The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus CH. 7

Vincent didn't think he was going to make it in time. As he hit the bridge he could see that Ice was holding on with just the very tips of her claws. The ex-Turk could not suppress the groan and soft hiss that escaped his lips when her grip did fail as he reached them, and his almost healed shoulder complained about taking the strain of catching their combined weight.
Chaos grumbled.
Valentine forgave his eldest his ire as the demon pumped some of his dark strength through his host. The gunman sent a silent apology down to Ice as he double wrapped her tail around his wrist. He was pretty sure she didn't mind as he felt the flexible length of it tightened hard around his forearm and it even took another wrap on its own. It made hauling their considerable weight up just a little easier.
Yuffie made it to his side and helped get Reno up the last couple of feet. The Turk stifled a groan as they grabbed his legs while hoisting him onto the bridge. Vincent's hand came away bloody. THAT explained where the injury was. Not letting go of Ice's tail, the ex-Turk half carried, half dragged the redhead to more secure ground. The female came along without complaint, but did shoot him the mother of dirty looks at his impromptu leash.
Yuffie was working at Reno's belt the minute Vincent knelt and lowered him down.
The redhead's eyes flew open. And he weakly pushed at her hands.
"YO... hold up there."
Yuffie shot the man an incredulous look.
"Come on…. Reno, I know you aren't shy!"
The Turk gave her a leering smile,
"I'm not...just a minute..."
The man wiggled himself around so that his head was resting on Vincent's thigh. Then he gave her a blissful smile, relaxed, and waggled his eyebrows at her.
"Okay darlin, I 'm comfy now...go for it."
Yuffie jerked her hands up and scrambled back like she had been burned.
"You...FUCKING pervert!"
Vincent surged to his feet with a growl, and taking advantage of his distraction, Ice jerked her tail out of his hand. Yuffie could not resist when Reno smacked the back of his head on the ground.
"Ha...serves ya right...Asshole! Now VINNY gets to deal with it!"
Reno grinned and flashed the ex-Turk a sultry look from his prone position on the ground,
"Ohhhh... that would be fine by me, either one of you would do."
Yuffie froze in shock, had the Turk lost THAT much blood? Then, at the look on Valentine's usually impassive face, she managed to stuff her hand in her mouth and muffle the giggles that threatened to escape. Vincent's eyes flashed gold for a moment, then he knelt and in a couple of tugs had the Turks belt undone and his pants down.
The tall gunman leaned forwards and Yuffie just barely heard what he whispered to Reno.
"Chaos says... REALLY? If that's the case... HE is volunteering to take care of this for you."
Geez, the ninja hadn't thought that the redhead’s pale complexion could get any whiter... but it did.
"YO...don't even joke about that!"
Vincent's lips curled in a wicked smile revealing slightly elongated teeth and his deep voice developed a rough burr..
Yuffie didn't think Reno's eye's could get any bigger, for that matter hers felt like they might pop out at any minute. She was sure glad Chaos showed no interest in HER...Although with those soft wings and ….Shit!
The young ninja could not help herself as she leaned forwards to get a look at Reno's...leg... He was wearing a pair of really nice, silky looking briefs, but she still knew that her cheeks were burning. She knelt next to Vincent when he hissed softly,
"GODS Reno...That's arterial... why didn't you say something earlier?."
Yuffie could see several gashes on both of the Turk’s pale thighs. A couple had come really close to...and that would have just been a shame... CRAP! What was with her head!? It just refused to stop drifting into the gutter!
None of the wounds seemed too terribly bad. As a matter of fact, the majority of them had closed and were rapidly healing. One was high up towards the inside of his leg, and although it was not long, it was a deep puncture. Blood surged out sluggishly with each of the man's heart beats.
Reno struggled up on to his elbows to look,
"That hip's so sore I really can't feel those...didn't even realize they were still bleeding."
Vincent slashed a glance at Yuffie,
"I need you to apply pressure here while I ….."
Yuffie took one look at where her hands would have to be.
"HA...I don't think so... HE won't behave himself!" (ohhhh and maybe I wouldn't be able to behave either!)
