The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphan's of Cerberus Chapter 19

Marion was in the medical bay with her equipment and supplies. She was having real problems correlating the Shinra lab "Specimens" that Dr. Angelique had hired her to study and provide care for, with the obviously intelligent, and personable individuals she had been presented with. The Vet had been expecting slightly above average, intelligent primates. Not creatures that could think, talk and "Change" into exotically beautiful quasi-human's. AND… after seeing Reno's video of what COULD happen if you just happened to be infected with the Were's virulent virus….well….she had a full blown panic attack. HOLY SHIT! If the woman had been aware of the very real danger that came with this assignment, she would have thought twice about taking it….good money or not! Marion knew she was WAY out of her league here.
When she had made her report to Angel this morning, the head scientist had made soothing noises and told her to just "go with it" as NO ONE was truly familiar with what they were dealing with. The woman did apologize for withholding the risk factor, making the comment that she hadn't wanted to frighten Marion into not accepting a position that could boast her career into the stratosphere. She also pointed out that this was probably just slightly more dangerous then dealing with some of the potentially lethal diseases that animals could transmit to humans in her career as a Veterinarian.
One hand crept up to try and rub away the tension headache that was developing behind her eyes, as the young woman snorted…yeah RIGHT! She wasn't the MOST experienced person in this cut throat field…but Marion knew that something was OFF here. Little alarm bells were bonging in her aching head, their vibrations quietly tickling the hairs on the back of her neck. The Vet decided then and there that she was going to put a lot of effort into covering her ass! She had learned early in life that no one else would do it for her. Dr. Becket kept her report to the bare minimum that she thought she could get away with. Mainly… that the Specimens had arrived slightly damaged but were adjusting to things as well as could be expected. She did mention that they were making a stop but kept the reason vague, saying that they had to pick up some unexpected supplies…NOT that she was having to re-evaluate the creature's ENTIRE future diet.
The fingers of one hand tapped impatiently on the desk….while she chewed aggressively on her pen. The Vet was having a hell of a time trying to plan a balanced, pleasant diet that Ice would be able to swallow. Maybe Highwind would have some suggestions? Marion had been amazed to find out that the gruff, ill tempered, foul mouthed pilot had a HUGE heart buried under that crusty exterior.
When she had told the Captain that she needed to offload the…lab cookies, He had snickered wickedly. Then the surprising man had scratched a hand through his bristly hair, rocked back on his heels and muttered something about "Gods be damned Shinra assholes screwing with my fucking schedule!" Those amazing blue eyes had drifted over to catch the golden Were female glance furtively around, then snatch her bowl up to lick it clean.
"Aww DAMN….there's no shitin reason that we can't make a detour to Rocket town."
A surprisingly gentle smile had twisted the man's lips up as he watched Whisper copy his sister.
"HELL, If I was them… I wouldn't want to eat no friggin…Lab Cookies…either."
Angel seemed to have no problems with this. As a matter of fact, the older scientist had urged her to have the group…"slow down and kill some time"….as re-fitting the Shinra mansion was something that was going to take a couple of more days. Reno's boss had evidently given the man the same information, as the Turk's (thankfully) had expressed no dissatisfaction with the delay in their arrival time.
A small sound drew her attention away from her distressingly short list, and the Vet glanced up to see Ice frozen in her doorway. Marion let her mouth release her pen as the scientist in her took mental notes. Her experienced eyes noted that the female's elegant ears where so flattened that they would have been buried in that luxurious mane if it hadn't also been sucked flat . Her body language said…. "I SO don't want to be here," even as Ice stepped cautiously through the door. Dr. Becket studied the too loose black pants and the worn, stained crimson cloak (both were obviously Valentine's and from the way the golden female clutched that ragged red material around her lithe form, Marion figured the man would be lucky if he ever got to wear it again.) and didn't even notice as her hand added…new clothes ….to the bottom of her list.
Speaking of the scary ex-Turk, Vincent came in slowly behind Ice. The Vet had to stifle a slightly confused giggle. The man had almost the same…I SO don't want to be HERE….demeanor, as Ice. Noticing that Ice's wide, pale eyes (and the demon ridden man's scarlet ones) were focused intently on her white lab coat, Marion stood up, casually stretched, and in the same motion slowly slipped the offending thing off. She gave the exotic Were a close mouthed smile, knowing that her primate nature would interpret a tooth showing one as a threat.
