The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus Ch. 8

Dr. Angelique Destinie had to work hard to suppress her excitement as she gazed through the microscope at something she thought to be impossible. The scientist had been astounded when they had brought the first Were-Beast's body in to be dissected and thought she had done an excellent job of pretending she had seen nothing like it before. Rufus was unaware of Angelique's affiliation with a lot of the early studies that had been done while she had been a tech in his father's Biological Weapons Program. After she had gotten the HELL out of Deep Ground, she had put a lot of time and effort into hiding that past and wasn't about to jeopardize her position when Lahar was brought in. She had fed Shinra bits and pieces of information that she supposedly deduced from the autopsy but kept most of her knowledge to herself.
The Doctor had orchestrated her lab tech's little "accident" with no one being the wiser, just so she could see the elegant virus doing what it had been designed by nature, and modified by Hojo to do.
Then, there had been outbreaks of spontaneous Changes in the city and this sample, which had come from one of the latest second generation Change victims, did not match Lahar's genetic footprint. There were similarities of course, ALL of the specimens in that cursed program had been related, but this second generation Changeling had come from TITAN... which meant that more than one of Project C's specimen's had survived Deep Grounds destruction!
The Doctor had been ecstatic when Rufus had informed her that they were bringing in a LIVE specimen AND a girl who had evidently survived a first level Change. The best that Hojo had been able to do with the Virus was the Hell Hounds that he created with it for Deep Ground. Those monstrosities, although controllable, had been considered vicious, short lived failures. She only knew of two successes when it came to Weapons that could make a complete metamorphosis then return to almost human. Azul the Cerulean was dead and Project V did not really count because of the addition of the Chaos gene. It was all the researcher could do not to grab Shinra and shake him when he informed her that the one female had escaped and that the other was traipsing around somewhere in the Midgar ruins. Angel managed to keep her cool though. All she had to do was be patient (something this old woman was VERY good at) and wait for Rufus to drop both specimens in her lap...then she would figure out a way to sell them... and... her knowledge of them, to the highest bidder.
Cloud and Rude were not to far off from where Shinra was supposed to pick them up, when they stumbled across the body of a young woman. They both stood and stared, not because she was nude but because she was so out of place in this desolate ruin. Something or someone had taken the time to arrange her in such a way that at first they thought she was just unconscious. It only took the experienced Turk a couple of seconds to find her broken neck. Cloud almost protested when the big man removed his leather glove and slid his hand between her closed thighs, but remembering Yuffie's experience and seeing the claw marks on the woman's white breasts, he held his tongue. Rude's fingers came out shiny with slick fluid and blood. His normally taciturn features tightened in an unhappy frown as he removed a square of absorbent cloth from a pocket and wiped his hands clean.
"MAN... that is just wrong!"
At this statement from the unshakable Rude, Cloud's blue eyes flashed up from looking at the pitiful corpse. The big man met his gaze for a moment with angry eyes, then as if someone had flipped a switch he became impassive again. Taking his jacket off he draped it over the girl, covering her nakedness. Turning away, the Turk continued on towards the pick up site.
Ghost moved silently through the dark. The Troop very rarely came into this part of the ruins as Steel felt there was always the possibility that Sergeant would break out of his self imposed prison. The smallest of the Troop brothers gaped and snorted softly. There was no WAY that would happen, he knew for a fact that Ice kept the great beast well fed, which kept him in a state of semi hibernation most of the time. Sergeant had NO reason to even want to escape, so Ghost was confident that there was NO danger here.
Besides...the brother had happened upon Ice's blood trail earlier and had followed it on the off chance that he could catch the female weak and injured. Then, when the scent of a strange female who was in HEAT tickled his nose, well... to hell with worrying about Sergeant. At least that is what the lowest ranked male was thinking when he followed the trail to the entrance of Sergeant's lair.
The small male sank to the floor, almost pissing himself when he realized that the entrance had been torn wide open. Great gashes were dug into the stone of the floor where massive claws had sunk in while the beast had dragged itself through the opening. Ghost's ears flattened and whimpering in fear, he slowly backed out the way he had come. Once he was sure that the monster who had once been their Alpha was not going to jump out and eat him... he turned tail and RAN! Steel needed to know that Sergeant was on the loose!
Reno managed to lever himself to his feet, but not without considerable nausea and a spinning head.. The Cure that Valentine had cast had healed him, but it could not compensate for the loss of blood. Only time would rectify that. The Turk staggered and found himself braced against a bug juice splattered, heavy muscled frame.
The redhead jerked himself back,
"Holy Shit!"
And promptly lost his balance. The white male shifted so that the man was leaning against the tall broad shoulders again and crimson eyes slanted sideways at him before hastily looking away. Well...Okay...who was he to turn down a helping hand even if it wasn't quite human. A quick glance at Ice to see what her reaction to the big male was didn't help his confusion any. Her and Yuffie were just standing there if they hadn't seen a man in his undies before…Geez! The red head carefully bent down to retrieve his pants only to have them pulled out of his reach by his living leaning post. He reached for them again and was blocked by that big, wedge shaped head.
