The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 12

Reno went from being asleep to fully awake in the space of heartbeat. He was being watched. Surreptitiously, he slid his hand under the pillow, fingers closing around the comforting shape of his E.M.R. Eyes flashing open, the red head just managed to stop the nerve impulse that would have had him thumping and jolting Whisper right between his crimson eyes. As said eyes blinked in feigned innocence, hiding the sly humor lurking there, the man vaguely wondered how the Were's remarkable healing abilities would handle a lethal charge of electro-magnetic energy delivered that close to the brain. He was seriously tempted to tone down the setting and thump the beast anyways. Maybe it would at least give the Albino a stinging headache, as payback for the coronary he had almost given Reno. Whisper was in his beast form, and the Turk just knew that the intelligent male had PURPOSELY snuck in, reared up over the side of the bed and placed his awesome wedge shaped head to hang, vulture like, right over the man's pale face, just to scare the crap out of him. Well it had worked! Whisper snickered, and the bed shuddered a little as he scrambled up.
"YO…Hey… what the he….,"
Reno buried his hands in his blankets but totally lost the battle to keep them as the Were's blunt fingered, powerful hands grabbed and yanked.
“Ice says…,"
Whisper's laughing voice was cut off as Reno grabbed his pillow and whomped him upside the head. This was followed by the man's lean, whipcord muscled body as he surged up. Whisper outweighed the Turk, but he still somehow ended up on his back howling, as long, strong fingers dug around through the thick mane, finding any and all of the Were's sensitive spots. The tickling went on until the big White was laughing so hard he had a serious case of the hick-ups and was breathlessly screaming that he totally gave up. Satisfied that he had regained his standing, Reno sat up…not getting off of the thickly muscled body. ( After all, its velvety softness felt kinda nice under his naked ass)
He stared sternly down into the long muzzled face,
"That should teach ya not to mess with a Turk!"
Whisper gave him a closed mouthed grin, and the Turk sucked in a surprised breath at the odd sensation of muscles and bones rearranging themselves between his thighs, as the firm body that he was straddling… Changed. He found himself staring into Whisper's remarkably exotic, almost human looking face and suddenly wondered what tasty secrets those pale pink lips might be hiding. Being a man who could not stand having a secret kept from him, (after all….extracting secrets was kind of in his job description.) Reno swooped down, catching that most interesting mouth with his own.
Whisper had not been able to resist it when he had slipped into the room. He had been alone for a very long time, and waking, snuggled up against the warm body of a sibling for the first time in years had re -awakened that part of his mind that had gone to sleep in order to keep him sane through these last long years of isolation. The members of the Troop were, by their primate nature, very social creatures and not many could survive being totally alone. He had done it for almost five years and knew that when he had come across this odd little group he had been very close to the point of going insane. When Ice had awakened him this day, Whisper had realized that the terrible, screaming emptiness that had almost taken over his soul... was gone. He felt like he…belonged….again.
The sight of Reno bundled up in his blankets, snoring slightly, had tickled something inside of the White and he had decided to have some fun. Whisper had hoped that Reno would…understand….his warped sense of humor, but had not calculated that the man would have a weapon in bed with him. Hence, when that wicked little rod that the red phased male wielded with such skill flashed in front of his face…The Albino wisely froze. Still he could not keep the laughter off of his face as he enjoyed his successful prank.
The White crawled up on the bed and was trying to explain to Reno that Ice was waking everyone up so that they could leave. He playfully snatched the man's blankets off, intending on getting a peek at that wonderful, creamy skinned body before he ran out of the room. But , just as he was sitting back to enjoy the view, the man stunned him with a pillow (YES… stunned…that was his story and he was sticking to it!) and with surprising strength (while Whisper was… STUNNED….of course) he was thrown over on his back. Reno pinned him there and did horribly cruel things, with strong, spider like fingers, all over his ribs and stomach. Whisper screamed with laughter, but didn't fight too terribly hard. ANY touch was a luxury that he was going to enjoy to the fullest.
When the man straightened up, taking on a threatening posture and the thunder of dominance entered his voice, the Albino just gave a humble, closed mouthed grin, lifted his chin to expose his throat, and…Changed…putting himself at Reno's mercy to prove that he would not challenge the man's position of Second in this odd Troop's ranks.
Whisper was well aware that he was a lot bigger and immeasurably stronger than Reno. In reality, HE should be the dominant of the two. But… the big male had just never been interested in asserting his dominance. The main purpose for wanting to be a high ranked male was to acquire the privilege of breeding and producing kits. Since he had no interest in females, and even less interest in engaging in the heartbreak of trying to produce viable young, he just saw no reason to take on the responsibility that came with moving up in rank. He had been and still was, quite content to be on the lowest rung of the male ladder. Whisper just HOPED, that unlike Steel, Vincent would be willing to allow his second ranked male to pick a willing sexual partner out of the lower ranks. Namely….yours truly.