Marion kept her tone, even and soft. (she had also noted the tense set of Valentine’s shoulders, so this wasn't just for Ice's sake!)
"Can I do something for the two of you?"
Ice gave her a tremulous smile and padded towards the desk. The Were's graceful hands flowed through a complex dance.
Vincent was in the process of trying to find Cloud when Yuffie called his cell and relayed that Ice needed him. The gunman hesitated…the fact that he had seen neither hide or hair of the quiet swordsman after his loss of control had his insides twisted up in knots from repressing the anxiety and guilt that was eating at him. Sure…his demons kept assuring him that he had done no harm, BUT…he knew that those two would lie…just to avoid having to experience whatever penance he felt he might deserve.
The man studiously ignored the demon's snorted comment and hoped he would run into Cloud on his way back to Yuffie's quarters. He had NO such luck.
Ice was sitting cross legged on the bed when he entered the room. Vincent couldn't help but notice that now not only did the female have custody of his slightly damp cloak…but SOMEHOW…she had acquired a pair of his pants. Yuffie was twisting and turning in front of the room's full length mirror, evidently trying to get a good view of her "Changed" form. Valentine had to bite back a smile as the young woman turned a full circle whilst muttering…"Damn it…does this tail make my butt look big?"
"I don't think so….I KNOW better than to answer a question like that…And… what are you doing looking at MY mate's BUTT?"
The Galian beast joined in with an amorous purr…"Oh yes, you two go ahead and just…ogle…Me, I wanna bump that baby…hard. Hehehe!"
This was accompanied by some…interesting… vivid imagery.
Vincent didn't notice the twin looks of concern that changed to sly understanding as two noses twitched, while he drew himself up, pinched the bridge of his nose between his lightly trembling fingers and told his set of sex starved demons to kindly restrain themselves.
When he opened his eyes, it was to witness twin sets of eyelids drooping quickly to hide the greedy lust swirling through honey gold and arctic blue…. DAMN…. Needless to say, the ex-Turk was already more than stressed when Ice asked him to accompany her to the airship's medical bay.
When they arrived, Vincent had to stop as Ice eased her way through the door and into the Doctor's domain. The man's visceral reaction to the antiseptic smell of the ship's hospital, and the sight of a white lab coat had his already roiling stomach threatening to exit through his mouth. GOD'S… he hated these places!
Chaos watched as terrible, painful, memories surfaced and oozed through his Host's unstable mind. The Ancient Being winced as his own guilt, an emotion that the demon rarely had to deal with, echoed in reaction. HE had been fully capable of blunting the agony and terror that Valentine had experienced at the hands of Hojo after his implantation. Such was the dark one's anger, humiliation , and hate at that time, that he had done nothing, totally willing to bear the pain himself as long as his unwanted vessel was suffering.
Galian stirred.
"Your behavior was unfair…it wasn't his fault."
Chaos snarled softly at his subordinate.
The beast answered very softly…
"AND… do you care now?"
Caught uncomfortably between his conscience and his very nature, the Demon Lord contented himself with growling..
Then the demon made some small adjustments to his Host's physiology so that at least the man wouldn't humiliate himself by throwing up on the Doctor's shiny, clean floor. Chaos gave Vincent a hard push…
The dark one was satisfied when Valentine took a shuddering breath and strode through the door, but he could not resist whispering.
It only took a couple of minutes, with Vincent helping to translate, for Ice to explain to Dr. Marion (Oddly, the sign that Ice used for the Vet translated as…. Velvet/Steel…note to self, ask her about that.) that Yuffie had only one shot of the Were's antibodies left. The petite Vet nodded her understanding as Ice explained what was needed to make more dosages. Vincent… who had the knowledge of what they were discussing tortured into him, felt a slight stab of unease.
"Ice… how much of your blood is required in order to distill one dose of antibodies?"
"Three pints usually makes two syringes, but because I can't push my system into full production of antibodies in order to make the transition to full human, it will probably require four pints now."
Silvery blue eyes flickered as Vincent's eyebrows shot up in shock.