Ice snatched her tail out of Vincent's hand, Alpha or not...really! She examined the end of it and gave the offended appendage a couple of soothing swipes with her tongue. Then she waited expectantly for the Alpha to put his lieutenant in his place for making a pass at his mate. She was stunned when that did not happen. The female shook her head, maybe the second was castrated, that would explain why Vincent did not count him as a threat to his authority. Ice scooted forwards, curiosity driving her to look and see when Reno's pants were removed. No... he was certainly an intact male. The female smacked her lips together softly, she would never understand how human Troop politics worked. Then... she caught a whiff of a hot, metallic scent, and flashed a look at the crimson male. The winged nightmare looked back at her for a moment out of crimson eyes gone suddenly gold, and she had to sit hard on the sudden urge to run. Maybe THIS Alpha did not have to get physical to reprimand.
Ice huffed and gave the redhead a guilty look when she realized where the bleeding injury had come from. She slipped forwards and slid her fingers up the pulse path on his leg. Shifting his male parts out of her way, (and wasn't that silky material a PLEASURE to touch) she balled up her hand, wrapped the other around it and being careful of her claws, bore down hard above the bleeder, compressing the artery and effectively slowing the flow of blood. Reno's softly inhaled breath at her initial touch (oh yes...she would be willing to bet PERVERT was one of his OTHER names) changed to a pained grunt at the pressure. She caught Vincent's startled look and kept her expression bland as she blinked at him. What... did the foolish male really think that Sergeant wouldn't have taught her the basics of first aid?
Ice watched as Vincent cleaned the blood away and examined the wound. The red female flattened her ears again in apology when Reno twitched as a quick flick of gleaming golden talons removed a sharp sliver out of the injury. Evidently one of her claws had splintered and the piece left behind was responsible for the prolonged bleeding.
Ice guiltily looked away, studying the ruins. She had thought her albino brother was dead, it had been so long since the last time she had seen him. He had escaped shortly after Sergeant's capture and subsequent "punishment." It had made keeping herself hidden all that much harder as the whole underground compound had been searched high and low, but Whisper (her fragmented memories released the name reluctantly) had proven to be wily and was never caught.
The golden female watched the shadows warily...why had he helped? She could understand why he would have intervened if she were a part of his Troop. But an Alpha male would not lift a hand to help a subordinate male. (unless the one needing assistance was one of a leading "team" like Steel, Lahar and Shadow) Most males hid their injuries, as any sign of weakness was a lure for a subordinate male to try to move up in rank. An outside male like Reno was attacked without qualm. Whisper had always been smaller, but smarter than the others and had never vied for an alpha position... but still... HE was male...this made him untrustworthy...Why had he helped?
Ice’s attention was snapped back as the man beside her did "something." A wave of energy crawled over her hands, stinging her fingers. Her mane stood straight out in reaction and it made her sneeze hard, four times. She gave the man a blurry, outraged look out of watering eyes and scrambled back. DAMN! Ice shook her smarting fingers and licked them.
She was happy to see that Reno's life threatening wound healed quickly, but she still curled her lips at Valentine and signed,
"From now on,...BEFORE you cast a Cure... I would appreciate a little warning, so I can put some distance between us. To say that was... uncomfortable... would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!"
The female was surprised when it was his crimson gaze that shifted away from her spiky maned, hard glare this time.
Reno had been barely aware when Vincent had laid him down, but having a beautiful young woman who SMELLED irresistible fumbling at your belt was a perfect wake up call. Maybe it was the blood loss but he could not resist yanking her chain a little. Of course, he wasn't really sure what made him extend the invite to Valentine, but when Chaos answered it, the Turk swore to himself that he would NEVER sexually bait the quiet gunslinger again. It just wasn't worth the risk of attracting the attention of the scary things that dwelt inside of him.
The Turk had been startled when Ice slipped up next to him and ran a cool, calloused finger up his leg. He could not quite stifle the reflex intake of breath that the oddly arousing touch of her shifting his silk encased genitals out of the way, caused. Of course when she bore down on his leg, pain wiped all of those wonderful erotic feelings away. Add the sharp stab he felt as the gunman's gleaming claw picked something out of the wound and ALL of the fun of being in this position totally escaped him.
The injured man caught the glint of metal as Ice slanted her ears down. He got the distinct impression that the female felt badly for having gouged him up, even if it had been an accident. Reno was just getting ready to tell her it was okay when he was interrupted by Vincent casting a Cure, Ice jerked away from him as if she had been stung. Her mane was standing up almost straight out and she shook her fingers and licked at them like they burned. The red head had a hard time suppressing his smile as, the up until now, quiet female gave the crimson cloaked ex-Turk a silent, but intense dressing down. The red maned female evidently had a feisty streak that she kept well hidden.
