The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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WARNING: there are hints of male/male foreplay and sexual activities in this chapter!!! It is rated MATURE for a reason.

The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 18

Angel set a few more silver retraction clips into the long, curved, gaping incision she had just made in Shadow's shattered back. The scientist ignored the shuddering tremors that passed over the restrained form in waves as she nudged little pieces of bone apart just so she could watch them try to pull together. She could not believe the speed in which his spinal cord was repairing itself, and she wanted to track just how fast full sensation returned to the beast. A low moan worked its way out of the Black's throat and the Doctor took a moment to tighten the muzzle that held that awesome jaw shut, just a little more. Even though it was very late, Angelique did NOT need anyone employed by Shinra and not on HER payroll, hearing the sounds of pain that occasionally escaped the male.
When the brothers had been brought in by HER hand picked crew, the Doctor had gone out of her way to give Rufus's watchdogs…namely the very intelligent and scarily quiet head of the Turks…Tseng, the impression that the two Weres were dead or close to death. That had not been hard to do considering the man had never seen the creature's healing factor in action and he had personally examined the headless corpse of Steel. He had also witnessed Titan's shut down, AND heavily sedated… seemingly… lifeless body go into the freezer. Angel knew that the Weres could be frozen almost solid and their healing abilities would put them into a type of suspended animation. Shadow, in particular, was a broken, torn up wreck and she had let the Turk see them preparing the "dying" beast for a post mortem exam. The man had left, seemingly satisfied, to give Rufus his report. As far as Shinra was concerned…the trio of brothers were now permanent guests in his morgue. With some careful planning, it should be very easy to spirit the two living males (along with Ice, Yuffie…and her other, currently unaware that she was invited, guest.) to her PRIVATE lab…when the well hidden place was finished.
Dr. Destinies thin lips curved in an almost gentle smile as she delicately picked a scalpel out of her instrument tray and slowly ran the silvered, razor edge along the exposed branching surface of the beast's thick Sciatic nerve. Both his left leg and the heavy tail strapped to it twitched, the bared, slick, red muscles leaping and jerking at the…stimulation…A deep, muffled whimper forced its quiet way out of the Black's tightly strapped mouth. The woman casually stroked her free hand through the glorious midnight mane, enjoying the way the creature's intelligent golden eyes rolled in fear and anticipation of pain as he tried to see what she was doing. A mixture of stimulants and refined mako was being fed into him intravenously to keep his shutdown reflex inoperable.(a trick she had learned from Hojo) He could not retreat into the bliss of unconsciousness. Oh yes…Angel could have hurried his healing along by using a little more of the beast's saliva (collected via a small pump she had implanted next to those important glands) to swab the injuries caused by his brother's massive jaws, AND a little less of her silver lined surgical instruments…but where would the fun be, in that?
Valentine woke rather abruptly…he… was being watched. AND there was a hot, heavy weight resting on his chest. Crimson eyes flashed open and the man had to control the recoil as he found himself looking into Ice's pale eyes. She was laying pressed against his side with her injured leg bent and resting over his waist, her arm was folded across his chest. Her chin rested on that arm whilst she evidently had been studying his sleeping face. Yuffie had "Changed" during the night, and her chocolate striped form was draped around Ice's golden body, legs and tail intertwined around the Weres. She was still fast asleep. The two females…being fur covered… had kicked most of the blankets off and it took the observant man only a second to realize that NO ONE had any clothes on. Well…Yuffie still had her battle harness on, but HE had nothing.
"Uhmm, Chaos…I do have a room. What am I doing HERE?"
There was nothing more disconcerting than Chaos trying to sound innocent. The ancient being just didn't have it in him to pull it off. Vincent didn't say a word, he was too busy trying to control his MALE body's delighted morning response to Ice's warmth and the silky softness of that firmly muscled leg resting across his lower half. His eldest demon took care of that with his next statement.
A vivid memory of Cloud saying something about the Shinra mansion, of being overwhelmed with white hot rage, and his friend's startled…fearful eyes, reared its ugly head and the gunman tensed…
"Oh HELL! Did I….?"
Vincent felt as if the air had been sucked out of the room and ice was running through his veins.
Chaos snickered evilly,
Ice must have picked up on the mix of relief, anger, and the sense of betrayal that ran through him because her inner eyelids flicked closed and a small frown marred her lovely face.
A deep growl shuddered through him.
The ex-Turk forced himself to relax and he purposely quirked his mouth into a slight smile.
"Hnnn…Good morning Ice."
Ice's face cleared. He had to stifle a grunt when she planted both elbows on his chest as she raised up a little, blinked, and a sweet smile curved her velvet lips.