"Yo...what gives?"
Reno wasn't expecting an answer he was just giving voice to his frustration. The Turk certainly didn't let any of his irritation show, the thing had matching five inch daggers for teeth and they were situated right at HIS crotch level.
"Your clothing reeks of blood."
The beast tilted its red eyes up to look at him as it spoke. The man's anxiety level increased when that long, narrow muzzle swung back and prodded at his blood streaked thigh.
"For that matter...this needs to be cleaned off before you attract any more predators."
A warm, wet tongue vigorously swiped at his leg. Reno was caught off guard and before he could gather himself enough to protest, the albino had most of the tacky blood removed. The redhead sputtered and pushed at the white muzzle inefficiently with his hands. Vincent slipped up silently and Reno could have SWORN he saw the man smile a little as he passed.
The deep voice didn't give anything away.
"He is right you know... might as well let him finish cleaning it off. Here... I will take these for you."
With that the gunslinger scooped up his pants, taking them completely out of the red head’s reach. Reno glared at the man's crimson cloaked back. Valentine had bled just as much as him and HE didn't have a killer monkey working him over with a soft warm tongue.
Speaking of which,
"Ummm...yo... usually I at least get a name fore I let someone drool all over me."
The big male took one more long swipe that lightly brushed the man's silk brief's before it ended. The albino smacked his lips a couple of times.
"I am called Whisper, and I DON'T drool."
The look turned wistful as those intelligent eye's blinked innocently up at him,
"Sooo... you know my name now...does this mean I get to lick you some more?"
Ice watched, curious to see if the Alpha would interfere with Whisper's courtship. When the crimson male did nothing and even seemed to encourage it, the female shook her head, she would NEVER understand human Troop dynamics. Realizing that she had more than her fair share of splattered bug juice and blood streaked across her coat, Ice expanded the shake to include her whole body.
Yuffie squealed as a fair amount of what flew off, landed on her.
Ice just had the time to jump back as the Changeling copied her shake, and almost fell on her nose. Huffing at the girl in amusement, Ice moved out, intent on getting to the safety of HOME as quickly as possible. The whole group reeked of splattered bug, spilled blood, and the dangerous scent of a female who was well on her way to a full heat. She could not THINK of a better attractant to bring her brother’s Troop down on them.
Yuffie recovered her balance, damn...this four legged thing was a little more difficult than it looked. Scratching at a small spot of drying blood with her HIND hand,(and wasn't having FOUR usable hands just Uber COOL!) she grinned to herself. The instant healing was something that she COULD get use to also. It sure made fighting easier when you didn't have to worry about getting hurt. She wondered just how much damage this Changed body of hers could handle. (Note to self...ask Ice about that}
And speaking of battles... WOW could that big white male fight. He had flown out of the ruins, white mane swirling like a living flame, muscles bunching and sliding under that silky pale coat. The male had cleared the pile off of Vincent and pulled the gunman to his feet all in a few glorious seconds. When it was over and Whisper had sniffed delicately around her, Yuffie had experienced the most overpowering urge to turn her rump to him and slide her tail... OH MY GODS! What was WRONG with her?!
The chocolate and silver beast that was Yuffie crammed her hands into her mouth for a moment to stifle her sudden need to scream. Then she was up, following after Ice. There was NO way the ninja was letting that particular female out of her sight! The young woman caught a flash of crimson as Vincent shot a concerned look her way but Yuffie just glued herself to the cinnamon maned female's long tailed ass. She flat could not trust herself around ANYTHING male right at this moment and did NOT want to cause herself or the gunman any embarrassment while she was stuck in this current shape. Really... she couldn't get Valentine to kiss her while she was her usual gorgeous self. What would he think of a monkey girl making advances at him?
The shudder that passed over her body, lifted her fur in a rippling wave, and screwed up her coordination enough that she tripped over her own feet. Ice had dropped back besides her and her strong hands prevented the girl from painfully bumping her nose on the ground. Yuffie choked back a silent sob...Great... That would have at least given her an excuse for the tears that were sliding silently down her cheeks.
Vincent watched Yuffie's chocolate mane swirl as she loped by him, he didn't show it, but he was more than a little concerned with his young friend's state of mind. He remembered well the terror and heartbreak of waking up to find out that he was no longer entirely human. The gunman knew that the young woman had to be dealing with some of those same feelings. She cut a wide path around the males of the group and seemed to pay the ex-Turk no mind as she hurried to catch up with the other female.
