped. Then, the once human reared up, twisted in a way that something that thick shouldn't have been able to do and wrapped mighty arms around the Galian beast’s slender waist sucking him tight in a crushing embrace. He saw a flash of white and knew that Whisper was worrying at the monster's flank, but Sergeant allowed the damage, intent on dispatching the more dangerous foe. Biting claws made the Galian beast release his grip on that heavy neck and he found himself being crushed to the ground under the monster's massive, bleeding weight. Kicking with curved hind talons he tried to disembowel the mountain on top of him but the beast just shrugged off the damage.
The Galian knew he was truly screwed as he writhed under the monster’s crushing mass, snapping jaws trying to keep those jagged, slashing teeth off of his own throat. There was a flash of red and Reno slid in, one knee on either side of the shaggy thrashing head. As Sergeant’s gaping jaws swung up, the Turk buried his E.M.R. in the thick junction between jaw and throat as he thumbed the rod to Max. The monster gave a choking shriek as his entire body convulsed. That heavy muzzle cracked into Reno and tossed him like so much waste paper into the rubble. The trapped Galian could only groan as over a ton of bone and muscle collapsed over him. Even so, Sergeant wasn't destroyed by the severe electro magnetic shock. Hell… he did not even loose consciousness. Instead those huge curving claws shifted to pin the Galian's wrists, making sure his prey was still trapped. Then with a strained grunt, the beast gave himself a slight shake and his head dropped to look Galian right in the face. Vincent's second ranked demon froze….that look was a direct, intelligent, searching gaze with no sign of the insane rage that had filled them with yellow fire just seconds ago.
Those deep, rich, brown orbs studied him for a moment….
"YOU are an experiment…like Ice," the deep, garbled voice rumbled….Like ME?"
Galian kept his reply short. Who knew how long this monster would be rational.
"Project V…"
"Ah…that explains a lot."
Sergeant gave his shaggy shoulders a shrug, as he nodded his ragged head. He then lifted his blunt muzzle as he looked for Ice.
Galian had to stifle a yelp as the mighty bulk above him tensed and rapier sharp claws dug into his forearms.
" Ice….get the HELL out of there!" Sergeant's massive head swung down and pinned the trapped Galian beast with a frantic gaze. "That phobia is going to be the DEATH of her!"
Galian arched his back against the weight of the beast on him and got a quick glimpse of the cinnamon female. She was flattened down, seemingly mesmerized by what ever she could see lurking back in the stygian darkness of the archway. .
Sergeant wasn't kidding…that had to be the largest creepy crawly the demon had ever seen. The Were tried his strength against Sergeant's restraining grasp, but knew it was futile. The massive creature had him well and truly pinned. Still Galian couldn't help thrashing when two articulated, metal encrusted legs, shot out of the archway like the pincers of a crab. Long, venom dripping points at the end drove down, intent on skewering their intended victim. There was a streak of silver and flowing chocolate as Yuffie launched herself from the base of the wall where she had been thrown. The ninja hit Ice, braced her feet and somehow powered the both of them out from under those lethal spears. She twisted slightly as one point grazed her hip, opening a long deep slash.
There was a bubbling, screeching hiss, followed by a nasty, scraping, chittering sound as the creature oozed its oily way out of its ambush hole. Galian's attention was drawn back to his current predicament as a blast of carrion smelling breath hit his face.
Sergeant pulled back a little when he realized he had his victim's attention.
"Ice and Whisper are with you because they want to be… aren't they?"
Galian snarled a little and rumbled,
"We are a pack….and Ice… she is my/our MATE!"
Powerful jaws snapped shut as Sergeant seemed to come to a decision. The Galian was amazed when the great beast released his arms and shifted his crushing weight off. There was a flash of brown starting to glimmer again with yellow.
"Just between you and me... Project V," Galian almost missed the rest as the mighty beast who had once been a man rolled into a full fledged charge. "I HATE the damned creepy crawlies too!"
Yuffie lay in a heap, her limbs and tail intertwined haphazardly with Ices. She knew they were in terrible danger, but right at the moment the young woman was in so much pain, she just couldn't bring herself to care. The ninja had thought that the agony of bones breaking when she had been thrown into the wall was bad, but the piercing glass-shard like pain as her bones pulled themselves together, and then healed afterwards, had been overwhelming. It had taken every bit of stubborn strength she possessed, to rocket forwards and pull Ice out from under those descending living lances.
