The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 13

Yuffie just stared at Ice. Damn Hojo…were they EVER going to be done with that creepy, sick, Shinra psychopath! The ninja had moved up behind the kneeling gunman and was resting her hands on his shoulders while she balanced herself on her feet, so that she could see the computer screen over him. She had been enjoying the tactile sensation of the soft, black shirt that he was wearing as it slid over his firm musculature. This changed as the young woman felt the man stiffen under her fingers and then shudder at the mention of that hated name. She unconsciously kneaded the broad shoulders, trying to get Vincent to just let it go. The woman knew instinctively that it wasn't a chance run in with Sergeant that he was thinking about.
The damage that Hojo had wrought on Valentine's mind, body and spirit ran very deep indeed. Yuffie had accepted the fact that the ex-Turk might never fully recover from his years as one of the monstrous Doctor's specimens. But… GODS!….it didn't help that every time the man turned around he was being confronted with the evidence of that Shinra BASTARD'S peculiar brand of insanity.
Fine….Yuffie stifled the sad sigh that tried to weasel its way past her lips. She had played the fool MANY times in order to distract Vincent out of his black moods, she had NO problem continuing to do so, if that is what it took to keep him from spiraling down into the dark.
The ninja plastered a big smile onto her face only to wipe it off as Ice flinched and the cinnamon female's thin lips peeled back in reflex to show her teeth. (Note to self, gotta remember NOT to flash my big, pearly whites at the Weres!) The ninja tried a closed mouth smile and Ice relaxed.
"Hey, I was wanting to ask….do ya have anything OTHER than M.E.R.s and soup to eat?"
It worked… Yuffie had to suppress a grin as Vincent's head swiveled around in order to give her an incredulous look. Reno looked at her as if she was crazy (Like HE had any room to talk!) Ice just blinked, as if her mind had skipped a track. Yuffie gave those wonderful shoulders a final squeeze and headed back towards the kitchen.
"Yeah cause, eating the same stuff all of the time has just got to be so…you know…. BORING!"
The young woman casually looked back over her shoulder to catch Ice's hands flow hesitantly through their graceful dance. Vincent didn't look at Yuffie as he pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers while he translated.
"You can always try a pinky…?"
Yuffie shrugged and rummaged in a cabinet, “Well that sounds better than soup….where do ya keep them?"
She had her head and shoulders buried inside the cupboard and didn't see the gunman stand up and hesitate as he took in the sight of her striped, long tailed behind swaying back and forth as she searched,
"Hnnn….Yuffie….pinkies are newborn rats…"
"Ewww!… Owww!"
The changeling jerked back and cracked herself right across the bridge of her muzzle on the counter's overhang. That didn't stop her though.
Yuffie made gagging noises then clamped both hands over her muzzle when she realized that BOTH Weres looked slightly… insulted. Ice tapped her throat and copied Yuffie by gagging slightly.
SHIT….she had forgotten about the Were's damaged throat. Ice was probably limited to very soft foods….like soup and the goopy M.E.R's…(and, eww… uber grossness, tender baby pinkies).
"I mean…um…That's awful." Yuffie grabbed a can of soup. "When we get topside, we are gonna have to introduce Ice to real food. Like …oh I don't know…. chocolate mousse…. yeah…I'll bet she would really like chocolate mousse."
Whisper watched the Changeling in total bewilderment. He had found, while he was growing up, that it was easier to go with the flow rather than trying to understand the female Troop member’s thought processes. This human female made their sometimes alien, almost always convoluted reasoning seem SIMPLE! GODS….he did NOT envy Valentine.
Crimson eyes narrowed and glanced slyly sideways to watch the Alpha as the gunman turned from watching the girl….. On the other hand… the White male had felt the air chill… and dark, dangerous THINGS had stirred in the man at the mention of Hojo's name. The little striped female's distracting behavior had diverted something there. Whisper nodded slightly to himself as he saw the pale man's lips quirk up in a slight smile at Ice's bewildered look and her questioning of why she would want to eat a moose covered in chocolate?…and what was chocolate? Yes, this was a dance that the pair had engaged in many times, even if the dominant of the two was unawares of it. Gold glimmered for an instant in Vincent's ruby eyes as he glanced the Albino's way and Whisper KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that even if the man wasn't aware of what the girl was doing, the devil that was a part of him WAS and whole heartedly approved.
