The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus Ch. 9

Ice awoke to warm darkness and a soft body nestled against her own. She lay quietly for a moment, the sheer novelty of not waking up alone surprising her with its simple pleasure. The Were gave herself several minutes to just enjoy the sensation and to give her mind the time to remember and process the events of the last twenty four hours. Her short term memory sometimes did not work as fast as it should and Sergeant had taken a lot of time with her to develop techniques to help her work around the problem.
Shifting her weight carefully so as not to disturb her sleeping companion, Ice poked her nose out, sampling the air. ALL of the males had a nice, clean, soapy scent that had replaced the odor of blood and battle. The sharp, complex scent of Reno, and the subtlety familiar one of Whisper were, oddly enough, combined. They must be sitting fairly close together. Vincent's unique aura was one of gunpowder, warm metal, and a powerful, underlying tone of HOT spice. The air was also heavily laden with the smell of warm soup. The female wiggled out of the blankets as her stomach forcibly reminded her that the two little pinkies she had munched on earlier, were NOT enough to sustain life.
Ice managed to get Yuffie's fingers untangled from her mane and she quietly vacated the couch. Reno was sprawled out, fast asleep on one of the chairs. Evidently someone had found the clothes that she had laid out before the creepy crawly attack, because the redhead had put on the pants, and his shirt was on, although it was not buttoned.. Whisper was sitting on the floor, between the man's legs, his back against the chair. The Were was also asleep, his head nestled back against Reno's thigh. Ice stared in a amazement. Whisper was in his human form, something that her other brothers would not dare when in the presence of an unrelated Alpha male. The Albino had gone as far as to put on a loose pair of pants. Ice studied the sleeping male for a long minute. Not counting the fleeting encounters that usually involved her fighting or running for her life, she had not been this close to one of her brothers since her euthanasia. And ….she had never seen one in their… adult… human form. Ice huffed softly and smacked her lips. Whisper had matured very….nicely. CRAP! The female shook her mane out and gave the sleeping Yuffie a dark look. She was going to HAVE to jerk Vincent's attention towards taking care of his Alpha male RESPONSIBILITIES!
Speaking of which…..ah there he was. The crimson male had shed his bloodied cloak and changed into the soft dark clothes she had found for him. He was seated at one of the computer tables. He had Sergeant's record case open in front of him. A glimmer of ruby, and she knew that his attention had switched from it to her. Ice winced a little in embarrassment, she vaguely remembered running the man down in her haste to get out of the creepy crawly's general vicinity.
Vincent had waited for Reno and Whisper to fall asleep before opening the case. This had not taken long. The repetitive motions of Reno running his fingers through the Were's white mane had the beast's eyelids drooping in very little time and the blood loss combined with a warm shower and hot soup had the redhead following shortly after. Yuffie crashed and burned on the couch curled up around Ice's hidden form. Valentine had been up for several days straight and he was starting to feel the strain. Chaos was rumbling very close to the surface, Ice's close proximity a burr in his side. The golden female seemed to bring out the worst in the ancient being. And to complicate things, something had the Galian beast's nerves on edge. Vincent was fighting a constant battle to keep the two demon's under firm control. He certainly would not be sleeping anytime soon.
As the ex-Turk suspected, the brief was crammed full of files and computer disks. Each of the files was marked… PROJECT C. On top of all of this rested a hand written page. He picked it up first. Someone had evidently gone through a lot of trouble to gather all of this together, and having worked for Shinra, Valentine was pretty sure it had been done on the sly. Surrounded by the quiet sounds of his sleeping companions, the ex-Turk settled back a little to read.
"If Ice has given this to you…or you have found it, then it means I, Master Sergeant Daniel B. Muran, am either dead or…. worse. I have instructed Ice to only give this information out if her existence is discovered and she is at risk, or if her siblings have escaped and are out of control. If the latter has happened, well….my apologies and deepest condolences.
Let me start out by making this fact perfectly clear, I am not a scientist or physician. Even so….I feel partially responsible for the members of the Troop. I was brought into the Cerberus Project because I had some skill in taming and training wild animals. I have been the Troop's caretaker from the day they were born, and they respond to me as their Alpha male. As such….I have failed them miserably.