Ice set as brisk a pace as possible. She kept an ear slanted back, evidently keeping tabs on Reno and the white male. The red head managed to keep up but not without considerable help from his not so secret admirer. Valentine dropped back and followed at a distance serving as a rear guard. As a result he was the last to pass through three different sets of doors that Ice had to code in to open. He could not control the visceral reaction that had him freezing up when he realized that the female had led them into what looked like a high security containment lab. The large, open room had nine stasis chambers lined up against a far wall. Seven had been opened. The other two were shut and the panels that flashed on their hatches indicated that they were still functional. The whole facility must have had some type of self contained power unit as the lights and ventilation systems still seemed to be working.
Various glass fronted cabinets lined the other walls, all packed full of a variety of medical and surgical supplies. There was one heavy, exam table that had been unbolted from the floor and pushed in front of the opened chambers. Oddly, there was a chair and blood drawing table set up and what looked like a centrifuge not to far from it. The gunman hurried after Ice, his skin crawling, as she trotted through this room leading the group to a door on the far wall. After passing through a small decontamination room, then a hallway, the next door opened into what was probably at one time the lab's crew living quarters. A large common room was occupied by several computers, comfortable furniture, a stereo system and off to one side what looked like a compact kitchen. On a long table by the kitchen were five or six good sized cages and Vincent was surprised to realize that they were occupied by white lab rats, several to each cage.
Ice had stopped in the middle of the room and just stood for a moment watching her "guests." Reno dropped with a groan onto one of the room's couches and Whisper settled on to his haunches on the floor next to the Turk's bare legs. The wedge shaped head slowly turned as he gazed around with undisguised curiosity. Yuffie separated from Ice's side and went to investigate several other doors.
A soft huff from Ice jerked Vincent's attention back to the golden female. She slipped over to the kitchen and flipped a cabinet open. The gunman approached slowly so as not to frighten her and saw that it was full of canned foods and Military Emergency Rations. The female gave him a close lipped smile and opened another, it was full of bottled water. Then she carefully slid around him and opened one of the rat cages. Fishing around for a moment, her hand came out holding a couple of wriggling pinkies which she popped into her mouth like candy. Catching his slightly shocked look, which she evidently misconstrued, she caught a couple of the adult rats by the tail and offered them to him. All the while slowly chewing her mouthful. The gunman swallowed hard as the Galian beast perked up, definitely interested in the offer.
"No thank you..."
He shook his head and couldn't help the reaction that had him putting his hands behind his back.
"Hnnn...maybe some one else would like one?"
Ice blinked her silver eyes at him, then shrugged. She swallowed, or tried to swallow her mouthful, then gagged and continued chewing as she offered the rats to Whisper. The albino did not hesitate, he accepted the offering, broke the rat's necks, stuffed one in his mouth and offered one to Reno.
The red head paled a little,
"It's a hard choice, but I had better stick with the M.E.R's."
Vincent tossed the man a ration as the big male finished off his rats. The faster Reno regained his strength, the faster they could head back to the surface.
Yuffie stuck her head back through one of the doors.
"Hey there is a shower back here and it has HOT water...anyone want to clean up?"
Ice's head snapped up, as if she had just remembered something. She finally managed to swallow her snack as she scooted over to a small fridge. The female rummaged around in it for a minute than shut the door and reached to hand the gunman what she had found. Vincent almost stuck his hands back behind his back before he realized that the creature was offering him a syringe.
Yuffie shot forwards,
"Oh... PLEASE... tell me that is what I think it is."
Her honey eye's shimmered with hopeful tears. Ice's eyes narrowed, her nose twitched and her lips wrinkled as she huffed softly. Vincent got the impression that the female was laughing as she nodded at the excited ninja.
Reno levered himself off of the couch and headed for the door the ninja had come out of.
"Yo...I am going to go get cleaned up."
Vincent was a little surprised, he got the distinct impression that the Turk that everyone thought was so callous was giving Yuffie a little privacy so that she could Change with less of an audience. The gunman couldn't keep a small smile from quirking his lips as Whisper got up, winked a red eye at him and casually sauntered after the red head. Evidently the big white male could care less if Reno needed privacy for his shower or not.
Valentine turned the syringe slowly in his hand watching the light glimmer off of the needle. He hated needles and the fact that he was GIVING the shot rather than receiving it didn't change that fact one little bit. Yuffie had plopped herself down at his feet and her enthusiasm had morphed into distinct discomfort. She was rubbing her neck with one broad stubby fingered hand, probably remembering the last two unpleasant times she had been injected by Ice. The gunman flashed a look at the red maned female who had slipped by them and was feeding and watering her rats.
"Ice...?" she looked at him curiously, "Does this have to be given in the neck?"
The Were-Beast shook her head.
"It can be given anywhere there is good muscle."
Mane covered shoulders shrugged.
"It just works faster if it is delivered close to the brain."
The man knelt by Yuffie,
"It's your choice Yuffie, The neck is fastest but I can give this anywhere you have good muscle."
A deep rumble from Chaos distracted him,
Vincent managed a choked,
"Shut up Chaos!"
But he couldn't help but look at the...nice... thick muscling on her hind quarters. Even in this beast form, he found Yuffie to be very attractive.
