The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus

Ch. 29

At first Cid did NOT known how to react. He WAS a man after all. His body most definitely was reacting… but NOT in a way that was appropriate to the situation! (part of his mind blew trumpets of celebration. It seemed that even though his body had unwillingly enjoyed what another male had done (NOT done! DAMN IT!) to him…it still RELISHED the attention of a female….even if she DID have a tail!) Having an exotic, almost human female behind him, strong arm around his waist, lean body pressed against his back (Oh MY fucking GODS….was that four shittin nipples that he felt through the thin fabric of his shirt?) licking the back of his neck was a totally new experience. The couple of seconds that he froze in indecision made up his mind for him on how he should react. His erotic response faded as muscles that had been knotted tight, slowly unraveled in response to the hot kneading of that strong, rough appendage. Ice worked her slow way over the heated mass of pain that was his neck at the moment. The knifing agony eased, and then faded to something that was a little more bearable. When strong, slender fingers joined in and that magic tongue worked up higher into his hair to massage his scalp, easing away the tension headache that had his head crushed in a vice…. the Sky Captain just melted. He leaned his forehead against the spokes of his helm, stretching his neck out to give her better access, shut his eyes and prayed the golden female would never stop. GODS….Ice could do that FOREVER as far as he was concerned. At least that was what he was thinking when blue eyes slitted open and caught his navigator standing in the doorway just gaping. AH HELL…. "What….haven't ya ever gotten a Gods be damned massage? Shut yer trap…bring me my tea and get back to yer fricken post!" The mans' teeth snapped closed. He hustled up to the helm, set his tea laden tray down and almost ran back to the navigation console all without EVER looking at his Captain. Cerulean eyes narrowed as the pilot’s glare followed the man….MOTHER fricken GIA! The crewman had better KEEP his trap shut. All he needed was Vincent’s dominant demon misconstruing what had been going on between Highwind and that frightening being’s self proclaimed mate. OH GODS! A soft groan worked its way out of Cid’s mouth. He did not need an angry, jealous Chaos…up… his… ASS! Ice’s fingers slipped off of his shoulder and the female carefully pulled the man around, concern darkening her wintry eyes when the pilot’s body automatically tensed up as unwanted images flashed behind his eyes, stirred to life by his mind’s unfortunate choice of words. DAMN….Cid’s open face twisted in a slight scowl as he caught a close up glimpse of the Were female. The soft fur under Ice’s gem like eyes, along her straight nose and over the high cheek bones was streaked, ruffled and damp. Well FUCK…the Captain winced. Here he was feeling sick and sorry for himself, selfishly sucking up Ice’s compassion when all this time… something had evidently seriously upset the quiet female. Ice leaned forwards a little as her intelligent gaze fixated on Highwind’s face. Those expressive eyes widened and turned to slate as inner eyelids flicked across them. Unease shifted through the man…was it possible that the Were had figured out what Chaos had done, (NOT done) to him? The strong hands on his shoulders gave him a little squeeze and a sympathetic shake. Then, the female turned towards the teapot. Blinking against the sudden sharp sting in his eyes, (Hey….those were NOT fricken unshed tears…HELL he was just tired!) The Captain caught her caring hands in his own work roughened ones. He gave a little tug and placed them back on the helm. The man had to clear his throat before he could get words past the lump that had decided to squat there. "Hey….you just keep er flying straight and true…I'll make the shitten tea!"