I was an obedient Shinra soldier when this project started and even when I realized that the Troop members were something more than just intelligent animals, I still followed my orders to the letter. Does this make me a monster? I don't know….I am just a simple soldier, not a philosopher. No….that is a cop out. If following orders that you know are inhumane and just plain evil makes you a monster, than I most definitely was one. The day that I euthanized Ice is the day I recovered my humanity.
If Ice is with you, please watch the C.D. marked with her name. It will go a long ways towards explaining some of her odd little quirks….."
A soft rustle from the couch snagged the gunman's attention. Ice's long nose poked out from the covers and after a moment her rumpled head followed suite. Blinking sleepily, she slid off of the couch, her silver gaze scanning the room. Those disconcerting eyes settled on each of the living area's occupants momentarily, and finished by catching the gunman's red stare. The female hurriedly glanced away and headed into the kitchen.
Vincent took a moment to search through the files. He slipped Ice's CD into the computer when he found it. The gunman split his attention, part of his mind focused on the computer screen, the other on the female who was getting herself some soup and mixing a gooey Emergency ration pack with it. Even Chaos shuddered at that particular combination.
The disk, it turned out, was documentation of the Troop member's early training. All of the Were's had the slender gawky, unfinished look of adolescents. Even so…. It was easy to see how the pack or Troop mentality operated. There were three males, a big grey, the brown that Ice had killed and a smaller black that worked together as leaders. A fourth male, a huge, heavy boned, black seemed to be the reason that the three had banded together. None of them alone could have overpowered that one male, but the three working together kept him line. Whisper and another small male occupied the other end of the spectrum.
At the beginning of the disk, there were four females. The grey phased female seemed to be the dominant one here, with a gold sister who had a white mane and a snow white, blue eyed female sharing the second rank. Ice seemed to be the lowest ranked of the female's, a position that she did not seem to mind at all. By the time of the final battle on the disk, the blue eyed female had disappeared. ALL of Vincent's attention was on the disk after the first hour. During the final documented fight , it was evident that Sergeant Muran had forged the now more mature beasts into a truly lethal fighting machine. It took them no time to bring down the behemoth type monster they had been pitted against. Even Chaos was impressed, although his eldest demon wouldn't admit it.
Valentine sat forwards a little as the sound of voices arguing was heard and all of the Troop but Ice, the gray male and the huge black were removed from the arena. The demon's in his head were suddenly silent as the gunman watched the order given for Ice's betrayal and both males jumped her without hesitation. The golden female fought with intelligence and courage but really had no chance against the two much larger males. Vincent breathed a silent sigh of relief when she was smart enough to give the obvious signs of submission before she had been too terribly injured. He choked on that sigh when the big gray male, Ice's trusted brother, crushed and tore through her throat and then picked her up with a heavy shake, breaking her neck without a second thought.
A sudden, deep, SAVAGE growl behind and to the side of him had the gunslinger's hand dropping for Cerberus. Whisper had woken up and hearing some of the disk, he had slipped around to where he could watch it. Even as Vincent turned, the Were… Changed, dropping into his beast form almost as fast as Ice. The big male's lips were pulled back into a deadly smile that showed all four of his massive fangs, clear down to their thick roots, and the red eyes practically GLOWED in bloody rage as they focused on the computer screen. The double click of a hand gun being cocked jerked Valentine's attention back to the screen just in time to see Sergeant Muran put a bullet into the back of the helpless female's head.
This was a harsh, hissed breath. Reno had joined Whisper in watching the horror unfold.
Chaos didn't much like Ice but there was a deadly anger in that soft exclamation.
Vincent slashed eyes that had turned a livid gold towards the Turk. His deep voice had a hard metallic edge to it. Not only was he dealing with Chaos, but the Galian beast was trying to claw it's way out in a mindless rage, and the gunman's control was skating on a very thin edge.
"This shouldn't bother you at all… TURK…isn't euthanasia a part of your job description?"
Reno's hands balled into fists and his pale eyes flashed,
"YO….you ain't got no room to talk….YOU… were taking her back to the labs!"
Whisper’s massive head turned towards the gunman, the flash of metal at the white ear tip silencing what ever protest the ex-Turk was going to make. Reno also saw it and his belligerence disappeared. A look of apology flashed across his sharp boned face.