The man's crimson eyes flashed to Doctor Becket's face as the woman sucked in a stunned breath.
Ice made calming gestures with her hands.
"It is no problem, we replace our blood very quickly. I can easily…donate… this amount every day."
Vincent took a second to try and calm BOTH Galian and Chaos as the upset demon's gave him their opinion of this.
"Can Whisper's blood be used to make what Yuffie needs?"
The ex-Turk saw Marion shake her head as he concentrated on what Ice had to say. The Were unconsciously imitated the woman by shaking her own head as she explained.
"I don't know why Yuffie made a first generation …Change…I have had to inject a couple of Titan's victims….they either died from their injuries or …." those pale eyes shifted nervously towards the Vet, and Vincent did not translate the rest. "I had to euthanize them when they made a second generation Change."
Not having heard the second disturbing part of this, the Vet nodded her agreement.
"I agree with Ice on this….first law of medicine is…Do no harm."
Vincent just about choked as he stifled his response to this. He could not BELIEVE that this…person…could still be that naïve. Ice just stared at the woman in astonishment.
Oblivious to their shocked disbelief, the Vet continued,
"Second rule… If something is working, you certainly don't fuck with it. If Ice has done this before with no ill effects…it should cause no problems for her now."
Valentine was flooded with the angry tension of his demons. This, on top of his own distress, had his hand unconsciously dropping to toy with the big gun on his hip. When he cleared his throat before speaking, it sounded more like a growl.
"Ice was not pregnant when she did this…before. I want your PERSONAL guarantee that this will cause no harm to her or her kits."
Ice's pale eyes flew wide, as one long fingered hand dropped to stroke her flat belly…it was evident that the Were had not considered this. At her very evident distress, Chaos came rumbling up, and Vincent hissed, leaning heavily on the Doctor's desk as he waged a short but savage fight with the Ancient Being for control.
Marion swore softly under her breath as she watched the man struggle for control. The woman wasn't sure why Ice being pregnant would upset him so badly or worse, why this fact had set the demon he hosted off. But she instinctively knew enough to not touch him as he fought his internal battle. Ice's expressive hands fluttered but without Valentine translating, the Doctor had no idea what the creature was saying. The Vet quickly added a couple of things to the kit she was gathering together then she moved to where she could catch and hold that flickering gold and crimson gaze.
"I….we haven't been properly introduced, and I have no problem admitting that you scare the living shit out of me. I CAN assure you that I am good at my job and will be monitoring Ice every minute. If her vitals even so much as dip… we will stop….I will be damned sure no harm is done."
The woman had to swallow her frozen heart back down when those strangely beautiful eyes flashed to hot gold and the voice that hissed out of Vincent's mouth was the one that belonged to the bat winged fucker from hell.
Marion choked… as her heart wiggled its way back up into her mouth. She almost snickered hysterically when she wondered what the demon would do if a she just spat it out and handed it to him. Probably eat it while she watched… was what her scared silly mind told her. Somehow she managed to hold that frightening, intense gaze as she slowly nodded her understanding of the threat. Holy mother of FUCKING Gia….what the HELL had she gotten herself into and who in the HELL was the Galian beast?
Vincent blinked and the gold faded as he sagged a little. The part of Marion that had made her enter the field of medicine urged her to help and support him…the woman ruthlessly squelched it! She backed up as the man seemed to gain back his equilibrium. She somehow managed a calming smile as she stared into his solemn, beautiful face. The gunman winced a little as he caught the residue of fear still in her gaze.
His deep voice was layered with surprise and…oddly…concern.
"Do you understand what you have done? THEY will hold you to your promise.” The man hesitated here as if weighing his words. “Sometimes what my…guests…. say is not exactly what they mean and if you fail in any part of your bargain… I will NOT be able to intervene to save you."
GREAT …Marion nodded and then swallowed, trying to moisten her dry mouth.
"Listen…I know that …ALL…of you are uncomfortable here, there is no reason that this procedure can't be done somewhere more to Ice's liking."
Both of them glanced at the golden female. She had sat back on her rump, toes folded over each other, tail coiled tight around them and her hands were folded tight against her chest.
"Hnnnn….."Vincent offered the Were his hand…. "How about Yuffie's room?"
