The Orphans of Cerberus

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 The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 38 Ice jerked awake…laying very still, the female cast around trying to figure out what had awakened her. The lab was powered down for the night shift. She was used to hearing the small sounds that penetrated into their cell and her twitching shell like ears picked up nothing unusual there. The golden female sighed softly…well HELL! It was rare that she fell into a deep sleep. Between the stress of the situation, and her own body's discomfort…she had to snatch her rest as best she could. Easing her bulk over, the Were tried to wiggle herself into a more comfortable position against Yuffie's warm back. It was always a little cold here and both of her companions spent a lot of the night folded around the natural heater that her pregnancy had made of her. At least she wasn't totally starving now. Shadow managed to keep sneaking in a small supply of soft foods and Marion was ruthless when it came to getting the weird mashes she made down Ice's unwilling throat. The female managed a small sad smile as she nuzzled into the back of Yuffie's neck. The little Vet should just let her fade…Ice did not want to survive to see her kits born into this miserable existence. They would always be considered nothing more than monsters and would be turned into sick and twisted weapons like her brothers, Steel and Titan. If she could somehow manage it…the golden mother planned on killing each one as it was born. If she had her way…this would be done before they could draw their first captive breaths. Yuffie whimpered in her sleep and Ice softly licked the Changeling's fevered neck. Then she froze. This is what had awakened her! The female's ears flattened as she raised up a little and delicately sniffed at the sleeping girl's breath. Holy SHIT! Ice quietly scrambled up and switched so that Yuffie was hidden between her and Marion (who had also awakened and was watching her with sleep fuddled eyes and slowly raising eyebrows!)…Ice carefully re-piled the blankets, trying to make every move seem casual and unhurried to their ever present watchers. Then she slid back under them and put her arms carefully around Yuffie's body…which had started to twitch as if the Changeling was caught in a bad dream. Marion's look went from one of confusion to alarm as Ice quietly wrapped her long fingers around Yuffie's narrow muzzle. The scientist was just opening her mouth to question the Were when Yuffie convulsed under the blankets. Ice hissed softly as the girl thumped her hard in the ribs and then she just grimly held on as the thrashing body pinned between them… "Changed." "What the HELL!" Marion tightened around Yuffie's panting HUMAN form. Ice just stared at the Vet over the girl's sleek brown hair. Those pale silvery eyes were wide as the slender hands flew. "A True Change?….This is a TRUE Change!" Marion frowned, "Do you mean that Yuffie is Cured?" The female gave an emphatic shake of her head. "NO….Yuffie has made a True Change….She is a full fledged Were!" "CRAP…!" Both of them looked into Yuffie's clear brown, open, eyes. The ninja's fever seemed to have broken. "How do I Change myself back? IF Angelique see's me like this, I am SCREWED….Without the benefit…by TITAN! Yuffie's intense, frightened gaze shifted between Ice and Marion's faces. The doctor went very still. She knew from experience how cruel the great beast was. The ninja had every reason to be terrified. "Ice…" That lovely face twisted and the golden Were dashed their hopes. "Yuffie's body is going to gravitate to her human form…it is her natural state after all. A True Changeling has to be taught to trigger a shift. Pain, fear, stress or even anger can…. There was a commotion outside their cell and Marion hissed… "SHIT!" Angel and Duprey staggered into the lab followed by the two Troop brothers. Their watchers had not been fooled.