A soft cough had Vincent and Whisper turning, Ice had silently ghosted up behind them. She was running her blunt fingers through her wet mane. Leaning a little to look over the gunman's shoulder the female gave an odd little shrug.
"Sergeant didn't use silver… sneaky Alpha. He used plain lead. The bullet scrambled my brains up pretty good, my memory can be really spotty at times, and I woke up with the mother of all head aches. But….that's better than being dead."
The female's calm acceptance of her betrayal totally defused the anger that was swirling through the room. Reno sagged, running his hands over his face. Whisper was shaking, his mane sticking out all spikey and he kept licking his lips as if he wanted to be sick. Vincent sucked in a shaky breath in sympathy, his own stomach was still roiling with the shock of witnessing that sudden violent act.
"Reno…. You really should go back to bed, I would like to head for the surface as soon as possible."
The redhead opened his mouth to protest, but Ice rose to her full height and placing her strong hands on his shoulders, she turned the Turk towards one of the other doors. A slight shove and a pat on the ass got him moving in the right direction. Whisper just stood and watched, until Ice dropped down, slid her head along his, stopping to lick his muzzle with a soothing tongue, then she shoved him a little with her hip. The big white hesitated and then followed slowly behind Reno.
Vincent found himself alone with the female, Yuffie had managed to sleep through the whole incident. Ice studied his face for a long moment and he must not have hidden his own distress at all. The female ambled over to him, rose up to put one hand on his knee and to his total surprise, her long muzzle swung up to slowly lick his cheek. Her tongue was slightly rough and remarkably dry. When he did not pull away, she switched to his other cheek and then paid particular attention to his closed eyes. It was….soothing. As the gunman found himself slowly relaxing, the Were slid her cheek along his, then rested that long lower jaw on his shoulder. The soft huff that she made riffled his hair and tickled his ear. Vincent rested his cheek against her soft mane, he felt her thin ear twitch as he whispered,
"I am so…. Sorry…. Ice."
Another soft huff, and she stepped back.
"I know that this is not your fault." Her lip curved in a close mouthed smile. "Just don't expect me to accept any honeyed TEA from you anytime soon."
Yuffie stirred and both of them looked towards the sleeping girl. Ice tapped the gunman's arm getting his attention.
"Vincent…..we MUST stay here until you take care of Yuffie."
The ex-Turk was totally confused, taking care of Yuffie was the reason they were ALL down here.
Shadow was tired. Ghost had come roaring in earlier, totally incoherent with fear. It had taken Vixen the better part of half an hour to get the small male calmed down enough for them to find out what had frightened him. The news that Sergeant had broken out of his long self confinement was dire enough to get even Titan's mane fluffed out and spiky.
Steel had gone so far as to move the HOME den clear up out of the underground and into the ruins above. All of the males had some difficulty traversing the girders but they did not complain. If they were having a hard time getting around, then surely something with the huge mass of Sergeant would not be able to get to them.
To make matters worse, with Lahar dead, the two dominant brothers were having to do double duty. Not only did they have to worry about their old Alpha being loose, they had the very real worry of Titan making a bid for leadership. The big black was already watching for a chance to catch one of the dominant team alone. If that happened….Shadow shuddered slightly, he knew he had no hope of defeating that particular sibling if it came down to doing one on one battle.
Steel was back at the den curled up asleep with Vixen. He had sent Titan back out to patrol the outer edges of their territory and Shadow had orders to make sure the area close to the den stayed secure. The dark brother took a little comfort in the fact that he was close enough that if Titan doubled back and tried anything, he could call for help. The black snorted and rubbed his muzzle, maybe they would get lucky and Titan would run into Sergeant. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
Shadow made it up to a high vantage point and planted his rump. He looped his tail for security and folded his long toed feet one on top of the other. From here he could see all of the avenues leading to HOME. The big black turned his head up, gazing at the overcast sky. It was almost always overcast here, but occasionally he got lucky and was able to see the stars. The male idly ran his fingers through his mane. He had spent his entire life either confined by the walls of a lab or roaming these desolate ruins. This is what the Troop called HOME, but in his heavy heart Shadow know that this just wasn't right. Somewhere there had to be a place with open spaces and free flowing winds. Maybe there would even be another Troop like themselves. They just did not know how to find it. Shadow chuffed softly, chastising himself…. If wishes were fishes…as Sergeant use to say. Golden eyes gleaming, the big male smacked his lips in pleasure. It seemed tonight was one of those nights that he got lucky, the clouds had parted and he caught the gleam of early morning stars.