Ice nodded and jumped up to practically scamper out of the lab.
As Marion scooped up her bag to follow, she was stopped by a cold, gleaming claw placed carefully on her shoulder.
"Doctor….when you get back from Rocket Town this evening… we need to meet. It has been brought to my …ah…attention that you have been woefully under informed as to what you have signed on for."
The woman did not see Vincent's small, surprised smile when she snorted and walked on past him.
"NO…..Ya think!?"
Yuffie casually gathered up a few items of clothing and stuffed them into the pouches on her battle harness. She had been working on a plan every since Ice had come back to her room with the woman Doctor and Vincent in tow. One glance had convinced the ninja that Valentine was wound so tight it was a wonder he didn't blow a cork and leak demons all over the room. She had watched (grossness) and waited as Dr. Becket collected what seemed to her trained eye, to be an awfully large amount of blood from Ice. The Doctor seemed to agree because all during and after the "donation" the woman hovered around Ice as if her life depended on the now sleeping Were's every breath. When the procedure was finished and Marion was satisfied that Ice was safe, albeit very sleepy, the woman had slipped out to take the crimson liquid down to the medical bay for processing.
Cid's gruff voice came over the intercom letting everyone know that they would be arriving in Rocket Town in a little over an hour and every body had better have their asses ready to depart the minute they landed. Yuffie grinned as she slyly eyed the brooding gunman. Um hum… that gave her just enough time to bring her campaign, to get Vinny to relax before they left, to conclusion. She giggled silently, yawned and stretched.
"Heey, Vincent, lets go out on deck and get some air."
When the man just shook his head… she whined and twisted her tail into an unhappy knot.
"Awww come on Vince…. I've never gotten to enjoy the view there, I'm usually airsick….come on…PLLEEAASSEE!"
Yuffie held her breath as the ex-Turk studied Ice for a moment then looked thoughtfully her way. That lovely dark head dipped and the ninja suppressed a grin of triumph as the man rose to join her.
YES!….Operation…GET VINCENT LAID…had commenced!
Vincent followed silently behind Yuffie's striped form. He really didn't feel like going out on to one of the airships outside observation decks but he could not deny that the ninja had never had the experience of being out in the open while the great craft was flying. Yuffie was usually holed up somewhere, miserably dealing with her extreme motion sickness. At least her beast form did not suffer from THAT particular curse and the young woman practically skipped through the busy corridors. Valentine's passage was as swift but less…enthusiastic. The ex-Turk had spent many hours enjoying the night sky and solitude that the open air decks offered, especially the couple of smaller, out of the way ones that he had discovered on his night ramblings. He NEVER went out on them during the day. The gunslinger felt that he had been made into a creature of the night, a lover of shadows. Even before the changes wrought by Hojo he had been more inclined to enjoy the quiet night with its mistress, the secretive and lovely moon. Now he abhorred the full exposure of the sun beaming down on his scarred form, revealing all that he was to prying, judging eyes. The thought of being exposed without the comforting concealment of his cloak had anxiety coiling in the pit of his stomach like a cold slithering serpent.
Speaking of serpent's….Vincent almost missed a step as a warm, strong tail coiled up one leg until the tip settled in front, ticking back and forth, softly brushing across…
The man caught his balance…
One elegant ear flipped back and he caught the gleam of sly honey as the vixen slowly dragged that tail up and over his crotch.
The Changed woman gaped over her shoulder at him, showing all of her teeth in what he was sure SHE thought was an innocent grin.
"I haven't quite got the hang of handling this tail. Sometimes it has a mind of it's own."
Vincent's only comment was a dry.. "Hnnn…" As one cynical, elegant brow arched up
The other followed in shock when that striped length, as if to prove her point, flowed like a living thing, the prehensile tip slipping behind to stroke it's way along his buttocks. It finally hooked it's way through his gun belt so it could gently tug on his waist.
"This way Vinny….I don't want to go out on a PUBLIC deck. Cid told me there is a nice little private place around here somewhere.. Hmmm…now did he say left or right?"
Yuffie had stopped and risen to her full height. It gave the gunman an unimpeded view of surprisingly broad shoulders, and firm back muscles sliding under that rich cocoa mane. The man had a sudden desire to reach out and stoke down that silken chocolate until he reached where it ended in a point right above the thick base of that naughty tail.