The young woman didn't miss that look. She hitched her rump away from him.
"NO WAY Vinny! You are NOT touching or sticking ANYTHING in my ass!"
Something in those slanted honey eyes gave the gunman the impression that Yuffie very much would NOT have minded him touching her rump, despite her protesting. The girl's silver and black body spun around as an odd choking sound came from Ice, she had her hands clamped over her muzzle and her eyes twinkled.
"And don't you be laughing...monkey girl...,"
Yuffie looked ready to cry.
"This is going to hurt way too much to be funny!"
Vincent shifted back a little as the gold and red female, looking instantly chagrined, scooted forward to sit next to him. She reached out at the same time to hug the ninja. Her broad tongue swiped across Yuffie's long, striped face and her honey eyes, causing the girl to squeal "GROSS!" and then break down in a fit of giggles. Yuffie stuck out her arm, not letting go of Ice.
"Go for it." Was all she said.
Vincent slid the needle in and emptied the syringe's contents into her shaking arm, all the while trying to ignore the young woman's slight hiss and his own rolling stomach. Chaos kept any snide comment he could have made to himself. The dark demon hated needles too.
Yuffie was so tense waiting for the pain to hit that she was shaking. Ice tried to move away from her and the ninja could not help the little whimper that escaped as she unconsciously dug her claws into the other female's thick mane, preventing her from leaving. The young woman didn't even think of what the consequences would be if Ice were to feel trapped and panic. The golden female pushed her back a little and her hands flowed through their, to Yuffie, indecipherable dance.
"Vincent..." she was upset enough that she used the gunslinger's given name. "I can't understand her."
The gunslinger settled his cloak over Yuffie's shoulders and translated for her.
"She said... don't tense up, it is just pain...pain won't kill you...learn to ride it out."
"Hmph...that is easy for her to say!"
"No, it isn't easy for me either. It is just a matter of training yourself to ignore the pain, much as you would ignore the...hiccups."
The ninja slashed Valentine a desperate look. His crimson eyes slid away from her, and Yuffie could have kicked herself. She wondered how many times the ex-Turk had wished that pain could kill while under Hojo’s scalpel. GODS…she really should learn to watch what came out of her mouth.
The female tapped Yuffie, and forked two fingers at the woman's honey eyes and then her own silver eyes. She pantomimed taking a deep breath, then Changed. Ice slowed it down to a crawl and showed Yuffie how to relax her limbs and muscles to help facilitate the shifting bones. The young woman stared, totally mesmerized as the Were-Beast shifted to human and then back to her beast form. The blood stains and drying bug juice that the female had not shaken off earlier, just fell away... that was pretty cool.
Still... the girl could see the pain reflected in those silver eyes. Yuffie could not help flinching when that first under the skin itch started. Ice snapped her fingers, drawing the girl's honey eyes back to her silver ones. Yuffie concentrated on matching the female's deep breaths, as again, Ice Changed...but this time the Were-beast matched her pace to that of Yuffie's Change. It was still terrible, Yuffie could not suppress a small moan, but it DID help to watch and copy what the experienced Were showed her. The warm comforting hand of Vincent making slow soothing circles on her back (UNDER the cloak) didn't hurt either. The girl was proud when that she kept complete control of herself until it was done. Ice gave her a congratulatory nod and shifted from her almost naked human form back to that of the beast.
Yuffie snagged her arm before the Were could go back to her chores.
"You are beautiful as a woman...why do you Change back to the form of a beast when you don't have to?"
The girl noticed that Vincent's hand had stopped it's movement and she almost growled in disappointment.
Ice lifted her lips slightly,
"This BEAST form is my natural body and I... LIKE... it. The human body is pretty much just...camouflage."
Yuffie got the feeling that maybe she had insulted the creature. (geez, talk about open mouth, insert foot)
The golden female snorted derisively, poked the ninja's arm and before the girl could react, used one sharp claw to carefully lift Yuffie's lip, exposing her even white teeth.
"Besides, this body is fragile and practically defenseless. To wear it down here, would be very...unsafe."
Her slanted silver eyes narrowed,
"There are two more doses in the icebox. They should last approximately six to eight hours a piece. Since you prefer your HUMAN form, you will need to inject it at the first flush of Change, it should halt the transformation. Just be aware, it will be a while before any more can be produced.
Huffing softly, Ice turned her back on them and disappeared into one of the other rooms.
Yuffie, still a little shaky, was more than happy to let Vincent help her to her feet.
She could feel his deep voice rumble in his chest.
"You need to eat something and then get some rest."
Yuffie grinned and poked him in the chest,
"Who made you boss?...Maybe... I want to go take a shower with Reno and Whisper!"
She was surprised to feel another soft rumble as he growled silently. Geez, she was kidding! Although a wet, NAKED Reno... CRAP! As if he could read her thoughts, Valentine's arm tightened and he rumbled again. Yuffie wondered if he even realized he was doing it.