Whisper stood quietly beside the bed. Reno had not hesitated to curl up under the covers, and he had intentionally turned his back to the Were. Which was fine by him. The Albino was more than a little confused. Vincent had been angry at what he had seen of Ice's past, but the Were sensed that the anger that he had thrown Reno's way ran much deeper than that. Why was this Troop's Alpha male holding on to such fury at a subordinate male? Steel would have just beat the crap out of him and they all would have moved on, anger dealt with and then forgotten. And what had Reno meant by Vincent taking Ice back to the labs? He could not imagine his sister willingly returning to life as a specimen. Sure….this place wasn't paradise….but it was a HELL of a lot better than being strapped down to a steel table, poked, injected…Whisper's ears sank flat and he made a concerted effort to steer his mind away from THOSE particular memories. Turning away from the bed, he headed back out of the door. He really needed to talk to his sister.
Vincent stared at the female in total confusion. The fact that he could hear the Galian beast snickering quietly did NOT help the feeling of unease that swept over him. Ice snapped her fingers in exasperation, drawing his wandering attention back to her fluid hands.
"One of the first things that happens to a first generation FEMALE Changeling is that she will go into a full heat. This guarantee's she will be bred by the Alpha male and be accepted by the Troop."
The gunman's mind stuttered to complete halt, he was pretty sure his mouth had dropped open but right at the moment he just didn't care….Yuffie was in HEAT?
Chaos roared with laughter at his shock,
Vincent pinched the bridge of his nose with a shaking hand, he lifted the gauntleted one up in a warding gesture.
"That can't be possible. Yuffie is a human. We…don't….have heat cycles."
Ice's silver eye's flew wide,
"REALLY? How do your females handle the trauma of sex?"
The female slowly sat back on her rump, face creased in a look of unabashed curiosity, clearly expecting an answer.
The gunman felt like he was wading deeper into quicksand, What the hell did she mean by… trauma?
There was a soft rumble from the door of Reno's room. Whisper padded forwards a little.
"It doesn't matter how human females deal with sex. Yuffie is a Changeling now, her body is following Were instincts. Our females are designed to deal with HAVING to breed with dominant males. Whether they want to or… not… has no bearing. If a male wants sex, the subordinate female has no choice but to submit."
Valentine's mind was reeling, and he could not keep all of the disgust out of his voice.
"Human's call that rape!"
Those broad white shoulders shrugged.
"In our society, that term has no meaning. Don't give me THAT look! We… are NOT human!"
Whispers lips curled up, dagger fangs emphasizing that point.
"After their first cycle, our females can trigger a heat whenever they need to. If the Alpha makes a sexual advance, the female brings herself into heat. This way, there is no fighting and the female avoids being damaged by an irate male. Usually the ONLY male who would make an advance is the Troop Alpha, unless he has given another male special privileges. If a subordinate male dares to illicit sex without that permission, the female would still submit. The Alpha would kill the male and any offspring of the pairing, but the female would be safe, she is protected by the fact that….she has no choice."
The Galian beast stirred.
"Master of mine….can you not SMELL the fact that they are just laying out the facts? Yuffie is almost in full heat, If you go OUT now….any male within five miles will be able to smell her…and they WILL come."
Vincent's head unconsciously swung towards the sleeping girl. Yes… as a matter of fact he COULD smell her. That tantalizing, seductive perfume had been enticing the Galian beast, enflaming Chaos and slowly eating away at his control since they had left the bar. The ex-Turk just had not been willing to accept that fact. He looked towards Ice who was nodding in agreement with what her brother had said.
"Vincent….if you don't deal with this, it will get to the point that …ANY…male will do! Yuffie will go LOOKING for a mate. It will not matter if it is you, Reno, or even one of my brothers…."
The gunman's head snapped around, crimson eye's flashing as he unconsciously moved with a predator’s grace until he was between Whisper and the sleeping woman. The man was so overwhelmed with jealousy and then lust as his already shaky control crumbled, that he did not realize that his lips had pulled back, showing white teeth that had started to elongate.
