The Orphans of Cerberus

BY : Fetherhd
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The Orphans of Cerberus CH. 41

As Duprey's screams were very distracting, Vincent insisted that they move the rescue group a little further down the escape passage. Griffin gently carried Yuffie. Everyone pulled up short when they heard the injured girl choke on a bubbling cough and then tell the quiet Were that she very much wanted to go to sleep.
"No youngling…you need to stay awake for a while longer. I need you to concentrate on staying in your beast form. It is more resilient, and it is very cold outside."
Griffin's worried eyes settled on Chaos' face as the demon lord moved up beside them.
"I have got to get this one to the airship! Even "Changed" her body is having a hard time dealing with the severe blood loss and shock. Those injuries were caused by another Were and they won't heal without some surgical attention."
Indecision flashed for a moment across the demon's face. There was a very good chance that Ice would need a physician before this was said and done. Vincent stirred but held his tongue, he full well understood his eldest's concern.
Honey eyes flashed open in surprise at the quiet concern in the dark one's usually rough tones. The ninja lifted her velvety lips in a slight smile.
"Hey, do I look that bad!….What happened to…Warrior Child?"
"HMPH…" A sharp talon very gently moved a blood stiffened strand of mane out of the young woman's face. "I SEE NO CHILDREN HERE. JUST A BATTLE WEARY WARRIOR.
This got a bemused blink. Then the girl nodded and winced.
"Yeah…Marion's still…oh shit!"
Chaos twitched as Yuffie, moving with a ninja's remarkable speed, grabbed his wrist in a crimson stained hand.
"Oh GODS…it wasn't her fault…Vincent… make him PROMISE that he won't hurt her!"
The demon drew back, more startled than he cared to admit.
"Chaos…I want your promise that you will not hurt Marion…!"
"Please Chaos…I can't bear to tell you, please… you will see why…just promise!"
The demon's response was hesitant at best.
Yuffie jerked hard on the arm she held. Her next words were almost hissed.
"OH NO YOU DON‘T! As you mentioned before…DEMONS lie! I want your personal word…ON YOUR HONOR!…that you will not harm Marion!"
Vincent quietly murmured,
"She's got you there!"
The demon lord hissed in outrage and tried to step back, but the hold on his wrist did not falter.
The sudden motion caused a new fit of coughing and bloody foam gathered at the corners of the woman's mouth. Still, Yuffie did not release her grip and elegant black brows drew down as Chaos looked into the Changeling's intense face and saw the legacy she had been graced with. The little princess had a backbone of steel, born from the bloodline of Kings.
The demon lifted the wrist she was holding and bent over it in an oddly formal bow. Warm lips brushed the back of the young woman’s hand, then a sharp fang nicked the demon's own hot skin. Chaos' steady gold eyes watched as his black blood intermingled with the crimson that had already been spilt…there was no way he would ask her body to give more.
Abraham's soft voice whispered through the passage.
"I bear witness…"
This was echoed by every soul that stood with them.
As Chaos watched Griffin leave, accompanied by Brother and his two lieutenants, he very casually gave his Host a mental poke.
The Galian poked hard from the other side and just growled.
Vincent very wisely just kept his mouth shut!
"Mother fucking cock sucker!"
It was a complete surprise that the freezing air did not warm up by several degrees in the Captain's general vicinity. Cid slipped again on the sleet coated steel. The fact that it was more than a few stories to the hard frozen ground was very much occupying his mind. The thick blanket of snow there would not provide much cushion if someone was unlucky enough to fall.
"Son of a Chocobo humping bastard!"
"Are you okay Captain?"
This from the fricken son of a rutting mountain goat who had not even slipped once!
The pilot looked over at the crewman who was de-icing the other auxiliary and just gave him a thumbs up…which of course made him slide again! The fucking sure footed spawn of a self gratifying gecko!