Vincent found himself in the unusual position of agreeing with Reno. (and Chaos) This WAS entertaining! They were in the main engine room of Highwind's airship. The room was remarkably quiet, the great engine silenced by its’ own earlier attempt to tear itself into pieces. Cid was flying the machine on its’ two auxiliaries and maintained that they would have the power to get the ship over and through the high mountains as long as the weather held. The crew had been stripped down to the bare essentials, this room was suppose to be closed down until they had the man power to make repairs. (Not to mention the proper parts!) Valentine had been on deck when a concerned crewman had approached Highwind and informed him that unauthorized personnel were down tinkering around with his…baby! As fast as Vincent was…Cid beat him to the engine room. As he entered, the gunman had been snagged by a long fingered, strong hand. "YO….boss….hold up there….just watch…this is going to be good!" Vincent winced at the reminder of the "arrangement" he had been pressured into. It had been decided that only those who would not be in danger of being…Changed…would be going on this rescue. Abraham had insisted on several of his Family coming, the Patriarch included…and Shinra had insisted that this was a company problem and should be dealt with by Shinra personnel. Of course the only Shinra employee's that were not at risk were Reno and Whisper. Yeah….right! This combination in EVERYONE'S opinion was volatile at best…The werewolves would NOT take orders from Reno, and Rufus had insisted that the Turk chain of command not be compromised by Abraham. Tseng (the sneaky bastard) had recommended that Valentine temporarily come out of "retirement" and be re-instated as a Turk. His previous command experience PLUS his connection to the Patriarch…namely Galian…. made him the perfect choice to be put in charge of the operation. ALL on the mission would take orders from and answer directly to him….Vincent had made it clear that he would do this only if ALL of the members of the mission agreed to it. The ex-Turk had secretly been sure that there was no way Abraham would put himself in the position of taking orders from ANYONE. THAT sneaky bastard had just nodded and murmured what an excellent idea Tseng had come up with. Really…the two were way to much alike for Valentine's peace of mind! As the commander here he should have nipped this in the bud before it got this far…BUT… as the ex-T…um Turk watched Cid lean over the massive frame of the crippled main and look up into the engine's shattered innards… "Whisper….Get yer fricken long tailed ASS outta my damned engine!" Valentine made the judgment call that… yeah….Reno was right…this was going to be fun and rank did have its’ privileges! The gunslinger smirked a little when both of his demons slipped forwards to watch as he joined Reno in leaning against the wall. There was a muffled thud from inside the twisted mess of metal and a grease streaked head dropped out. "But Captain Cid…I can fix this!" Highwind slapped a hand to his face, "Ah Hell Whisper…This is pretty fricken close to Gods be damned rocket science! That damned engine is a complicated bitch. Ya can't just go bypassing this and rigging that an expect that the shitten thing will run. Sweet talking and stroking er nice will only get ya so far…Ya screw around with her and she'll damn sure go P.M.S. and kill us all!" Whisper blinked and wistfully stroked a twisted coupling… "But if you remove this and…" “Hey… DON"T fricken touch that…Damn it….get yer big, pink, monkey BUTT outta my engine!" Reno stirred beside Vincent… "Yo… man, you goin to step in here?" Valentine just tucked his chin down into his collar a little further, smirked and shook his head. Reno grinned and leaned back against the wall again. "GREAT….he shouldn't have said that!" Whisper's ruby eyes picked up a bloody glow and then narrowed…the watchers saw his thin lips form the words…PINK…Monkey Butt?…then twist up in a truly evil smile. "WHAT…do you mean you don't want me touching….THIS? Those powerful fingers closed on the coupling the young male had been looking at. A quick twist of his thick wrist and the part came off. Cid looked like he was going to have a coronary. "You afterbirth of a Wuttian gang fuck….put that bastard back! The were male dropped down until he was hanging by his strong tail, his long narrow muzzle just inches in front of Highwind's red face. The beast bared his four inch fangs and softly growled… "Make me!" A twist of his lithe body and the white disappeared back up into the bowels of the silent machine. Valentine straightened up a little in concern as Highwind bit through his cigarette and did an odd little dance, one hand clutching his chest. "Mother fucking, Gods be Damned, fricken MONKEY from hell!" There was another loud thump from Cid's precious engine and a large bolt came flying out just missing the blonde's cursing head. Reno could not suppress his loud snicker…for that matter Chaos was sending out warnings that Vincent was going to hurt himself internally if he kept holding it in. Cid unfortunately heard them and the Captain spun, stalking towards the loitering pair. One blunt finger stabbed Reno in the chest. "You…laugh it up jack ass! This is YOUR fricken fault!" The Turk's red brows flew up. "YO!…What?" "I just happen ta fuckin agree with the old wolf….YOU are a damned bad influence!" Vincent just managed to wipe the smile off of his face as narrowed cerulean eyes flashed his way. He wasn't fast enough. "What are you smiling at…Vamp! Ain't you supposed ta be the shitten BOSS here? That means my huge ass bill is going to end up on yer Gods be damned desk if dumb ass up there fricken fucks my baby up!" "HEY….THINGS LOOK PRETTY FUCKED UP IN THERE ALREADY…HOW WILL HE KNOW IF WHISPER MAKES THINGS WORSE?" Valentine opened his mouth to relay the message to Highwind only to have his eldest demon snap it shut. "DON'T….THAT WAS A RHETORICAL QUESTION!"