An odd sound from Yuffie drew his attention away from the entertaining sight of the intimidating, master of killer demons, Vincent Valentine not quite knowing how to deal with an upset female. Then the redhead rolled as he tried to place his body so that it would cushion the young woman as she collapsed into dirt. He succeeded in that she fell across his stomach and for the second time in the space of a few hours Reno had his breath driven out of him. There was nothing sexy about it this time though. The man could feel the sickening shift of Yuffie's bones and hear the cracking and crunching as they re-aligned themselves into a new shape. Remembering how badly the ninja had reacted last time she Changed, Reno had the presence of mind to wrap strong arms around her.
Titan huffed softly as Steel and Shadow approached him and the woman he had chosen to mate with. The third ranked male scrambled to his feet, laid the female's limp body down and backed off, smacking his lips in submission at the two dominant males. Steel watched as Shadow sniffed at the females eye's, tasted her breath and finally delicately sniffed at her sex.
The second ranked black shook his mane out and pinned Titan with a hard golden eyed glare and returned to stand by Steel.
"Not only has this female NOT kindled, but she most definitely has been exposed to the virus, she is not far off of a second generation Change."
"You were supposed to be CAREFUL!."
The larger of the two blacks cringed at the anger in Steel's rumbling words.
He rolled his head, offering his Alpha his throat,
"They are just too fragile and small," The black glanced slyly at the slightly smaller of the brothers, "Maybe if Shadow bred one while he was in human form...?"
He rolled on his back as both dominant's snarled at him and Steel pinned him, mock biting his exposed throat. As if ANY male would put himself at risk by taking that fragile form while they were vulnerable. Titan was lucky they did not kill him for even suggesting it, as both brothers knew the massive black most likely had ulterior motives. Without the mass and strength of the deceased Lahar backing them, the two smaller brother's were well aware they were at risk if Titan ever caught them separated. But, this time the big black phase male submitted. After chewing on him for a minute, Steel let him up. The brothers watched as his large form disappeared into the ruins.
Shadow slipped quietly over to the sick human and petted her soft hair for a moment. He took the time to clean the dirt and blood off of her, then with a soft sigh, he broke the fragile neck. Steel just shook his head as he watched Shadow arrange the body on its side, curling it into a comfortable fetal position. Then with a final soft pat the black rejoined him, looking away in embarrassment as Steel ran his tongue out in a guttural laugh.
"Brother, you are too soft in the heart for your own good." The gray's lip lifted as his smaller black brother refused to meet his eye. "If it bother's you this much, maybe YOU had better be the one to attempt it next...I have full confidence in that you would be...easier...on a female than Titan."
Shadow's ears went flat and his own lip lifted,
"Why not Ghost? He is smaller than me."
Steel rumbled a growl at Shadow's reluctance and, in his eyes, the second's insubordination.
"NO...I will not let a male with no rank, breed. Next time... It will be you!"
As they headed back into their territory, Shadow risked one more glance back at the petite female's sad body. Damn...they desperately needed living kits. He found, much to his surprise that he was actually considering Titan's dangerous suggestion.
Yuffie was trying unsuccessfully to hide her grin while Ice gave Vincent a silent but eloquent chewing out. The young woman couldn't understand what those graceful flowing hands were saying. But the poofed out cinnamon mane, the female's pissed off body language and the gunslinger's chagrined look... said it all. Yuffie's grin shuddered into a grimace as she felt the first crawling itch under her skin that seemed to indicate that... Change... was eminent. She tried to give Reno and Vincent fair warning but when the itch swept into flame, all that came out was a garbled moan. Pain flashed through her, she felt her legs give out and was vaguely surprised when instead of hitting the hard ground, she somehow landed on something soft. It took the ninja's overloaded brain a few seconds to process the fact that the soft body belonged to Reno. For a moment the uncharitable thought crossed Yuffie's mind that the perverted Turk was probably enjoying having a female body writhing around on his. Then, as she heard her bones popping and grinding, she relented, figuring that NOBODY was sick enough that they would find the creepy feeling of her body literally changing shapes... a turn on.
Yuffie felt remarkably strong arms wrap around her, and even though they belonged to Reno, it brought some comfort to her as she tried to scream with the agony that accompanied her body's unnatural transition. The only sound that her spasmodic throat and lungs would allow out was a soft…uhhnnn...uhnn...uhnnn!