Cid chewed vigorously on his abused smoke and then shifted it to the other side of his mouth as he concentrated on keeping his footing. He was directing a stream of chemical antifreeze across the metal skin of his ship and the slowly turning props of the port engine. The flyer spared a glance for the roiling dark storm clouds that were slowly lowering over their little valley. The worried man muttered another soft curse.
"I am getting fricken tired of being shitten right all the Gods be damned time!"
Well…. Not totally right. The blizzard was closing in on them a full hour earlier than the four hour time limit he had given Vincent. The rescuers were flat running out of time.
The Captain had mobilized his crew as soon as the snow had started to fall. They had been up here trying to keep ahead of the ice for the last twenty minutes. That small amount of time was enough to convince the pilot that if his friends (and yes he WAS including that asshole Reno loosely in with the bunch!) did not high tail their asses back and soon…. They were ALL gonna be in deep shit! The wind was picking up and it was layering freezing snow on every surface of the great airship. Too much of that and without the main engine's mighty lifting power, they would be too heavy to take off, let alone get this bitch's fat ass over the high peaks. He had started the auxiliaries earlier to keep the engines warm and was running them just fast enough to keep the massive rotors from freezing up. Narrowed cerulean eyes risked scanning the dark line of the forest hoping to see the forms of a returning rescue party . He could see nothing through the driving snow! All this gained him was another dangerous slip on uncertain footing.
"Shit…you fricken treacherous whore…!" ( He was speaking to the shifting wind…not his beloved ship!)
He needed to fucking focus on what he was doing or he was going to end up a fricken leather coated, blonde be-goggled grease spot that someone would have ta shitten clean up come spring! Another sly glance toward the crewman who was still standing firm,… Hell… it was a Gods be damned shame that he couldn't figure out a way to make sure it was… his mother was a fucking gecko who had a perverse liking for horny Billy goats… boy who would be on the clean up detail if that happened!
Ice hissed as Angelique landed a hard kick to the tender area around her healing scar. How could such a frail looking female be so damned strong? Granted in her pregnant state the golden Were was less agile than the norm. And several weeks of poor treatment had sapped her strength but….really… this was getting ridiculous! She managed to twist away at the second kick and get behind the struggling, cursing woman. Ice's prime objective was to keep the whitecoat from reaching the controls to Shadow's slave collar again without lethally damaging her…if Shadow went down they would need the old bitch to show them a passage OUT. What ever she had done the first time had severely weakened the smaller brother and he would have already lost his battle with Titan except for Marion's constant harassment of the great beast.
When they had made their bid for freedom, Ice had been concerned that the little Vet would not be able to force a Change. The first purposefully triggered shift was always the hardest to trigger. BUT… the minute the room had echoed with Shadow's hoarse shriek of pain and Titan had pinned the smaller, pain paralyzed male under his massive weight with the intention of ripping his soft belly open, the female's form had rippled into that of the beast. Before those knife like fangs could bury themselves into the writhing black's defenseless innards, a small, savage Troop female landed on his broad back. By then Ice had her hands full trying to deal with Angel.
For being such an old female…the bitch was as nasty as a rabid dragon and as agile as a Gods be damned, slimy swamp snake! (Ah yes.. Captain Cid would be proud!) The Were managed to get the wrist with the controller on it bent behind the scientist's back only to have the woman slam backwards into her. That graying head snapped back cracking into Ice's damaged throat, as an elbow again connected to her injured side. Ice lost her grip as she staggered back. Her flank seemed to have caught fire and she could not get a breath past her spasming airway. There was no way to avoid the syringe that Angelique plunged into the back of her neck. The scientist's cold gaze stared into Ice's shocked silver eyes for a moment and Angel hissed…
"See you in hell dear…at least that is where you are going to wish you were in just a few seconds!"
Liquid frost traveled down Ice's back making her strong spinal column arch….the female had a split second to apologize to her unborn kits, then her world winked out and was consumed by icy flames of pure agony.