Chaos was known for his quick temper and rage, but he was also a cunning being. He had felt the human girl's changed pheromones playing havoc with his host's control for hours now. The demon had not fought Vincent too terribly hard when he had exerted his control after their fall into the ruins. And the demon had not tried to push his way out during the fight with the bugs, even though his host’s body had taken quite a bit of damage. The dark one had patiently bided his time, waiting for an opportune moment. Vincent was very tired and had almost slipped when his emotions had surged while watching that disk, but even then the Demon Lord had waited. This time though, when the man's anger, jealousy and lust shot to the surface at Ice's words, Chaos rode it up, smashing through the barriers that Valentine used to contain him. Vincent's control was sucked up in that whirlwind of emotion and Chaos roared with the pleasure of getting OUT. He had a bone to pick with that sharp clawed… biting…sneaky….monkey girl! Most preferably…. her bones!
OH….SHIT….was the only coherent thought that popped into Ice's head as the evidently very upset form of Vincent dissolved into a red and black mist. Wings the red and black of drying blood sprang out of that mist and lurid gold eye's pinned Whisper were he stood. The white male was not stupid. He averted his red eyes, dropped his shoulders and, rolling his head, he submitted, exposing his soft throat. Ice breathed a silent sigh of relief and also one of despair. She could not expect help from her brother. Whisper knew who the Alpha was here. The demon's hot gold eyes turned to appraise her and the female could see nothing in them but anticipation and rage. Ice shifted slowly sideways trying to move closer to the door. The big winged male flowed into position to stop her. CRAP!
Heavy sleeper that she was, Yuffie must have been woken up by the demon's first roar, and unfortunately the girl let a small whimper escape. The male's gold eyes immediately dropped to her partially uncovered form and some of the rage that was reflected there, turned to lust.
The Were female KNEW that there was no way the woman's fragile human body could handle this very large, powerful male. GODS….he made her brother's look small, even Titan. If Ice could have spoken and Sergeant were here, the female would have gotten a beating. The man had always hated profanity. Fuckfuckfuckfuck was what she was screaming in her own head as the female launched herself forwards, hit the back of the couch and using all the considerable strength in her powerful legs she rocketed right into the middle of that wide, heavily muscled chest. Ice was not very large in Were term's but she was nothing but compact muscle and dense bone. Her weight and momentum knocked the surprised demon right off of his feet. He landed with his wings pinned underneath him and her heavy form sprawled across his front. The Were said a short prayer that this would not be a lethal mistake and as she Changed….. she triggered herself into Heat.
Whisper had frozen in panicked shock as the tall, pale form of this odd little Troop's leader disappeared and was replaced by a winged terror who SCREAMED Alpha from every pore. As those wicked gold eyes pinned him where he stood, the Albino submitted without thinking. He was so frightened he was operating on pure animal instinct. The white heard Yuffie's small whimper of fear. He couldn't blame her. If something as imposing as THAT was showing sexual interest in him, he was pretty sure he would wet himself.
The Were saw Ice shift and he could not believe it when his sister launched herself over the couch and flattened the big male. Whisper's nose twitched as he caught her scent and his jaw dropped. OH MY GODS! His quiet, unassuming, OMEGA sister was making a play for the dominant female position in this Troop!
Whisper flattened down, slithered forwards, and reached over the end of the couch. Powerful hands grabbed Yuffie by the ankles. As she screamed, the male yanked hard, dragging the girl, blankets and all, off of the end. Whisper didn't slow down, he just kept dragging the kicking female until he was through Ice's bedroom door. This he slammed shut, bracing his back against it…just in case! The white male got the second shock of the night when Yuffie surged up and flew into him. The girl managed to throw him off of his feet and he just barely managed to grab her before she could open the door, taking her down with him. The ninja pumped her fists into his gut, knocking the wind out of him. Whisper could not contain a savage growl as rolling, he pinned her to the floor using his whole, very heavy body.
"Chaos is going to KILL her….we have to DO something!"
The girl thrashed underneath him, still trying to reach the door. Whisper just shut his eyes and grimly held on until the little hellion wore herself out trying to get away. Then, when Yuffie was reduced to yanking (quite painfully) on his mane, he grabbed her hands and rolled to his feet. The Albino dragged the panting ninja up with him.