The demon's tone softened
Another soft grunt forced its way out of Vincent as Ice wiggled her way loose from Yuffie's unconscious, restraining grip by pulling herself on top of the prone gunman. A quick hand steadied and failed to stop her as warm velvet slid across a very pleased portion of his anatomy.
This elicited a soft hum from the Galian beast,
"Uhmm…Nice…Lucky man!"
AND a rumbling growl from Chaos
Vincent could only blink as Ice's sweet smile turned totally wicked, the female was fully aware of his reaction, and she casually shifted her hips in a slow sensual caress that drew a smothered hiss out of him, then gave a gape mouthed grin as she rolled hastily off on the other side.
Valentine had a short fight, as with a strangled "LITTLE VIXEN!" an aroused Chaos tried to rise ….the demon gave up after a moment but the gunman knew his eyes were gleaming gold as he watched the Were dig through the hidden pockets in his cloak.
The gunman rolled onto his side as Yuffie yawned, one hand groping around, looking for Ice's warmth. It found… him… instead and her honey eyes popped open. Her sleepy gaze raked him over, widened when they took in his…physical…condition, and the wicked child grinned, flipped over and snuggled her rump tight into him, trapping and squeezing sensitive…things… against hot, firm velveteen. A sharp gasp escaped his mouth as the girl had the audacity to slide her tail between his legs and then roll her ass as said appendage stroked across his bare buttocks.
"Yuffie…" this was a warning growl, and sharp teeth closed on the tip of her long ear as she smothered a giggle in the pillows.
Chaos whispered softly in his mind.
Crimson eyes narrowed as a long suffering sigh slipped out past the ear captured between his lips.
"Most definitely!"
Vincent spit that tip out so he could shout a warning when he saw what Ice triumphantly pulled out of his pocket.
"ICE…STOP!…What are you doing?"
Ice dropped the M.E.R. she had been about to open as if it were hot…her face wrinkled in confusion as her hands did a hesitant dance.
"I am… hungry?"
Ice had been fully prepared to eat an M.E.R. After all…they had been her main nutrition source since she had woken up with her swallowing reflex damaged. Even before then, the Were's had been fed mostly M.E.R.'s (they were nutritionally complete) and a god awful biscuit that Serge called lab cookies…they ALL knew that giving the things the name COOKIE…didn't make them taste any better. The female could only eat those now if they were soaked and blended in water….she much preferred the M.E.R.'s Still, Ice obediently dropped the package when her Alpha ordered her to, sat back on her butt with her feet folded and watched…more than a little confused as he pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers.
"You don't have to eat those anymore….go on down to the galley, Highwind has GOT to have something there that you can eat."
The female was so surprised that she didn't catch the next few words. She knew that the door wasn't locked, but it took a second to sink in that the man was going to let her roam around… free. She rose and crept forward as Yuffie pulled her face out of the pillow, the female could hear Valentine's murmur as he translated.
"REALLY….I can just go out…on my own? What about the Alpha here who thinks we are monsters?"
The Were could not hide the fact that her long fingered hands were shaking.
Yuffie's eye's flashed to yellow as they narrowed dangerously…
"You go ahead on down. We will be there in a few…and don't you worry about that crusty old fart….I am going to take care of him." Thin lips pulled back into a nasty smile. "HOUSEBROKE, monsters my ass."
Ice grinned, showing elongated canines in reaction to the girl's tooth showing expression. Long fingernails quietly tapped the basin that Chaos had left for the young woman,
"Yuffie….if I were you….I would stay in that form while we are flying….Weres CAN'T get motion sickness."
Then Ice spun and padded across the room, heading for the door.
Vincent cleared his throat as she reached for the handle, and Ice snatched her hand back. Ha…. she knew it was too good too be true. The golden female turned, not realizing that her mane had sucked in and her lower lip was creeping out in a very sad, woe begotten look…Damn it…. she was HUNGRY. Her Alpha raised himself up on one elbow and his odd but captivating eyes glimmered with gold highlights as they swept over her. She followed his gaze and flattened her ears in embarrassment, CRAP she had not made THAT mistake since she was a kit. A quick pounce forwards and she claimed the ragged scarlet cloak. She did not miss the man's defeated sigh as he watched her struggle with…HIS… garment's leather belts. It took her a couple of moments to get the darned thing settled on her lithe frame. What in the HELL did he need all of these buckles for? A soft grunt had her glaring at the couple on the bed, Yuffie had elbowed Vincent in the ribs, evidently the man was going to complain about her commandeering his cloak. Turning, ah… she did enjoy the way the crimson cloth swirled dramatically around her feet, Ice drew herself up, a smug look settling over her pretty face as she strode out of the door.
