The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans' of Cerberus Chapter 26

Tseng allowed a small frown to crease his forehead as he watched Dr. Destinie exit his office. The grandmotherly scientist was a favorite amongst the research staff and not just because of her brilliance. Most people just seemed to naturally LIKE the woman. The Turk though, had not risen to the top of his department by relying on other people’s opinions. Hojo could be DAMNED personable and charming when he made the effort. After all…Valentine had been one of the best and the scientist had managed to trick Veld’s Second into letting his guard down long enough to fatally shoot him.
Tseng trusted no one. He had personally researched the woman's background when Rufus had hired her. The Doctor's credentials had been impeccable. Which was why the Turk had a very uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The report that he had received from Reno corresponded with the information that Angelique had just relayed to him except for one very crucial fact. His second in command had been VERY apprehensive when he informed his boss that the female Were named Ice was pregnant and the litter had been sired, acknowledged and CLAIMED by Chaos. Mother Gia….if there was one thing that Tseng had learned in his dealings with the only LIVING retired Turk…it was that you did NOT piss off the mans' dominant demon. This was a fact that could make this whole situation blow up in EVERYBODY'S face….a fact that Angel had made no mention of.
Manicured fingers tapped lightly on the desktop, the only sign of how worrisome the man found this. Eyes so deep brown that they almost seemed black, narrowed in thought. This could only mean one of two things, either the head of Shinra's Biological Research program was neglecting to include some very important facts in her report. OR…Dr. Beckett, the Vet that Angel had personally hand picked, (yes, the Turk was WELL aware of this fact) to care for the "specimens" was not sending HER boss all of the facts. Now…why would this be? Could it be that the young woman, (and yes…. Elena had… ahem….vetted her.) was like Tseng in the fact that SOMETHING about the elderly Dr. Angelique set ALL of his little alarm bells and whistles off? Of course…Marion was dealing with not one but TWO of Hojo’s prime experiments. Being around Cloud and Valentine for ANY length of time seemed to make people very…shall we say….uneasy about Shinra’s Biological research. The spectacular failure of the Corporation’s Bio-genetic engineering weapons program had left people with a bitter taste in their mouths, fear in their hearts, and monsters on their doorsteps.
The former President had been obsessed with creating an army of enhanced, intelligent, and most of all, EXPENDABLE biological weapons. He had funded the Cerberus program in the hope that with a boost of human DNA these powerful Were creatures could be trained and molded to be the "cannon fodder" or front line shock troops of his army. It wasn't so much that the man had wanted to save human lives. No, it was more cost effective to use animals that did not have to be paid. And if they had been successful, when the SOLDIER program came on line, The Firsts and Seconds could have been saved for high level missions and the Thirds would have been replaced by Weres. Even though the project had been considered a failure, and the creatures had to be tanked due to their uncontrollability plus their Achilles heel, a fatal silver allergy. Hojo had used the knowledge gained from the research to make some massive leaps in his human genetic experiments.
The leader of the Turks went over Reno's report in his head. Tseng had been under the impression that Dr. Destinie considered the specimens nothing more than animals with a high degree of intelligence. The impression he was receiving from his Second was something different entirely. Reno played the fool more often then not. Tseng knew that this was a ruse used to throw people off. The red head was a cunning, totally ruthless adversary and, where as his loyalty was unquestionable, his superior was getting an odd vibe from the man about this particular situation. When pressed on the matter, Reno had very seriously recommended that maybe his boss should come to Neibelhiem and make his own judgment on the two…. specimens. This rather surprised Tseng. but he was taking the suggestion seriously. Reno was an incredibly intelligent individual and the older man had learned to pay attention on the rare occasion that his Second was being serious.