Lust deepened and layered Chaos's dark rumble as that mane blatantly pointed to Yuffie's tight, chocolate and silver rump, which rolled seductively in each direction as she mentioned it.
Valentine didn't even think, he just instinctively growled right back.
He felt the Demon Lord chuckle, as the Ancient Being settled back to just watching.
"Mother fucking son of a cock sucker…"
The crew members scattered around the airship's shop flinched but studiously ignored their Captain as he told the complicated piece of equipment he was working on…off. Cid had torn the small engine apart to replace a broken rod, something that had to be done on a regular basis, and as always, it was being a bitch to get back together. As the tension spring that he was holding in order to attach the new part "spronged" for the umpteenth time, the man started to cut loose again only to choke it off with a startled almost squeak as a white hand shot over his shoulder, catching the little spring before it could lose itself AGAIN on the floor.
Highwind spun around and thumped into Whisper’s broad, hard chest. The Albino Were was standing right behind him, head cocked, as he watched the Sky Captain's efforts with interest.
"Holy Mother of Gia….You shouldn't fricken sneak up on my ass like that. If I had my shitten spear, I might have accidentally run your big, fucking, monkey butt through!"
Cid had almost swallowed his cigarette…and he glared around at select people in the area who had NOT warned him that a Killer monkey had snuck up on his ass! Those persons of interest hastily departed the area, so the man turned his glare back to the creature behind…..Well SHIT!
Just that quickly Whisper had slipped around him, blood colored eyes narrowing as he fingered some of the parts on the table.
"It would be easier to put this together if you put that part here and this there before you try and set the spring."
Cid's eye's bugged a little as he swatted at the male's big hands…
"HEY…that's a damned sensitive piece of fricken equipment…keep your shitten hands to yourself." The man's rough voice dropped to a mutter.. "Sides… what would a fuckin monkey know about mechanics, its not like yer a shitten engineer."
Whisper smiled….showing ALL of his teeth…
"This…ah….fucking monkey… can put together anything mechanical that he see's taken apart."
Cid's blonde brows drew down.
"Ya mean to tell me that you were fucking standing behind my ass the whole time I was disassembling that?…. SHIT!"
Several more tech's vacated the area.
Then …what the Were had really said penetrated and the Captain snorted.
"Yeah…. RIGHT… fucking prove it!"
Whisper shrugged and Changed to beast form. Startled more than he cared to admit…Cid stepped back as the Were hopped onto the sturdy table and sat back on his rump. For a second the male just sat and studied the parts spread around him and then his hands and feet just FLEW. It took him almost ten minutes to do what would have taken Cid at least half an hour IF he could get that damned spring to cooperate. Hell…most of the time the beast didn't even need TOOLS such was the strength contained in those blunt fingers and toes. Highwind slowly withdrew his smoke and ran his hand through his hair….forgetting about the grease….as Whisper rather smugly used a foot to push the rebuilt engine his way.
"Well…. I'll be damned…"
Cid didn't need to inspect the machine to know that Whisper had it together right. He gave the beast a stunned look.
"Can ya take it apart and do that again.?"
The man was so amazed that he forgot half his swear words.
Whisper nodded….
"SON of a BITCH!" This was almost whispered as the male took the engine apart and put it back together in less than twenty minutes. "HELL…fucking pickle me and boil me in owl shit…that's fucking ama…."
Reno slipped up beside the stunned and more than envious Captain.
"He can do the same thing with firearms…me and Rude… we're going to make some money offa Valentine…you want in on the action?"
Intelligent blue eyes raked the Turk, than narrowed as Cid thought about how complicated the mechanism was in Vincent's unique cannon, Cerberus. He switched the cig to the other side of his mouth and grinned…the gunman was a good friend but this would be worth seeing..
“Yer DAMN shootin I want in!"
The Turk matched his grin and nodded at Whisper who watched them in total innocence.
"Yo…Whisper…ya need to go get ready to head to town. I put some clothes for you out on the bed."
The big male froze, his ears flattened and that snowy, grease streaked mane sucked in…as his crimson eyes got huge.. Reno looked behind himself, worried that something NASTY had snuck in on them.