Rude sipped his coffee and watched Cid Highwind as the man cooked bacon and eggs. The dark man shook his head slightly in wonder. How the sky Captain avoided a coronary with the way he smoked and ate was beyond him. The quiet Turk was content with his morning java and a coupe of pieces of peanut butter toast. The soft rustle of cloth drew his attention and he watched as Ice stopped in the doorway, nervously studying the as yet unaware Captain's broad back. The female's head lifted and he could see her nose twitch at the smell of the frying bacon, a pink tongue tip crept out from between her lips as she padded forwards to see what he was cooking.
Not wanting to see hot grease and eggs go flying, Rude softly cleared his throat…
"Uhmm…female off the port side, Captain."
The Turk had to give the man credit for nerves of steel as he look sideways without flinching. Of course the exotic woman's pale, pale eyes and lovely cinnamon mane were very easy on the eyes. Surprisingly, the dark crimson of the cloak (he recognized the worn thing as Vincent's) she was wrapped in, did not wash the rich color out of the swirling mane. Instead, the soft golden streaks and deeper, richer, spice tones of that silky mass seemed to stand out more as it moved around her body like it had a life of its own.
An odd look passed over Highwind’s face…
"Bacon and eggs…do ya want some?"
Rude was thankful that his shades hid the way his eyes shot open at the fact that not a single swear word escaped the man's notorious mouth.
Ice's lips twitched down and her hands flowed through a short phrase.
Cid frowned…
"Sorry… don't speak fu…uhmm…hand."
Rude spoke up.
"She says that although that looks and smells…wonderful…she doubts that she would be able to swallow it."
At the captain's startled look, the Turk just shook his head and tapped his throat.
The female's pale eye's blinked wistfully, and Ice reached out a long finger to stroke down the Captain's ever present tea pot.
Cid's sharp blue gaze followed it and his rough face broke into a smile…
"Hey…do ya like tea?"
The man reached up to throw open a cupboard…hell… it wasn't often he ran into another tea lover. Box upon stacked box of different types of tea were revealed.
"What kind would ya like?"
Rude hid his smile in his coffee cup at the Were's bewildered, overwhelmed look. Cid thankfully saw it too, he gently took the female by the shoulder and gave her a light push towards the table…
"You go and sit yer a. .butt down, let Captain Cid…surprise ya."
As an odd sputter and choking sound came from the table, Cid turned with a baleful glare and stabbed a finger at Rude,
"Not a fucking word…Turk."
The big man wisely swallowed anything he might have said. They were a long way up.
Rude contented himself with a small curl of the corners of his mouth as the quiet female nervously settled herself on the edge of her chair. That long tail ghosted up, stroked the table in front of her then disappeared. Rude was aware that his shades made the creature nervous but…he kept them on as they made it possible to watch her without her feeling threatened by a direct stare. As he picked up his toast, he observed the widening of her nostrils as the scent of the peanut butter reached her. The Were's expressive ears twitched all of the way forwards and an avid….greedy… look suddenly passed over her face. It WAS the creamy type, so the Turk, feeling it wouldn't do any harm, slid the open jar Ice's way. He was not prepared when the female scooped up a spoon, dredged up about half a cup of the gooey nut butter and had it sucked into her mouth in less time than it took him to take a breath.
Well hell….That couldn't be good.
Ice's pale eye's narrowed…and the spoon clattered to the table as her fingers flew, "What…? I used a spoon!"
Ice was NOT going to give the sweet, salty, creamy, heavenly treat she had stuffed and packed into her cheek pouches up, just because this greedy Alpha male had changed his mind about sharing. No sir…Before he could make her spit it out….the female did her best to swallow the mouthful. It was smooth, and soft, so it SHOULD have slid down her damaged throat with little problem. Instead… the insidious stuff, stuck and packed in tight. The Were gagged… trying to clear it out and just made matters worse as it gummed everything, including her airway, closed.
Rude shot out of his chair as the female gagged again, pushing herself up and away from the table…it was very evident that she could not breath.
Cid spun around, took in the little scene and moved with amazing speed. He was behind Ice in a heartbeat, strong arms wrapped just under her ribcage as he squeezed in and up, hard. He did this twice and for a second it seemed the obstruction cleared, then the female tried to swallow and they were back to square one. Letting her go…Highwind flew over to the intercom.
"Dr. Beckett…to the Galley…Stat."
Panic crossed the sky Captain's gruff face as Ice sagged to her hands and knee's, shaking her head, gagging and retching.
"DOC….Medical emergency… get your shittin ass to the kitchen…. fucking A.S.A.P.!
