The Orphans of Cerberus

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The Orphans of Cerberus Chapter 28

Whisper ran his long tongue out…trying to moisten his lips. The male most definitely did NOT want Reno’s hand to stop what it was doing… BUT… the Were also did not want his companion to come to any harm. The White knew instinctively that the virus that permeated his being was most dangerous while he was in his beast form. Shadow’s mate had shown no sign of infection when that great brother had been secretively mating with her while in his human form. The lethal infection hadn't happened until AFTER the rest of the brothers had torn and bloodied the female while in their beast forms. If Shadow had been able to inoculate her a few more times before they had been caught, the outcome of that gruesome gang rape might have been very different. Still…Shadow would probably have euthanized his mate anyways out of pure pity. Even if the antibody levels in her blood had been high enough and the pretty little woman had managed to make the Change to a TRUE Were… her sweet natured mind had been totally shredded by the fear, pain and trauma of multiple brutal rapes. (The lab’s human staff was allowed to have a go at her before the Troop males, so his brothers did NOT hold the entire blame in this. At least the Were male’s had confined their unwanted attention to the passage that nature had provided for this purpose.) By mercifully killing her, Whisper’s black brother had given his shattered mate the ultimate gift in that she never did lose her humanity to a Change for which she had not given her consent.
The albino’s thoughts were jerked back to the present as his Alpha stroked a finger in a slow spiraling touch all the way up Whisper’s seldom touched penis, then he slid the male’s natural foreskin back a little, and lightly scraped a nail along the underside of the blushing head’s sensitive rim. The whole shaft jumped as a shudder shook the male’s heavy frame. OH GODS….that felt exquisite!
Still, the White needed to warn the man.
Pale blue eyes flashed up and the magic hand cupped around the rose colored head and squeezed lightly. A small, sly smile quirked the corners of the Turk’s pink lips as Whispers hips lifted automatically to thrust his aroused flesh hard against that warm palm.
"Hmmmm…yes Whisper…?"
Red brows flared up as the beast groaned and then whimpered like a child.
"Unnn…you have to stop…I can't…RRRR!"
Keeping the pressure on, Reno slid his hand down the White’s hard length pulling the soft foreskin back and twisting it around the girth slightly, as he did so. A deep growl rolled out of Whisper’s wide chest as his traitorous hips pulled back and then rocked forwards again, taking full advantage of the friction Reno was creating. The Albino wanted nothing more than to throw himself on his back, spread his legs, and give his Alpha FULL access to continue this exquisite torture.
"MOTHER GIA….you have to STOP! Reno….doing this is hazardous to your health!"
This last was almost screamed out as that now hot hand slipped off of Whisper’s very needy… suddenly developed a mind of its own… penis, to cup the Were’s tightening sack and sensually roll his balls together. OH MY GOD….Whisper was pretty sure he had just swallowed his tongue. NOPE there it was… hanging out of the side of his mouth… flapping as he panted!
Reno sat back and (Oh damn…) pulled his hand out of the White’s open pants. Whisper could not contain the small disappointed whimper that oozed up and exited his throat.
The man grinned…and it was a wicked thing.
"Oh Whisper….I understand that in this form you have a very virulent… STD."
Reno turned sideways a little and was doing SOMETHING with his hands. The young male couldn't stand it. Curiosity made him lean forwards, trying to see exactly what the man was doing. He jumped back as the Turk suddenly swung around. Crimson eyes flew wide in apprehension as with a double snap the redhead finished pulling a pair of surgical gloves on with flourish, leered at the Were who was starting to scoot himself backwards on the bed and let loose with a slightly demented sounding laugh.
"HeHeHe…What do ya say…YO…I wasn't kidding about playing…. MAD doctor!"
Quick as a snake, Reno was straddling the startled Were’s slim waist. The man had his lips right next to one long flexible ear as both hands slid over the broad shoulders and flattened over Whisper’s pecs. Sharp teeth caught the sensitive tip and tugged a little as,
"NOW…this won't hurt ya a bit." was whispered into the captured ear.