Angelique had carried silver nitrate filled hypodermics with her since they had acquired the brothers. She never relied on just one form of control when it came to dangerous, unwilling lab specimens. The doctor had taken the lessons that Hojo had given them to heart! Angel cursed as she watched the writhing pregnant female crumble. She had never intended for any of these to be used on Ice… the bitch and her litter were just to damned valuable! Still…her own personal safety came before any monetary considerations. After all she still had Titan and the new female changeling. And… if they could get to the copters, she had about an hour to harvest the rest of Ice's kits from her dying body before the liquefied silver she had administered crossed the placental barrier.
The researcher spared a moment to find Titan…the big black was again locked up with his smaller brother who was recovering from the first hit of silver nitrate with remarkable speed. With the aid of Marion, Shadow was actually getting the better of the larger more powerful male. Well, that just wouldn't do! Without a second thought, Angel triggered the fail safe on her controller. Shadow dropped, as for the second time a massive dose of silver nitrate poured through his veins. This was not a warning shot….no… this time the scientist made damned sure it was a lethal dose!
Finding himself suddenly free from the other male's grip, Titan straightened up with a roar and the smaller body of Marion flew over the exam tables to slam into the wall beside the open door. The little female did not get back up. The black dropped to all fours over the thrashing body of his brother, lethal intent written in every line of his thick body…he was going to make sure Shadow did not rise again. Angel's voice cracked out.
"Forget him, he is as good as dead…get over here and get the females, we have got to get out of here!"
This was spoken in a voice as soft as the distant rumble of a hellstorm. Still….the very walls of the lab shuddered, resonating with the awesome rage that swirled around the dark form of Chaos as he stalked into the room.
Finding Lab F was relatively easy as the sound of two battling Troop males carried well down the corridor. The fact that the door was open, and as the group came abreast of it, the limp form of a brindled Troop female thumped hard into the door frame, pretty much screamed that "here" was the right place. Abraham entered right behind Chaos, the Patriarch automatically easing to the side covering the demon's right flank. Justin's powerful form followed, flanking silently to the left. Both of the Family males ruffed out when they caught sight of the massive Titan. The great Black was still the heaviest male there. Chaos was the taller, but the beast out weighted him by at least a hundred pounds. Titan swept the group with a contemptuous insane yellow glare. Every male but the winged one coiled tight into dominance/threat postures, heads lowered, long fanged mouths agape. The demon crouched slightly, wings flaring as he readied for the beast's charge. The black boomed and with a coughing scream, he launched himself at the perceived Alpha of the group…namely Chaos.
There was a blur of red on gold in the doorway followed by a sharp CRACK! Vincent's eldest demon winced as a bullet split the air close enough for its’ heat to kiss his cheek. The lethal little silver laced projectile lifted his raven mane and made it dance in the wind of death’s passing. Titan shuddered in midair, hit the floor in a boneless roll and slid to a lifeless, twitching stop right at the demon's metal clad feet. A black rimmed, bleeding hole had appeared dead center on his low sloping forehead and most of the back of his heavy head was just…gone. Three pairs of astonished eyes turned to look at Reno. The Turk straightened out of the shooter's stance he had assumed and casually holstered his smoking sidearm. Chaos gave a soft cough, plucked a strand of hair off of his broad shoulder and rolled it between a long finger and thumb, scrutinizing where the high velocity bullet had cut it. Then the demon pinned the man with a steady questioning gaze.
The redhead winced…
"YO…just because I don't LIKE to use the gun….doesn't mean I don't know how to use a gun! Valentine is not the only Turk with a perfect score on the firing range."
Abraham tore his gaze away from the still body of the huge beast that had been a son as movement behind him drew his attention. The changeling that had kissed the wall was stirring. The Were elder knelt and helped her to sit up. He winced as amazing green/gold eyes flashed open and she softly hissed…
That soft throaty voice was unmistakable.