Whisper drew his hands up, his tail tightened around his feet and his toes folded over each other.
"REALLY? I get to go?"
This was spoken so quietly that Reno and Cid had to lean forwards to hear it.
The red head blinked.
"Can ya keep yourself in almost human form….no matter what?"
That awesome wedge shaped head slowly nodded. The Turk shrugged.
"Then sure…you get to go."
"I get to go?"
Again this was so quietly spoken that the two men leaned a little closer so they could hear. Both men levitated three foot into the air as the shop walls shuddered when the Were let loose with a BOOM. He boomed again as he launched himself off of the table, sailed over the swearing Captain's head and landed, all four limbs scrambling as he tried to find purchase on the smooth floor.
"I get to go….SHOPPING!"
Cid had both hands over his ears as this last word was BOOMED out.
It was a wonder that the Were heard the sky Captain as his voice cracked out.
"FUCKING stop!"
Whisper put on the brakes and slid to a stop. He whirled around, ears and mane flattening as his expressive face took on a crestfallen look.
Highwind's lips twisted up as he threw the Were a towel,
"Oh HELL…stop looking like I just ate your fucking puppy! Jest wipe off yer shitten feet, yer tracking fricken grease all over the damned floor!"
The Were gave a sheepish grin…took a second to wipe all of the black from his hands and from between each toe, then he padded back up to the man. The beast prodded the engine with a finger, and looked shyly at Cid from underneath his pale eyelids.
"You know Captain…if you made a part to bridge this with that…you could eliminate the rod that keeps breaking."
The pilot reached out and traced a finger over what the male was pointing out…
"Well HELL…why didn't I see that?"
The Were gave him a sweet, closed lipped smile, then spun and shot out the door. Both men snickered as panicked shrieks could be heard from the hallway as Whisper streaked through.
Reno sighed and turned to follow that white blur.
"Yo, I'd better go and make sure he hasn't scared anyone to death."
Cid scratched the back of his head.
"Hey Turk…." The red head stopped and cocked his head. "Do ya think I could fucking…borrow…him every now and then?"
Reno waggled his red eyebrows before he strode out of the room…
"Sure… if I ain't using him at the time."
Yuffie made sure she was a little ahead of Vincent when they arrived at the door leading out to the deck. The man already seemed just a little flustered so it was easy for her to distract him by craning her head around and exclaiming.
"HEY isn't that Cloud…Weren't you looking for him?"
As the gunman's head jerked around she whipped out her hypo, injected herself and had the thing put away before he turned back with a question in his crimson eyes.
The Changeling shrugged innocently and sighed.
"Aww…I guess that wasn't him…sorry."
The woman smiled and silently prayed that Cid had been right when he suggested that a bout of hot sex would take you mind off of motion sickness.
The ninja ambled over to the railing and reared up so she could brace her forearms on the top rail. For a moment she just stared. The girl had not been kidding when she said she never got to enjoy these places and she HAD been missing out. Deep blue sky above and patchwork green below filled her rapt gaze. The wind of their passage caressed her face and lifted her mane in its wake.
"Wow….!" this she quietly whispered as she felt Vincent move silently up beside her. The woman caught a flash of red as she snuggled up against his side. The first flush of Change crawled over her skin, and she hissed through her teeth. Vincent looked down again and swore as he shifted until he had her body pressed between his and the rail. Yuffie took deep breaths and concentrated on allowing her body to make its adjustments rather than fighting the pain. Very quickly it was all over and she found herself being held by Vincent so there was no danger of her falling over the railing. The gunslinger had both arms wrapped around her ribcage and she could feel the beating of his heart through the thin black shirt that he wore. Her bottom was tucked against his pelvis and she smiled slyly as she rocked that now tailless thing against him. Vincent sucked in a breath and practically SPRANG backwards.