The beasts' heart was hammering in surprise and a little fear, still this was his Alpha so the male allowed himself to be pressed down until he was on his back. ALL of his fur lifted in a wave at the…familiar….feeling of being touched by surgical gloves. It was an odd sensation of old fear mixed with intense pleasure as Reno stroked all four nipples in turn and then down the deeply arched ribcage. The man rolled his ass across the Were’s straining erection and as Whisper’s hips bucked at the stimulation, those quick hands slid the confining pants off, strong fingers digging into the nerves at the base of the heavy tail as he did. Whispers back arched in reflex and with a sudden tug the young male found himself sitting up, totally naked, with Reno behind him. (How DID the man DO that?) The Turk settled with the powerful Were between his knees, and he leaned Whisper back to rest against his chest.
One clever hand slid over and down Whisper’s jerking stomach muscles to gently ease the Were’s legs open a little more. The second hand came into sight with the open tube of lube. Reno deposited a good amount into his palm and then rubbed both hands lightly together just over the now deep rose, twitching flesh (At the sight, the young male wondered again, if it were possible for him to swallow his own tongue!) in order to heat the gel. (and the gloves) His warm breath again whispered across a twitching ear.
"Uh Hum…since ya haven't attempted this before…why don't ya let me show ya how its done. Yo… I will give you a….hand…on doing the….job, so to speak!"
The warm chuckle that followed had Whisper’s snowy mane ruffing out, totally STIFF, with desire.
What followed would be s lesson forever imprinted in the young male’s brain. Reno’s hand wrapped around his throbbing erection’s thick base. Long, slender fingers squeezed gently and then slowly, achingly… stroked up to twist lightly around the engorged head and then slide back down. The combination of silky gel plus the slick plastic gloves made the man’s hand just glide over skin that was used to only being touched when it was washed. After the first sensual pump or two, slim hips started rising, pushing into that glorious friction and pressure. Every time the White’s tight ass would settle back against the man’s supporting body, the heavy base of his tail was nudged and rubbed by the hard bulge that was constrained between Reno’s legs. An electric shock ran through Whisper each time this happened and each thrust was soon accompanied by a low moan. Whisper’s head lolled back to rest on Reno’s strong shoulder and crimson eyes glazed with pleasure as the inexperienced White lost himself completely in the sensations of arousal.
Reno had decided on this position because it made it possible to stroke Whisper much as he would stroke himself. The Turk knew that with the sexual tension he had created before hand and this beast form’s natural libido…the Albino would reach completion very quickly. He had NOT taken into consideration the way the male’s thick tail base was rubbing and nudging against his own crotch every time Whisper’s rising hips pushed forwards and then pulled back! It was evidently an erogenous zone for Whisper because each bump and nudge caused that heavy tail to twist and coil. Plus, the thick rod that Reno was working started to twitch and jerk with the rhythm that the Were unconsciously set.
GODS…the Turk knew that he really wasn't into bestiality… but something about the way those thin, silken lips lifted to expose lethal fangs in a silent snarl each time the Were beast thrust hard into his hand caused his own heart to start hammering. Reno caught his lower lip between sharp teeth as he had to work to keep his own body under control. This first time was for Whisper…he would worry about HIS pleasure later. As his partner’s breath began to hitch and the rosy balls drew up tight, Reno lightly stroked the velvet there with his free hand and then snagged a sample cup. He tightened that arm around the straining body, quickened his stroke with the other and purposefully ground his hard, confined, length against the hot ass and tail cradled against him. Whisper bucked in his arms, and those bloody eyes flew wide, BLAZED like coals, and then rolled back as the White’s body, for the first time in his young life, WILLINGLY released his seed in a series of powerful surges. The mouth that had been moaning… gaped, and a deep BOOM rattled the room. For a moment Reno just watched… totally mesmerized…his mind tormenting him with the thought of having something that big and powerful on him…IN him... The man moaned softly and at the last moment jerked himself out of his fantasy to catch some of the Were’s creamy sperm in his sample cup. The redhead braced himself as Whisper sagged against him, his amazing eyes closed tight.
Reno supported the limp weight of the White as the spent male sucked air in rumbling gasps. Smiling at the beast’s unfeigned aura of fulfillment, the man reached over to deposit the sample cup in the bowl of ice on the nightstand and he also snagged the warm damp cloth he had put there earlier. Gentle hands started cleaning the excess…sample… off of Whisper’s soft ivory fur.