Whisper had awakened when Rude rolled himself out of bed. Long white ears twitched as the big man showered, dressed, and strolled over to gaze down at his, dead to the world, partner. (Who was, oh so pleasantly, wrapped around yours truly!!) Then, while muttering softly to himself, the big man silently exited the room. The Albino hummed softly as Reno, disturbed by the sound of the door closing. rolled onto his back, and mumbled something about… "not wanting a fucking assignment today…go away, Tseng…"
Whisper blinked wistfully and carefully stroked a strand of red hair that was draped across the man's creamy shoulder. Feathery brows furrowed as the strong, but sensitive digit followed that blazing lock down to trace around a nasty bruise. Reno winced in his sleep, and the White lifted the blankets, soft lips pursing unhappily at the pattern of livid blue, purple, black and green splashed across his sleeping companion's ribcage and finely chiseled abs. The man was going to be SORE when he woke up! Scarlet eyes narrowed…if he were back with his sibs, Whisper would have eased a brother's pain without hesitation. BUT….he did not know what the proper protocol would be in this new and very alien Troop. Reno stirred again and his lips thinned as the small motion pulled at stiff, pained muscles. The Were snorted softly…ah to hell with it…
A careful kiss was placed on the first bruise. When the man did not wake, Whisper's strong, broad tongue followed. It was an …odd…sensation, feeling skin slide under his tongue's ministration. It was NICE not having to deal with fur. Reno's warm skin was silky smooth and slightly smoky to the Were's highly developed sense of taste. Sensitive nerves picked up on the fact that the area around the injury was very hot. Whisper first took a delicate swipe across the bruise itself then worked that strong, soothing appendage in small circles, being sure to cover the whole area that was abnormally heated. When the combination of massage, warm wet and the cooling affect of his breath had removed most of that painful heat, the male shifted and moved on to the next hot spot. Whisper worked his way across the steadily rising and falling ribcage. Then he peeled the blanket back to get at the lower injuries. As he started on a particular bad dark area over the flare of Reno's hip, the sleeper shifted as if he were going to roll. Whisper didn't even look up…he just carefully pinned said hip and continued to work at getting the heat out of the area with soft lips and a pliant tongue.
Reno's breath hitched oddly and one hand lifted as if to push Whisper's head away, but the male would have NONE of that. This was first aid… and his Alpha could just lay still until it was finished. Whisper caught the hand in his own, pressing it down into the mattress. When it fisted itself into the sheets under his gentle hold, the Were looked up, concerned that Reno was angry with him. The man's pale lids were at half mast and the intense gaze that met his own was…. Hungry. Whisper couldn't help himself, his head dropped as he turned his silken mouth's unwavering attention to a small green bruise at the juncture of one long, slim leg and ….. Ha….humans had their fur in the WEIRDEST of places!
Reno had a rough night. By the time he had gotten Whisper safely settled AND made a report to Tseng via cell phone, his tired, aching body just wanted to drop. Then… because of that tired, aching body, and the need to stay away from much needed alcohol until circumstances were a little more stable, his rest was broken and fitful. He had just gotten his body wrapped around a warm, soothing, bed partner (now that was strange, usually his night time "entertainment", DIDN'T… stay the night) when he heard Tseng enter his apartment, probably to drag him out of his comfortable nest and send him on another assignment. He told the man just how he felt about that, and will wonders never cease, his fucking boss left.
The man had just sunk back down into bliss, when a slight movement made pain flare across his ribs. Damn it! He squirmed into a different position and made himself lay still trying to drop back into a deeper sleep. This was made easier as with a small twinge of pain at first, a slightly rough, WONDERFULLY adept….something… worked at that annoying spot with smooth, warm, slightly wet strokes. Followed by soft lips and cooling breath. After only a few moments of this incredible…attention…the pain melted away and inflamed, sore muscles relaxed. A soft sigh escaped Reno's slack mouth as his silent benefactor moved on to work on the next spot. For a few minutes, the redhead just floated…still mostly asleep… but subconsciously enjoying the very sensual sensations and pain relief being gifted to him from that talented mouth.
When his warm blankets were pulled back, Reno jerked to full awareness. With his eyes just slitted open he could see Whisper's broad shoulders spanned over his now exposed lower body. The redhead had to ruthlessly clamp down on the sudden desire to run his fingers over what he knew was solid flesh overlaid with silky softness. Pale eyes glimmered as the man enjoyed the sight of the White's muscles rolling and sliding under shimmering, ivory velveteen, while the male supported his weight up and off of his bed partner's pelvis. The male shifted his weight to apply his strong tongue to the point of Reno's hip. As his head dipped, that thick, creamy mane swirled like a living thing, silky strands trailing across and seductively tickling flesh that wasn't bruised but was most definitely becoming inflamed.