Cid paused on his way back up to the command deck. He was grinning as he shook a new cigarette out of his package and placed it between his lips. Ha….that had been rather fun. People did not realize that being "The Captain" required more than just being able to pilot the great ship. Naw…. it took a subtle and working knowledge of how to manipulate people when ya needed to. The Captain had been worried about Vincent's state of mind. Knowing the man as well as he did, Highwind was certain that by the time they reached their destination the gunman would have worked himself and his demons tighter than a virgin's mainspring. These little…distractions…that he orchestrated, helped provide a relief valve for the man's severely bottled up (Anal!) emotional state. The fact that the blonde had caught Vincent with a smirk on his face showed that this one, at least, had worked to an extent! They needed Valentine to be on his best game if…WHEN…they found the girls. HELL, everyone needed to be on their best game…That bitch grandma, Angelique, had already proven just how ruthless and twisted she was! AND… If these people were mass producing those creepy changeling creatures…things were going to get mighty rough. The pilot ran a blunt fingered hand through his hair to rub at the back of his neck as he stepped on deck…his relief pilot promptly stepped away, relinquishing the helm back to its’ master. Highwind automatically checked their heading and the latest atmosphere readings, while he turned things over in his head. He was PROBABLY going to have to apologize to Whisper for the afterbirth comment. (This prompted a slight twitch of full lips around his smoke…that had been a stroke of sheer genius!) Cid knew that Whisper was feeling more than a little down about getting injured and not being able to prevent the kidnapping in the first place. The boy's self confidence (along with his body!) had taken a huge hit and the white had been unusually quiet when they set out on this mission. It hadn't taken but just a few carefully dropped hints about the state of his engines and being understaffed from Cid for those shell like ears to perk up a little. HELL…who knows, Whisper might even be able to pull a miracle out of his long tailed, pink ass and get the damn thing working. The man secretly hoped that his…motivational technique… worked and Whisper rose to the occasion just to spite him! The Captain was keeping track of a couple of anomalies in the atmosphere and feared that they might develop into one of these mountains impressive killer storms. If that happened, they would be woefully underpowered and at the mercy of the elements. Before this was all said and done…they might just need that crippled main. ***************************************************************** Marion was ashamed of herself. When Duprey had removed a panicked and struggling Yuffie from their cell, she had a moments selfish hope that this would give her a reprieve from the sick researcher's and Shadow's daily…attentions. No such luck. Shadow appeared at their door to retrieve her slightly earlier than the usual time. Gods…the woman did not know how much more of this she could take. So crushed was her spirit and bleak were her thoughts that she did not notice that the black was not following their usual path to the lab. A hard hand in the small of her back as the beast suddenly propelled her into a small storage room was what jerked her back to the here and now! Before she could even draw a breath to scream, Shadow locked a hand over her mouth. His powerful arms bent her body forward over a small desk, and the woman's mind stuttered to a screaming halt as his massive body settled over her back while that thick, mobile tail and a hand-like foot forced her legs apart. Marion was totally confused….Shadow had given her the impression that he did not want to hurt her…and now it seemed that he was going to force himself on her in his beast form. Instinctively she started to struggle. It was of no use, she was well and truly pinned. There was no stopping the tears of fear and…betrayal… that slipped down her cheeks as she felt his hard maleness press against her through the thin fabric of her shift. That heavy jaw dropped and Shadow’s hot breath hissed in her ear. "DON"T….fight me, please. We have little time before they realize we are not were we are supposed to be." A hot tongue flicked out, lightly lifting a tear from its’ path. "As things stand… HE… will eventually kill you and I believe you have realized how truly horrible your passing will be!" The vet couldn't help but flinch as a large, rough hand eased up her thigh, sliding the cloth up and out of the way. She fought hard to suppress a hysterical