Even so, as soon as they were clear, Yuffie dropped the Were and tried to curl up into a shaking, whimpering ball. When it had attacked, the ragged fangs of the beast that was Sergeant, had pierced through hide and muscle, crushed ribs, and she was pretty sure, penetrated to some vital organs underneath. THAT gruesome injury was not healing. The envenomed slash on her hip was closing up, but her healing factor did not recognize the mutated Were's saliva as foreign, so it stayed dormant in regards to the bite wounds. She felt when the cinnamon female detangled herself from her self created "Yuffie" ball. And the girl almost screamed when the Were quickly probed her injuries with strong, careful fingers. She did cry out and then gagged on the blood this brought up into her mouth as Ice ruthlessly straightened her out. The girl retched again when a strip of cloth was forced passed her lips.
Ice held Yuffie's mouth closed and snarled at the ninja's "you have got to be fucking kidding me" look. The female's slender ears were twitching and rotating as she tried to track what was happening around them and concentrate on Yuffie at the same time. She used both hands to hold the ninja's muzzle closed and the girl finally started rolling the cloth around with her tongue just so she could get it out of her mouth. The Changed woman was mortified when her salivary glands seemed to go into overdrive and bloody drool started stringing from her closed mouth.
Ice released her grip and ran both hands down Yuffie's lips, gathering as much of the viscous fluid as she could. Before too much could drip from between her long fingers, the female pinned the girl with her feet and tail, and used both hands to work the goop deep into the open wounds. Yuffie managed to choke out…“GROSSNESS“….as the female plucked the now sodden rag from her mouth and the girl wished she had kept her mouth shut when the Were stuffed another one in. Honey gold eyes widened as the fire that was consuming her back and ribs eased with Ice's rough first aid. Yuffie worked the rag around in her flooded mouth, trying to soak it as fast as possible. The girl shuddered at the pain, she could actually FEEL the female's slender fingers working the saliva soaked rag DEEP into her insides. But….as soon as the rag was withdrawn, she could also feel those terrible wounds start to close. The Changeling felt Ice look up from her task and heard the guttural snarl as the female ducked, covering Yuffie's body with her own. Whisper's bleeding form came sailing past to thump into the wall. The male dragged himself up, glanced over Ice's handiwork, gave a sharp, approving nod and then launched himself back into the fray. Ice continued to work frantically, slathering Yuffie's saliva into every bit of the now closing bite wounds.
Finally Yuffie reached back and grabbed her hands,
"Ice…. I get the idea…..go help the others, I can do this myself now."
The ninja had totally sympathy for the Were as she watched pure unadulterated panic run across that lovely face. But, the Changeling was ruthless….phobia or not, the others needed all of the help they could get. She pushed the golden female away…
"Come on….they are counting on us…!"
Reno hadn't caught all of the short conversation that had gone on between the two mighty Were beasts. His own groan as he levered his aching body out of the rubble just about drowned it out. Then he saw Yuffie and Ice go flying by and the bulk of the great bear like monster moved slightly clearing his field of vision. The THING that squeezed itself out of the archway had the redhead's heart trying to wiggle its way out through the soles of his feet. Hells Bells….what perverted mating of nature and science had created THAT?! A huge disk shaped, pale tan body balanced itself on eight jointed, highly arched legs. Each of these ended in two lethal looking claw like hooks. The creature also had two hooked legs that faced to the front, these ended in long, very sharp, venom dripping points. They were the ones it used as spears when it ambushed its prey and then they were used to draw the victim where shorter, sharp tipped appendages could stuff the morsel into the monster's mouth. Reno had NO problem imagining how anything skewered by those crawling, twitching, articulated arms would get drawn up into the mutant's chittering maw. The strange, spine crawling chittering was created by four mandibles that clattered and scraped together in a ratcheting motion. Those armor plated, jagged mouth parts would saw through the toughest flesh and bone in seconds.
The thing had finally succeeded in pulling its bulk clear of the archway and it tilted the front of its body down, seemingly studying the group with three huge, glowing, mako green, center eyes that were surrounded by four smaller ones. The razor sharp mandibles flared wide as the thing hissed its displeasure at having its meal snatched.