She leaned against the gunman as he helped her over to the couch, enjoying his warmth and the sense of security that he unknowingly generated inside of her. Watching the man covertly while he heated some of the canned soup, Yuffie's submerged Were side instinctively came to the conclusion that, where as ANY male would do to bring her out of heat...THIS Alpha was the one that she wanted. The girl didn't even realize she was nodding as her human side whole heartily agreed.
Cloud had to work hard to subdue the instinctive terror that threatened to overwhelm him when Rude opened the door to Shinra's research labs. Sure, the clean and orderly set up, combined with the absence of bloodied lab coats made this a far cry from the horror house that the mansion had been. But the ever present chemical smell that seemed to hang around any medical or science lab was enough to make the swordsman physically sick. Rude studied him from behind his shades. (Yes... the big man had put them on the minute they entered the building)
"Hey going to be okay?"
Cloud's curt nod didn't seem to satisfy him but he shrugged and stepped back, giving the blond some space. By concentrating on taking deep breaths, Cloud got his nausea down to a manageable level only to have his heart jump onto the back of his tongue when a strong hand dropped on his shoulder. It took everything he had as he spun around to NOT draw his sword. Which was a good thing, because if he had, the grandmotherly looking woman who had touched him probably would have had a heart attack.
Twinkling green eyes smiled at him from behind wire rimmed glasses.
"It seems we have someone afflicted with Shinra-phobia."
Her lips curved in a gentle smile. "Believe is not as uncommon as you might think."
Cloud scratched at the back of his head and self consciously tried to smooth his spikes down.
"Sorry...I just get a little jumpy.."
"Tsk Tsk...young man, you have nothing to apologize for." The woman patted his arm as she walked past, then, as she caught sight of Rude, she slowly turned.
"Oh ….you are one of the young men who was bringing in the young woman and the female?"
The gray haired head tilted as she wrinkled her nose. "I understand there was a problem. I hope everyone is okay?"
Cloud just blinked...this woman did not look or act like any scientist he had dealt with before. Only the white lab coat marked her as someone who worked here. Her shoulder length gray hair, which was tucked back behind her ears, her slightly chubby pleasant face, and her casual way of talking and moving him. He wouldn't be surprised if she up and offered him cookies.
Cloud found himself smiling sheepishly at her.
"Lets just say that Ice, the female, has more of a Shinra-phobia then I do. So much so, she jumped out of an aircraft to avoid coming here."
Those green eyes flew wide,
"REALLY...well... I'll bet that was a bit of a surprise to everyone!"
The woman crooked a finger at him,
"Why don't we talk about this in my office? I would bet that you will be a lot more comfortable there."
More than a little bemused, Cloud followed the little woman to her office. Rude turned as Rufus entered the lab and went to make a report. Cloud found himself in a little room which was surprisingly cluttered with pictures and knick knacks. The woman pushed a chair over to him and sat on the edge of her desk. Leaning over she opened a drawer, rummaged around for a minute and came up with a smile and a bag of...cookies.
"Ha, you are in luck. I made these yesterday and no one has found out about them yet."
She snagged a couple out and tossed the bag to a startled Cloud.
"Oatmeal, my favorite," The woman smacked her lips and grinned. "Now, tell me what happened,"
The blond could not believe it when he found himself munching on cookies, (they were very good) and telling the nights events to this grandma scientist who turned out to be a very good listener.
When he was finished, the woman frowned a little and tapped her desk with a short nailed finger.
"Let me see if I have this right. The friend that was bitten, will not come to the labs unless Vincent is with her?" Cloud nodded. "We all know why Valentine has a screaming horror of this place and I can't say as that I blame him."
The green eyes met Cloud's blue ones.
"And this...Ice...made it very clear that she would rather try to survive a six hundred foot fall than come here?" Again the spiky blond head nodded.
The gray head tilted and the woman studied Cloud from half lidded eyes.
"Well...the solution is we don't bring them here."
The astonished swordsman sat straight up. That is not what he expected to hear.
The woman grinned at him,
"Things have changed in this company...much for the better." Her face wrinkled up into a smile. "Shinra mansion has a fully operational lab..."
Cloud could not control the shudder that traveled over his body. The sharp green eyes didn't miss this.
"Oh, don't get me wrong, I know horrible things happened there also...BUT...if we do this right the studies we need to conduct can be carried out in such a way that no one who suffers from Shinra-phobia..." again she smiled but there was sadness there, not mirth, "... has to see the inside of the lab. Those poor souls can stay and be quite comfortable in the upper part of the estate."
Cloud just stared, he knew his mouth was hanging open but this was just weird. He had expected to come here and wait for them to bring poor terrified Ice to her doom and poor Yuffie also. This woman was something totally different then what he had been conditioned to expect. The scientist leaned forwards, patted his hand and used a warm finger to shut his mouth.