Whisper's crimson eye's flew wide as Reno pinned his shoulders down and dropped his warm, thin lips to capture the Were's mouth. The closest the Troop came to kissing was the intimacy of cleaning another's eyes with a soothing, warm tongue. Of course, they had all seen human's kiss before and Whisper had always wondered what purpose it served. (Ice had seemed to really like it further into her bout with the winged Alpha.) The red head's lips seared the White's mouth, and after the first shock of surprise wore off, Whisper just… melted. The man's mouth was firm and…soft…at the same time. Sharp teeth jerked on his lower lip, but immediately released, so that the Reno's tongue could give it an apologetic swipe. Then that tongue turned demanding and forced its way in to travel lightly over ivory teeth, tickling the extremely sensitive INSIDE of the Albino's lips. OHHH! Whisper TOTALLY understood why human's did this. It felt wonderful! He unlocked his canines, opening himself totally and was rewarded when Reno deepened the kiss as he explored the virgin territory inside. The White couldn't help himself, he shyly slid his strong, broad tongue along Reno's and the dominant male rolled his tongue back allowing Whisper's to follow. The Were's inner eyelids flicked shut in ecstasy, the man tasted just as complex as he smelled. Whisper's mouth was filled with a swirling mix of contrasts, sweet mixed with a tangy heat, overlaid with hints of a cool and bitter spice. Reno caught Whisper's tongue between strong teeth and lightly sucked, and Whisper could not stop the soft pleading whimper that escaped his throat. Reno released his mouth, shifting his weight back and the White realized that certain portions of his anatomy were applauding this new and exciting experience.
SHIT! Memory slammed into gear and a certain particularly gruesome scene flashed behind his eyes. What the hell was he DOING? The Second might be willing to take the risk of sex without their Alpha's consent but Whisper KNEW better than to travel that path. A Were female could get away with submitting to the sexual advances of a male other then her Alpha, she really had no choice. A male though did not have that protection and this was a HUMAN he so wanted to pair with. They did not operate by the same sexual rules that applied to the Troop. Vincent might not approve and Whisper did NOT wish to get caught in the act by that particularly scary Alpha. The White knew from experience that, yes Reno would get reprimanded, but it wouldn't be the higher ranked male who would bear the brunt of it if they were caught, and human's could be so….creative….when it came to punishment. Whisper surged up, trying to knock Reno completely off of him.
Reno was just a little surprised. Considering the big Were's eclectic diet, he had not known what to expect when he kissed that exotic mouth. Velvet soft lips, stiffened under his and then became soft and pliable. When he demanded entrance they willingly parted, and the man eagerly explored the unknown. Whisper's mouth was soft, and remarkably dry, his tongue was broader then the norm with a rougher texture. Reno spent a couple of seconds lightly running his tongue up against the male's very high, arched palette exploring the heavy ridging there. The taste was also something new. The fact that the Were was an omnivore was not only evident in the elongated sharp canines, but also in a warm, oddly sweet…meaty…flavor. It was unusual, but Reno was a self proclaimed connoisseur of the unusual and he did not find the taste at all… unpleasant. As a matter of fact, when the male under him responded by slipping that wide, dry, rough tongue into his mouth, he caught an almost flowery undertone to the taste and decided that he really rather liked it. The red head also did not miss out on the fact that the investigating tongue was very STRONG. As he caught it gently between his teeth and sucked on it lightly, he couldn't help but think of what it would feel like….The soft whimper that had worked its way out of Whisper's throat changed to a whine and Reno was almost bucked off of the bed as the White surged up and tried to roll out from underneath him.
"YO….what the hell?… hold on!"
Reno clamped down with slender but strong legs and burying his fingers in the silky long mane he managed to press the big White into the bed. It slowed the male down, but the Turk knew that it would only be for a moment…damn…he could feel the incredible strength in the muscles that were rolling under his hands, and he knew if the Albino turned violent he was so screwed. The red head didn't get it, he could feel the evidence of Whisper's arousal under his ass, so he knew that the Were HAD been enjoying the attention. What the hell had changed?
"Damn it….hold still for a minute!"
Reno was secretly relieved when Whisper stopped bucking under him and went still. (except for the odd tremors that the red head could feel coursing through the big male's stiff body}
"NOW…..what gives?"