They could not afford to make any mistakes with this. If it turned out that the information that his team had passed up to him was correct….and the Weres were more than JUST animals…well…that would mean that the former President had pretty much wiped out a sentient species! This would NOT be well received by the public. Especially after the Cetra fiasco! Rufus was trying to take the high road and repair the damage to the planet AND the Company's image caused by his father's lack of morals. The boy was beset on all sides, by powers jostling to fill the void left by the mighty power company's collapse, by the public, who had suffered at the Tyrant Corporations bloody hands, AND by individuals who would like nothing more than to see everything Shinra related, dead and buried. There was no trust and if they handled this business in the wrong manner it could be the final nail in Rufus's coffin.
Tseng ran a hand over his dark hair and adjusted his jacket as he rose. Maybe a meeting was in order. He could not leave the boy's side, his teams were spread too thin and his presence was needed to insure the President's safety. Still….it would be good P.R. for the only surviving heir to pay a visit to the town that Shinra's Silver General had totally destroyed. Rufus might find a trip to see the autumn colors in Neibelhiem a welcome diversion from the considerable stress of restructuring and running his late fathers' crippled empire.
Dr. Duprey closed the last lock on the collar he had placed around Shadow’s thick neck. The beast had been very much awake as skin was sliced and cruel silver hooks were embedded into muscle and around bone. These razor edged…accessories… were placed in such a way that if the creature tried to pull the collar off, he would not only shear through his spinal column but also rip out his own throat. The scientist carefully wiped the flowing crimson away from his handy work and watched in satisfaction as the ravaged tissue closed around the metal. The man took immense pleasure in the fact that he had designed the control collars to use the beast’s powerful bodies against them… it was Shadow’s OWN healing factor that was responsible for fusing the slave device into his living flesh.
A flick of a switch hidden in an ornate cuff on Bernard's wrist activated the silver nitrate release mechanism. The restrained male flinched as a silver coated hypodermic needle plunged into his carotid artery, injecting a minute drop of liquefied silver directly into his blood stream. In a heartbeat, that corrosive poison was circulating throughout the Black's trapped body. Shadow screamed through his muzzle, his powerful frame arching and twisting against the restraints. When the beast's healing factor was finally able to neutralize the poison, he just lay limply on the table, eyes glazed, breath coming in rasping pants. PERFECT…the Doctor had timed the reaction, and he gave a slight nod of satisfaction. YES…that precise amount would incapacitate the creature without killing him out right if he managed to break through the collar's other control features. As a failsafe, a massive killing dose could be administered if they needed to euthanize the beast.
Duprey waited until the labored breathing evened out and those golden eyes cleared. He made very sure that Shadow was, again, aware of his surroundings. The man bent over so his mouth was inches away from one long, elegant ear. He smiled in cruel pleasure as the golden eye closest to him blinked, then rolled in anticipation of pain.
"I know that you are an…intelligent… beast. I am going to take off your restraints. If you do not follow my orders exactly, this is what will happen."
Bernard concentrated on the mature Cure materia in his wrist band. The mother orb responded, by glowing a soft green. In response to this, the twinned materia that had been calved from it came to subtle, glimmering life in Shadow’s collar. A deep moan forced its way out of the long, narrow jaw that was strapped tightly shut. Inner eyelids flicked closed, dulling the gold to old bronze as a shudder ran through the beast. The Doctor stepped back and motioned for his assistant to unbuckle the heavy leather and steel restraint belts that pinned the Black to the exam table. The thick muzzle was left on. There was no reason to tempt fate by taking the risk of a potentially lethal bite.
The scientist watched as the great male slowly slid off of the table. Shadow stood still for a moment, one large, blunt fingered hand exploring the outline of the heavy metal collar that was permanently fused around his neck. As his fingers lightly touched one of the release latches, there was a bright spark and the beast yelped as electricity arced and burned. The Were sank onto his rump, folded his toes and wrapped his tail around his feet as he tried unsuccessfully to get his tongue through the leather confining his mouth. He finally gave up on licking his smarting fingers and satisfied himself with pulling them tight against his chest as he warily eyed his tormenter.