OKAY…so much for control! Reno's hips lifted and rolled as if they had a mind of their own, and his lusting hand gave into it's desire to touch and stroke. Only to be thwarted by Whisper gently, but firmly, pushing his hips tight into the mattress, tongue never stopping, and one large hand engulfing the man's slender one, pinning it to the bed. Having nothing else to do…said hand twisted it's long fingers into the sheets.
There was a flash of crimson as Whisper hesitated and glanced up to study Reno's face. Then… with an expression that could only be interpreted as sly on his exotically beautiful, almost human face, the White dipped his head again to slide his tongue over the junction of one long, pale leg and….Reno could not stop the soft hiss that pushed past his lips as the very edge of that marvelous appendage trailed up the sensitive side of his sack then just slightly shivered along the skin of his very awake penis. The Albino kept his hold on Reno's hip and hand preventing the man from moving as he worked the almost non-existent sore spot in the joining of leg and body over slowly but thoroughly. Every time that strong, slightly rough, warm tongue finished a lick, it would either lightly brush along the soft skin of his balls, or give fleeting rubs to erect, hot flesh. Reno never knew where it was going to stroke next and in just a very few minutes he was almost insane with NEED as he breathlessly waited for that next seductive touch.
There was a quiet rustle as the Albino shifted his position and warm breath ghosted across to tickle through Reno's flame colored pubic hair and slither along his now throbbing shaft. Whisper's hot tongue cupped around that thick base and slowly slid up the length. Somehow… the White flattened the strong muscle and it's edges curled around to massage eager flesh. Rhythmic waves alternated from side to side as the male's incredible mouth traveled up. When he reached the top, silken lips enclosed the tip, sealing just underneath the cap's rim and that magical tongue swirled gently around, it's slightly rough texture stimulating the already hyper sensitive soft skin as the Were lightly sucked. Reno almost screamed at the electric jolt that rolled through him when that hot tip dipped into his slit. He bucked against Whisper's restraining grip as a groan and what sounded suspiciously like a whimper escaped between pants.,
"Unnn…Gods, Whisper…!"
The Were gave that head one final torturous swipe and then released his powerful hold on the man. He shifted his weight up, soft mouth nuzzling and kissing. Reno sucked in a breath as the occasional sharp canine scraped, leaving fiery trails across his skin. The Turk hummed with pleasure as the Albino's upward progress caught and squeezed his erection against that silky, firm belly. With a soft moan and curse, Reno arched his back and rocked his hips from side to side increasing the friction and pressure. Whisper hesitated as his tongue found the nub of a nipple and the man under him growled as sharp teeth replaced soft lips. The Were worried at that pretty pink bud until it swelled and became rock hard in his mouth. Then his sensual lips came back into play as he sucked lightly then released his hold to blow warm air across the highly sensitized thing. Inner eyelids flicked and Whispers long ears twitched forwards, listening to every sound that was wrung out of the experienced Turk's mouth.
Reno moaned, "GODS…" and the man buried his fists in the flowing mane. He dragged Whisper up and pulled that sweet, tantalizing, torturing mouth down over his own.
Cid watched in helplessness as Ice writhed, trying desperately to clear her throat enough to get a breath. Rude was on his knees, hands hovering over the female, as he tried to find a way to help. The Were's struggles were getting weaker by the minute. More in frustration then anything, the Captain hit the intercom again.
"Gods damn it! Becket get your fucking ASS down here!"
Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, the petite woman came sliding through the doorway. Her sharp eyes swept the room, and she was kneeling next to Rude in the next second. Rude murmured…"peanut butter"…as the Vet straddled Ice's waist, rolled the female on her side and putting her hands together, slammed them hard between the Were's shoulder blades. Ice's pale eyes flew open and for a moment it seemed she got a shot of air. Then the damaged throat reflexively swallowed and the female was twisting in their hands again, still trying to draw a breath. Inner eyelids closed down and those wide eyes shifted to slate grey.
Dr. Beckett shot a glare at the dark Turk.
"Hold her…I need my hands!"
As Rude complied, Marion shoved a thumb into the hinge of Ice's jaw, forcing and holding her mouth open. BOTH Cid and the quiet assassin sucked in a breath as the desperate woman stuck the fingers of her other hand into that dangerous mouth, sweeping them around as she removed the sticky mess.
