The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans Of Cerberus Ch. 39

Whisper stretched and twisted as he tried to shift a particularly stubborn piece of shattered metal. A groan escaped him as the healing damage in his chest sent a sharp warning stab through him as it protested the movement. Stifling the soft sound, the male flashed a quick glance down…Reno was still leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette. The white relaxed a little…his mate had not heard him. Vincent on the other hand, had lifted his pale face up a little and Whisper caught the concerned look that passed fleetingly over it. Crap…a curse on that man's incredible hearing. He held the man's crimson gaze for a moment, and then scrambled up a little higher into the wrecked engine.
Whisper had always been the lowest ranking male of his Troop by choice. He had never FELT inferior because of it. Whenever the white had chosen to fight, he had always given a good accounting of himself. The attack on the mansion was the first time he had failed in his protective role as a Troop male. The following week that he had spent just clinging on to life was the first time he had ever felt truly vulnerable. He had failed miserably and the young male could not understand why his Alpha had not taken him to task for it. MAYBE…no one had reprimanded him because he WAS an inferior male and they did not think him worthy of correction.
Even his chosen was treating him differently. Reno had been almost…distant…and had not initiated ANY intimacy since Griffin had released the white from the medical lab. As his damaged body slowly healed, and the powerful males around him avoided giving him any meaningful task to do…Whisper had truly started to believe that he was totally useless. The young male had tried to help by volunteering to join the search, but EVERY top male…INCLUDING Abraham (and there was NO way he was going to disobey THAT one!) had insisted that he not put himself at risk. Getting them to let him come on this mission had been a small victory for Whisper and when he realized the dire condition Highwind's main engine was in, he at last had something he could do.
Standing up to the Captain on that Alpha's own territory was the first time in three weeks that Whisper had felt like himself. Damn it…he wasn't an invalid, and if Vincent wanted to force him down…well… that frightening Alpha was going to need some help because Whisper wasn't coming out of his own free well! AH HELL…the man's eyes flashed gold for a moment and the white wedged himself up a little tighter. He didn't THINK Chaos could fit up here?
A soft rustle coming from the deeper shadows at the far end of the engine room took Valentine's disconcerting attention off of him for a moment. Reno jerked to attention away from the wall, a quick hand dipping towards his weapons as a darker shadow separated itself from the whole. Oh Oh Oh…Whisper wasn't the only one in trouble…HE wasn't supposed to be here!
Rude casually removed his jacket and tie. Ignoring both Reno and Valentine's astonished looks, the Turk tilted his shaded gaze to look up at Whisper as he rolled his sleeves. That reflective look then dropped to encompass his partner and his boss.
"Man, since I am hiding down here anyways, Whisper…why don't I give your big, pink, monkey tailed ass a hand!"
Before either of the two men could move, Rude caught an overhanging spar and with surprising dexterity for a man of his build he shimmied up to join the Were inside the engine's innards. Whisper could not stop the grin that exposed his fangs as he dropped his tail, wrapped it around the Turk's smooth skinned wrist and helped him up the last few feet. Valentine's golden glare followed Rude's path and then rested in an accusing manner on the stowaway. The big man just shrugged.
"It's called the "Reno" effect. NO ONE is immune…You can't expect me to be partnered with HIM for years and not have something rub off."
Reno manufactured a pretty convincing sob…
"Partner…I am so...proud!"
Whisper watched in total fascination. How was Vincent going to deal with this powerful male and his Second's insubordination? Crimson/gold eyes narrowed for a second, and then Vincent just shook his head slightly and sighed. His quiet words easily reached the young male's flicking ears.
"Both of you…be careful up there! I would rather not be on the receiving end of a lecture from Rufus or Abraham."
The man turned towards the door, his cloak swirling around his black clad legs in a dramatic manner. All in the room heard his last muttered remark as Valentine made a strategic withdrawal.
"Or… GODS forbid…. one from Highwind!"
As the last bit of crimson flowed through the door, Rude found himself to be the recipient of a questioning, worshipful gaze from Whisper and a sardonic brow arched one from his partner…
"Yo…the "RENO" effect?"