A warm hand curled around her waist, and she realized that Vincent was holding her as he used his claws to carefully cut through her confining clothes to allow for her body's changing shape. It did help some of the pain in her chest, shoulders, and stomach. This small relief allowed the thought to leak through that it was a shame he was cutting off her clothes in THESE circumstances and not somewhere more...private.
"YEAH ….like Valentine would want to DO a monkey girl," she thought in despair, as with the Change complete, she lay panting across Reno's prone form.
Valentine had never seen someone who reacted like they were allergic to a Cure before. Needless to say, he was caught a little off guard at Ice's pained reaction to his casting one. He took her dressing down with good grace as it was evident that the creature was just letting off some steam. After all...he wasn't like she didn't have a reason to be just a LITTLE upset with him in particular. The gunman was just opening his mouth to apologize when Yuffie made a small, odd sound. Vincent turned just as she collapsed on Reno who had twisted around to provide a living cushion. He got a quick look of surprised pale eyes, then the prone man shut them and wrapped his arms around the ninja's twisting, Changing form.
Chaos suggested helpfully. He wasn't being his lecherous self, even the demon's hard heart could sympathize with another being going through the pain of an unwanted Change.
They both knew through experience that the tight clothes Vincent had buttoned up for Yuffie earlier could not give, and were contributing to some of her pain. They both had learned the lesson early on, wear things that could give, tear or come off easily to adjust to a changing form. Steadying her writhing form as much as he could with his good hand and trying to ignore the disconcerting feel of her muscles and bones shifting and changing, he cut the confining material off with his gauntlet's sharp talon's. Yuffie just lay panting when it was done. Reno opened his eyes but did not let go of the very different form he was now holding. The man flashed Vincent a distressed look as Yuffie shuddered and buried her face under his chin.
Vincent ran his good hand over her mane which at first had looked black. It was a deep chocolate that looked black until light played over it drawing out the rich velvety highlights. The long silky hair moved as she breathed, shifting luxuriously over her head, neck, shoulders, and chest, before ending mid-back in a V which pointed suggestively towards her long silver tail. The rest of her, from her up-swept, pointed, shell like ears, to her short fingered hands and feet, was covered with a soft silver fur that was striped with a broken mottled pattern done in that dark warm chocolate. Yuffie's long muzzled head came up, and Vincent couldn't help but think that the way the chocolate striping accentuated and drew the attention to her honey gold eyes was strangely attractive. The Galian beast stirred and rumbled appreciatively.
"Srit...tha futhin urs..." The words the young woman managed to spit out were totally garbled.
Vincent froze, afraid that maybe this change had also damaged the young woman's mind. He shifted over, a little surprised when Ice willingly came forward to crouch next to him.
Those graceful hands danced and the gunman translated for Yuffie,
"Try that again...a little slower. You will have to adjust to your jaw, tongue and throat being very different than what you are used to."
An inner eyelid flicked reflexively across, darkening the honey of Yuffie's eyes. This time, although she spoke very slowly and it came out rougher and deeper than what the gunman was use to hearing, it was definitely Yuffie.
"I... said...SHIT!.. that... FUCKING... hurts!"
She glanced at Reno, wrinkling her lips, and Vincent had to repress a growl as he realized that the Turk was secretively stroking her velvety fur. This time the words came easier to her.
"You ...can let go...Reno."
The red head caught Valentine's dark look and snatched his hands off of her. The gunman had to hide a smile when the man's cheeks pinked up a little.
Whisper stifled his laughter as he watched his little sister chew out the Alpha male. The cinnamon maned female had always had more spunk than was good for her. Although the loner understood... he remembered how miserable being that close when a Cure was cast felt.
The Albino had cautiously worked his way closer to the group. He would not admit it, even to himself, but Whisper was desperately tired of being alone. Even watching this odd little Troop from the outside was better than returning to the stark, lonely existence that was his life. He watched wistfully as the crimson cloaked male stroked his female's unusually colored mane, giving comfort. And he had to control a flare of envy as the red phase male surreptitiously stroked her soft, beautifully patterned fur. It had been a very long time since the rogue male had experienced the feel of a caring touch. That one little spot in the middle of his mane was always itchy and tangled. He could not reach it and there was no one around to groom it for him.