laugh as she felt the cool slickness on those blunt fingers as they spread her and applied a thick coating of lube. That laugh cut off as the hand withdrew and Shadow shifted his narrow hips until his hard tip was pressed tightly into her center. The beast growled a little but it was tempered by a soft sigh as he loosened his hold over her mouth. "There is an alternative to this fate…I do for you what I could not do for my Audrey…I offer you a CHOICE between death and making a True Change. Do NOT choose lightly! Nothing I have done so far is permanent. Once this is done there is no turning back…If I take you as a beast…I WILL take your humanity and it cannot be returned! Choose quickly…but make damned sure you can live with your choice." Oh Gods…oh Gods….Marion was not afraid to die, as a matter of fact… more than once, she had wished for death while the twisted scientist tortured her body for his pleasure. Still, she could not in true conscience, leave her companions to suffer when maybe the element of surprise could buy them all a way out. Losing her humanity wasn't a concern…very many more sessions with Duprey and the inevitable would happen. If her physical body did not give up…her humanity would die along with her sanity. The Vet felt Shadow sigh and start to pull back, as the male assumed that her silence meant she was not able to accept what he offered. Marion quickly reached up and grabbing a handful of his thick mane she pulled him back down over her. Mother Gia…he was huge…what was pressing between her legs was most certainly going to split her! With the internal bruising she already had, there was no way this was not going to hurt! The woman could not stop the way her voice shook. "No…can't you just bite me the way you did Reno?" Shadow nuzzled into the back of her neck and she could feel him running his tongue over her skin in a soothing manner. "Biting you would bring about a True change…but that way takes more time. If you are inoculated this way…your change will be almost instant." Mother Gia….not really a choice then. Marion pressed her forehead against the desk, braced her arms and shifted her feet so that her shaking legs were spread a little wider in order to accommodate him. She didn't trust herself to speak, just nodded slightly and pushed her hips back into that hot, softly furred groin. Shadow rumbled approvingly and his hand tightened back over her lips. "I am sorry…I haven't the time to make this pleasant. If you stay relaxed…it may hurt less" This was all the warning the male gave her as his powerful grip tightened and he surged into her. *******************************************************************

Shadow had not been sure that he would be able to coax his body into becoming excited enough to mount the little scientist. He had grown rather fond of this particular female and the thought of hurting her was abhorrent to him. It turned out that his natural instincts came to the rescue. The male had taken the precaution of stealing some of Angel's pheromone laden lubricant. This intoxicating scent plus putting Marion in a position reminiscent of a female in heat, stirred his libido enough that he was having to exercise every bit of his self control in order to give the female a choice. The male did not hesitate when Marion pushed back against him in much the same way a willing Troop female would. Rumbling a soft apology for the necessary brutality of the act, Shadow ran his length hard into her. He loosened his grip on her body a little, and allowed his heavily muscled chest to cushion the impact as she bucked up against the pain of this massive intruder stretching and tearing sensitive flesh. He did not have the time to let her body adapt to his size, (he really doubted it's ability to do so anyways) so even as she writhed against him, the beast closed his eyes, flattened his ears against the screams that his smothering hand stifled and concentrated on maintaining a steady thrusting rhythm. It became a little easier as shock pushed the woman to the edge of consciousness and her trembling body became still under him. Her blood eased his passage and he whispered softly into her ear to just hold on a few minutes more. Shadow had known there was always the risk that his mate would die of pain and shock before he could finish this. A soft moan made him pause in mid stroke and relief shifted his eyes from old brass to bight gold as Marion's hips unconsciously pushed back against him. THERE…enough of the virus had been dumped into her system that the damage he had caused was healing. More importantly…as the female's physiology started to "Change" the close proximity of an Alpha male was triggering her Heat response. Those gleaming