His voice was a shaking, whispered snarl. Her fists and knees HAD connected in some VERY sensitive places more than once.
"Ice knows what she is doing."
The male gave the girl a little shake,
"My sister has a hell of a lot better chance of dealing with what's out there and surviving, then you do."
The young woman sagged in his hands, her tear streaked face totally distressed. Whisper sagged a little along with her, he HATED when a female cried. Easing her over, he cracked the door.
"Lets keep an eye on things. If it looks like he really IS going to kill her, well…" the big male shrugged., he wasn't sure exactly what the two of them could do but at least she quieted down as they both peeked through.
Yuffie had jerked awake, totally recognizing Chaos's roar. The demon was way to close to her for comfort and the ninja had not been able to suppress that first, shocked little whimper of fear. It cut off in her throat when those blazing golden eyes swept her half covered form and she saw naked desire burning there. Yuffie found she could not move. The demon was radiating…something….that held her motionless, hypnotized by terror. Even when the couch shuddered as Ice used it as a springboard, the young woman found she was unable to run. A scream tore from her throat as hard hands grabbed her legs and she was jerked off of the couch. She caught a blur of white and then she was tangled in her blankets staring at Whisper who braced the closed bedroom door with his body, mouth open, panting in fear. It only took a second and then she realized that this…male….had left Ice out there…. Alone…. with a demon who was holding a very serious grudge against her.
Yuffie didn't even think, she hit the white in a move much like the one she had just seen Ice use. Unfortunately, she did not have the female Were's weight or strength and although she DID take him down, she ended up flattened on the ground under the male's very heavy body. That didn't stop her from getting in some very strategically placed blows, making the asshole very aware of her displeasure. When Whisper finally let her up, Yuffie could not control her tears, she just KNEW that Chaos was going to tear Ice into itty bitty little pieces. She doubted even the Were's incredible healing abilities could deal with THAT. Whisper's face seemed to crumble at the sight of her tears, and he relented a little, cracking the door open and PROMISING that if it looked like the demon was REALLY killing Ice….they would think of something.
Peeking through the crack, Yuffie froze when she saw that Chaos had thrown Ice hard against the wall and had her pinned there with a forearm across her chest, talons buried in a shoulder. The girls brown eyes widened when she realized that the Were female had Changed, stopping her transformation at a stage much like Whisper had earlier in the night. WHY had she done that? The beast form was a hell of a lot better suited for fighting. Her confusion increased when the demon dropped his other clawed hand to his waist unbuckling and dropping the protective gear that he wore.
OH MY GODS! Yuffie sucked in a breath to scream realizing at last what was going to happen. Whisper just barely got a hand over her mouth as with a wicked smile, the demon lifted Ice a little higher, used a muscled thigh to open her legs and shifting his hips for better access, he dropped the Were down hard over a huge erection whilst thrusting up. Ice's head snapped back, lips lifting in a pained, soundless snarl. Yuffie bit deep into the pink palmed hand across her mouth, this was worse than watching what the black beast had done to her friend. Whisper swore, but did not let her go. His light voice hissed in her ear.
"NO….we cannot interfere. My other sisters did NOT find their first time's pleasant either, but they survived. Let him finish and we will do what we can for her… afterwards!"
The young ninja struggled ineffectively against Whispers restraining arms as Chaos drove hard into the soft body riding him three times. Ice pushed at the wide shoulders with weakening hands and it was very evident to Yuffie that the Were was riding the very edge of consciousness. Then….the demon just stopped. The watching pair could see the muscles in his back and legs trembling. Ice stirred, almost closed eyes slowly opening.
The Galian beast was young compared to Chaos. He was not a weak creature, he just had never really been presented with a reason to challenge the ancient being's total dominance. The Were demon had been intrigued by Ice from his first sight of her and when he felt the Demon Lord make his bid for freedom, the Galian beast had quietly ghosted out with him. Lurking in that powerful creature's mind, the beast was desperately trying to put together a plan to save Ice's life (Galian doubted that Chaos would, or at this point… COULD… exercise the control needed to NOT lethally harm the female) The Were demon knew from experience that Chaos almost always killed while engaged in sex. (Hojo HAD been a perverted asshole) Evidently female's of the demon persuasion were as iron tough as their mates, and Chaos had not had enough experience with the fragile forms of this world to learn to adjust his strength. (NOT that he really wanted to!)