What had started out as first aid….hiding just a hint of desire….(Whisper ALWAYS tried to be honest with himself) became something totally different when the male caught the lust peeking out of Reno's half hidden eyes. The softly curling, copper nest of pubic hair that the man's lovely member was nestled in, trapped and concentrated the smoky, musky scent that was uniquely Reno's. After having his nose almost buried in that thick thatch, drinking in the man's tantalizing smell, the need to TASTE drove the White to take a risk. Whisper allowed his tongue to lightly skim across the soft skin of his Alpha's beautiful testicles. The hiss that caressed his ears encouraged the male to take quick flicking tastes at the end of every stroke. The little hints that these tongue caresses provided of salty, musky, smoky, sweet Reno were just NOT enough! Throwing caution to the wind, the Were shifted his weight and surrounded that thick, dusky skinned rod with his tongue, and worked his slow way up it's entire length. He wrapped his mobile tongue over every inch, rolling the muscular edges and massaging as he savored that incredible flavor until he reached the end. When the White got there, the increase in musk and the slightly bitter taste of the fluid weeping at the split made him trap the tip between supple lips so that nothing could escape as he gave a light suck and the probing tip of his tongue stroked into that slit to catch every drop that was there. Pure delight filled him as his twitching ears drank up the sounds of pleasure this wrung out of his Alpha.
Whisper let his mind make the transition from first aid/comfort to sexual arousal. This set off the desire to ALLOW himself to enjoy Reno's flavor as he worked his way up the man's body. His mobile lips kissed and sucked lightly, interspersed with the occasional soft scrape (done with utmost caution) of his elongated canines to release more TASTE into his eager mouth. The fact that Reno pressed his sex up against his tight belly, rocking slowly back and forth, drove the white male into ecstasy. He had never been allowed to explore his sexuality, and the punishment for self indulgence conditioned ALL of the Troop to leave…THINGS…totally alone. So…the exquisite sensation of that solid rod pressing up into his tight abs and sliding across his soft fur breathed his own organ into a raging life of it's own. Warm pleasure coursed through the Albino as Reno shifted a thigh between his own muscled legs and lifted it, trapping and pressing him between his own silkiness and the warm smoothness of skin. Whisper's tongue found the nub of a nipple and the tightness in his lower belly and groin translated into a serious itch that begged to be scratched. Not knowing exactly what release his body was demanding, the White's tongue, teeth, and mouth, attacked that pretty pink bud until it was as hard and erect as what was between his legs. He imitated the experienced man by sliding and rocking himself against the hard muscle and supple skin of Reno's thigh. When the man fisted his hands into the Were's creamy mane, the male allowed his lips to be captured, and whimpered into the redhead's hungry sweet mouth as the man's tongue slid slowly in and then out past his lips in a parody of the sexual act that he had witnessed between Chaos and Ice. (what he had seen between Steel and Vixen he considered…mating….not the pleasure filled SEX that his current leader's demon had engaged in)
So immersed was he in the interplay of tongue and lips that he did not resist in the slightest when Reno arched up and flipped them. The Were ended up in the submissive position, on his back with Reno's strong legs straddling his narrow hips and the Alpha's wonderful, tight buttocks seated snuggly over his balls. That softness and heat had the Were panting as glazed red eyes took in the sight of Reno's thick dusky skinned penis nestling up against his own which had gone from it's usual shell pink to a shimmering deep, rose. Reno was looking down, eyelids drooping over languid eyes, as he also admired the contrast. Both long fingered hands encircled what he saw, and he slid them down and then up, with an almost painful, deliberately slow stroke, rolling the two satiny surfaces against each other. The White's intelligence was overwhelmed with heat, NEED, and sensual pleasure. His pelvis rocked up hard against Reno's ass as Whisper responded to the simulation by thrusting himself up against those, sliding, teasing, strong, hot hands.
Reno was admiring the wanton beauty of the body rocking under his, and wondering how he was going to reach the ever present tube of lube that always rode in his jacket's pocket when the ship wide intercom crackled into life.
"Dr. Beckett… to the galley…stat. DOC…medical emergency…Get your shittin ass to the kitchen…fucking PRONTO!"
There was pure panic in the sky Captains rough voice.
Reno knew that if Highwind was paging the new Doctor it had to involve either Yuffie or Ice…He caught Whisper's gaze as those strange red pupils dilated….the Were had figured that out too. DAMN IT! Tseng had made it very clear that HE was responsible for that pair. Reno wasn't even off of the bed before the white Male had shifted into beast form. Reno managed to throw on some pants as the pair hit the door running. Any crew member that didn't clear the way because they recognized the dangerous and volatile Turk, hastily vacated the pathway at the sight of the red eyed, White monster rolling along at his side. Reno, ever the Turk, noticed this and thought that he should approach Rufus on recruiting Whisper when they needed extra crowd control. When they shot through the galley door the beast was slightly ahead. Reno got a quick glimpse of Ice on the floor, Rude holding her down and the "Whitecoat" thumping the female HARD on the back.