Rude removed his shades and pinned his boss with a hard look…
"Man….Last time I left you two on your own, YOU ended up as a Troop chew toy, all broken and bloody. And he…" a broad thumb jerked up at Whisper… "had to be put back together like a jigsaw puzzle….That AIN'T happening again!"
Yuffie hissed through her teeth as Shadow jostled her when he set her down in an empty cell. Hours spent under the "gentle" ministrations of Duprey and Angel as the pair pushed her body's healing capacities to the limit, had left the ninja weak and hurting. It seemed that the two researchers had given up on using pain as a catalyst to try and force her body into a voluntary "Change." Yuffie knew that this wasn't a reprieve. She had no problem figuring out what was scheduled to happen next as she saw Angel making herself comfortable behind the glass wall of the cell and Duprey talking to a clearly excited Titan.
"Mother Gia, Mother Gia….where the HELL are you Valentine?"
Fear made her heart hammer in her chest and the girl did not realize she was murmuring this out loud. She flinched as Shadow untied and opened her thin shift. One powerful, clawed hand surreptitiously rubbed her back as the black exposed her naked, aching body to the chill air of the cell. The beast's gold eyes blinked to the color of old brass as he took in the heavy bruising and blood that colored the cream of her bare skin. A warm blast of air stirred Yuffie's hair as the black huffed softly in her ear. A growl rumbled through his deep chest.
"Anger, or better yet, rage…is by far the surest trigger to precipitate a "Change."
Yuffie shot him a startled look as he rubbed his chin gently along the top of her shoulder in an oddly soothing motion.
"Even if you submit to him…Titan will go out of his way to hurt you. He will NOT be expecting any kind of….resistance. Ice managed to KILL a brother who was almost as large….and Lahar was a hell of a lot smarter!"
There was a flash of gold as the male gave her a sly wink when he turned and headed for the door.
As the girl watched Titan stalk into the room….something deep inside her shifted. What the HELL had she been doing? Granted, since the attack on the mansion; between being restrained, drugged or just plain sick, she had never really had an opportunity to fight back. BUT…this passive attitude had started before than…just about the time her heart had broken and she had given up on love…The same time she had decided to bow to her father's wishes and marry for responsibility, not her heart's desire. DAMN Vincent….that damaged man had managed in his ignorance to do what her teachers, councilors and father had never been able to do. He had almost broken the most important gift her mother had given her before she died…. Her free, unconquerable spirit!
Brown picked up a glimmer of honey gold as Titan stopped his slow stalking of her and straightened up into a threat/dominance posture. That wicked muzzle gaped and the beast let out on evil chuckle.
"Little female…. Change… if you can! Be you human or beast, it matters not. Either way, you WILL stand for me."
The beast made an obscene motion with his narrow hips, drawing Yuffie's unwilling gaze to his already hard maleness. Without even being aware of it, the princess started backing away. Titan's lips lifted in a nasty smile, baring all of his fangs. A broad pink tongue ran out almost as if the black was trying to taste her fear.
Except fear wasn't the only thing the ninja was feeling. A small bright core of anger had awakened in her chest. She knew exactly what this great beast had planned, the memory of what he had done to her friend NEVER left her. That little coal burned a little hotter when her mind automatically shunted away from that horrifying scene. Yuffie focused for a second on the hot passion and gentle ecstasy that Vincent had introduced her to and she purposefully laid the two visions side by side in her mind. There was NO way she was standing for that sick FUCKER. If he was going to rape her she would make damn sure it was a dead body the beast mounted. Blazing flame exploded to life, and Yuffie felt the first burning flush of Change.
Titan boomed as Yuffie shifted to her beast form. The male rolled forwards, dropped back to all fours and started towards her, his lustful intent written on very line of that smoothly flowing, thickly muscled body. The female's honey gaze never left the great beast as he advanced and when he had just about reached her, Yuffie scuttled sideways, moving quickly out of his reach. A deep rumble shook the air of the room and Titan swung towards her, again moving forwards in a slow stalk. The princess never let any of her anger show, instead she gave the male a humble closed mouth smile, and remembering how Whisper had given Vincent his throat in submission, she rolled her head. The woman did not miss the pleasure that flared in that lurid yellow gaze at her perceived lack of spirit. Gritting her teeth….Yuffie turned her rump to the male, dropped her forequarters and twitched her long tail to the side, giving Titan a clear view of her pink sex…AND easy access.