eyes flew wide when the little Vet lifted her head, flipped her sweat matted hair back out of her face and snarled at him. "Damn it Shadow….I thought you said you needed to hurry this…Gods…" Again the woman pushed back into him. This time rolling her tight little ass in a seductively wanton manner that just about made his startled tongue drop out. "Move…your…Gods be damned…long tailed ass…hips…whatever…I don't CARE! Just MOVE something!" Shadow gaped, lightly grasped the back of her neck between massive fangs and drove himself into her willing heat. Marion hissed… "Mother Fucker…!" As the woman under him started to pant, and rock herself into his thrusts, the Were took his hand off of her mouth in order to stroke along those soft furless sides. Shadow nuzzled gentle nips and rough licks up and then down her sweating back. The scientist shuddered as the male growled, "My little whitecoat…" and his wedge shaped head twisted to slip a hot tongue along the little V at the base of her spine. That area (which would soon quite literally sprout a tail) was hyper sensitive and the Were had to slap his hand back up to muffle her howl as Marion drove her rump hard back into him and arched up against his cover. That was it….Shadow lost all control as he rode those twisting hips. Marion lost herself in her release… bucking and twisting against him, caught between the pleasure of her orgasm and the painful throes of a True Change. Shadow bit his own tongue to keep from booming as the form he was riding…shuddered into her Change. His climax came swift and hard as instinct pushed his body into flooding her receiving vessel with as much of his virus laden seed as possible. The knot that formed at the base of his penis to trap everything in swelled and they remained locked together as Marion's new form stabilized. Shadow carefully eased them both back and supporting the female's rather limp form, he settled back on his rump while snuggling HER rump tight into his lap. Without thinking about it he started working his blunt fingers through her tangled mane, idly noting the way each chestnut hair was tipped in soft cream. It made her mane look…frosted. Marion stirred and tilted her head so she could look at him from the corner of one green eye. Shadow's breath caught in his throat. At first glance, Marion had seemed a solid, deep brown. But as the dim light played over her slender form, an irregular pattern of rich russet and, underneath, cream was revealed swirling through the rich loam. It gave her short silky fur the look and sheen of watered silk. The same pattern was there in the green of those tilted eyes but it was gold swirled in emerald…a very sharp contrast to the rich earthy tones of her rather elegant, narrow face. Those long shell like ears flattened at the look on his face. "What…am I missing a tail or something…?" The Changeling tried to ease up to look, only to squeak as she caught against his swelling. Shadow grunted as a jolt shot through him at the sharp tug. "Ah ha…going to have to sit still for a moment." "Oh…sorry…" Marion was very quiet as she examined her clawed hands and wiggled her feet to look at the long monkey like toes there. He felt a slight pressure against his belly as her tail tried to free itself from between the two of them. Shadow wasn't surprised when his mate's shoulders hitched as she started to cry. He ran a soothing tongue along the back of her neck, snuffling a little as her soft mane ticked his nose. "I am sorry…Marion…I could not think of anything else to do…Duprey IS eventually going to kill you. Or worse…Titan" The Vet straightened up eliciting another soft hiss from the male. "Damn…still Marion…please…sit still." The female carefully leaned her head back against one powerfully muscled shoulder. "Sorry…It's okay, Shadow…I'm not crying because of this…"She tried to raise a leg only to freeze as the male grabbed her hips to immobilize them. His groan was slightly strangled. "Damn…sorry…It's just I am not HURTING anymore. I hadn't realized how bad the pain had become until it quit." Shadow smiled against that satiny fur. "Your healing factor has repaired the damage that Duprey has been inflicting on you. HE won't be able to hurt you like that any more." The male felt himself softening and he carefully shifted the scientist around so he could look at her. He was startled by the absolutely WICKED look that crossed that oddly delicate, triangular face. "Maybe…If we are LUCKY…that twisted bastard will rape me one more time before he realizes what I've have become." Shadow's gape mouthed smile was as evil as hers. "That would be an…appropriate…fate for that one…now wouldn't it!"

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