OH SHIT! The red head suddenly realized that its spears were not only used to pull prey into the mouth but ALSO as hooks to hold squirming flesh in place to be stung to death. Two whip-like, articulated tails, ending in dripping stingers arched over the thing's back to hover and weave as it readied itself to attack. Another glance towards the spidorpian, (yeah… that was as good a name as any, for it) confirmed that not only did the mutant have its own natural armor, but the thing had somehow managed to attach chunks and plates of metal over most of its nasty, formidable bulk. Looking at it, the Turk could understand where Ice might have acquired her bug phobia. HELL…he just might join her in it after this! That was most definitely the creepiest, creepy crawly HE had ever seen.
Reno's attention was jerked back towards the two combatants who HAD been engaged in a life or death struggle just moments ago. The Turk could not believe his eyes when Sergeant backed off of the Galian beast and proceeded to charge the giant arachnid. The redhead staggered over and offered a hand to the prone beast, and to his amazement Vincent's demon accepted the help as he struggled to his feet with a groan that was an eerie echo of Reno's earlier one. Blood dripped down the Galian beast's side and thigh, and where he had been ruthlessly pinned, there was a pool of blood that had evidently come from the wounds that had been scored on Valentine’s back. The Turk shook his head slightly, that didn't bode well in relation to the gunslinger's health. Without thinking, Reno tapped into his materia and cast a low level Cure, while he still had contact with the beast.. A shudder ran over the demon's body and his shaggy fur fluffed out. CRAP….he had forgotten about the weird reaction that Weres had to the healing magic. They had never needed to use Cure on Vincent before due to his rapid healing abilities, and the Turk realized belatedly that the Were part of the possessed gunslinger might reject any Cure cast.
The redhead breathed a sigh of relief when the Galian shrugged experimentally and growled,
"Better….Chaos says that you might be useful to keep around… after all."
His outraged, confusion most have been very evident because yellow eyes flashed his way and the beast grinned a nasty, tooth showing smile as his eyes turned back to the ongoing battle,
"You might need your gun for this one….. PET."
The demon sent a fire ball surging towards the mutated thing's unblinking eyes as it drove a stinger down at Sergeant. This splattered across the thick armor and didn't seem to hurt the monster, but it did distract it enough that the twisting tail missed its strike. Sergeant's powerful, claws skittered across plate mail, with a nerve grating screech, and dug into a joint. The giant bug gave a whistling, scream and spun, tossing the bear-like beast like he was a cub. The Galian shook himself sending blood and fur flying and then loped forwards to join the battle. Reno stuck the silver dagger into his belt, drew his gun and followed the beast just to make sure it heard his shouted,
"YO….if there is anyone here who LOOKS like a dog….it sure as hell ain't ME!"
Whisper had been as stunned as anyone with Sergeant's change of heart. When his former Alpha released this new manifestation of Vincent (and this one smelt almost one hundred percent… Were….wasn't that interesting!) and turned to do battle with the new foe that had quite literally crawled out of the woodwork, the White was instantly at his side. The big male was grinning a gape mouthed, savage smile of joy at the chance to fight at his former leader's side again. Sergeant came in hard and fast, trying to break through the monster's outer defenses to reach its softer more vulnerable underside. He barely avoided the stinging tail’s strike only because Vincent's beast somehow sent a blast of fire into its multiple eye's. Even so, the great bear was sent rolling across the floor by a powerful sideways swipe of one articulated leg. The dual claws must have connected because there was a new streaming gash on Sergeant's side as he struggled to rise. The mutant bowed forward trying to reach the old Alpha with its ratcheting mandibles.