The girl straightened slowly and snickered…
Yuffie stretched up and turned her back from one beautiful view to take in another, that of the tall, dark Valentine frozen as his crimson eyes took in her body. Um Hum…Yuffie decided then and there that when she got that damned cloak away from Ice, the ratty thing was vanishing. No body EVER got to see the demon ridden ex-Turk exposed to the sun like this. Daylight stroked ruby fire under the elegantly arched black brows This served to only accentuated the pale porcelain perfection of his face. Vincent's midnight tresses, which were unbound for once, rode the breeze, shifting around his head and shoulders like they were alive. The man's gloved hand rested on the butt of Cerberus where the big gun rode on his slender hip, as if he felt…threatened… and that gleaming gold gauntlet was half extended towards her as if to ward her away. For a sinking moment the girl wondered if she had misinterpreted their first night together, maybe Vincent had considered THAT a one time, spur of the moment fling. Then…the ninja saw a fleeting glimmer of hot gold flicker in the garnet (note to self…give Chaos a big whopping kiss of thanks next time you see him) and the gunman growled softly, pale lips pulling down into a sultry pout. In one stride he covered the distance between them. The man's powerful arms lifted her petite frame and she found herself with her back against the wall, a hand on either side of her face, trapping her as Vincent glowered down, his mouth just inches above hers. Yuffie lifted her leg running her knee up the inside of one long, leather clad leg and her thigh pressed up, drawing a soft groan from that sweet mouth… as she gave the gunslinger a serious stare…
"And your not…naked…Why is that?"
Vincent made a soft humming noise under his breath and brought his hand to his mouth. Yuffie watched, entranced, as those silken lips parted and even white teeth caught the tip of one finger, bit down and slowly drew the glove off. Slender, strong fingers then turned as he gently stroked the backs of them down her cheek until a knuckle rested under her chin, lifting her head so that those wonderful lips could settle over hers. The kiss was gentle and sweet….but…Yuffie was in the mood for something a little more….invigorating… so she carefully drew Vincent's tongue into her mouth, sucked on it lightly then closed her teeth down. Valentine wasn't the only one with pearly whites. Crimson ignited as the gunslinger snarled into her mouth, both hand dropping to cup her bottom. Yuffie was lifted until the man could press his body against hers as his kiss went from soft, to hungry and demanding.
Vincent should have known something was up when Yuffie had him looking for Cloud. But he was busy trying to quell his body's reaction to the sensual touch of that….tail… when he stepped out onto the deck. He stopped to let his eyes adjust to the brilliant sunlight and to study that velveteen body as the young woman stood up to lean her arms on the top rail. The gunman would have willingly sworn that she was swaying that delectable rump just to turn him on! But…why would she be doing that? He was operating under no illusion. The ex-Turk knew that the experience in Deepground had happened because Yuffie was in heat. There was NO way that the lovely young woman could be sexually attracted to someone as physically scarred, emotionally screwed up, and just flat dangerous as he was. Besides… he was an old man compared to her!
The ninja's delighted reaction to the view was unfeigned and his suspicious mind was starting to relax when her soft hiss jerked his attention off of the brilliant sky down to her… CRAP… Changing form. Moving before he even realized it, Vincent caught Yuffie as her legs gave out. He held the young ninja up and balanced her body against the rail until her bones and muscles stopped shifting under his hands. They just stood for a moment, the man patiently supporting the woman until she could catch her breath. At least, that is, until Valentine realized that Yuffie was rocking her ass hard against his already enthusiastic crotch. Then the fact hit him that the soft form he was holding was almost totally….
Chaos crowed this at the same time as Yuffie.
Vincent sprang back as if he had been burned, only to freeze as the ninja turned, leaned back against the rail and stretched, arching her back so that every lithe muscle in her trim frame rolled under satin skin. The battle harness that she wore hid nothing from appreciative eyes. It only served to accentuated the womanly curves that hadn't been there when the two had first met. Her soft brown eyes still held swirling streaks of honey as she studied him with lids at half mast. The ex-Turk just wanted to run and hide. He knew that the sun, which stroked her breasts, making them blush, and which made the soft curls at the V her legs glimmer with soft highlights, would deal with him much more harshly. He could not imagine how creepy his scarlet eyes and white skin looked or how his repulsive metal claw stood out with the bright light making it practically glow. The gunman desperately wished that he had snatched his cloak from the sleeping Ice before they had come out here.
Chaos rumbled to life…
"I… don't… think… so!"
Valentine growled softly as he pushed the demon back. They had a deal and it stated that Yuffie was HIS!