The Were hummed softly, then stirred. The soft note of despair in Whisper’s light voice did NOT belong there and it jerked the man's attention away from the firm belly and powerful chest he was cleaning.
"Reno….why would they hurt us rather than allow us this pleasure?"
That wedge shaped head tilted back against a pale shoulder and rolled slightly to the side so that the man could see the crimson narrow and the beast’s inner eyelids flick shut, dulling the shining eyes. The redhead’s heart twisted as a sparkling tear was forced out. Reno’s pale hands faltered in their task as the Turk’s gaze followed the drop’s silent path through the soft velvet until it was lost in the mane fringe that framed Whisper’s long, bewildered face.
"Why would they not teach us this simple thing? It would have made our lives a little easier to bear."
"Oh man….YO…don't…."
With a sigh, the Turk shifted until his butt was resting on his heels and his gloved hands pulled back to lay limply on his thighs.
"Whisper…the Shinra scientists did not CARE what your lives were like. The Troop was an expensive experiment and ALL the researchers were concerned with was creating the expendable weapons that the board of directors wanted. You were just company property, it didn't matter to them if there was any pleasure in your life. Not allowing the Troop males this release was just one of the ways they imprinted their complete ownership on you. It is not as visible as your property tag…but you ALL have been permanently marked just the same."
The tagged ear twitched, and one sharp talon-ed finger reached up and back to casually stroke the diamond stud in Reno’s ear.
"This is not a tag….is it?"
There was no anger in the beast’s words…yet… Something that the Turk just did not understand. If the roles were reversed Reno knew HE would be as mad as Hell.
"Naw…Rude and I can remove these whenever we want."
Whisper rolled his head back to solemnly study the Turk’s face. The man’s pale eyes closed, personal guilt preventing Reno from meeting that young, naïve gaze.
"We Turks are tagged…but…. Our marks have been sunk deep. They are placed where only…we… can feel them."
That sharp talon shifted and Reno twitched as its' cool lethal tip traced the red slashes tattooed across his cheeks. Something inside the man cracked as he felt the warm form leaning against his…. Change. The finger stroked down his jaw to lightly ghost across his lower lip. Reno’s vivid eyes flashed open as he looked down into the exotic face that returned his gaze with total trust. The man could not BELIEVE he was going to do this.
"YO…. Whisper, I have a few things I need to tell you before we take this any further."
Ice sat quietly and watched in total fascination as the forested slopes and valleys passed beneath the great ship. Since the ill fated flight (for her at least) that had taken her to where she had been euthanized, she had not seen a tree or living plant. The deep green was something she had expected, but here and there, blazing gold and red pockets appeared. These jewel like colors seemed to be mostly confined to the upper peaks along the mark where the tree line gave way to rocky cliffs. The female was mesmerized by the small patches living flame. She pressed the palms of her hands against the thick glass and leaned her forehead against its chill as her pale eyes drank in the vivid colors of LIFE! There had been very little color down in the labs. Mostly sterile white, and of course more often then not, the splash of dark, bloody crimson. Even after her liberation from that horrendous place…the deep caverns under Midgar were a world of velvet night shadows and subtle shades of grey. The few times the female had ventured out into the upper ruins had offered no relief from the monotony. The devastated city had no color, and Edge was much the same. Hell…most of the time even the blue of the sly had been faded to overcast grey.
One would have thought the stunning panorama of color and life would have lifted the depressed Were’s low spirits, instead… it drove home ALL of the little wonders of living that Shinra’s scientists had, she was sure, maliciously denied the Troop. Ice just sat and silver, silent, tears slipped down her velveteen cheeks as the golden female absorbed as much of the beauty as she could…she knew her doomed kits would be denied this wonder.…Part of her wondered if it would not be better if her Alpha DID kill her litter as they were born, rather than have the younglings at the mercy of human scientists who seemed to have no heart. Right now, Vincent protected her and her brother. If he really felt that way about…monsters….then his protection was a tenuous thing at best.