“Really boy...not ALL of us are heartless, soulless monsters. Come on lets grab Rufus before he leaves and get this arranged, just cleaning that mansion is going to take a few days."
Cloud had to jump start his brain,
"I almost forgot..." he handed the woman Ice's syringe.
When she carefully accepted it, he held out his hand.
"I am Cloud."
The woman tilted her head again so she could look up at his face. She accepted his hand, her smaller one almost disappearing into his calloused one.
"I am Doctor Angelique friends just call me Angel."
Reno leaned against the shower wall and let the hot spray pound on him. The water had a slight mako taint to it but was probably safe enough as long as you didn't drink it. This shower bay was big enough for three people to shower comfortably and it seemed the hot water was endless. The man groaned in pure pleasure.
An odd scratching sound snapped his head up and the redhead almost fell as he turned too fast and it made his head swim. Even with the rations he had eaten, it was going to take a little while before he was one hundred percent. The Turk blinked water out of his eyes, Whisper stood in the doorway looking somehow...pathetic. As he watched the big male shook out his mane, which was clumped with bug juice, and scratched at a hardening stripe of it on his side. Reno studied the beast suspiciously and somehow the Albino made himself look even more pitiful. (Just how a heavily muscled, knife fanged beastie could look pitiful was beyond Reno's comprehension... but... the big male managed pulled it off)
" can join me." Reno pinned the ecstatic male with a hard eye, " sniffing of crotches, and keep your TONGUE to yourself."
Whisper pulled his lips back in a closed mouth, humble smile, blinked happy red eyes at him, and hurried in. Reno moved over a little and turned a second hot spray on for the beast.
Reno leaned against the shower wall and just let the hot water run over him as he covertly watched Whisper sit on his rump under the steaming spray. The Turk noticed that the Albino folded his feet so that his long toes rested one on top of the other just as Ice had done back at Seventh Heaven. Reno wondered idly if it was a family trait. The Were's thick, strong tail curved around to help Whisper keep his balance as he lifted his wedge shaped head so that the water sluiced down over his face, head, neck and mane. The white male's red eyes were half closed, almost glazed in pleasure and he made a deep humming sound way down in his wide chest as he used blunt, strong fingers to work shampoo into every inch of his soft white fur. Reno couldn't help but smile, it had been a long time since his jaded senses had enjoyed a shower THAT much. Unless of course, he was sharing it with someone….which he was….CRAP! WHERE had that thought come from? He was NOT into bestiality. (was he?)
The smile returned to his lips as he watched the white male turn a circle trying to reach THAT spot in the middle of his back. It changed to a grin as the beast circled again, hum changing to a disgruntled growl. The man knew how hard it was to reach that spot and HE didn't have a thick mane there to contend with.
Reno pushed away from the wall.
"Yo….why don't you let me get that for you?"
Whisper stood up to his full height, turning to face the redhead. The man could not control the reflex that had him stepping back. Hell…the Were was every bit as tall as he was and twice as wide. That dagger toothed muzzle was way to close to his face for comfort. Whisper must have sensed his apprehension, the male stepped back a little and Reno sucked in a breath as Change rippled over the white body. The albino stopped the transformation short of being completely human, or maybe…Reno thought….the male was not capable of looking as totally human as Ice….It did not matter, what faced the Turk was stunning in an exotic way. Thick white lashes framed the tilted, crimson eyes that blinked shyly at him out of a high cheek boned, wide, pale face. Feathery, frosty eyebrows winged up, instead of arching over, giving the male a slightly raffish look. The long, slightly flat nose, strong jaw line, and small defined chin gave the impression of a slight muzzle and when Whisper smiled in nervous reaction to his stare, there was an alluring hint of elongated eyeteeth behind the thin pale lips. The Were's legs lengthened and his thick torso shortened and slimmed. As a result, he kept his height, but his arms, shoulders and chest lost a lot of their bulkiness, the musculature slimming, becoming more refined and chiseled. The mane flowed over his head, (pointed ears peaked out, parting the snowy locks) then over his neck, and shoulders to cascade down to his slender waist where it ended at his narrow hips in a point aimed at the thick base of the heavy white tail. (Oh yes….the tail was still there!) And the butt it drew your attention to was a nicely shaped, firmly muscled one at that!
Reno couldn't help himself, there was softly curled fur on the broad white chest (well, well, well, four nipples did seem to be the norm with these guys!) and his gaze traveled down to the male's belly button (which was situated in a rippling, flat, hard belly) and surreptitiously followed the wavy, longer fur as it formed a happy trail to good sized, remarkably pink genitals nestled in silky white curls.
The man didn't think, he reached out and slid a hand down one long, well muscled…. arm. Yep, his first impression had been right, there was still fur over the skin, but it was so short that it felt like nothing more than the most expensive, sensual velvet. The Turk realized that Whisper had Changed to appear less threatening and it had worked. The end result was a being whose humanoid form was as beautiful as the beast form had been intimidating. The close mouthed smile and huge puppy eyes that the albino turned on him were as far from threatening as they could be.