Whisper wouldn't look him in the eye so Reno grabbed his chin and forced those crimson eyes to meet his. He straightened up with a grunt, releasing the broad shoulders, surprised at what he saw reflected there. Yes, Whisper's unusual eyes were glazed with pleasure, but what had deepened them to the color of old blood was not passion, it was… pure… unadulterated…. fear.
“Yo man….come on…I've done this before. There's nothing to be afraid of."
Whisper squirmed a little under him,
“We n-n-need to ask V-Vincent…"
Reno grinned, it was kind of funny seeing something this big and strong stutter with fear. Then WHAT the Were had stuttered... registered. Reno's head snapped up in incredulous anger.
“Yo….what did you just say? …Vincent has NOTHING to say about this! I don't have to ask ANYONE'S permission for ANYTHING!”(Well… except maybe Rufus. After all, that man pretty much owned him, body, and sadly enough, soul.)
Reno shoved himself off of Whisper and the Were slowly slithered off of the bed. The Turk was livid and the other male knew it, because he shifted back into his more defensible beast form. Reno stabbed a stiff finger at the beast as he scooted backwards towards the door.
"YO….I had better not hear that YOU approached that demon ridden fucker about this either, unless you want to have my E.M.R. shoved up your pretty pink ass!"
Whisper didn't say a word. He just wrinkled his lips back in nervous reaction to Reno's rage, flattened his expressive ears down to nothing and quietly slipped out of the room. The pillow that the Turk hurled after him thunked into the closing door and slid down to lie in a fluffy…lonely… heap on the floor. GODS! Reno sat back, running his shaking, angry hands through his sleep tossed hair. What the HELL?….asking permission to have sex?….Now didn't that just take the cake!
Sergeant moved stealthily through the ruins. By the time he had managed to claw his way out of his self imposed confinement, Ice and her pursuer's had been long gone. The beast who had once been a man, felt a sharp pang of sadness and guilt slash through his heart. He was the cinnamon female's only social contact down in this desolate hell hole and he had pretty much guaranteed that she would NOT be seeking out his company anytime soon. Her already damaged mind did not do well with total and complete isolation. Damn….this completed the horror he had helped make out of her life.
Still, he swung his massive head, looking for the next spots of dried blood he was following, there was something he could do for Ice before what was left of his sanity and his life, totally fled. His broad tongue delicately prodded at the red/black spot and the two bullet holes in his high shoulder twanged in sympathy at the sweet coppery taste. His healing factor was no longer functioning as it should. That, even without the savage, blood ridden thoughts that were taking over his mind, told him his time was growing very short.
Yes…..a deep growl rumbled through his chest and huge curving claws dug at the blood….the man who was responsible for those bullets had TURK written all over him. SO… evidently Shinra was not going to leave this up to Ice, they were on her trail and determined to take her back to the Labs. Slightly glazed yellow/brown eyes narrowed as the mighty beast studied the drop into the deep. He did not think the group would come back through this way. The other path was longer and…darker…BUT if the Turk's were hauling an unwilling Were along with them, they would want to avoid too many hard climbs amongst the girders. A tentative paw had the decrepit structure shuddering and the monster growled again as he slowly backed off of it. The rusting, twisted steel could not handle his weight. He would have to intercept the group at a different point. If the little Changeling female was…euthanized, Ice would be released from the obligation HE had forced on her. AND, thick drooling lips pulled back from jagged teeth in a hideous smile, it was about time Shinra paid the blood debt that he felt he was owed.
Vincent had been awake for a while. He could hear Ice stirring around in the common room and knew that they all needed to be up and on their way, but the unusual experience of waking up to a warm body pressed tight against his was one he did not wish to end. Yuffie was tucked in against his side, one hand buried under the pillows, the other arm draped across his chest. Her long muzzled face was resting on his shoulder and he couldn't help but smile as one of her thin, pointed ears kept twitching when his warm breath ghosted across it.
That warm breath stopped for a moment as the man's intellect caught up with the emotions and hormones of the eventful night. Even in this beast form, the ninja had a innocent, youthful look about her, and Vincent knew HE was anything but innocent. A twinge of guilt and trepidation coursed through the gunslinger as he carefully ran long fingers through the Changed woman's chocolate mane…Gods….this had the potential to get really messy. What had he done? The gunslinger cringed a little. He was twice Yuffie's age and her having to deal with the unforeseen effects of a heat cycle made this look, to his biased eye's at least, as if he had taken advantage of the situ….
Vincent winced as Chaos poked at something that caused a brief flash of pain behind his eyes, to emphasize the fact that he wasn't joking. The Galion beast rumbled a counterpoint to the ancient being's contemptuous anger.