The big White turned back to watch the computer screen. He had a decision to make. Joining in the bug battle and staying with this odd little group had been a spur of the moment… indulgence. Going up against his brothers or... Gods forbid… Sergeant….was a totally different scenario. He shuddered and licked his lips trying to moisten a suddenly dry mouth. If the Troop males caught them trespassing, their deaths would not be pleasant and little Yuffie's life would become a horror. Likewise…. running into their old Alpha while he was in the throes madness wasn't an option in which they would end up any less dead. Ice evidently felt obligated to Yuffie as that was the only reason he could think of that would force the female back into the labs. The big male had no such motivation...although?... red eyes blinked wistfully in Reno's direction but the red head was talking strategy with Vincent. Whisper hummed softly to himself in indecision as he watched his sister gathering things together in preparation for leaving. Maybe… Ice would allow him to just stay here?
Ice had taken the time before everyone awoke to slip back into her battle harness. As soon as Yuffie was done eating the red phased female beckoned her over and involuntarily winced as the girl let out a squeal of delight when she saw that the Were had one for her. It only took her a few minutes to get the leather adjusted and buckled onto Yuffie's lithe form. Ice took the time to show the young woman where the harness was designed to give and form fit during a Change. Then she picked up a roll of soft leather and with a quick flip sent it unrolling across a table. The soft hiss of surprise that escaped the girl's lips and Valentines respectful "Hnnn" told the Were that this group knew quality weapons when they saw them. Picking a set of four matched throwing blades out of their resting places, Ice handed them to Yuffie. The Were didn't say anything, all she did was narrow her silver eyes, wrinkle her velveteen lips, and quirk a brow at the other female. Yuffie gaped, showing ALL of her teeth in a wicked grin as she backed up a little, casually testing the small blade's balance. Then she answered the Were's unspoken question. She dropped two of the blades to be caught by her hand/feet as she dove forwards. Her hands whipped, unloading the first set. Before those even reached their target she flipped, catching and spinning the remaining two lovely, silver laced blades out with her feet.
Reno had slouched back against a wall and was in the process of lighting his long awaited smoke. The first blade put out his match as it skimmed by to thunk into the wall, the second cut the cigarette off just shy of his lips. The last two twanged as they buried themselves side by each between his legs just catching the material at the crotch of his pants and pinning it to the wall. Reno, to give the man credit, didn't even flinch. He dropped his match and the ruined smoke all the while giving the chocolate striped Changeling a wounded look out of narrowed pale eyes.
"Damn it WOMAN….that wasn't funny!" He sadly spat out the stub that was left in his lips. "That was my last one!"
Yuffie added insult to injury by straightening up and bowing to the angry red head with a flourish.
Ice just stared at the girl with stunned silver eyes. These human's were just FULL of surprises! Her consternation grew when a pair of her confiscated silver laced daggers appeared in Vincent's hand and he set them down to join the two matching, long, heavy blades that rested on the leather.
His crimson eyes held her for a moment.
"Am I correct in assuming that there is a reason for the silver worked into these, other than simple aesthetics?"
Ice slid a careful finger along the intricate design in one of the blades as she formulated her answer.
"As I am sure you have noticed, there are very few things that can cause us permanent or even lasting damage. A sibling's teeth and claws can cause fatal wounds, but steel and lead are…. ineffective. Silver though…." Her hand stopped its dance as she tapped a claw thoughtfully against the knife and her long, elegant ears twitched at the metal's pure ring.
"…all of the Troop are "allergic" to this accursed metal. Any injury inflicted by it is very slow to heal and if severe enough, it poisons the body causing death."
Valentine gave a slight nod as if she was affirming something he had already figured out. The gunslinger looked away at the ninja's sudden exclamation of
"GROSS!…I don't think so!"
Reno had evidently made the suggestion that since SHE was the one who had placed the knives against his crotch she should be the one to remove them. At Valentine’s dark look the man hastily yanked them out of the spot they were nestled in, and handed them with a cocky smile to the waiting woman.
Crimson eyes narrowed a little and then settled back on Ice's long muzzled face.
"Will this …allergy…affect Yuffie?"
The cinnamon female's eye's darkened as her inner eyelids flicked across them in doubt. Her answer was hesitant at best.
"I…..don't …..know?" She nodded towards Yuffie's striped form. "We have never dealt with a first level Changeling before. All I have been going on so far is what my instincts tell me."