As the great beast silently watched, the ancient demon sheathed himself in the female with no preparation what so ever. The Galian beast felt her barrier break and also felt her tear at the brutal entry. Ice's head cracked back against the wall, her inexperience giving her no warning to brace herself for the pain of this first time. The Were demon's own rage came boiling up and as Chaos slammed himself into her thrice more, the Galian beast surged up, vying for dominance.
Chaos had been contemplating Valentine's tasty little morsel when the Were female had surprised him…AGAIN…by launching into an attack. REALLY…. was she suicidal or just plain fucking CRAZY! The Demon Lord found himself flat on his back looking up into a exotically beautiful face framed in amazing cinnamon colored, silky tresses. As the female shifted her body across his, he could feel her muscles rippling under a skin as soft as exquisite velvet. He could not control his grunt of shock and the slight hiss of pleasure as a firm thigh shifted between his legs and the female rolled her hips, trapping and deliciously squeezing his already firm arousal between their hard bellies. Then as she gave herself a little shake, her mane released an overwhelming seductive, mind blowing scent. What Yuffie had been slowly releasing over the last day was nothing in comparison to the complex and glorious pheromones this mature female purposefully wafted directly into his face. Chaos's mood shifted from a killing rage to overpowering lust in the space of a breath.
Moving with uncanny speed, the dark demon surged up, lifting and slamming the Were female hard against the wall. He did get some satisfaction from her soft grunt of pain as the impact drove the air from her lungs. HE had not forgotten the nasty bite he had received from her. Matter of fact, the demon lifted the unresisting form and dropped his mouth over hers. The shocked look on her face was an unexpected pleasure as he trapped her lips in his, sharp fangs biting into soft flesh. Totally enjoying the taste of her increasing fear and the hot, sweet flavor of exotic rich blood, the demon locked his fangs against hers, preventing her from closing her mouth. He pushed his tongue in, feeling that firm body jerk against him in surprise at the unexpected entrance. Chaos took his time, tasting every bit of her sweet mouth that his over long, dexterous tongue could reach. Gagging a little, Ice twisted her head, unlocking their fangs and the little bitch BIT him….AGAIN! With a shuddering growl, Chaos shifted his grip, using a forearm across her chest to hold her against the wall. When the Were tried to wiggle away he sank the talons of that hand into her shoulder in warning. Ice froze. It only took a moment to unbuckle his belts, removing what had become a painful confinement to a member that was demanding to be sated. Without a second thought, (after all, the creature had precipitated this, Valentine could not complain) the demon lifted the female, shifted himself between her legs and using her own weight as leverage, he brought her down and ran his entire length into her. He was totally caught off guard by her tightness and the barrier that parted before him. Chaos had not expected, with Ice's Primate base and her multitude of brothers that she would still be sexually untouched. The female’s head snapped back, cracking against the wall as her body arched against him at the unexpected pain. The Demon could not help himself, the taste of fear and pain, the lingering scent of her Heat and her inner muscles convulsing around him drove him past any reason. With a rumble of pure lust he drove into her hard three more times, watching with half lidded eyes as the shock and pain drove Ice to the edge of the abyss. So immersed was he in his own pleasure, Chaos had almost none of his defenses up when the Galian beast made his presence known.
Just because he was young did not mean the Were demon was weak, Chaos's muscles locked as he found himself in a true battle of wills for supremacy.
Chaos was pushed into the defensive, having to really work at preventing the Galian beast from forcing a transformation. The Demon Lord wasn't about to give up this rare pleasure though and slowly but surely he fought the beast to a stand still. Even so, the Galian beast managed to dig up enough strength that the dominant Chaos could not FORCE him back into total submission. It did not help when Ice, who was watching his face with slightly glazed eyes, rocked her hips slowly and tightened her inner muscles in a rippling wave, caressing Chaos's hard flesh in such a way that his concentration was totally shattered.
The Galian beast growled.
"Do you feel that? Ice volunteered to take you on. By doing so she has accepted YOU as her Alpha male. Valentine is taking her to the labs…but you can bet he is going to set some stipulations."