"What thought would that be…Chaos? The one that points out the fact that I am almost forty years her senior, or the one that tells me that all of the blood on my hands will forever taint something that I don't want to see ruined."
Vincent felt the Dark Being try to interrupt, but he was on a roll.
"How about the thought that I will have to watch her age and eventually die….or my personal favorite…the fact that we MAY have to deal with the very real possibility that Yuffie cannot be cured…won't that be the best cosmic joke, the demonic killer in love with a beautiful beast."
His tone was nothing but icy sarcasm. White sheeted across his vision and he could not control the spasm that jerked through his body as the demon went from just poking to giving him a proverbial smack upside the head.
Chaos's displeasure was evident in the way his voice deepened and became even more gravelly.
There was a soft snickering from behind the more powerful Chaos, the Galian beast was not going to let the opportunity pass for him to get his two gils worth in.
"Master of mine, the point that Chaos is so…inelegantly trying to make is….that if you love this mate of yours, all of the rest is of no consequence."
"Galian, that is oversimplifying it and you know…."Vincent was cut off by a sharp prod on the chest.
The gunslinger found himself looking into honey gold eyes that were filled with concern and a little anger. He could not maintain eye contact as he answered the unspoken question he saw there.
"Hnn… its okay Yuffie. I was just…thinking."
With a soft snort she rolled over to sit beside him on the bed.
"You had better be thinking of fun things to do in bed… with ME, and not be thinking about what I KNOW you are."
Striped brows furrowed as Yuffie's narrowed eyes picked up a wicked gleam.
"Thoughts like that can come back to bite ya on the butt!"
The Changeling yawned, giving him a close up view of the impressive hardware hidden behind her soft velveteen lips.
"And, just so you are forewarned…" Long jaws snapped together, "I am NOT speaking metaphorically." The Changed ninja slid off of the bed.
Vincent felt his eyebrow's try to crawl right off of his forehead. Did she just THREATEN him? CRAP! He had not even considered the fact that the four demons on the INSIDE were probably easier to deal with then this single, mercurial, hot tempered….evil….young woman. Half lidded, crimson eyes followed that tight, well muscled, long tailed butt as Yuffie strolled to the door. They widened in delighted surprise as the woman turned, winked at him and with a rolling twitch of narrow hips, she flipped her tail over her back and scooted out of the room.
Ice glanced her brother's way as he came shooting out of Reno's room. Her hands stilled on the computer keyboard as she took in his sucked in mane and flattened ears. It was very evident to her eyes that Whisper was distressed. The male stopped as the door slammed shut and Ice's sensitive ears picked up the "thump" of something smacking it on the other side. So….it seemed that Reno might just be distressed also. Whisper blinked unhappy crimson eyes at her and the female huffed softly, rocking a hand in a "Don't look at me, I don't understand THEM…either" motion. Then she returned her attention to the flashing screen.
The big White slunk over to sit on his rump beside her. Ice's lips wrinkled up in a tooth showing smile as a soft humm of understanding escaped the male's throat in sudden realization of how she had side stepped the Troop for so many years. Ice paid him no mind as the computer ran through it's sequence of views from the security camera's mounted in and around the ruins. The female softly chuffed to herself. Usually she could track the Troop's movements well enough to avoid an accidental run in. Today though, she could not locate hide nor hair of ANY of her sibs. It was as if they had abandoned their home territory. Ice felt as though a creepy crawly was working its way down her spine and her mane ruffed out in reflex. There were very few things down here that Steel and his brotherhood would not take on in a fight. If it came down to the Alpha defending his territory, there were fewer things still that even had a chance of surviving that battle. A thought flitted through her mind, and her fingers stopped as her brain worked hard to grab that disturbing piece of recent memory. Not even wanting to consider the implications, Ice tapped in the code that would bring the cameras in front of Sergeant's prison on line.
Reno spent a few extra minutes getting his frustration under control. It only took another few to get ready for the day. The clothes that Ice had set out for him consisted of heavy clothed black pants, a deep cut sleeveless black undershirt and a silky black button up shirt. (Which he only buttoned part way up, of course.) He had been surprised at how well they fit his lankly frame. (although he personally felt he looked better in dark blue. Black was for heavy, depressed personalities like….a certain gunslinger he knew) Ice had even seemed to take into consideration the extra room the shirt needed to fit over the modified shoulder holster that carried his gun and the EMR. (when that baby wasn't riding in its against regulation position….namely his pocket.)
The red head sat on the bed and went through the familiar routine of checking the battle readiness of his weapons. Reno was known for the sloppiness of his dress and his contemptuous disregard for rules. This relaxed attitude did NOT extend to the weapons that he depended on to keep him alive.