Reno tensed as weight caused the bed to shift. Powerful hands settled on his shoulders and the man’s pale eyes flew open and widened in surprise. Whisper was kneeling between his knees, his angry face just inches from Reno‘s. The grip on his shoulders tightened a little and the Turk’s breath caught in his throat as he remembered the incredible strength housed in this male’s large frame. Silken lips drew back to expose elongated fangs. "You…will…stop…this, Reno of the Turks!" Each growled word was accompanied by a gentle shake. "I hold you responsible for NONE of what you have done as a Second! Those deaths…that spilt blood… These stain the soul of your Gods be cursed Alpha. It does NOT darken yours." Reno knew he should protest this simplistic view of life. He had CHOSEN to carry out the orders he was given (granted…sure death if he disobeyed made that choice easy)…he had CHOSEN to become a Turk. But, his words stopped, trapped in his throat as he realized it was concern mixed with fear…not anger…that was making Whisper’s frantic eyes glow like hell lit rubies. Whisper pulled him closer and soft lips brushed a cheek, followed by a remarkably dry, slightly rough tongue. Reno froze as the young male gently cleaned all traces of his tears off of his face. His lids reflexively closed as warm breath tickled red eyelashes and there were more tears that leaked out as with slow gentle strokes, Whisper cleaned his eyes. A silken cheek slid along his and soft words ghosted across an ear, "Please Reno…I want ALL of you…bloody hands, stained soul included…ALL of you… no matter what you think you are. Please….I…NEED…you!" This last was spoken softly…with such humility that Reno knew that the young male was giving him his heart. The man’s limp gloved hands slid up the muscled rib cage and then fisted into that glorious cream mane. For a long still moment the redhead pressed his face into a powerful shoulder. Whisper hummed softly, there was a slight tug at the back of his head and red locks cascaded down as long fingers smoothed them. "Reno….collecting a "sample" that way was fun. I would like to do it again…. sometime. Now though…." Those broad hands slid underneath the Turk’s unbuttoned shirt and gently worked it off leaving creamy skin open and available to a satin tongue, a growl rumbled through the muscled frame. "NOW…. I want you to take me like Chaos took Ice!" ************************************************************************

Turning sideways so that he could make the hot beverage AND keep an eye on the helm, the Captain got a clear view of how Ice tensed when he casually asked, "So…what’s got yer fricken tail all up in a twist?" Cid had to swallow a chuckle when Ice’s head twisted around so she could glance hastily down to check on said tail then look at him with a bewildered gaze. He cleared his throat to hide the laugh, "What I mean is…what's the reason for these?" One hand lifted, tracing the damp trail alongside her nose as the other offered her a steaming cup. Cerulean eyes flew wide as that long tail swept up to pluck the cup out of his grasp, coiled around it and then brought it to the female’s soft golden lips. (okay…that was just…COOL!) Her hands never left the helm and her pale gaze just studied him reproachfully over the rim of her cup. DAMN…at least SHE had remembered…he didn't speak fricken hand! Running his fingers through his hair…the damned headache was coming back…The Captain took a sip of tea and nudged her gently aside so he could resume his duties. Cid had turned his gaze back to the sky and he did not see those elegant ears sweep up at his quietly muttered… "What are the shitten chances that those gods be damned Shinra PRICKS took the time to teach ya yer ABC's?" Something slapped against his back and he felt her hands moving…then…a slip from his little pad of Post-It notes appeared, stuck to the middle of the wheel. The hand writing was fluid and elegant in its simple lines. "Sergeant taught me to read and write…. What is a PRIK?" "AGH…." Cid felt his face flame. It was one thing to let his mouth run away with him….it was quite another to have to DEFINE some of the words that spilled out when it did. "Ummm…it's spelled with a ck. Prick is another name for….a man‘s…ya know…a guy’s…ah crap!" The Captain rocked his hips a little and one thumb pointed towards his crotch. He felt the whisper of her mane brush by his ear as pale blue eyes peered over his shoulder, then those feathery brows drew down in confusion. "Oh GODS…you know…IT"S always looking ta screw something, ALWAYS out ta please itself… to Hell with the consequences! Ice snorted, and her lips curved up. For a second, the sparkle of laughter replaced the shadows lurking in her eyes. The Captain lit a smoke, "Hey, that's better….rather see that then damned tears any day!" Ice pulled back. Cid just steered and smoked. He had a sip of tea as he patiently waited to see what the female would do next. The pilot had played this game with Valentine many times, minus the posted notes and he had become quite good at it. Again he felt something on his back…he grinned when he realized she was using it as an impromptu board to write against. Another post -it was stuck to his helm. "Vincent thinks Chaos is a monster…" This time the females slender frame stayed back where he could not see her. Cid snorted… "Hell, I wouldn't worry yer