"Would you…PLEASE? I have not been completely clean in years, and who knows if Ice will let me back in here after you leave."
There was a definite note of pleading in that tenor tone.
Eyebrows arching in surprise, Reno poured shampoo into one hand and twirled the other hand at the Albino. He didn't have to ask twice. Whisper spun around and crouched a little, making it easy for long, strong, pale fingers to work the shampoo into his snowy mane.
Ice leaned against the closed door. She was so stressed at having this many strange males in HER territory that her humming nerves made her muscles jump and twitch. Having the little female dumping sex hormones into the air wasn't helping her distressed state any either. One of those MALES needed to get on the ball and take CARE of that….GEEZ it was not like SHE could do anything about it. It was a wonder that they acted like they never got laid when they could not recognize the blatant scent and signs that the little Changeling was putting off. The female closed her silver eyes and ran her hand's down her long muzzle. GODS, she was on her last nerve now, how the HELL was she going to deal with going back to the labs?
Giving herself a little shake, Ice left the door and after a few seconds of digging through drawers and throwing things around she came up with a loose shirt and soft pants for Yuffie. It took a few minutes more to find pants and shirts for the males. Hopefully she guessed the sizes right, there was NO way she was going back OUT with them if they smelled like old dried blood. She snickered mutely, Vincent's clothes were slashed up to the point that they could only be considered rags. The red cloak had seen better days BEFORE his involvement in this. The female folded everything neatly on the bed and gave the pile a little pat…there….. Lowering herself down on her belly Ice slid under the bed, there was one last item she needed to retrieve.
She lay still for a moment, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. Ice did not mind it, the female had actually spent many nights sleeping under here, especially after Sergeant had been caught. For some reason the close darkness made her feel safe. The briefcase she was after was clear back against the wall at the head of the bed. Snagging it, Ice started to wiggle back only to freeze when her preternatural eyesight picked up the ruby gleam of small eyes…..Maybe one of her rats had gotten out? Nope, there were EIGHT of them and they were attached to a plump hairy body with eight long articulated legs. Sucking in a deep breath, Ice forced herself to remain calm. Sergeant had always maintained that the creepy crawlies were NOT out to get her. As she slowly scooted back she almost believed him, until the damned ugly thing darted forwards in that disgusting creepy way THEY had of moving, it ran right up and over her long muzzle.
That was all it took, her last nerve fired and blew her intelligence right out of the proverbial window. Forgetting where she was in the sheer need to get away from that leggy, creepy thing, Ice shot straight up. Her head and shoulders cracked against the queen sized bed, lifting the thing completely off the floor. She left wisps of cinnamon mane stuck in the springs as she shot backwards, releasing the briefcase. The panicked female almost made it, but unfortunately the bed dropped back down, the edge of the frame catching her across the top of her head. This smacked her jaw into the floor. Operating on pure adrenaline and seeing nothing but white stars, the female did not register when Vincent kicked the door open. Rocketing backwards she caught him at knee level and wiped his legs out from under him. Leaving him in a sprawled pile in the doorway, Ice continued out of the room, then launched herself over the back of the couch where she proceeded to burrow under the blanket with a screaming Yuffie.
Vincent had been microwaving soup when there was a loud thump from the room that Ice had disappeared into. It was followed by a horrendous crash. Flowing across the room, Vincent didn't slow down to open the door, he just gave it a good, hard kick. The man had just enough time to register Ice's form as she took him to the floor. Rolling and drawing Cerberus at the same time, (he could not imagine what had caused the female's panicked flight) he swept the room with a hunter's senses. There was nothing there.
He was dragging himself to his feet when the door of the shower room slammed open and Reno came sliding out, EMR in one soapy hand, pistol in the other. Other than soap suds the red head was quite nude. The being's form that shot out behind him was almost obscured by bubbles but the narrowed red eyes were recognizable as Whispers. The two naked males joined Valentine in the doorway.
"What the hell…..?"
Reno looked confused but did not let his guard down.
Vincent's eye's widened a little at Whisper's Changed form but he made no comment.
The gunman shrugged and stepped into the room clearing the doorway for them.
"Something spooked Ice….doesn't seem to be anything here though."
Crimson eyes shifted to catch Yuffie's brown ones as she peered over the back of the couch. The young ninja was studying both of the naked bodies on display avidly. She blushed when she realized Vincent was looking. The girl smiled and shrugged, pointing down at the blanket. Ice had not come out yet.
Vincent returned his gaze to the two wet males,
"Maybe you boys better go finish your shower. We wouldn't want to traumatize Ice anymore than she has been already today, hnnn?"
One elegant eyebrow rose as he swept both forms with a neutral glance.
Reno grinned and rolled his slim hips, he was most definitely a NATURAL red head.
"How do ya know she wouldn't like what she see's?"
Whisper made on odd choking sound, smacked his lips, grabbed Reno by the wrist and dragged the protesting man back to the shower.