Whisper gave a gape mouthed grin at the Changeling's colorful language. EVERYBODY hated the pain and discomfort that Changing caused, that was just a fact of life. He ached to be able to go forward and help when she automatically tried to stand up and had to drop to a quadrupeds four legged stance. This was the Troop's natural form, in it they could stand on two legs, but it took practice. The youngling would have to work at it before she had the balance and coordination to match the natural grace of Ice when she moved.
There was a whisper of sound, and a hint of movement at the edge of the ruin's drop into the canyon. Whisper studied the spot intently, the red phase male had been bleeding and there were THINGS down here that hunted on smell alone. The Alpha male and his little group were so focused on their female that they did not notice anything amiss. The Albino reared up on two legs as a hoard of armored, many legged monsters poured over the rim. Inflating his throat sacs, Whisper BOOMED a warning, and watched as the Alpha spun around and saw the approaching danger.
The young male expected the Troop to run, leaving the lower ranked red male to his fate. That is what his brother's Troop would do, unless the injured one was a female. Instead the tall, raven maned male strode towards the attacking hive, drawing a large weapon from his hip. The sound of thunder filled the dark and individual BUGS started dropping. Ice, looking like she wanted nothing more than to run, (the female had ALWAYS hated creepy crawlies, and these nightmares were BIG) moved up until she was between the Alpha and the downed male. To Whisper's amazement, the newly Changed female, staggering a little at the unfamiliar quadruped gait, joined her shoulder to shoulder. Whatever got by the Alpha would have to go through them to get to the other male. The red phase male tried to rise, but had lost enough blood that he could only make it to his knees. He had also pulled out a firearm and with the other hand he drew an odd cylindrical rod. This subordinate male it seemed would not go down without a fight. Even so...The troop was small and even with the guns, the hive had a huge advantage in numbers.
Whisper dropped fast through the tangled girders, he hadn't stretched his fighting skills in a while, maybe one more would make a difference.
Reno held tight to Yuffie's twisting body. At any other time having a woman writhing around on top of him would have made his day. But this was just...distressing. The red head shut his eyes but could not block out the awful sensation of shifting bones and muscles or the pitiful sounds that forced themselves out of Yuffie's throat. She was in terrible agony and there was nothing that the Turk could do to help her. He did NOT like this feeling of helplessness. Reno felt the weight on him increase as Vincent pinned the girl's shuddering body as best he could and cut off her clothes. Again there was the quick flash of how erotic this SHOULD be (let's face it a threesome that included the lithe ninja AND the deadly, sexy ex-Turk...and let's not forget his demon's... had been the subject matter of many of this sexual deviant's wet dreams) but it was erased as he felt fur literally spring out of her sweating skin and roll down the suddenly compact body in a wave. Finally, Yuffie lay still, panting. When she shoved her long nose under his chin with a soft moan. Reno's eye's flashed open to catch Vincent's crimson gaze. For a moment nothing but naked despair looked back at him, then the gunman's eye's shuttered themselves and he bent his raven head as he gently stroked Yuffie's long silky mane.
Yuffie wearily picked up her head, and Reno felt a real stab of concern when all that came out of her mouth was nonsense. He didn't think he could handle it if the bright... annoying... young woman had been reduced to an animal's intelligence. Watching the shock and fear flow across Valentine's usually unreadable face Reno wondered if Vincent realized how much of his heart the young ninja owned. Both males breathed silent thanks as with a little concentration the young woman made it clear she had been taking language lessons from Cid.
As the changeling straightened up, Reno caught a subtle and tantalizing scent. WOW...was it the fur that made her smell so good? HE wasn't aware of his hands slowly stroking over the beautifully patterned velvety fur until Yuffie lifted her lips exposing a pretty awesome set of hardware and Vincent growled at him. What the HELL?...he snatched his hands off of her, hoping that his blush would distract everyone's attention away from the OTHER evidence that his body really liked the way she felt and smelled no matter what his mind thought of how she looked. (And lets face it, it wouldn't take much to convince himself that the exotic animal look was HOT!)
A deep echoing BOOM, took care of that concern for him. Vincent spun at the sudden sound, his weapon appearing like magic in his hand. Reno saw a mass of pale, armored creatures pour over the lip of the twisted metal canyon. The gunman strode to meet them, unlimbering the big gun..