As Bernard sauntered up to the beast, the miserable look that Shadow gave him from under heavy brows drew a nasty chuckle out of the man. Sure of his control over the male, the scientist ran his hand through the thick mane and then tweaked the metal tag at the end of one sensitive ear.
"That's a good hound…. come…you can help me collar your brother."
Dr. Destinie was NOT happy that even though Dr. Duprey had his cloning tanks on line, he was having NO success getting the Were's malleable DNA stabilized enough to get a viable copy gestating. They had run into this same problem when Hojo had tried to create viable clones from the members of the Troop. She was hoping that they would have more success when they used the genetic material that one of Ice's fetuses was going to provide. Angel was aware that a living kit would be worth millions on the scientific black market…but it was worth sacrificing the profit that might be gained by that sale if they could get the little monster’s stem cells to germinate in a cloning program. AND it was not as if there would be only one in the litter. The Were females had multiple teats for a reason.
Angelique smiled as she read further down the report she had received from Duprey. The Cave labs was now fully operational and genius that he was…Bernard had come up with a way to control the adult Troop Males. NOW…if they could at least get a breeding program going they would have a steady supply of younglings to sell as highly trained, specialized killers. There were several organizations trying to take Shinra down completely, that would pay huge sums to have perfectly controlled, killing machines at their beck and call.
It was not by chance that Angel had maintained contact with the Bernard Duprey. The twisted scientist had been one of Hojo's most favored students. She had met the man when they were both lowly interns working in Shinra's Bio-weapons program. Hojo had requested that they be transferred together to work under him when he started his human research. Bernard had volunteered for mako and genetic enhancement when he was assigned as the intern to assist Hojo in handling Sergeant when Muran was demoted to…specimen…status. This also made the intern the perfect choice when it came to handling the specimen known as V. The scientist had wanted every edge he could get when dealing with that one. Valentine had killed more than one of Hojo’s assistants.
As a result of his enhancement, Duprey still had the looks and…appetites…of a man half his age. Angel knew that the researcher had a tenancy to use and abuse lab specimens…but as long as it did not interfere with the research being done, she had no problem with the man's sadistic activities. As a matter of fact, even though SHE herself had outgrown the sexual needs of a younger woman, the Doctor still found that the infliction of pain on a restrained, helpless being was somehow very….satisfying. Bernard would be more than willing to provide her with hours of entertainment in the form of agonizing, and bloody procedures, all performed in the name of science of course.
"Are you sure about this?" Griffon steadied himself on a pale shoulder, as his shaggy head dipped to whisper into his lovers' ear. Elizabeth hesitated and then nodded, arching her back so that her smooth skin brushed against his chest and her hips pushed back into his belly. A deep groan escaped the bartender as he ran his tongue over the delicate edge of her ear and then nuzzled his lips against the back of the long, slim neck.
They had been a mated pair for three years. The young woman was small, and she seemed delicate. At first, The Patriarch had hesitated to approve her addition to the Family. It had not taken long for the Old One to realize that the waif like body housed a will as strong as steel. Because Griffon had lead the splinter group operating out of Neibelhiem for years, the Family's leader had agreed to make the group there autonomous. When the bartender's pairing became official, he would hold the top spot here, with Justin the Smith as his Second.
The pair was given permission to make their bond permanent as soon as a year had passed since their first sexual partnering. In that year they had coupled as often as possible to make sure that the woman's body would be perfectly compatible with Griffon when their bond became permanent. Elizabeth had been unsure of the changes that being a part of the Family would cause in her life and had hesitated to take the final step required to cement their bond and make herself the barman's lifelong partner. The Family did not recognize divorce, and once you were accepted as a member, it was for life. There was no such thing as exile, death was the only way out. The Patriarch had learned long ago that when a member of the Family partnered with an outsider it was prudent to make the young, impulsive couple WAIT before things were finalized so that the outsider could change their mind if they wanted to.