The redhead didn't even hesitate, he hit the Albino, taking him down in a flying tackle.
There was a commotion in the doorway as Whisper came skidding in. The visibly upset male was in beast form and seeing the Doctor straddling his sister…set… him… off.
This came from Reno as he launched himself, tackling the White before he made one stride towards the woman who was NOT aware of the danger she was in.
She was focused on the deathly quiet form of Ice. Again she drew back and fisted the now still female between the shoulder blades. When nothing changed, the Vet swore and inserted her hand back into the Were's mouth as far as it would go, fingers scrabbling as they dug another glob of the nut butter out. This time she had Rude roll Ice on her back and she literally bounced her full weight on the arched rib cage, compressing it hard and fast. A coughing grunt escaped the Were's ridged throat and before Ice could swallow again, slimy fingers shot in and dug the rest of the mass out. For a second, everyone froze as nothing changed, then Ice's back arched as she sucked in a huge gasp of much needed air. Rude quickly rolled the golden female back on her side as she coughed, gagged and spat.
Whisper had been still under Reno's lanky form. He had gone from raging passion, to fear, to rage in the space of a few minutes and his intelligence was fighting to reassert itself against his animal instincts. As he fought with himself, he realized that the WOMAN was trying to help Ice…then as his sister managed a choking breath, his quick mind caught up with what he was seeing. The White surged up, knocking the Turk off. In two strides he covered the distance to the kneeling Vet and before she could even scream, he scooped her up, rose onto his hind legs and slammed her against the sink. He used his greater weight and his strong hips to pin the woman as his powerful hands twisted the faucets on, trapped her UNGLOVED, peanut butter/SALIVA covered hands and thrust them into the running water. Cid hit the counter right behind them, hoping to yank the scientist away before Whisper did her bodily harm,.
Scarlet eyes rolled at him while the panicked Were sputtered,
"Hands, Captain!…teeth….VIRUS.."
Cid had seen the video of the unfortunate lab tech.
He grabbed the dish soap and dumped it on the now struggling woman's hands.
"BE fricken STILL," he hissed as his calloused hands worked everything into a thick lather.
He could not see any tinge of blood. Whisper shoved everyone's hands back under the hot water ignoring Cid's loud, rather virulent reaction to the sting. Then the White backed up a little, still supporting the woman as she swayed on shaking legs. He had her hands up, inspecting every inch of them one finger at a time.
Marion was still in her flannel nightwear, when Cid's panicked voice rang out over the intercom. She was out of her room before he even finished. When she shot into the kitchen and saw her female ward on the ground, gagging and writhing she did not need Rude's terse statement of…peanut butter…. to figure out what was going on. Although, it did help to know what was blocking the specimen's airway. When her first hard thump did nothing, the Doctor felt a little panic, she did not have the necessary equipment to perform a tracheotomy on the visibly weakening female. Without thinking, she did what every medically trained person was taught to do in choking situation…even vets. She dug around, clearing as much of the gooey nut butter out of Ice's mouth …and her cheek pouches…ha… she had just KNOWN that these primate based mutants would have those. What had possessed the Were to stuff that much peanut butter in her mouth to begin with? A second thump still achieved nothing, so she stuck her fingers as far down that unusually narrow throat as she could, scooping out more of the stuff. She clinically noticed that there was blood mixed in with the mess. Then…hoping she had the majority of it out… she executed a prone Heimlich maneuver. YES…Dr. Beckett straightened up as the female gagged, spat and sucked in a desperate breath.
The woman had no chance to celebrate as she was suddenly yanked up by Ice's powerful, white brother…OH SHIT!…was all she had time to think before she was slammed against the sink. As the beast pinned her hard with its hips. (Oh My Gods….was that a partial erection she felt grinding into her ass?) she tried to control her panic and not struggle. The woman did not want to trigger a prey, or dominance response.….she knew just how powerful primates were and one this size could tear her into little bleeding pieces. She could not BELIEVE when the up until now, unpleasant airship Captain, shot forwards…his expression making it very clear that he was intent on rescuing her. Realizing that the man had no chance, the Doctor started to struggle only to freeze as the Albino AND the Captain scrubbed frantically at her slimy hands. WHAT THE HELL? Both males pulled back, and Marion was oddly thankful that Whisper did not release her. She would have fallen if he had. There was a blur of ivory and black and a hard hand closed over her elbow. She tore her eye's away from the White's intense scrutiny of her fingers and just about vomited when she looked into the hot, gold in red eyes of an angry Valentine. He did not help her equilibrium when he gave her a hard shake.