Whisper had slipped up to the table and was looking over the weapons there with naked desire in his red eyes. He huffed softly, and glanced sideways as Yuffie rejoined them. Moving with blurring speed, he scooped up a small blade and slashed it across the ninja's forearm, opening a long shallow cut. Ice had moved to stop him, and she froze along with him as the Albino found himself looking down Cerberus's triple barrels while the girl yelped in delayed reaction. Whisper hunkered down as Ice plucked the blade from his now limp hand and slowly moved to stand between him and the gun. She wasn't worried about Valentine KILLING her brother…after all the gun was only loaded with lead. STILL…she did not want to see him have to suffer through the trauma of a close range head shot.
She growled softly at the White and it sounded suspiciously like a hoarsely muttered…."STUPID!"
The male flattened his ears, shrugged, and gave a sheepish, close lipped, humble smile.,
"It was the fastest and surest way to find out… See?…."
He gave the now irate gunman an apologetic look as they all watched the cut on Yuffie's arm slowly knit itself closed.
Ice reached out….carefully….and traced her finger through the small amount of blood left behind. The ninja flinched and mumbled "Ewww!" as the females then licked the blood off her finger only to wrinkle her lips in distaste and hastily spit it out.
At Vincent's arched eyebrow she shrugged,
"There is enough of a reaction there that it is delaying her healing factor somewhat….BUT….if that were Whisper or myself it would not have healed at all without first having the residual silver cleaned out. It seems my…..unwise….brother has answered your question... Is he forgiven?"
Ice turned her head offering her throat, as did said brother. Technically, Whisper should have asked the question that Troop protocol demanded of a subordinate member to an Alpha. But since the White had not formally accepted Vincent as his dominant….Ice felt it was acceptable for her, as a member of Valentine's Troop, to ask it.
The pale gunslinger nodded with a barely heard…Hnnnn…. and much to Ice's relief he holstered that awesome gun. Giving her brother a dirty look, Ice handed eight of the ten throwing blades to Yuffie and watched as the girl sheathed them in the various places provided for them in her harness. Ice then concealed the remaining two on herself, and sheathed two of the heavy daggers in their comforting, familiar places at her wrists. Vincent got handed one dagger and Ice flipped the other to Reno who nodded a quiet thanks in her direction. She caught his pale eye in a direct gaze.
"RENO…..don't count on your odd, electrical weapon stopping one of my brother's….It may slow him down but I doubt it can kill a Were."
He nodded again as his amazing red brows creased in thought.
Ice stopped and included all but Whisper in her hard, silver gaze.
"Listen carefully... and this goes for ALL of you…..IF we run into the Troop or Sergeant….do NOT close with them. Hit fast, and hard, then run….NONE of you, with the exception of MAYBE Vincent or Chaos, has even a small chance of surviving close quarter battle with a Troop male or the beast that Sergeant's become.”
The female dug into a small pocket in the very end of the roll and pulled out Sergeant's pistol, this she reluctantly handed over to the gunman along with its specialized clip.
"Vincent, this holds ten silver bullets….they were made in case any one of the Troop needed to be… euthanized. As I am sure you are aware, as a ballistic metal, silver sucks! Use them ONLY at close range, they do NOT fly true."
Ice gave her brother a thoughtful look and then she scooped up a tangled mass of leather, buckles, and metal. The cinnamon female held them out to the suddenly still male.
"Brother…down here, you will be needing the use of these more then I."
Whisper's garnet eye's widened as he hesitantly accepted her gift. Ice nodded with satisfaction as the male slipped the Death Orchids over his hands and flexed his wrists. He gave a nasty, gape mouthed smile as six inches of wicked, razor sharp, needle tipped, silver laced steel slid over and down to augment his own natural claws. She caught his long jaw in her hands to catch his attention, and gave him her tactic approval to take over her sanctuary when she left. (Ice sighed…. It was not as if she would be returning here)…
"The codes to open the doors to HOME correspond to the date of our births. Take care of and …enjoy? …it for me."
Ice was surprised when her brother looked away, not able to meet her eyes, his mane was sucked in tight, a sure sign of deep distress. The female swallowed a sudden and terrible pain that formed a lump in her ravaged throat. She realized that having lost her siblings out of her life once, she did not relish the thought of loosing THIS particular brother…. again. She gave his narrow muzzle a quick, self conscious swipe with her warm tongue and quickly turned away to finish gathering up what she felt was needed for her final trip into the Dark.