Cerberus's deep voice rumbled out and with every shot a monster fell, but it seemed that every one that fell was replaced by two. Reno struggled up but a wave of weak dizziness kept him on his knees. This did not prevent him from drawing both his gun and his E.M.R. Silver and honey gold eyes met, and as one, both females moved to stand shoulder to shoulder between him and Vincent. Reno was stunned and humbled that they would bother. His was not a life that many would risk themselves to save. And the two Avalanche members had more reason than most to just leave him.
Vincent was overwhelmed in a wave of jointed legs, clashing mandibles and whip like antenna's. His talons now joined Cerberus in the killing. Ice moved with blinding speed as one made it past him. She slipped into its embrace, ignoring the slashes its claws made. Bracing her hind toes in its abdomen she buried her fingers in under the armor of its thorax and using her whole body she jerked up. The giant insect was torn in half. Yuffie rolled under a second one that got through, caught its legs as she passed and hurled it back towards Vincent. Reno's bullet caught it on the fly as he jammed his E.M.R under the open mandibles of a third. Thumbing his favorite weapon to it's max setting short circuited the BUGS brain and any nerve nucleus it might have. The insect dropped in a twitching heap.
They were all experienced fighters but it was clear after a few minutes that there were just to many of the things. Both Yuffie and Ice were healing as they fought, but still they bled and they were tiring. Reno had managed through his protectors efforts to avoid any more damage. But it was Vincent who was taking the brunt of the attack. Even with his healing factor he was bleeding from many bites, stings, and slashes. Reno watched in horror as the man went down under the weight of his foes. A blur of white shot past him and plowed into the squirming pile that pinned the gunman.
Vincent was still fighting, he desperately did not want to loose control of Chaos with Ice this close. Even with his enhancements though, the weight of the hive members was slowly crushing the air out of him. The ex-Turk's vision was starting to go dark when BUGS started flying off of him. He caught a glimpse of a white mane and red eyes, then a large, incredibly strong, blunt fingered hand jerked him up and back on to his feet. The beast spun away and engaged in a deadly dance amongst the hive. There was no finesse, the male would just grab and whatever was unlucky enough to fall into his powerful hands got torn apart. That massive wedge shaped jaw scissored through the insect’s tough exoskeletons as if they were paper. The beast gave Vincent enough breathing room that Cerberus again came into play. When the big albino male rolled through like a juggernaut, hive members tried to scatter. This made them easy pickings for the gunslinger. Reno's weapon also sounded off, its voice a lighter tenor to Cerberus's deep bass. In very little time the ground around them was piled with twitching body parts, legs, and the occasional lonely head.
It took a while for the insects to realize they were dead so one had to watch that the lonely heads didn't attach themselves to you with their mandibles. This happened once to Ice and she had an attack of what Vincent could only describe as hysterics until the white male bounced on her, pinned her down and yanked the thing off. It seemed the cinnamon maned female had a real phobia when it came to bugs, and that last little head's unwanted attention was just too much for her over wrought nerves. The final straw was when the white male casually munched on that head while he checked out the dead and dying.. Valentine caught Ice's silver eyes for a moment, the disgust and horror that was there was almost...human. He had to duck his head to hide his smile when she gagged, then licked and wrinkled her lips at him.
The female shuddered as her hands flew emphatically,
That made it pretty clear what she thought of the whole twitching mess.
Vincent's attention snapped back to the white male when he sidled up close to Yuffie and that massive muzzle swung to sniff at the air around her. Ice flew, slamming in between them, mane straight out, mouth gaped in a threat display. The gunman sighted in on the white form with Cerberus. Reno was almost as fast with his handgun.
Valentine's finger tightened on the trigger as the albino gaped back at the smaller female, but he stopped himself from firing when the beast rumbled out a surprising tenor laugh.
"Ice...little should remember that I am no threat to her, heat or no heat."
Ice blinked in confusion but did not back down. The blood colored eyes slid slyly away from her to glimmer at the ex-Turk then turned to appraise Reno for a moment. The musical, light voice dropped until even with his enhanced hearing Vincent almost missed what was said.
"Ah...I see that you truly don't remember... I have no interest in females. As Sergeant so delicately put it years ago... I don't swing that way."
The big male sauntered away from the pair of stunned females, and approached Reno who was trying to get to his feet. As the red head staggered, the big male placed himself so that the Turk could catch and then balance himself on the broad, white maned shoulders that were as tall as his waist. Those crimson eye's turned and blinked happily at Valentine as the white male easily supported Reno's weight.
Chaos was choking with laughter.
For once... Vincent found himself agreeing with the dark demon.

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