Griffon truly loved the petite, fiery red head and had patiently waited two extra years, giving her the time she needed to come to terms with what he was. The attack and abduction of her sister had finally pushed Elizabeth into making her decision. The quiet man had held her as she sobbed, heartbroken because she had been unable to defend herself. THEN…when she swore that she would never be that weak again and had told him she was ready for their final bonding, he had made her wait and think about it for almost twenty four hours. This was important enough that he did NOT want his mate agreeing to it because of misplaced guilt.
Griffon was going to ask her one more time if this is what she truly wanted when Elizabeth took a firm grip on the headboard and pushed her firm bottom hard into his lightly furred groin. A soft, throaty moan escaped her mouth as his fully erect penis slipped between soft velvet and prodded sensitive flesh. Powerful forelegs interlinked with her slender arms, and the new Alpha of Neibelhiem closed sharp teeth over the back of his mates' neck as he eased his full length into her soft heat.
Ice had watched the breakfast drama unfold with wide, interested eyes. The female could feel the tension between the Sky Captain and her Alpha. In the Troop, Steel would not have allowed another Alpha to enter his territory without issuing a challenge. Vincent had been very clear that Cid was the leader on board this ship…his territory. Had the man issued a challenge to her Alpha last night and it had not gone well for him? Vincent seemed out of sorts also and there were glimmerings of gold in his crimson gaze.
The long, slim nose lifted and Ice casually sampled the air as Cid walked by. There were hints of pain, fear, stress, and oddly, sex, wafting through the heavier scent of the soap the man used. There was also the lingering hint of Vincent's scent and, more interesting to her, it was intertwined with the distinct spiciness of his Demon's hot musk. OH!…maybe Chaos had issued the challenge? It was not unheard of for a dominant male to mount a subordinate who got out of line. Steel had taken Titan once to prove his utter dominance over the larger male. Of course… the Alpha brother had Lahar and Shadow to back the rough, forced act, or Titan would have never stood for him. Pale blue sharpened as Ice studied the shorter blond. There were no obvious wounds but she had the intuitive feeling that the flyer had acquired a serious injury that could not be seen. It had definitely made a negative impact on the man's self confidence. If he did not recover quickly, one of his Seconds might make a bid for the leadership of his….what did he call it? Ah yes… his crew.
The cinnamon female huffed softly as she watched the stocky male's reaction to Vincent's description of a fertility test. It seemed that ALL males hated those. Some of the Captain’s fire seemed to return as he stormed out of the galley. Ice's feathery brows arched up in response to some of the phrases that came flying out of the man's mouth. His use of swear words was…fascinating…If SHE had ever used language like that, Sergeant would have given her a beating.
The female removed her bowl from the table and was planning on slipping away to explore Cid's incredible flying craft when Marion casually asked Yuffie if she were on some type of birth control. The sight of Vincent's flesh hand clenching into a fist and the clawed one digging grooves into the table top (she idly wondered if ALL of Cid's tables were going end up marked like this?) stopped her, and Ice hovered in the doorway, curious in spite of herself. Yuffie's expressive ears flattened a little when she saw Vincent's reaction. The Changeling forced a smile and assured the Doc that because Godo was her father, she had been the recipient of a birth control implant at the tender young age of twelve. The woman could not control the flash of white teeth that was directed Valentine’s way when he was insensitive enough to sigh in relief. To give the man credit he was quick to assure the girl that HER form was not the reason that the thought of siring offspring upset him.
Fear and true loathing made Vincent's words harsh as he explained that because of the experimentation that was done to his body he did NOT intend to sire any children. There would be a very good possibility that they would be…inhuman…and he did not want to be responsible for bringing anymore monsters into the world.
Ice froze….Vincent considered Chaos a monster and she KNEW that most humans considered her one too. ALL of Steel's kits had been born deformed and her Alpha brother had destroyed those that had survived their birth. It was his right. Long ears slowly sank and the golden female's mane sucked in tight. Valentine would consider ANY babies born of her and Chaos…. Monsters, And HE was her Alpha. With her heart breaking insider her, Ice quietly slipped out of the galley.

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