A deep rumbling roar split the air, vibrating the very girders that Steel was carefully traversing. One quick glance to make sure his Second was alert to the danger, then the big gray stopped, wedge shaped head lifting and turning as he looked for the source of the deafening noise. The Alpha male spat out several obscenities as he ducked down in instinctual fear as the shadow of a huge airship passed over him. What in the HELL had Ice stirred up? As if it wasn't bad enough that his cursed SISTER had some how or another riled Sergeant up enough that the monster had escaped his confinement….NOW there were Shinra helicopters and this monstrous airship crisscrossing the ruins in an evident search pattern.
GODS! Not for the first time, Steel found himself wishing that he had taken the time to finish THAT particular kill so many years ago. Long, white fangs were bared in a truly nasty smile. It was not a mistake he would make again. That rogue female had caused his Troop to much trouble and been responsible for too many deaths for Steel to even consider forgiving her, fertile breeding stock or not.
Steel's pale green eye's narrowed as they watched the airship turn and quarter away from them. He rumbled softly at Shadow to catch his attention. As soon as the black's golden eyes turned up to him he pointed towards the Troop's temporary lair, spun his hand and then gestured towards the Deep. Shadow nodded his understanding and headed up to gather the Troop together. Steel snarled viciously and headed down the girders. There was no getting around it, he was going to have to move the Troop back down into The Dark. Being recaptured by Shinra was a fate that the big male would not condemn ANY of his Troop to. They would just have to take their chances and hope they could avoid running into Sergeant. Ice though…WELL…. Steel just HOPED that they would run into that sneaky, cinnamon and gold sibling. The male's heavy head nodded grimly, he would make damned sure that if that… joyous… reunion happened…. it would be for the FINAL time.
Dr. Angelique Destinie studied the corpse that was laid out on her autopsy table. This was an interesting, but not unexpected twist. The young woman had been brought in from the ruins after the big Turk's field report. She had died from a broken neck but it was very obvious from the deep slashes on her lush breasts and the heavy bruising between her shapely legs that she had been raped before dying. Humming softly to herself, the Doctor slipped a speculum into it's appropriate place. The humming modulated into a low whistle at the sight of the serious, bloody damage that had been done inside that tight passage. That explained the broken neck. ALL of the Troop had been harshly drilled in "finishing" the kill if there was even a chance of their mutating virus entering a human's bloodstream.
Long fingers drummed a nervous tattoo on the still white leg of the body. Humming distractedly again, the Scientist worked it out in her head. Steel had NEVER shown an interest in human females. As the Alpha male of the Troop (under Sergeant….of course….and wasn't THAT a total fuck up!), he had no need. Shadow though….he had shown interest in a woman before and Steel would look the other way since it was his Second and the object of the Black's desire was not a Troop female…..No… when it had been discovered that the Second Ranked male was taking his human form to court and "dally" with one of the young intern's and that SHE had allowed him to bed her, Angelique's dry lips twisted in a cruel smile. Well…. let's just say that at Hojo's suggestion and with some inventive input of her own, the punishment for the both of them had been swift and brutal.
The Doctor and Angelique had been there to witness the severe beating that Steel was ordered to give Shadow, and watching the other Troop males get a turn at mounting the pretty, vivacious young woman…Well….THAT had been a…titillating….experience to say the least. All of the big males except Shadow, and Whisper had indulged themselves. What made the scene even more twisted and… erotic… to the watching scientists, (and Angelique HADN'T been the only voyeuristic watcher…no sirree) was that no Were male would take their human form willingly amongst other males, and Angelique had made SURE that the girl was positioned in such a way that she could clearly see the beasts as they rode her to her death. Her screams had been….delicious.
It had been an effective lesson for Shadow and any other male who might have been contemplating making a sexual advance to a human. The Second ranked male had been forced to watch his chosen mate's cruel fate and after the other males had several goes at her and when she had been damaged enough that a “Change” was eminent, HE had been the one forced to euthanize the battered, bleeding thing.
Dr. Destinie shifted uncomfortably…damn…you would think at her age those base desires would be long gone, but YUMMMM…. what a memory! She had LOVED working under (hehehe) Hojo! Hmmm… yes… she seriously doubted that this was Shadow's doing. It had to be Titan's work. The little intern's punishment had gone a long ways towards igniting a cruel passion in that particular beast and now with no controls on him it looked like he was taking every opportunity to sate them.