Pure nausea rippled through the ninja's guts as hot breath wafted across her backside. The girl could not control the shudder that ran through her as she felt Titan's powerful hands settle on her ass, sharp claws purposely drawing blood as the beast casually tongued her. It took every ounce of self control as Yuffie held herself perfectly still while Titan's huge bulk settled over her back. Just as his massive jaws gaped across the back of her neck and she felt his hardness press against her petal lips, the ninja acted.
Her flexible tail whipped around one thick ankle and powerful legs propelled her forward. The male's fangs tore bleeding paths across her shoulders as the Changeling surged forward, yanking the big black's legs out from under him. Titan ended up flat on his back…the ninja executed a rolling flip (GODS there were times that she just LOVED this Changed body) and landed hard, long hind claws digging and slashing at the male's unprotected belly while her wedge shaped muzzle darted to slash at the thick, mane covered throat. Titan screamed as knife like talons tore through his groin, he just managed to get a forearm between her snapping jaws. Yuffie grinned as she shredded it for him. The male managed to get a foot braced against her stomach and with a grunt and twist, he slashed deep as he kicked. The female's lighter form went flying to thump hard into the unforgiving wall.
Yuffie was pulling herself to her feet when Tiran surged up off of the floor. The girl gave the male a nasty fang baring grin as she saw that she had just about gelded the fucker. Long bleeding gashes tore across and down that flat muscled belly and carried right on through to pulse blood from the inside of his thigh. The beast dropped into a crouch, his massive head dipping to protect his throat. Yuffie straightened into a threat/dominance posture. The princess ignored the hot blood running down her own thighs as she bared her fangs at the male. She had lost her bid to surprise and kill the male outright….but like HELL if she would let him touch her. The White Rose of Wuttia would die first.
"Come on….you chocobo butt fucking bastard….lets dance!"
All intelligence left those glazed yellow eyes and with a scream of rage Titan launched himself into an attack. Yuffie remembered the directions that Ice had given them all about closing with one of her brothers. The shonobi launched herself at the charging male and twisted by him, slashing with tooth and claw as she did so. The beast shrieked in rage and pain as new wounds opened in his flank. The second time Yuffie started her strafing run she was aware of a commotion outside of the room's glass wall as Duprey dove for the cell door. She ignored it as she purposefully closed with the beast. In less then a heartbeat Titan had her pinned on her back, his jaws locked around her neck. Yuffie screamed as powerful claws dug into her ribcage, breaking ribs and puncturing a lung as the beast dragged her thrashing body into the position he wanted it in. Her vision was tunneling into black as she felt the beast pushing between her legs, fully intent on finishing his rape as he took her life. The fading woman turned her hazy thoughts to Vincent, she did not want to be aware as the monster took by force what she had freely given the man.
The princess felt the beast's body jerk before he could split her and his fangs left her throat as they parted in a pain filled shriek. There was a flash of lurid green as the ornate collar around the thick neck flared into life. Yuffie's awareness dimmed in unrelenting agony as she heard Duprey cursing while he brought Titan crashing down.
Cid settled The Shera II in a small isolated valley a few miles from their actual destination. The Captain had come in low, almost scraping the peaks as he eased the ship down into the box canyon's narrow confines. They were well hidden here…BUT if the weather turned, the funneling effect the terrain would have on the wind could make it impossible for the crippled airship to clear the mountainous cliffs when they took off. Worried blue eyes studied the latest atmospheric reports noting that the two fronts had converged. In not to much time…all hell was going to break lose in the skies over this range. Even if the wind didn't get as bad he was thinking it was gong to be… (yeah, right!)….the ship could not fly if her props iced up.
Vincent watched quietly as Reno clipped a decoder onto the computer lock on the camouflaged door. The rescue party had come across the lower peaks, traveling in beast form. They needed to take advantage of the greater speed and better woods craft that the four legged forms gave them. This had immediately paid off when Justin, Neibelhiem's smith and the largest, blondest wolf that Vincent had ever seen, sniffed out a scent trail that had led to this hidden entrance. A soft curse from his Second brought the gunman's attention back to the present.