pretty head bout that…Vincent fricken thinks HE is a Gods be Damned monster!" This time the scratching sensation was short lived….he realized it was her tail that was whisking the notes up to stick on his wheel. "I am a monster." "WHAT…where did ya get that shitten idea?" "That is what humans call the Troop…even you said.." "Hold up there…" Cid turned around to face Ice and his heart clenched when she would not look at him. "Listen…I tend ta spout nonsense when I'm friggin surprised. That is ALL that shitten was…damned nonsense. If you and yer brother are monsters…well HELL… I'll eat my fucking ship!" A broad hand reached out as Ice’s mouth twitched. Lifting the Were’s chin, Cid searched Ice’s unhappy face, his blue eyes narrowed with concern. "What's this all about sweetling…why ya so damned worried about…WHO is a shitten monster…all of a sudden?" Ice slapped the post-its against his chest this time. "Vincent does not WANT kitlings….he said he would not be responsible for bringing any more monsters into this world." Ahhh…Cid GOT it! The pregnant female was worried that Vincent would not LIKE her babies. He could see why she was concerned, the demon ridden gunman could be incredibly biased sometimes when it came to things like…monsters…demons…guilt…PENANCE. Hmph…he would put this straight right quick. "Ice…as long as CHAOS is happy with your kits…who cares WHAT Valentine shitten thinks!" Cid wasn't sure what reaction he was expecting but silvery tears rising then slipping over her cinnamon lashes certainly wasn't it! "Sky Captain…If Vincent does not WANT my kits, he will euthanize them. Alphas KILL kitlings that they don't want." ************************************************************************ **********************************************************************

Reno pulled with his mane filled hands ever so slightly and Whisper’s head willingly arched back, tilting to the side to expose the column of his throat. Rising on his knees, the man softly nuzzled the tender spot right under one elegant ear. The flexible thing twitched as warm breath heralded the arrival of sharp teeth that nipped and nibbled along the very sensitive edge all the way up to the tip. The Turk’s dexterous tongue swirled around and then drew the tip in between soft lips were he rolled and sucked on it for a moment. Whisper’s hands slid off of his shoulders, flattened across his chest and rested there twitching as Reno tilted his head and worked the other ear over the same way. The man pulled back and his hands slid to cup the strong jaw line, steadying the young male while pale eyes solemnly searched the innocent face. What he saw there had a rare gentle smile curving Reno’s lips as his head dipped to capture the White’s mouth. Soft lips became demanding and Whisper’s willing mouth opened instantly to allow the dominant to take and taste what he wanted. Reno’s tongue dipped in, slid along the White’s very sensitive one, paused for a second to experiment with the rough texture there and then stroked up to glide across the high arched palate. A soft whimper vibrated into the redhead’s mouth as Reno’s hands shifted down to scratch lightly right above the base of the male’s heavy tail. The strong back arched and Reno cupped firm buttocks to pull that warm body tight against him. A shift sideways and he straddled one soft skinned leg. The Turk lifted up to his knees bringing the Were up with him and his strong thigh pressed lightly, gently rubbing and nudging against Whisper’s shimmering pink sex. The Were’s youth was apparent as the color quickly deepened to rose and the thick shaft stirred to life. A deep moan rumbled up and the man shifted his lips allowing the quiet sound to escape. Whisper pulled back a little. "Reno….you don't need these while I am like this." A sharp talon carefully traced down and hooked into a surgical glove. At the redheads' questioning look the white sliced through the thin rubber. "The beast part of me is dangerous to your body right now….but the more I "share" with you in THIS form the less dangerous the beast becomes. It is GOOD to…how did Dr. Marion put it…ah yes…to exchange body fluids while I am Changed…it protects you." Those soft lips were just inches from Reno’s mouth and as the were spoke he dropped his head and his rough tongue slid seductively over the man’s sculpted collarbone. "And…. I SO want to "share" with you!" The Turk sucked a surprised breath as sharp fangs lightly scraped the skin at the hollow of his throat. There was a tug at his waist band and Whisper’s dexterous tail appeared in his line of vision, his belt dangling from the prehensile tip. The man felt silken lips smile against his throat at his surprised grunt. Then pale eyes widened as that creamy head shifted down, teeth and tongue tracing a fiery path towards his groin. Powerful fingers opened his pants and then slid inside to hesitantly stroke the hard bulge contained within. A soft moan hissed from between suddenly clenched teeth. The Turk had been brought to the edge of desire a couple of times in the last day or two with NO release and to say his flesh was sensitive would be a gross understatement. Whisper’s tail coiled lightly around his neck and gently tugged. Reno sank back giving in to the tentative demand as he rested his weight back on his hands. The white slid a hand around to the small of his back and lifted