Still it brought up the fact that when Shadow had screwed (she refused to use the term…made love…he was an animal after all!) the young woman while in his almost human form, there had been no sign that the virus had been transferred. And Angel knew for a fact that their little affair had gone on for a month or two. The woman's brow furrowed as she made her first long Y shaped incision on the corpse. Could the intern have eventually been impregnated by Shadow?….and if that had happened, MAYBE the answer to stabilizing a first generation Change was somehow hidden away amongst the fetus's stem cells. Her scalpel froze for a moment….Hmmmmm that was something that she would have to investigate a little more in depth when she managed to spirit Ice and…what was the other animal's name?….Ah yes… Yuffie, away to the remote secret lab she was setting up in the Neibelhiem mountains. If she could not find and capture one of the Brothers, she could always use the sperm she had harvested from Lahar's corpse. There was enough there to not only impregnate the Changeling but also another….completely human female. Or…. Would the same stem cells be present in the fetus of a human male/Were female pairing? Hell, lets face it…Finding a male volunteer to impregnate Ice shouldn't be to terribly difficult. There were a lot of MEN who would screw ANYTHING if it had the appropriate parts. The woman though, that might be more difficult, especially if Angel could capture a male. Most women would not appreciate oh…Titan or Steel's dubious charms. You can just bet that if she had access to a Troop Male, like HELL if she would use artificial insemination. It would be done with a live cover, and Angel would SO love to witness the execution of that particular EXPERIMENT in person! The Doctor covertly squirmed again, dropped the scalpel into her tray, and lifted the rib spreaders, a wicked smile playing across her thin lips. Now the only question in her mind was….. Where was she going to find a suitable female…volunteer?
Cloud tightened his grip on the railing he was leaning over as the Shera II lifted and keeled over. The swordsman could hear Highwind swearing as he fought the wheel, righting the great airship. The Captain had agreed to transport the group to Neibelhiem only after Cloud had assured him there would be no funny business from the Shinra scientists when it came to Vincent. The ex-Soldier's meeting with the sweet natured Dr. Destinie had gone a long ways towards soothing any apprehensions he had on that score.
An approaching front had kept the pilot circling the wreck of the great city until the gruff man had been informed that there had been no contact from the ex-Turk or Yuffie since they had entered the ruins. Then, ignoring the danger of the unpredictable wind currents that swirled around the skeletal city in advance of the storm, Cid had willingly joined the Shinra helicopters as they flew their in search patterns. The air was blistered again as the airship bucked like a living thing, and the spokes of the spinning helm cracked hard against the Captain's forearm. He used his whole broad shouldered, lithe frame to stop it and get it straightened out again.
"Son of a Bastard!…. Cloud, do ya fucking see any shitting sign of em down there?"
Cloud caught a glimpse of narrowed, cerulean eyes glaring at him through the paneled windows as he staggered again before catching his balance against the ship's gyrations.
The man looked like he had bitten his ever present cigarette in half.
"Damn it!… BOY!….GET a fricken safety harness on before ya go over the GODS be damned side and get fuckin splattered, ya stupid shit!"
The swordsman was hit with the sudden epiphany that the…polite…suggestion was probably a good one, being as how he was getting a disconcertingly clear view of the long drop under them and the jagged stop at the end of it. He managed to get himself worked through the door, wincing at the wave of obscenities and tobacco smoke that wafted his way through the warm air.
Cid was growling in an almost continuous stream of foul language whose subject matter not only included the weather, the Shera II, Vincent, Shinra, Cloud, and the powers that be, but also his own biased view of the whole situation. The swordsman carefully hid a slight smile as the man tossed him a harness. The Captain was pissed off enough that he had gone so far as to include an occasional rude hand gesture and a suggestive thrust of his hips in his tirade.
Before heading back out onto the viewing deck, the blonde ran a tired hand through his spiky hair and tried his cell one more time. All he got were his friend's voice mail… again. Evidently there was enough metal and residual Mako energy down there that it was interfering with phone reception. Looking up he met a hopeful, blue eyed look from the suddenly quiet Cid. The Captain looked away in disappointment at the ex-Soldier's slight head shake, and his lips tightened around his already mangled cigarette. He silently cursed as he banked the shuddering aircraft into a tight turn, preparing to make another pass over the desolate ruins. Just what had that friggin brat dragged Vincent into this time?
Whisper sat perfectly still, tail coiled stiffly on top of and around his folded feet as he watched this odd little Troop getting ready to walk out of his life. He blinked, lips pulling back in a closed mouthed, unhappy smile when Yuffie threw her arms around his neck and soundly kissed him on his pink nose before she followed Ice out of the common room. The Albino didn't realize it, but he started to shift his weight from foot to hand to foot again when Reno lifted one hand lazily in slight wave and gave a soft
"Yo…Whisper…," as he slipped out the door.