Silvery eyes drifted to study the nearest rocky peak….and a frown pulled feathery cinnamon brows even further down. THAT was a lot closer than it had been a few moments ago. A quick slashing glance filled the Were with alarm. She had smelled that the Sky Captain was not well when she had come in, BUT…she had not realized how bad the man’s physical condition was. The blonde was still standing with both hands on the spokes of the helm, but he was sagged forwards, cheek pressed against one of its' wooden spokes and DAMN if he wasn't asleep. Even as her wide eyes watched, the wheel shifted as the wind blowing over the top of the peak raced down into the lower valley and sucked the big ship closer to the cliff, pushing her nose down. Ice didn't hesitate she spun on her butt and pushed away from the girder, her lithe body easily twisted, and her heavy tail acted as a rudder as she dropped towards the floor.
The feel of the helm starting to spin against his cheek jerked Cid awake…AGAIN. SHIT! Pain flashed across his neck and shoulders as he braced himself, then a flash of movement jerked his head around. Ice slipped off of the girder she had been resting on, a thirty foot drop between her and the very hard floor. SON of a BITCH….it was like a knife was stuck in the base of his skull. The Captain froze, caught between the need to right the ship and the overwhelming desire to stop the pregnant female’s fall. Cerulean eyes widened as the female twisted, and landed feet first. She allowed her body to continue its' drop, her ankles, knees and hips flexing to absorb the shock. A wave passed over her slim form as she finished up with one hand on the floor, the shock of the landing rolled through to disperse off the end of her tail. Some of the momentum, her coiled muscles stored and then released as the Were shot forward and up, one hand catching the top rail of the banister that encircled the helm. A quick heave, then flip and her warm mass was behind him. One long fingered hand closed over the broad hand that was straining to push the spoke back down. The airship slowly righted itself, the female’s strength helping the Captain straighten out the helm as the ship pulled itself out of the bucking air currents. Highwind couldn't help himself….he wasn't the calmest person under the BEST of circumstances.
Cid’s other hand left the wheel to clutch at his chest.
"Damn…ICE are ya TRYING ta give me a flippin heart attack! What the FUCK do ya think you are doing fricken jumpin like that. GODS… that bat winged fucker from HELL, would KILL me if something happened to ya!"
Actually the man was rather glad for the warm muscled body trapping him against the wheel. If it hadn't been there, he would have slithered to the floor as his shaking legs gave out. As it was, Ice gave a soft grunt, her other arm slipping around his waist as the female momentarily held his weight, giving Cid a chance to collect himself. He could feel the slow powerful beat of the Were’s heart against his back as he tried to get his own racing one to SLOW down! Mother Gia… maybe Vincent’s killer coffee had been a BAD idea….his chest hurt, his stomach was twisting itself inside out, and the fire in his neck and shoulders was giving him the MOTHER of all headaches. GODS…he felt like SHIT!
The blond managed to get his legs back under him and his heartbeat back to a more normal rhythm as Ice carefully released her hold on his waist. His heart jumped again and the man sucked in a startled breath as her warm fingers pulled the back of his tee shirt down and then a broad, strong, slightly rough tongue started massaging the back of his neck in slow soothing circles. The Captain jerked upright, but the strong grip of her hand on his sore shoulder kept him locked in place.
"HOLY Fu…uung…."
Oh GODS….a shudder ran through muscles that were iron hard from pain and Chaos' previous abuse….. that felt like heaven.
Whisper settled back against Reno’s shoulder, enjoying the heavy lethargy that weighted his limbs. This was evidently a by product of the pleasure that the Second had filled him with. He was listening to his Alpha, but part of his mind was analyzing EXACTLY what the man had done so that the white could try and recreate it himself later on. The were stepped hard on the guilt that stirred at the thought…Reno had said he could do THAT anytime he wanted in their room and Whisper intended to take him at his word!
Sensitive nostrils flared. The white jerked his attention back to the man behind him. The Turk’s voice had dropped to almost a whisper as he spoke, and his scent took an alarming swing from aroused to….sick! Crimson eyes snapped open and Whisper tilted his head back a little so that he could see the man’s face. They darkened in shock as they watched tears slip silently from behind those closed, pale eyelids. What the HELL?
The albino was aware of what a TURK was. The beginnings of the organization had been around during his stay in Shinra’s labs. The low ranking male understood that Alpha‘s, especially ones that formed a layered team to run a large Troop, delegated responsibility amongst their top ranked males. These Seconds did most of the dirty work and were sometimes rewarded with extra privileges. Even without the rewards…they would follow their orders to the letter. To not do so invited at the least, loss of status…at worst, it brought severe punishment and a gruesome death. The entire Troop would tear the insubordinate one into bloody pieces at the top male’s order.