his hips a little, the other easing his pants down and out of the way. This left the man still on his parted knees, ribcage arched back, vulnerable belly completely exposed. It also gave the young male clear access to the erection that, once released, rose proudly from between his thighs. There was NO containing the groan that eased out of his mouth as pliant lips slid over to engulf his length in moist heat. Strong hands parted his thighs a little more and the young male eased him all the way in. OH MY GODS….Reno forced himself to not thrust roughly into the were’s tender throat. The redhead had been deep throated before but NEVER by anyone who had the exquisite muscle control that this one had. Muscles ringed and compressed as the were swallowed forcing a low uhhnnn…out of his partner’s throat. The Turk’s red head tilted back. His eyes closed. This time the man couldn't stop the reflex that had his hips rising. A powerful hand steadied him and that long broad tongue flattened, surrounding… massaging. Somehow Whisper managed to extend that wonderful muscle a little farther and the tip slipped out to brush the juncture of his bodies root and sack. It was a damned good thing that the strong lips clamped down on that thick base, sharp canines scraping slightly at the same time. The pressure prevented him from exploding right there and then. "YO…Whisper…ya gotta sto…ahhh!." A soft growl vibrated up his length and long fingers fisted into the sheets as his body bucked against that torturing mouth. "Yaaa…no…." If the desire to top that lovely white body had not been so great, Reno would have GLADLY let him finish. BUT…. "Really…I.. .want ta…" Crimson eyes flickered as the white slowly…with great reluctance. eased back, sliding him out, lightly nibbling and sucking as he did so… "Ohhhh….MOTHER GIA!" Reno forced himself to freeze, toes curling at the will power it took to willingly let that heat leave. He shouldn't have worried…Whisper slid his body up, trapping that tortured piece of HIM against a satiny…hard belly. The male rocked himself against Reno’s thigh lightly, rolling their bellies together, stimulating himself as he pleasured the body under his. The Turk didn't hesitate…he twisted, flipping the other male onto his back, It was HIGH time he took the dominant position! *********************************************************************

The minute his back hit the sheets Whisper relaxed, arching his neck a little, exposing his throat. The young male knew that he had taken some liberties by assuming a dominate position over his mate and although Reno had seemed to enjoy it….the white wasn't sure what his Alpha’s reaction would be. A warm hand stroked the velvet skin of his straining penis and gently cupped his sack. A soft hum started in his throat as a finger eased down to lightly touch his entrance. Whisper watched as the man over him turned, and shifted to the side in order to reach the lube and scoot a sample cup a little closer. Feathery brows dropped as the white pictured in his head Steel's taking of Titan. He knew where Reno’s beautiful erection was going to end up and the were realized that with his tail…this position wasn't going to work. The heavy base automatically compressed everything closed because of his weight resting on it. SO…while Reno was occupied.. .The albino flipped over, pushed his rear into the air and dropped his front to rest his weight on his elbows and forearms. "Son of a BITCH!" Reno had turned back around and he froze as he was confronted by the sight of Whisper’s firm ass up in the air, swaying slightly from side to side. The white grinned to himself as he saw the man’s dusky, hard member twitch out of the corner of his eyes and he coyly twisted his tail up and seductively to the side, effectively getting the appendage out of the way. Ears flattened slightly as he felt the Turk’s heat move behind him and an apprehensive shiver traveled over his skin causing velveteen fur to rise and fall in a wave as hot fingers stroked the soft underside of his tail and then lightly swirled around the rim of his tightly closed virginity. Whisper’s mind might have been fearful, but his body automatically pushed back a little and his own erection throbbed in response. Reno’s heat settle over his back and the man whispered in his ear as that finger continued pressed and release against him in a gentle rhythm. The man’s voice was rough and thick with controlled passion. "Whisper… I need you to try and relax, yo? This might be a little uncomfortable at first, ya need ta give it a chance. …Remember, if you need me to stop, just tell me…I WILL not hurt you.." Whisper nodded and concentrated on relaxing as Reno eased the slick digit in. White lips pulled back and the male just barely managed to restrain himself until he felt the man’s knuckle bump him. Then he could not help it…a soft growl slipped out. It wasn't terribly painful, but it wasn't pleasant eith…ahhhh. The growl changed to a startled almost squeak as Reno twisted his hand a little, the end of the slightly crooked finger lightly prodding. The young male couldn't have stopped himself if he wanted to. His rump pushed back hard into that intruding hand…hoping it would do that again. "YO….you okay there….?" There was a evil edge to the words and the Alpha pulled that finger almost out. Whisper was having none of that! His tail