Reno's green eyes were narrowed in concentration as his long, slender fingers flew over his keyboard.
This was a soft admonishment to hurry. Speed and the element of surprise were going to be the deciding factors on whether or not they were going to be able to get in and out in the four hour window that the Captain had insisted was all of the time that they had. Highwind had been very adamant that they….
"Shag yer scraggy asses back to the ship before the Gods be Damned weather closes in!"
Those cerulean eyes had been filled with concern as the man shifted his smoke to the other side of his mouth and laid the law down.
"If ya aren't back by the time we start icing up…I'll have to take off, Vince. Once the wind hits sixty miles an hour, any extra weight an I won't be able to get this big bellied bitch over the frickin peaks on just the auxiliaries. I won't be able to fuckin wait for ya!"
Valentine had just nodded his understanding….he would make sure that the rest of the party headed back with time to spare.…on the other hand…HE wasn't leaving this area until he had finished this!
There was a soft click and Reno's short fist pump signaled success as the door silently slid back without any alarms going off.
Valentine slid into the entryway, followed closely by the Turk. He heard a short coughing bark from Abraham and their rear guard of Family Lieutenants closed up ranks behind them. A ripple of shape shifting and the Patriarch joined him, clad in the half human, half wolf form that the Werewolves seemed to prefer for battle. A slight motion of one lean hand had Griffin, Justin and a very quiet male who was simply called Brother, fanning out ahead and to the sides, leaving directly in front of the Turks clear just in case gunplay was needed. Vincent had made it clear that fangs and claws were the weapon of choice here, for the obvious reasons.
A quick glance at his Second showed that Reno had already Changed. The red spotted male winked at him as he tapped his EMR gently against one shoulder. Valentine nodded and stepped back into his mind, allowing Galian to surge forward. The Beast was by far the best choice for close quarter fighting. Chaos carried on a short terse conversation with his Host about staying aware while his demons were let loose. The eldest was worried that Vincent's shaky mental balance might not be able to deal with some of the things that could happen while his less civilized tenants were in control. Chaos did not want any interference from Valentine if something the man might consider…monstrous… were to occur. Vincent just growled at the dark being that right at the moment he was having NO problem embracing his inner monster….and that if he WERE to become…squeamish… he would let the powerful demon push his consciousness under
Reno knew that things had been going way to smoothly up until now. It did not surprise the man when the group came around a corner and ran smack into a patrol of five armed guards. Reno cursed and drew his sidearm as five automatic rifles swung up to target then. SHIT…there was no WAY that the Weres were going to be able to take all of them out before gunfire erupted. Abraham's soft voice reached all of their ears…
The aged were took a step in front and his eyes picked up the glow of molten steel. His graceful hands made an odd grasping motion as if he were drawing something into his Core. Reno blinked as the air between those lean hands shimmered to life, rippling as if it were superheated. The enemy did not even have their weapons up and targeted before the Patriarch pushed whatever he was creating… OUT… with a casual flick of those long, clawed fingers. It felt like all of the air was being sucked out of the Turk's lungs as that shimmering sphere expanded to fill the hall way and raced out. The men blocking their path did not even have the time to scream as every part of them that was combustible flared to brilliant white. Reno found himself, along with the Galian, ducking and putting an arm up to protect his face from the backwash of serious heat. When his watering eyes could see again…they widened as five columns of sooty grey ash collapsed to the tunnel floor.
The Turk had a fleeting moment of panic when he thought of all of the times in the last three weeks that he had baited the old beast, trying to get him to lose his temper. Those glimmering steel eyes slid his way for a moment and a sly smile twitched the old one's lips up, exposing his blunted fangs. THAT wasn't going to happen again any time soon! Reno's wide mako glowing eyes met and held the Galian Beast astonished yellow ones.
"Uhm…Yo…I always wondered where that flame throwing ability of yours came from!"
Galian snorted softly and turned to carefully pick his way through the ash. Reno hid a grin at the way the beast fastidiously shook his hands and feet afterwards in order to rid himself of any clinging soot.
Between the Were's incredible tracking ability and their ability to blend totally with the shadows….it took very little time and the group found themselves in front of what was most definitely a lab door. Galian and Justin dispatched the two guards with no difficulty and Reno knelt, his trusty little decoder already working on the lab's security locks.