Vincent was the last to leave. After a slow scan of the room, the Alpha male met Whisper's red eyes with a direct crimson gaze of his own. There was that odd flicker of gold through garnet as the demon that resided in the man stirred, then Valentine gave the White a slight nod in farewell and he was gone.
A half hour passed where the only sound in Ice's sanctuary was the whir of the air filtration system and the soft rustles and squeaks coming from the rat cages. Whisper did not realize he was still rocking from hand to foot then back to hand until a soft keening sound penetrated the silence. It stopped, as with a slight start the male realized that it was coming from him, he had been whining very deep down in his throat. The Albino snorted, he was soooo pathetic! Jumping up, Whisper scooted over to the rat cages. It only took a moment to prop the little doors open so the critters could come and go as they pleased. Next the White shot into the kitchen where he scattered Ice's whole stash of M.E.R.'s on the floor. He took a second to admire his handiwork , then satisfied that Ice's pet's/food wouldn't starve any time soon if he didn't return, he scampered over to the door. He stopped for a second, a huge, gape mouthed grin plastered on his face. HELL….who wanted to live forever if it meant being stuck down here ALONE?
Whisper shot out the door, and down the dim corridor that he knew Ice would be following. The Were was going so fast as he skidded around a corner that the little scene there hardly had time to register before he barreled full tilt into Yuffie. They went down in a thrashing pile of arms, legs, and tails. The chocolate striped Changeling was trying to suppress her giggles as she wrapped the big male in a strangle hold hug and Ice did not help when she entered the fray, not to help the Albino out, but to wrap him up in another set of arms, legs, and tail, as she smothered him in her own hug. Reno gave Valentine a rueful shrug, not bothering to suppress his grin at Whispers pleas for the two females to… "let him up….he couldn't BREATHE!"
Vincent felt his own lips twitch at Chaos's snicker,
The Galian beast joined in the gloating, it had been at his suggestion that the others stop and wait a little while. The Were beast had known that Whisper would be unable to handle the deafening silence of being left alone after having had a taste of BELONGING again, even if it had only been for a little while.
Vincent holstered Cerberus as he watched the three Weres get themselves untangled, no mean feat when you took into account there was at least fifteen feet of combined tail involved. He caught the glimmer of red eyes as Whisper grinned at him, it seemed that pulling the big gun on the White was becoming a habit.
The ex-Turk's answering smile faded a little as the Albino rose up on his hind feet, straightening up to his full intimidating height. Whisper walked over until he stood in front of Vincent, his bloody eyes searching the man's face. Then, much to the gunman's shock, the big male dropped, laying himself down at his chosen Alpha's feet and rolling his head to expose his very vulnerable throat. The man stood, looking down at the submissive white form, frozen for a moment. He was fully aware of what the Were was offering him and he did not want the awesome responsibility of another life placed in his tainted hands. Vincent felt Chaos stir and before he knew what the demon was doing, the gunman found himself kneeling by the White, his flesh hand curving around to encircle the long muzzle and his clawed hand burying itself in the silky mane that covered that thick throat. Whispers red eyes flicked sideways to look at him for a second, then they closed, as those elegant, shell like ears flattened.
The male's body language was very clear.
"I give my life to you….do with it what you will."
Vincent snarled,
"What the HELL?…Chaos!"
The demon snarled right back!
The Galian beast hummed softly in distress,
"If you refuse him, master of mine, he will die down here out of sheer loneliness."
The gunman looked up, Yuffie had both hands tightly wrapped around her muzzle, and Ice was rocking from foot to hand, and back to foot again. Her silver eyes were huge, and….hopeful?
Whisper it seemed had quit breathing, so still was he, but Vincent could feel the pounding of his powerful heart in the pulse that throbbed beneath his fingers.
Making his decision, the ex-Turk tightened his gauntlet's gleaming claws, piercing through that velvety skin just enough to draw a pin prick of blood. Then, he released the Were's muzzle giving it a soft pat as he straightened up allowing the male to rise. The look on Whisper's long face was blissful as both females rushed forwards to enveloped him in hugs again.
Chaos rumbled softly.
Vincent couldn't stop the small snort that escaped him.
"I think I liked you better when you were calling me HOST!"

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