"What in HADES…do you think you were doing?"
The man took over the odd task of studying her fingers. (OKAY… these people evidently had information she was not privy to.) And like the night before her own temper surged up to purge her fear. She tried to yank her arm out of his grip.
"I was saving her life….It's not like I would WANT to perform a trache with steak knives and kitchen utensils!"
The fear that they were going to have to deal with a second generation Change, had Vincent almost angry as he shook the little Doctor. This anger/fear didn't relent until he had checked her soft hands over and confirmed to himself that there were no nicks or cuts caused by accidental contact with Ice's sharp canines. Her response to his barked question made the ex-Turk realize that the woman was not aware of the danger she had been in. He let her go and pinched the bridge of his nose between shaking fingers. A slight tug on his pants (the only thing he was wearing…he had been in the shower when Cid's call had blared out) drew his attention. He looked down at Ice who with Rude's help had sat up. The Were's face was tear streaked and her hands flew through the same pattern over and over.
"I am sorry…It just smelled so good! I am sorry….Did I bite her?….I am sorry"
It was very evident to his trained eye that Ice was overwrought and well on her way to making herself sick.
There was a harsh murmur in his head.
Vincent knelt and caught those fluttering hand's between flesh and claw.
"It's alright Ice….the Doctor is fine….no harm done."
He was rewarded by a watery smile followed by a cough and a sniffle. He let go of those hands and tugged on his cloak which was tangled around her. Now… not only did it have tears, holes and bloodstains, but it was liberally smeared with saliva and peanut butter.
"Hnnnn….maybe you can just keep this now?"
The Were snorted, and then coughed…an odd look crossed her face as her tongue worked in her mouth. There was still a residue of the nut butter in there and the man caught the greedy look in her eyes at its taste.
His crimson gaze flashed around the room, he did not miss the way Ice's white brother was easing towards the open peanut butter jar.
"OKAY…people. We need to be careful in what we give these guys to eat. They are not….familiar….with a lot of the things that are common to us. And Whisper….don't you…. dare!"
The White Male froze…caught in the act of reaching for that jar of forbidden pleasure.
At the Male's woe begotten look, Rude stood up…
"Ah HELL…I wasn't that hungry anyways."
The big Turk gave the White what was left of his toast with the admonishment…
"SMALL bites only…!"
Valentine helped Ice to her feet and caught the strange look that crossed the petite Vet's pleasant face. She was watching Whisper take small bites and cram them back into his cheek pouches with an almost frantic look on his face. Her brown eye's didn't move as she asked… "What HAVE they been eating?"
Whisper looked up, his words were muffled by peanut butter,
"Mostly…whatever I could catch…." He nodded towards his sister, "Ice has been limited to soup, pinkies, and M.E.R's." The White swallowed, licked his lips and then wrinkled them…"Oh yes…and lets not forget….Lab cookies."
Even Ice grimaced at the thought of those nasty things.
The ex-Turk had a sneaking suspicion as the Vet winced…
"Lab Cookies?"
"Um Hum…." Whisper was licking every bit of nut butter off of his hands while Ice looked on in…envy. "Little hard biscuits… about yay big…"
"Oh…." the woman turned to Cid… "well Captain…lets see what you have here, that Ice can eat."
Twenty minutes later saw Ice, Whisper, and Yuffie (she had scrambled in shortly after Vincent and after a hard look at Cid, and a comment about possibly peeing on the sky Captain's carpet, she had planted her rump next to Ice) ) seated at the table working their way through cups of honey sweetened mint tea and heavily sweetened, butter laden bowls of Cream of Wheat. (Cid always had some of the bland cereal on hand…every now and then he ate it in remembrance of his grandmother who had a magic way of making the stuff an almost decadent treat.) Vincent and Reno had returned to their rooms to finish dressing…although Dr. Beckett, Ice and Yuffie had not been too terribly upset at the expanse of two pale, well developed, male torsos ( Valentine's was liberally dappled with water droplets) and the very human sight of Vincent dealing with dripping, long, ebony hair.
As the Were's enjoyed their breakfast…Marion caught the Captain's arm and drew him aside.
"Do you think we can make a supply stop before we reach Neibelhiem?"
Cid's eyebrows arched up, he had seen the Doctor load supplies for the Were's when she had arrived. The woman winced at his expression and her brown eyes drifted towards the table and its blissed-out inhabitants.
"AND….," There was a soft sigh here. "I need to unload at least a ton of…Lab cookies."

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