whipped over, wrapped around the slender but strong wrist and pushed the digit right back in…where it belonged. The young male moaned and his hips rocked as Reno…with a wicked grin stroked that little bundle of nerves deep inside…again and again. As the man eased his long finger around, filling and stretching, then added a second…the young Were had an epiphany. The whitecoats had NOT let them do this because… HELL it was ALL they would ever have wanted to do in their pleasure starved, pain filled world! There was a small amount of discomfort as a third finger was added…but as Reno slowly eased it in, his other hand slid between silken white thighs, stroked along a penis that was so hard that the touch almost hurt and then tickled across the base of his tail., Whispers back arched and he whimpered with need as those digits opened him up and loosened his tight muscles. The male could not stop the almost childish whine that escaped as that pleasure/pain stopped and his very NEEDY passage was suddenly empty. Wet fingers traveled again along soft skin, gently stroking, coating him heavily with lube and Reno’s soft groan had crimson eyes peeking over his shoulder only to freeze and lick dry lips at the sight of one long, pale hand gliding over that dusky length as The Turk slicked himself up. Oh Gods… oh Gods…..Whisper buried his face in the pillows….a presence behind him again and a blunt pressure, then he was slowly being filled by heat and satin covered steel. A soft whine started deep in his throat as a strong arm slipped around his hips holding him relatively still as a torturing hand slowly pumped his length at the same time Reno’s length was carefully rocked into him. The white could hear the breath hiss between his Alpha’s clenched teeth as the man brought his tremendous strength of will into play each time he shifted back and then forwards as he eased himself deeper. Whisper was young in were terms and had not had the opportunity to learn control….the exquisite feeling of being split and filled, the sensation of the man’s engorged head prodding and squeezing past his already sensitized prostate, combined with the hand that he was automatically pushing into triggered his climax almost instantly. Shuddering with the aftermath…the white was…disappointed….that it had happened so fast. Then he felt Reno shift over his back and a sample cup was set where it couldn't get spilled. The Were moaned softly as the man’s hard length (hard!) pushed a little farther into him as Reno pressed against his back to nibble on a shoulder. "Yo….hmmmm…" The man lifted….. rocked his narrow hips against the satiny rump… and Whisper pushed back hard as his vision sheeted to white when the Turk’s flat belly compressed the base of his sensitive tail. Sharp teeth nipped the tip of an ear as the were bucked under the dominant male… "That was ta get the sample…This….Ahhhh" Whisper almost screamed as Reno rolled himself inside stretching the now relaxed walls of that tight passage a little more. "THIS…is for the sheer fun of it!"


"Uhn…Uhn…Uhn…" Reno listened with pleasure to Whispers unrestrained, innocent moans as he set a slow, powerful thrusting rhythm. He had been at the very edge of his control before…not wanting to tear the thin tissue he was sheathed inside as he brought the young male to a climax. He needed to not immerse himself in what he was doing so that he could collect that last sample. The experienced man had known that Whisper would probably have a hair trigger even after his first initial release…after all his body had a hell of a lot of catching up to do in the pleasure department. The Turk could continue this for a remarkably long time. He had used his body as a weapon to extract information for years and had trained himself to last as long as was needed. He had held off his release, (not an easy feat considering the strength in the muscles that had clamped and rippled around him when Whisper climaxed) not wanting this first lovemaking session to be only about collecting a sample. When the muscled body under him had finally stopped shuddering, the Turk had held very still for a moment to collect himself and then eased himself forwards, sheathing himself all of the way in. Whisper’s inner muscles had relaxed after the sudden exertion of ejaculation and the walls of the tunnel he moved in now gave freely, opening to him with ease. Reno pushed his face into that wonderful smelling creamy mane and smothered his groan against the twitching muscles of Whisper’s wide back. Pale, languid eyes took in the way those powerful fingers clenched and released into the sheets. A questing, knowing hand slipped around and gave a couple of long strokes to flesh that had never really softened and the young male’s soft moans shifted to a deep hum. OH…that was NICE…the vibrations traveled from the deep chest and penetrated to HIS very core. Reno studied the writhing back under him, admiring the way Whisper’s creamy maned head arched back as he changed his angle driving against that little bundle of nerves. The hum changed to a keen . And the fire building in Reno became blinding, as his sweet lover chanted his name each time he drove his hips forwards. The sleek behind pushed hard into him and his pelvis ground against the heavy base of that wonderful tail. Whisper screamed "Reno…", and his body actually pulled the man in a little