A soft gagging noise jerked the Turk's attention up as Abraham and Griffin followed Galian inside. Reno looked in and then wished he hadn't. Ah HELL….the Turk stepped back as the surgeon/bartender staggered out and lost a short battle with his stomach. None of the Were's had any experience in witnessing the atrocities of a Shinra lab. These were every bit as bad as Hojo's had ever been. There were many cells distributed in a wheel pattern around the lab proper. All of the cells were fronted with thick glassteel. Several held Changelings, the things threw themselves at the glass, blood and saliva streaking it where they tried to bite their way through. The others held a pathetic array of mutated "Specimens." All bore the telltale marks of vivisection and torture.
"Mother Gia…" this soft exclamation came from Abraham.
Galian slipped past, heading back out into the corridor.
His was a deep growl.
"Not here…keep looking!"
The Patriarch gave his son's departing back a bewildered look, then turned that confused gaze to Reno.
"We are just going to leave them?"
The Turk shrugged…he hated to seem callous but someone had to tell the old wolf.
"Yo…there is nothing we can do here. These ones are doomed."
Abraham swallowed, then he turned and Reno flinched as the Were made that odd drawing motion and then went still as the air between his elegant hands rippled and danced.
"Can you open the cell doors from there…Reno?"
With a wry twist of his lips the Turk keyed his machine….after a couple of seconds the cells opened. Reno kept his eyes averted this time as the room flashed to white, and a wave of heat reached him. Abraham did not say a word as he stalked after his son.
Yuffie groggily dragged herself back to full awareness only to realize that she was in really deep shit. Her injured body had been strapped over an odd framework that spread and immobilized her legs. Her tail was strapped up and over to the side, her wrists were locked into tight leather and metal restraints. A bar that ran under her pelvis elevated her rear into the air and her head was strapped down to another padded bar. This position made breathing very difficult as frothy blood from her punctured lung kept oozing it's way down her throat, making her choke and gag.
The sharp tugging on her muzzle as Duprey strapped a gagging device to it is what had awoken her. The muzzle capped her fangs and prevented her from opening or closing her mouth completely. A soft whimper worked its’ way out of her throat as she figured out exactly what it was for. Duprey gave one more angry tug on the strap he was tightening and then stepped back to check out his handiwork. He didn't sound at all displeased at the way things were going. As a matter of fact his voice was rough and thickened by lust.
"Stupid bitch…all you have done is increased MY enjoyment of this tenfold. Angel is taking care of Titan, he will be back shortly….and I can guarantee that there isn't an orifice on your body that he isn't going to pound into until you are all but shredded. I… for one am looking forward to hearing your screams…that is…when your mouth isn't being used… of course!"
Honey eyes widened and Yuffie convulsively jerked at her bonds, ignoring the pain of broken ribs grinding, as the researcher moved around to were she could see him. The princess had just enough time to register that all the man was wearing was his lab coat. Then the thin lash that he wielded cut hard across her sensitive muzzle. Thin skin parted, and Yuffie tasted more of her own blood as it trickled into her open mouth. The sick bastard grinned as her whole body jumped…one hand stroked his hard length as pleasure twisted his brutal face.
"Until then…well… I have permission to make sure that you are aware of the …consequences… when an "animal" misbehaves here."
The man moved around to where she couldn't see him. Yuffie moaned softly as a hard, unseen finger tickled the soft skin under her tail. There was a quiet, disappointed sigh.
"Unfortunately, I can't take my pleasure inside of your delectable…infectious…body. BUT…there ARE other ways for me to have my fun…and Titan won't mind coating himself in your blood, it will add….extra lubrication."
The finger stopped its’ stroking and a scream replaced the pinned Changeling's moan as that wicked lash cut a fiery path through the sensitive nerves under her tail. Yuffie's vision sheeted to red as her body bucked against its bonds when the second stroke cut across her exposed sex. She was pretty sure she broke both of her wrists as she tried to get away from the third whistling cut. It never fell….The entire wall of bulletproof, reinforced glassteel…blew inwards, completely disintegrating as it was hit by the unrelenting power of Chaos’ Rage.

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