The little minx had PLANNED this. It took the man one stride and he had her pinned with her back against the wall. WELL…she had started it so HE was going to damn well fini…ungh…a firm leg traveled up between his thighs and pressed hard into a place that was already uncomfortably tight.
Naked?…why wasn't he naked?…in the sunlight? Maybe she would believe it if he told her he had a sun sensitive…..
Fine….Vincent caught the tip his glove between his teeth and slid it off. There…. he had a naked hand…Maybe that would keep Yuffie and his overbearing demon HAPPY? Before the girl could complain, he covered her lips with his, only to have the little temptress coax his tongue into her lovely mouth then bite down... hard. Valentine snarled and thing's in the tight department got explosive when Yuffie drank it down before it could escape. Pain flashed to pleasure and his hands closed on her hot ass to lift and pull that exquisite heat up close.
Vincent forgot about being gentle, his teeth and tongue demanded that she open for him, when she did so willingly he sampled as much of that captured treasure as he could reach. Releasing her mouth, his hot, firm lips traveled along that deceptively delicate jaw line, nipping and nuzzling. A soft moan escaped the woman's mouth and she wrapped one leg around his waist. Both of her hands, which had twined themselves into his hair, fisted, tugged, and then slid down over his chest and stomach. With a couple of tugs the ninja unbuckled, then dropped his holster. The other leg closed around his hips and the naked heat of HER ground against the still leather covered length that was straining to be released. His busy mouth stilled for a moment, teeth lightly scraping at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Valentine didn't even try to stifle his growl when those nimble fingers unclasped then slid into his pants, working to free him.
Vincent’s teeth tightened on her skin as Yuffie unbuttoned his shirt but he did not protest when she opened it and pushed the silky material over and off of his shoulders, sliding it as far down his arms as she could. The woman gave a little push causing him to step back a little. Suddenly apprehensive he looked up…and held himself very still as she cocked her head… rich, brown eyes holding the crimson. Never breaking that contact, and somehow conveying that she was SEEING and accepting ALL that he was… Yuffie raised up and slowly sheathed him in hot, velvet steel. Using those incredible legs to hold her weight, the ninja leaned back into the wall. Vincent found that he could release her bottom and he slid his hands up so that they settled on her slender waist. The gunman slowly lifted her hips to ride up his length only to have her brace herself and push herself back down. The girl hummed softly and Valentine had to clamp down with ALL of his considerable will power as they waged a subtle battle for dominance. He would slide her up and Yuffie would narrow those honey glazed eyes and push herself back down. This could not stay a stalemate for long though and when Vincent felt her thigh muscles starting to tremble, he added a sharp thrust up as she pushed down. Yuffie moaned, pulled herself up and drove back down as she arched her back. This put those exquisite small breasts in just the right place for the gunman to drop his head and trap a nipple between gentle teeth. He let Yuffie set the rhythm as he nibbled, suckled and licked. Strong hands twined through his hair as his mouth traveled over sensitive flesh. When that hum changed to a soft keen and her rhythm became erratic, Vincent steadied her hips and thrust hard, driving himself as deeply into her tight heat as he could. Yuffie shuddered and his name flowed from her lips over and over again as she rode him through her climax. It was all he could do to make sure she had wrung every bit of pleasure she could out of him before her moist heat, rippling passage walls and the totally sated look that settled on her face pulled him over the edge. As he pulsed into her the ex-Turk gave into the sudden need to dominate, to claim, to mark her as his and his alone. He set his teeth over her collarbone and her snarl of pleasure/pain only made his release that much sweeter.
For an endless moment they stayed locked together as the sun traced warm fingers over their flushed skin, and the soft breeze stroked through their hair, intermingling the chocolate with the raven. Vincent rested his forehead in the hollow of Yuffie's throat and the woman's strong fingers traced gently over the scars that spider webbed across his naked back. The man felt the vibration of a small chuckle against his skin and he looked into her smiling face, one eyebrow raised in question. Yuffie ran her fingers through his hair pulling it forwards to hide both of their faces as if it were a satiny cape. Her beautiful eyes twinkled with mischief .
"Highwind was right….it DOES take you mind off of the motion sickness!"

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