deeper as he arched reflexively. It shattered the Turk’s control. Strong hands pinned bucking hips as Reno drove himself deep, pumping and pounding against that sensitive tail area as he did so. Whisper sobbed as he was pushed over the edge a third time. His heavy tail coiled around a pale straining thigh, slithered between the cheeks of Reno’s quivering ass and the prehensile tip seemed to be trying to push the Turk further in as it pressed up hard against the root of his pulsing, buried erection. The man’s soft voice joined the were’s sobs. "Gods… Whisper.." was breathed over and over again as the Turk allowed himself to spill into that spasming passage. Reno felt the powerful body under him go limp and he managed to shift to the side as Whisper collapsed onto his belly. The man froze with concern, then grinned as the white mumbled something unintelligible, turned his head so that the Turk got a glimpse of glazed…lidded… SATED… crimson, then the pale outer lids closed and the young male was sound asleep. Easing his softened member out of his lover, Reno did a careful check…making sure he had caused no serious damage. Then he quietly reached up and snagged the second soft cloth he had prepared. He had just finished cleaning under the heavy tail and between snowy thighs when the door quietly opened to let Rude into the room. The big man studied the rather attractive scene…The combination of snowy fur…pale skin and flame colored hair was quite a picture. Then he flowed over to the bed with the muttered comment… "Man if ya don't turn him over, he is going to stick to the sheets!" Reno was thankful for his partner’s strength as they rolled the heavy form…but his long fingered hand closed around the dark wrist when the man reached for a cloth. "YO….I'll do it!" Pale eyes sheepishly asked forgiveness, and Rude just smiled…as he watched experienced…gentle… hands clean the excess "sample" off. There was no jealousy present as the man watched those talented fingers pay special attention to softly wiping shimmering shell pink softness. Then… Rude snagged the little bowl of ice with the sample cups off of the night stand and strolled back the way he had come. "You have a couple of hours before we get to Neibelhiem," was the last thing Reno heard as his friend quietly shut the door. ****************************************************** ******************************************************

Cid’s mind stuttered to a grinding halt. "WHAT….the fuck…" This started out a shout and faded to a whisper as Ice hugged herself, long fingers unconsciously stroking across her flat belly. Cid’s warm hand dropped to cover hers and the other pulled her against him. Such was the Were’s distress that she allowed this, only ducking her head to press against his broad chest. "Ya listen to the Captain…" The words were rough with suppressed emotion whispered directly into one twitching, delicate ear, "Ain't fucking NOBODY going to kill yer kits. Jest git that Gods be damned thought right outta yer pretty head!" Cid wasn't sure WHAT Vincent had said to cause this… but he was going to KICK the man’s stupid, shitten ASS the next time he saw him…and that bat winged bastards butt that resided in him too! Chaos should have corrected this as soon as it happened! Ice’s shoulders hitched against him as the female hiccupped. "Now…I know Vincent better than he knows himself. I am Gods be damned PROMISING ya that HE would NOT hurt your babies….ever….even if they are born yellow eyed, bat winged, and pointy tailed with little pink monkey butts!" Ice’s head snapped up as she pinned him with an outraged glare….then her face softened and she snorted. Cid leaned back, steering the helm with his elbows as he watched her fight a loosing battle against a smile. Hands slapped the pad against his chest…. hard. "OUCH!" "You are certain of this…?" The Captain stubbed his cig out on the heel of his boot . "I am FUCKING positive." Cid felt the wheel shift against his back and he turned, one strong hand flashing out and preventing any high jinks the airship was thinking about starting. He felt Ice’s long arms reach around to hug him as she nuzzled into the back of his neck for a moment and then rested her chin on his shoulder. The Were’s warm breath tickled across his ear and the man winced at the ruin her brother had made of that soft voice. "Thank you ….Captain Cid." The man stretched…he still felt like shit but at least NOW he was the only one on the command deck who did. "Why doncha pour us a little more of that damned good tea…then ya can sit yer monkey butt down here and keep me awake. Ya must have other shitten things that you are dying ta ask." Ice topped their tea off and plopped her butt down right at his feet. The Captain watched bemused as the golden female folded her toes over each other and he had to suppress a start when that long tail coiled up and around his leg. For a moment she just sat, cinnamon maned head bent, writing at a furious pace. Then one hand shot up… a post it stuck on the end of a slender finger. "HOLY SHIT!" "Why are some of the trees green and some are yellow….why do you breath smoke…can you create fire like the Galian does? What is chocolate…what is a moose…and why would you want to cover one with the other and then eat it? What keeps the airship in the air? How come …."

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