Whisper surged forward, got a grip with his deadly claws in between a couple of leg sections and used his momentum plus the creature's own strength to vault up onto its metal incrusted back. With a whistling hiss, the creature lost interest in the larger beast as the Albino dug sharp talons under a plate and used the awesome strength of his whole body to pry it up. The armor gave with a ripping sound, exposing the sickly, pink softness underneath. Whisper managed two deep rending strikes, then the thing straightened all of its legs like pistons and crushed the Were between its hard body and the unforgiving ceiling. Stunned, the White slithered off of its carapace and was caught by a swinging leg and batted over Ice, to slam into the wall. Seven glowing eyes turned towards the male's limp form as he lay for a second giving his healing factor a chance to draw broken bones together, but the sharp crack of Reno's gun and the whine of a ricocheting bullet drew its attention away from him and the vulnerable females. As Whisper dragged himself to his feet, he could see that Ice was teaching Yuffie how to deal with wounds caused by another Were. He gave his sister a swift nod of approval and scrambled to rejoin his battling comrades. Ducking down, the White tried to shoot under the thing's line of sight in order to get to its undercarriage but was intercepted as a stinger slammed down. It missed skewering him only because Vincent's beast rammed into his side with a muscled shoulder. The sharp tip traced a line of fire down his rib cage before driving into the floor.
HOLY SHIT! The venom from the thing made the muscles along that slash jump and twist as liquid flame coursed through the wound. Luckily, his immune system neutralized it almost immediately as his healing factor closed the slash. It still left a deep ache that would take a while to disappear completely. Before the thing could bow down and bring its biting parts into play, there was a flurry of cinnamon mane as Ice drove a dagger into what would pass as a knee joint. The thing turned with a bubbling screech, its instinctual jerk reaction tossing the female back as if she weighted nothing. One of its sting tipped tails was hovering over the Were, as if searching out the best place to nail her when silver lightening twirled through the air and one of those great glowing eyes blanked out. Yuffie's throwing blade had found its mark.
Whisper managed to rolled one way and saw Vincent's Other do the same. The shaggy, odd colored beast was in between Ice and the again bowing mutant before Whisper had even regained his feet. The savage rumbling growl that echoed from its broad chest made it very clear that he was not happy about the Were female possibly getting harmed. Both of the mutant's nasty spear like front legs lined up to drive down on the male. The beast managed to sidestep one, but the other shot down, piercing through his back and into the floor beneath him. Pinned as the male was, there was no way that the demon could avoid the stinging tails. One needled into him and as the other followed, Sergeant made his presence known. The beast that was once a man reared up to tower over the writhing demon and the second sting caught him full in the chest. He didn't hesitate as he hooked both sets of curving talons into the joint attaching the stinger to the tail and ripped it off. Then as the spear was jerked out of the Galian beast and driven into his own powerful body, Sergeant locked his powerful arms around it preventing the mutant from drawing it out. The creature could not lift over a ton and was itself pinned in such a way that it could now only pivot around the anchor that Sergeant had become.
Whisper darted in with the intention of dragging Vincent's demon to safety. The almost Were was evidently having problems dealing with the poison as he was still thrashing weakly but not able to rise. More gunfire erupted and the mutant spider lost another eye. Reno was still in the fight.
Just as the Albino reached the fallen demon, its injured body dissolved into a red and black mist….Whisper found himself covering Vincent's bleeding body with his own as Sergeant made a Herculean effort and dragged the monster until they were positioned right under it. There was a buzzing crackle as Reno connected with his E.M.R and the arachnid shrieked, mandibles flaring wide as a convulsion rocked it. Whisper felt Vincent shift under him and wisely jerked to the side as the gunman drew his weapon. He was still close enough to the massive gun's smoking muzzle to be deafened as Cerberus made its opinion of the whole affair known. The gunman unloaded three rounds into the thing's open maw. And when it snapped shut, he turned his aim to the soft vulnerable spot where the arachnid's plates came together. His heavy caliber bullets punched through the flattened body only to connect with the armor on its back. This was the things downfall, as each bullet turned and ricocheted back through, doing terrible damage as they shattered and tumbled.
As the monster above them started to twist and jitter in its death throes, Whisper grabbed his Alpha and desperately made a dash to get out from underneath before the creature collapsed. They had almost made it to Sergeant, when the arachnid's massive bulk settled down over them. The beast who was a man… pivoted around the leg that penetrated and trapped him, and placed his bulk between them and the dying creature's slashing mandibles. They were all crushed together under its armored bulk as the mutant settled into death.