Chaos tightened his grip on the female as she shifted against him.
"GODS…Has Valentines denseness rubbed off on you? If Ice were to ENJOY this…..maybe she would be a WILLING partner more than just this ONCE."
Chaos turned this over in his head. It was worth contemplating, Valentine just might agree to letting him out occasionally if it was something that Ice want…unggh. His attention was dragged back to the female as she locked her toes against his calf's and used them to help slide herself up and then down his flagging penis, stirring it back into new life. Her lovely face had a thoughtful, contemplative look.
The Demon Lord felt a slight surge of panic.
"Um hum…I think I have a way that…I…can provide some brakes for you. I have been watching how Ice and Whisper manipulate their Change. If you will let me rise a little, I think I can do a partial transformation like them. YOU will still be in primary control but I will be in the mix enough that I can….assist… If your…Passion…gets away from you again."
Chaos wasn't sure he wanted ANYONE meddling in his sex life, but when Ice slid a hand behind his back to carefully swirl her fingers around the sensitive juncture of his wings, he released his strangle hold on the younger demon, and braced himself as the great beast rose, triggering a partial transformation.
Ice had been prepared for this to be a rough and painful encounter. She had seen her brother Steel take her sister for the first time and Vixen had NOT enjoyed the experience. Seeing it, and experiencing it though were two different things. When the winged Alpha had forcibly entered her, Ice had felt like she was being torn in half. The male did not give her the time she needed to adjust her body to accommodate his size or for her healing factor to deal with the damage. By the time he had pulled back and rammed into her the fourth time, Ice was almost incoherent from shock and pain. The male’s sudden stillness forced her back into full awareness. Peeking at his face from half opened eyes, Ice tried to figure out why he had stopped. Her brother had not stopped driving into Vixen until he had achieved his release. She was pretty sure that had not happened with this one yet.
With the slight reprieve, her body was able to catch up with her hormones. She still ached inside. The male’s length and girth was creating a tremendous amount of pressure as it filled her virgin tightness, but at the same time, it also pressed and rubbed against certain….areas….and that feeling was not at all unpleasant. The female shifted slightly, hissing softly as his grip on her tightened. Fine…experimenting a little the Were slowly rocked her hips, shuddering slightly as the friction caused some very interesting sensations. Using the control she had over almost every muscle in her body, Ice rolled her inner muscles in a tight wave up that thick hard shaft. She was rewarded by a barely suppressed groan and a quick flash of golden eyes.
Ice did not know what was going on in the demon's head, but all of a sudden his scent shifted. The hot spicy smell that she associated with him was still there, but it was overlaid by a scent that was subtly familiar. Her body instinctively recognized the smell of an unknown male Were. That was all it took to drive her back into a full heat. Setting her toes into the male's legs, she lifted herself to rise and then slide down his slightly softened member. It stirred back to life inside her. Ice slid a hand to gently rub at the place where she had so cruelly bitten the male and she froze as she saw the very familiar ripple of Change pass over his skin.
Those great bloodied wings flared out and their color shifted to a deep twilight purple. The male’s hard grey skin softened with a blush of very short velvety fur. This was still gray but it was tipped with a rich lilac color. That narrow, angular face widened, and just a hint of a muzzle developed. The Alpha's frame lost a little height but lost none of the heavy musculature needed for battle or flight. Best of all, (at least as far as Ice was concerned) there was a rippling movement inside of her, and the terrible pain/pressure eased off a little as his maleness shifted to a shape and size that her body could accommodate.
Ice panted lightly, trying to ease the sudden wave of nervousness that overwhelmed her. The male slowly lifted a head that was still heavily layered in a long black ruff. Each thick, soft hair in it was tipped in gold giving the impression that his mane was edged in flame. Small horns peeked out of it. Ice found that she was having a very hard time swallowing, not because of the damage to her throat, but because her mouth had suddenly become very dry. Golden eyes returned her gaze but the savage rage that had made them blaze before was tempered with an intelligence as old as time. Those eyes became languid, almost sleepy looking as the mouth that had been demanding and cruel dipped to carefully brush over her eyes. she instinctively closed them, lifting her face slightly as the demon softly kissed her tears of pain away.

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