Vincent shook his head as Chaos applauded the tremendous backside views.
Vincent absentmindedly smiled, he wasn't sure who was in more trouble, the redheaded Turk, or the Albino Were. Checking the room over again, he removed the pile of clothes that Ice had evidently gathered together for them. As he did this, a small wisp of red hair caught his attention. Ahh …. Ice had been under the bed for some reason. His fingers encountered fresh blood on the frame as he knelt down to take a look. Peering under, he could see a briefcase. He slipped it out and carried everything out into the living area.
Yuffie watched as Vincent placed his armload on a chair,
"Soup dinged…." She grinned, "But Ice has me in a death grip under here and I can't get up to get it."
Her smile faded a little when Vincent held up a finger, the tip of the leather glove was smeared with fresh blood.
The ex-Turk's deep voice was concerned.
"Can you see if she is okay? Maybe she will tell you what freaked her out."
The girl could feel small tremors running up and down the soft furred body that was pressed tight to hers under the blanket. Ice's fingers and toes made odd kneading motions against her bare waist and thighs. Lifting the blanket a little, Yuffie peeked in at a sad sight. She could barely see Ice's wedge shaped head but what she could see was bloody. Lifting the edge a little more Yuffie let in enough light that she could see a long, deep cut already closing just above Ice's eyes. The Were had those eyes closed, and was balled up as tight as she could get. The most pathetic thing was the tail that was stuffed in her mouth. It looked like she was chewing on the tip.
"Ummm…Vincent….. physically she looks okay, but mentally….. I don't think Ice is at home right now."
The ninja lifted a hand as Valentine started forwards,
"Vinny…The poor thing has been drugged, kidnapped, jumped out of an aircraft, and done an aerial dance with Chaos….all in one day." Yuffie shuddered here. "Add that to being chased by that monster thing, playing catch with Reno, fighting those bug things (which she has a probable phobia about) and worrying about going back into Shinra's labs, to having to bring all of us, the people who are responsible for this whole rotten day, into her safe haven …(such as it is)"
Yuffie watched Vincent's usually impassive face settle into unhappy lines and his crimson eyes looked miserable. She didn't feel all that wonderful herself.
"Yeah…maybe we should just give her a few… Ya know?"
"Hnnnn….some rest would do all of us good."
The gunslinger rose and went to the kitchen.
Yuffie slid a hand under the covers and slowly worked her fingers through Ice's tangled mane. It might have been her imagination but the Were's tight muscles seemed to relax a little with the light physical contact. By the time Vincent brought the ninja a bowl of soup, the female's tremors had stopped and she seemed to be asleep.
Under Valentine's watchful eye, Yuffie finished all of her soup, then wiggled around, shifting Ice a little so she could get comfortable. She was NEVER going to be able to sleep…..
Whisper could not control the slight shudder that ran through him as Reno's deft fingers worked a mat out of his mane.
The man stopped for a minute much to the albino's distress.
"Yo…Am I hurting you?
Whisper tilted his head back and to the side a little so he could see the man's face,
"No….it has just been a long time since someone has touched me.… I have missed it."
Whisper saw an odd look cross the sharp boned face that was bent down as Reno concentrated on what he was doing. Something…sad… flickered in those pale eyes.
"We had better get rinsed off, someone else might want to clean up."
The red head stepped back, sluicing the soap off of his long tall body.
Whisper sighed, and straightened up to do the same. He must not have controlled his crestfallen look well, because the man lightly slapped his shoulder.
"Yo…..don't look like I just killed your puppy. It will be easier for me to get the mats out as it dries."
Reno turned off the water, slipped out of the shower and grabbed a couple of towels off of a shelf. He was wrapping one around his waist when Whisper timed his shake to catch him as he stepped back in. The Were gave the red phased male an innocent look as Reno unwrapped the now sodden towel and replaced it with the dry one, all the time eyeing Whisper with suspicion. The Were went to get his own towel as he grinned a sly, partially open mouthed smile. The Albino had been able to smell the fact that Reno had been hiding the evidence of his arousal behind that towel.
Meeting the odd pale eyes with his own red one's, Whisper made the same rolling motion with his hips that Reno had made earlier. This brought the man's attention down and Reno's eye's widened slightly at the sight of Whisper's penis, (which was still that beautiful soft shell pink) standing proudly at attention.
Whisper huffed softly,
"No need to be embarrassed, the little female is pumping the air FULL of sex pheromones. If your Alpha doesn't do something about it soon, we will ALL be walking around with permanent one's of these."
He waggled his slender white hips again, making that shimmering pink pole sway.
Reno blinked and his tongue tip darted out, ran over one corner of his lips then disappeared. Whisper froze, transfixed at the sight.
The man stepped by him, tugged a lock of the Were's snow white mane and grinned seductively over his shoulder as he headed for the door.
"YO!…..who says I am embarrassed?"

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