Whisper was well aware that Reno had done some horrendous things in his life…after all… the Alpha male who ran Shinra and therefore owned this Turk…had proven that he was a vile and wicked being! The white knew that men like Reno were the weapons that their Alpha used to keep iron control. They were the fang and claw that ALLOWED Shinra to create the sadness and pain that the Troop had experienced in the labs. Such was life!
What the male did NOT understand was why carrying out his Alpha’s orders was causing such damage to the high strung redhead’s spirit. The soul wound that he was smelling was almost at lethal intensity! Shadow had smelled like this for WEEKS after he euthanized his mate. It wasn't the physical damage from the beating Steel had given him that almost took the Black’s life, it was the damage to his heart and spirit that made that strong brother almost give up. Reno was walking that fine line even now and evidently had been doing so for a while!
Panic rolled through the white...NO…NO..NO…Whisper had waited a LIFETIME to find a mate he would be willing to fight to the death to have! (and in the Troop…that is what it would take for him to mate…a fight for Alpha status!) There had never been ANYONE that had tempted him to extend himself that way before. The young male growled softly, he had been patient long enough…this was the ONE he wanted to bond with, the ONE that he would be willing to fight for… The ONE he would be willing to DIE for! Like HELL if he was going to loose him now! Whisper flowed up from his comfortable spot. He turned just in time to see Reno’s strong shoulders sag, as the man seemed to crumble under the weight of his guilt.
Ice hesitated to deal with the Captain’s obvious distress, but once she was situated behind the man, the sensitive nerves situated around her mouth picked up the heat coming off of the back of his tanned neck. In her experience…heat translated directly into pain.
It wasn't her place to help. The ship’s Alpha certainly must have a Second in his crew or a mate. But when he sagged back against her, the female slipped her free arm around the man’s waist and felt the hammering of his heart as it shuddered through the pilot’s sturdy frame. Hmph…that couldn't be good. Cid probably did not wish to broadcast his weakness by asking one of his OWN for help….Top ranked males were notorious for this. Any sign of an Alpha weakening and a Second would ALWAYS challenge for leadership.
Ice would have been alarmed if she had heard Vincent spout off the way this male did…but she was getting…used…to the interesting way Highwind had of …expressing… himself. As his heart rate started to slow, the female dipped her head (she was a little taller than him) licked over the back of his neck. It was an odd sensation as the man had little bristly hairs rather than fur. Cid jerked straight up but Ice restrained him a little with one hand as her warm tongue massaged bruised flesh and her cooling breath worked some of the heat out of it.
It did seem to help, Cid relaxed and groaned…"GODS…!" Ice’s fingers moved, working at the knots in the Captain’s tense shoulders and her tongue followed the heat up into the soft blond hair. She sneezed as the rough cleaning burrs on that pliant muscle rasped at his scalp and his hair tickled her nose. This was something she would do for a Troop mate and since Chaos seemed to have marked the pilot as HIS,(there WAS a subtle hint of the demons' hot spice buried under the man’s interesting taste of leather, sweat, smoke and a swirl of the wild wind) well… that definitely put him in this category. She felt the Captain tense up and she stopped her first aid to peek over his shoulder. The crew member that had gone to make tea was standing in the doorway, mouth hanging wide open, tray forgotten in his hands.
Reno kept his eyes shut as he explained to his young bedmate just what a loathsome monster he truly was. The man did NOT want to see the horror and disgust that he knew would be painted across Whisper’s expressive beautiful face. All he felt for himself was disgust and an emptiness where his heart should be. How could the Troop male not feel the same way? The Turk’s soul (yes, he had one…it was desperately injured….curled up in a desolate void… hiding like a wild animal waiting to die) tightened into itself a little more when Whisper softly growled and cold emptiness replaced the warmth were his body had rested. Sudden sorrow crushed the man down….through his own actions he had lost everything that was important to his humanity…his heart…his soul…his honor. (Honor? Had he ever had that… he wondered?) Why not this also? After all…monsters did not deserve love.

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