"Oh mother Gia…Marion?"
The rich brown head nodded, then the little Vet sucked in a breath…
Abraham was positive he saw terror flash in those haunted eyes as they watched Chaos move towards the still thrashing form of Ice. Then it was gone as she scrambled up to meet the demon as he reached his mate's side. A flash of movement and the Patriarch surged up to grab an elderly woman in a white lab coat as she tried to scoot out the door. In all of the excitement she had remained almost unnoticed. The Were remembered this one…she was the bitch who had….
Marion's voice cracked out.
"Watch out…she has….!"
Abraham felt the sting of a needle and hissed as liquid ice flushed through his system. He looked down at the syringe that was buried in his thigh and then up to catch a look of triumph on Angelique's lined face. Thin lips wrinkled up as a nasty metallic taste filled his mouth. The Were snapped his long, blunted fangs together as he ran his tongue out trying to get it away from the taste. This was the only reaction he showed as his healing factor neutralized the liquid silver. Angel's look changed to one of confusion and then fear as the beast casually lifted her until they were face to face.
"That… was your last mistake!"
A soft grunt escaped from Angelique's lips as a sharp blow landed over her heart. Fear tightened its’ powerful fingers around the heavily pounding organ…No… that wasn't fear. The scientist tasted blood and looked down in horror at the hand that the beast had buried deep in her chest. Bloodied lips opened to scream and beg, only to have the sound die in her throat as the woman stared into those wicked metallic eyes. The intense gaze looked towards Titan, then shifted to were Shadow's huddled, still form lay. Then the father glanced at the weakly thrashing body of his daughter. That hot metallic gaze returned to settle unerringly on the researcher's face. AND… there was no mercy there.
The woman felt strength that was not hers pour through her body as those frightening eyes went from grey to molten steel. A feigned look of surprise crossed the Patriarch's wolfish features.
"Well… I'll be damned! The bitch does have a heart!"
As the others in the room looked at him in astonishment, Abraham's lips twisted up in an truly nasty smile.
"What?…You don't believe me….LOOK!"
The Were gave his implanted hand a sharp twist. Now Angel found her voice as she screamed. With another twist accompanied by a savage growl, the Patriarch ripped his hand out. The scientist's frantically beating heart came with it.
The researcher screamed and thrashed, but she did not die! Abraham studied Angelique in an almost clinical fashion…he was burning energy at an alarming rate maintaining her life, but he wanted this bitch aware until the very end. He lifted his bloody hand so the woman could see what he held.
"OOPS….I am sorry dear…I wasn't aware that you needed this….being as how it hasn't worked for one minute of your whole miserable existence. Maybe I should put it back where it belongs?"
The woman sagged, her screams had trailed off to desperate pleading. At the Patriarch's insincere question she looked up hopefully. The Alpha of the "Family" savagely crushed that hope.
"Oh, I don't think I shall….I do not think you have ever used it…and you won't be needing it where you are going!"
Abraham narrowed his focus in on the still beating heart, there was a sizzling WHUMP and bright flame coalesced around his hand. He did not release the screaming Angelique's life…until she had watched her wicked heart crumble into ash.
A flick of his hand shook the grey soot off but the Patriarch felt he would never be able to remove the shadow that this house of cruel horrors had placed on his heart. His graying head lifted and he could not repel a soul crushing sadness as Justin backed away from him with shocked fear in his eye's. Abraham was not known to be cruel. The great blonde werewolf rolled his shaggy head as he gave his Alpha his throat. A wave of weariness rolled through the ancient wolf, he had expended a huge amount of power this day. That combined with the after affects of whatever had been in the syringe had his usually reliable legs buckling. A strong arm wrapped around his waist, and the Were found himself held up against a warm lean body.
"YO…easy there old wolf…I got ya!"
Mako tainted green eyes held his without flinching when Abraham found the strength to look up. He saw no fear there. Just a steady respect tempered with understanding.