Vincent had felt the terrible crushing pain of Sergeant's first strike and then thankfully, nothing else. When he was cruelly jerked out of a comforting oblivion it was to a body that was bleeding, weak, and engulfed in pain. And… to a large White Were who was tugging and pulling on him in such a way that it made his body's agony twice again as bad. The gunman had a good, if not blurry view as the segmented underside of the struggling arachnid was drawn over them, and he reacted more from instinct then anything else. He managed to place eight lethal shots into the thing, and was grateful when Whisper grabbed him and bolted for safety. The gunman knew he did not have the strength to get himself out from under an avalanche of giant, mutated... bug. They didn't quite make it. Valentine blacked out again as a massive weight settled down, adding the pain of being crushed to the already unbearable.
The sound of his two top demons arguing was what woke him again.
Chaos sounded not only angry but very tired. The gunslinger hazily thought that probably didn't bode well for his sake.
The Galian was on the defensive.
"What did you expect me to do….let the thing skewer Ice and possible kill her AND our puppies! I don't think so…!"
Vincent managed an internal clearing of his throat to get the bickering pair's attention. He could see nothing, and the great weight pressing down over him was making it impossible to breathe.
"Would one of you mind telling me what the HELL is happening?"
Before either demon could answer there was a deep groan from somewhere above him and the terrible weight eased some. Another rumbling moan and the pressure lifted up as Sergeant somehow managed to lift the great mass above him off of Vincent, and also, the ex-Turk realized, Whisper. Strong hands caught at him and he was unceremoniously hauled out from under the pile of white fur that was the Albino Were. He had evidently been sandwiched between the great bulk of Sergeant and Vincent's slender form.
Chaos could not resist a stab at him.
Valentine blinked to clear his vision and watched as Yuffie and Reno managed to drag Whisper's limp form out also. When they had the male clear, they turned back to help Sergeant, but the great beast just shook his head as his strength gave out and he settled back to the ground, the massive weight of the arachnid slowly crushing him. Partially glazed yellow/brown eye's sought out and then locked onto Vincent's crimson ones and the beast snorted softly.
"So….how fitting is this, that the son will correct the mistakes of the father?"
At Valentine's obvious confusion, those eyes flicked to take in Ice as she helped her brother to his feet, and then his gaze slid over to study Yuffie's chocolate striped form. Those eyes narrowed as the three Were's and (surprise) a hated Turk came over and tried to lift the weight off of the pinned beast. Sergeant gently nosed Ice away and met Vincent's gaze steadily.
"You need to finish this kill."
Both Yuffie and Reno backed off as Vincent levered himself into a sitting position and drew Sergeant's pistol from his cloak. Ice saw the gun and with ears flattened and mane sucked in as tight as it would go, she threw herself over her old Alpha's head. Whisper placed himself between his old and his new leader, the stress of the situation causing his lips to peel back exposing his fangs.
Vincent heard Sergeant softly rumble,
"Ice…. I am tired, I…hurt….please let me go while there is still some of ME left….. Please… This time…. euthanasia will be a blessing…"
Ice gave a gurgling hum and rocked Sergeant's big head for a moment then she backed away giving his blunt muzzle a final stroke. Valentine brought the pistol to bear on target and was stopped when Whisper stepped forward, his large blunt fingered hands closing over the weapon.
The big Male blinked sadly at the gunman and his voice was so soft it was almost a whisper.
"No….this should be done by family…or at the least…. by someone who loves him."
The Albino took the gun and moved back behind his old Alpha's head. As those intelligent eyes rolled to follow him, Ice popped her fangs together drawing Sergeant's attention back to her and her hands flowed through a slow dance. Whisper inflated his throat sack and boomed softly, Valentine realized that the male had done this to cover the sound of the sidearm being cocked.
The golden female's fingers spoke slowly, and simply.
"You have NOT failed…you taught us loyalty. You taught us the meaning of courage."
Ice faltered here and her eye's shifted from silvery blue to slate. Vincent watched and his heart ached at the evidence that the Weres had the very human capability to shed tears. Again the female's graceful hands flowed.
"You taught us what it is like to be loved.…that is NOT my definition of failure... Good night…father of my heart."
Her hands settled slowly as she finished what she was saying. The pistol spoke sharply from behind only once, and that massive head was jerked down by the force of the heavy caliber, silver bullet's penetration. The beast who was once a man died quietly, eased into his final sleep by the hand of the strong, white beast that he had thought of as a son.

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