As slender, long fingered hands broke the gun down, Reno couldn't help but replay what had happened with Whisper through his mind. The man knew that he had NOT misread the big White's intentional courting of him, and to be stopped in his tracks by the Albino's insistence on permission had made him lash out in more frustration than anger at the other male. The Turk's hands paused in what he was doing, the fear he had seen reflected in those crimson eyes had bordered on terror. They knew almost nothing about how these creatures functioned in their society, maybe Whisper had a good reason for his fear. Damn….he had let wounded pride speak for him before thinking through the facts. The man gave a rueful shrug and reassembled the gun, making sure it was fully loaded. As Rude had pointed out all too often, Reno was one who would never be accused of thinking before acting. With a regretful sigh, the red head vacated the bed, holstered his weapons and shrugged a couple of times to settle the harness into its accustomed place. GODS!….he needed a cigarette! Smoking down here while out in the open would have been suicidal, but maybe in the safety of Ice's home, he could satisfy his nicotine craving. His pack was in his jacket, which was out in the common area. Reno finger combed his hair back into a ponytail, then not having anything else to delay facing the inevitable. (Whisper, in particular) He stepped out of the room.
An almost habitual scan of the room placed Yuffie's striped form in the kitchen and the two Were's planted in front of one of the computers. Of Vincent, there was no sign. Reno suppressed a snicker, of course with the workout that man had been put through during the night, he wouldn't be surprised if the quiet gunslinger had decided to sleep in.
Whisper didn't even glance his way as the red head flopped down on the couch that his jacket was draped over, so absorbed was he in what Ice was studying. Reno gave a self conscious roll of tight shoulders, good….maybe this was going to be easier than he had thought. He was in the process of shaking out a cigarette when both Were's jerked as if they had been shot. Whisper flattened down a little and gave what could only be described as a very un-masculine whine and Ice simply froze. Reno flowed up off of the couch, and when he recognized what was on the screen, he could not stifle the subdued…SHIT… that escaped out of the confines of his mouth.
Vincent would have been surprised if he had known that his routine upon arising had closely mirrored that of the Turk’s. (of course as the saying goes… once a Turk, always a Turk) Even down to the disquieting thoughts that kept running through his mind as he readied his weapons for the day. The red head's exclamation, as the gunslinger stepped through the door, and the tense attitude of the three gathered around the computer had him crossing the space in a couple of long strides. He felt the warm mass of Yuffie behind him as she also came to look. Ice pulled back from the screen, hands laying limply on the keys, her way of being totally speechless.
It was the big White who forced out a horrified whisper.
"Sergeant is out!"
Vincent knelt and took in the camera's image of a gaping hole bracketed by long slashing claw marks. He had not gotten a good look at the beast that Reno and Ice had been fleeing from, but the two Were's abject terror was a little surprising. The gunman had seen the size and power of the brother that Ice had single-handedly killed and Whisper had proven that he was a devastatingly efficient fighter. What about this monster so terrified them? His face was on level with the sitting female's and he caught a quick glimpse of silver as she looked at him out of the corner of her eyes.
"Sergeant?…" Something shifted in his mind as he saw that the fear there was tempered by a terrible sorrow.
"Ice… is that monster Sergeant Muran?" Vincent felt his stomach clench as she slowly nodded. Her hands lifted off of the keys.
"I made a mistake and they found out that Sergeant was hiding me. My Alpha would not give me up to them, so he was….punished."
Ice would not look at him and her broad shoulders were slumped as if shamed.
Whisper hummed softly.
"One of the scientist was not really interested in animal trials, Sergeant was given to him for more…in depth…studies on what the virus we host could do to a human body. It was a terrible punishment. They kept him on our lab, and all of the Troop heard his screams as he endured what was done to him."
Red eyes caught and held Vincent's crimson ones and the gunslinger saw a deep love mixed with the fear that was there.
"Our Alpha never once, in all of that time…" The White's lips curved up in a terrible, proud smile. "… through all of that pain, said a word about where he had hidden Ice."
The smile vanished as those sad, bloody eyes turned back to the screen.
"By the time they were finished with him, the man that was Sergeant was completely buried in the beast. Not only was Sergeant no longer even close to human, but his mind didn't survive the experiments intact and he was very…..unstable. The scientist had to tank him after more than a few deaths proved that he was not controllable."
Valentine pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers. GODS!.. didn't THAT sound familiar. He so did not want to ask this question, but he had to know.
"What was this….scientist's….name?"
Ice stirred and for the first time Vincent heard the mute female's ravaged voice. It was no more than a painfully garbled, hoarse, hate filled whisper. "His name was… Hojo."

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