"Please, get me over to my daughter… Reno."
Marion reached Ice's writhing form at almost the same moment as Chaos. The great demon knelt, both hands hovering over his mate as desperate gold eyes searched the female's pain twisted face.
The little Vet, preformed a quick check as best she could while the dark one tried to hold Ice down without hurting her. Reno helped Abraham over to them and the Werewolf also joined in trying to immobilize the pregnant female. His grey gaze searched out Marion's face.
"Whatever was in that shot was silver based. It not only poisons the system it creates severe pain as it does this. Ice is young enough that the dose could quite possibly be lethal."
This brought a soft growl from Chaos and a muttered "Shit…" from the Vet.
Her green/gold eyes settled on Reno and then shot wide.
"Reno…the drug cabinet is over there….make up that cocktail that you made for me but add an opium based narcotic to it. Make the dosage…oh…at least four times stronger than what you gave me."
The Turk blinked and all could see his lips sound out…four times…? Then the Turk headed for the cabinet. It only took a few seconds for the man to find and draw several different drugs into a single large syringe. As he handed this to the woman he was lightly sweating.
"Yo…I hope you know what yer doing Doc," was all he said.
Marion roughly pinned Ice's arm down between her back feet and emptied the whole thing into a vein.
"Mother Gia…."
This was a strangled whisper from Reno.
It took just seconds and the golden female's thrashing slowed. Marion looked into Chaos' grim face.
"You are going to have a couple of seconds were her pain will recede enough that she might wake up. The drugs will shut her down again in little time, so if there is anything you want to say, do it fast."
The little Vet scrambled away as the demon bent his head to watch Ice's face intently. Reno was the only one who noticed that the woman was hurriedly gathering together an intubation kit. The Turk turned away as his heart gave a funny lurch. He didn't think he could stand to watch the powerful demon's reaction if what little joy he had found in his bleak existence died. Maybe he would just go and hack the lab computers…yeah…that's what he needed to do!
Vincent mentally staggered, overwhelmed by a maelstrom of emotions. Not only was he dealing with what HE was feeling (which wasn't pleasant!), but Chaos' fear, rage and sadness were hammering at him. Not to mention the Galian Beasts. He could hear that one in the background, his low continuous moan was almost a howl. GODS…did the demon's feel everything that he experienced in this same way? If so…it was a wonder that all of them were not entirely insane! Valentine felt the terrible stillness that his eldest held himself with as he watched his lover's face. When those cinnamon lashes twitched and then opened he felt three hearts lift in hope. Silvery blue eyes blinked and a slight smile twitched pale lips. One slender hand flowed in a slight dance.
"You are late….To late for one…"
The same hand brushed an angry, bleeding scar… before now… unnoticed on the swollen flank. Tears sparkled in eyes already starting to glaze. Vincent also felt all three of their hearts almost break as those usually graceful fingers stumbled.
"Maybe to late for all….?"
This was a hoarse whisper as the demon Lord leaned forwards to softly kiss her closing eyes. Vincent watched Ice slip back into the abyss and realized for the second time in his long life that there was absolutely nothing he could do. He could not even help Chaos as the demon also realized this.
The was a scuffle of motion and Marion was on the floor, belly down, swearing as she carefully worked a breathing tube into Ice's damaged throat.
"Marion….are we to late?"
This was softly breathed by Abraham.
The Vet blinked….and than ran a shaky hand through her tangled mane.
"I don't know. That cocktail should slow her metabolism down until she is barely ticking over. That will protect the kits while we get Ice out of here. The three are far enough along that once we are safe, I can safely deliver them by C-section."
Oh shit….Vincent did NOT like the sound of that. He liked it even less when Chaos traced a talon lightly over that nasty looking scar. Galian growled very softly. OH HELL… this had the potential to get very ugly…very fast!
That soft voice deepened until it was a low, purring croon.

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